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  1.  The trial has begun for a Calgary massage therapist reproached of physically assaulting 16 adult men while in appointments.
  2.  Most of the trial is going to be taken up by testimony of the men that say Dennis Baltazar, forty five, sexually assaulted all of them while in massage therapy sessions.
  3.  Between December 2017 and even October 2018, Baltazar functioned at The Mobility Sports entertainment Clinic and the Chinook Chiropractic Clinic. At typically the time costs were at first laid, police force said equally clinics were being co-operative.
  4.  Baltazar was initially detained around March 2019 together with recharged with four offers involving sexual assault. Right after media of his fees, more men came onward.
  5.  All of of the offences are purported to have taken area during slated massage therapies appointments.
  6.  "During this therapeutic massage therapy consultations in question, typically the [complainants] seasoned Dennis Baltazar engaging in some kind of touching of their genital location, inches said prosecutor Donna Spaner in her opening assertion.
  7.  "Further, we anticipate several complainants will state the fact that following massage therapy therapy from Dennis Baltazar, non-consensual 'hugging' occurred. "
  8.  Baltazar received a degree in essential in the Korea and a therapeutic massage qualification from Mount Noble School, according to a aged online biography from their former place of career.
  9.  https://ggulba.com/ will be at present out and about on bail. They is represented by protection lawyers Karen Molle and even Jennifer Ruttan.
  10.  Spaner together with Darlene Goard-Baker are prosecuting typically the case, with Court involving Queen's Bench Justice Willie deWit presiding over the particular judge-alone trial, which is definitely set to previous a number of weeks.