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  1. You are a demon highguard, born in the depths of hell aeons ago. You've come to earth to slay the wizards, a group of humans who have allied with the forces of heaven to defend man. As you emerge from the portal, you see a group of terrified knights standing before you with their swords drawn.
  3. > You say "Run you fools, since I, the Lord of Untold horrors has emerged to surface to bring justice."
  4. You roar at the knights and they scatter. You run after them, trampling one as your spiked tail smashes another's skull. One you knock senseless, you grab him and tear his throat out.
  6. > You look around.
  7. You stand on a hill, in the middle of a forest. It's night and you're surrounded by darkness, the only thing illuminating you is the moonlight.
  9. > You cast illusion spell on yourself to look like human.
  10. You cast the illusion spell, and you look at yourself in the reflection. The illusion is perfect changing you from a demonic beast into the image of a human.
  12. > You use demonic sense of smell to feel strongest source of magic nearby which supposed to be local sorcerer.
  13. You spread out your senses and follow the smell of magic. It leads to a town 10 miles away.
  15. > You enter a town and look around looking for the wizard tower.
  16. You turn into the woods and move towards the town.
  17. As you walk by a farm house, you smell crops being grown in the garden. You hear the bleating of sheep.
  18. You come to another farmhouse.
  20. > You go past farmhouse towards the town.
  21. You enter the town. A hare scurries past you.
  22. You notice the town is lit by small candles affixed to posts.
  24. > You look at posts.
  25. You see a candle stuck in a post that's stuck in the ground.
  27. > You smell air trying to find traces that could lead to a local wizard.
  28. You sniff the air.
  29. You smell a strong smell of magic which leads to the town center.
  31. > You go to the town center looking for wizard residence which you assume should be a magic tower.
  32. You enter the town center and look around.
  33. You notice two groups of people: One group is thanking a man dressed in purple for saving the princess; the other group consists of soldiers beating an accused sinner with sticks.
  35. > You secretly cast a spell that makes the sinner extremely strong and sturdy. The sinners eyes start to glowing red and he fights back.
  38. > You watch.
  39. The man is stripped and his clothes are taken away. The crowd looks on in terror as a coupel of people hold him down. A few soldiers join the crowd to hold him down.
  41. > You observe how the man dressed in purple would react to the sinner fighting soldiers.
  42. The man in purple stands up and draws his sword. He puts his hand on the sinner's chest and says a few words.
  43. The sinner gets angry and punches him.
  45. > You secretly use demonic powers to sense if the man dressed in purple is a wizard.
  46. You feel a surge of demonic energy. He must be a wizard to use magic.
  47. The sinner holds the man down and starts to strangle him.
  49. > You secretly infuse the sinner with demonic power which makes him a lesser kind of demon. Horns grow form the sinners head his eyes start to shine with red flame. He lost his mind, and with savage scream attacks the man dressed in purple.
  50. The sinner attacks the wizard with a lot of strength punching him in the face repeatedly breaking his nose. He knocks him down and starts to stomp on him repeatedly crushing his ribs.
  52. > You quickly draw a sword and at the same time secretly draws back all the demonic powers from the sinner, and strike the weakened and confused sinner with the sword to save the wizard and win his trust and gratitude.
  53. You see the sinner grab a spear from a soldier and attack the wizard, but you quickly draw your sword and strike the sinner in the back. The sinner screams, but drops the spear, blacking out.
  54. reach hand to help the wizard to stand up. Ask the wizard: "Are you alright sir?"
  55. The wizard nods and says: "Yes, thank you for saving me."
  56. Use a few more words to express your gratitude and ask if he needs any help.
  58. > You say "What is your name sir?"
  59. He looks surprise and says: "My name is Gerald, yours is?"
  60. You introduce yourself with a fake name and he says his again.
  61. He asks you if you want to join him for a drink.
  63. > You say "With pleasure."
  64. He takes you to a inn where you have few glasses of wine.
  65. Gerald: "Do you want to join my wizard crusade?"
  66. Tricking him was quite easy, but will you spill his blood?
  68. > You say "Sounds interesting, could you tell bit more about that wizard crusade?"
  69. He tells you, that there are large amount of wizards who gathered an army to enslave the population and make them all magic-less.