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  1.  With this amount of turmoil once the world is facing the pandemic of covid19, life seems to be in topsy-turvy. Panic, terror, uncertainty, and despair are the biggest monsters hovering across the heads of everyone, trying to strangle living from them.
  2.  However, despite the horrific presence of these demons there will certainly be a ray of hope on the list of people understanding that shaft associated with illuminates itself by means of a good attitude adopted by all of us.
  3.  Ever since the breakout of the Corona virus, an entire transformation can be seen within the behavior and demeanor of most folks. We've got become altruistic, empathetic, patient and humble. A transformation, that motivational speakers, religious leaders, social activists, and reformers preached for quite some time, Corona taught these questions month. Could it be an actuality to mourn or celebrate?
  4.  This is the moment to ponder upon. As being a civilized nation, we have been necessary to behave towards others most positively and decently as you expected however, we never realized that. Inside the "pre- corona scenario", every one of us was residing in a shell of the ego and arrogance. We were part of a race leading towards materialistic gains. On this race, we forgot to nourish our spiritual energies. The energies that boost our mind and soul, thus enriching them within the most desirable manner.
  7.  We became indifferent towards the agony and suffering of others. We carried only 1 motto in your life knowning that was "My Happiness", even if we will need to achieve it at the cost of destroying others' happiness and delight. Rather than "Human Beings", we transformed ourselves into "Mean Beings". And that's when our miseries started.
  8.  Nature have their means of addressing things. It loves us probably the most and couldn't see us creatures suffering. We suffered well before the breakout of the pandemic Corona, suffering in the form of turning out to be "Mean Beings" rather than "Human Beings". Nature has got to heal us through its healing hand. We would have liked being healed spiritually and morally.
  9.  To make things come back to normal, to make us free from the chains of arrogance and pride, the healing hand of Nature overcast the Universe with all the clouds of COVID-19. This is how the purification of our mind and body commemorates.
  10.  The whole process of healing is progress in " during the COVID-19 period", producing a positive change in the attitude and behavior on most of us. The long-forgotten values of helping and tending to others have retrieved. We are eager to play our role in supporting others. The materialistic race originates to a halt. Individuals are happy with and are being grateful for the purpose they have got. The strength of humanity has taken all over again demolishing the castles of pride and greed.
  11.  Perform questions arise, we need pandemics to change spiritually? Can't we remain steadfast without dropping our human qualities? Nature has bestowed its treasures of mercy upon us so why not be merciful to His creatures also. Let's take the pledge to create us aligned with all the means of Nature and refrain from plunging to the ocean of superficial life the location where the waves of spiritual and moral disaster engulf us easily. If only we stick to this phase of positivity and transformation inside the "post-COVID-19 phase" as well.
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