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  2. Gulberg Islamabad is the Intelligence Bureau Employee's Cooperative Housing Society (IBECHS) venture. There are numerous housing associations in Rawalpindi and Islamabad, but the stunning area of GulbergIslamabad is as gorgeous as Islamabad. It's just 15 minutes from Gulberg to the rest of Islamabad, 10 minutes to the airport, and five minutes from the G.T. highway. It was once a dream to have green and residential areas in Gulberg, but now it's a reality. Many schools, colleges, and universities are under construction in Gulberg knowledge village. 5-star hotels and shopping malls are also under construction. Gulberg Islamabad is a place where your dreams become true. The project was launched in 2005, and in 2009, its NOC from CDA was approved with Ref# "CDA/PLW-HS(127)/2009/257". Its MOU between IESCO and SNGPL was also signed. The development work for the project began in 2009.
  4. gulberg green Islamabad is a project of IBECHS, A name that reflects faith and commitment. This community has outstanding facilities and management. Its prime position on the Islamabad expressway and its underpass and exit make your journey out of the Blue Area leave one with awe and admiration. Gulberg's outstanding design and construction are due to the top designers and builders chosen to build this unique, dreamy, and world-class community.
  6. Gulberg Islamabad is the place that you have always wanted to be. We have everything from a lavish lifestyle to a healthy area with everything you need to live. The residential zone has easy access to the top schools, hospitals, commercial centers and hotels, shopping malls, etc. Additionally, the gated community has modern security equipment to guarantee the safety and security of the residents.
  8. Gulberg is making news all over the country in both digital and print media. The firm structure and attention to detail in all socio-economic areas of Gulberg make it an attractive investment option and a wonderful place to live.
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