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  1.  SEOUL, South Korea -- The "Garlic Girls, " South Korea's hugely well-liked Olympic silver medalist curlers, accused their coaches Thurs of ruining the workforce along with abusive treatment inside a question that provides spoiled one of often the year's feel-good sports tales.
  2.  The women's allegations suggest a familiar tale of maltreatment, file corruption error and nepotism the fact that has frequently marred Sth Korea's highly hierarchical elite sports arena. Adult men typically run Southern Korean athletics efforts, together with even though this curling team's head instructor is a female, men in her family members -- including her dad, some sort of former leading figure throughout South Korean curling -- have fun with a notable part within the team's accusations connected with abuse.
  3.  " https://swimsvms.org/ can certainly no longer work with a instruction staff that is usually trying to partition the team, " Kim Seon-yeong said in a glum news convention in Seoul. This players also charged the coaching staff associated with passing up training sessions, possessing back winning prize money together with trying to force a good married associate off the workforce.
  4.  "We need a instruction staff that can teach together with lead us effectively. We need to continue our curling professions and aim with regard to bigger ambitions at the particular Beijing Olympics, " The reality star said.
  6.  T. Korea researches abuse promises by 'Garlic Girls'
  7.  This news seminar came a good day after South Korea's Sports Ministry and Country specific Olympic Committee announced a good joints exploration into allegations of which started to be public immediately after the sportsmen sent some sort of letter teaching their issues to sports activities authorities very last week.
  8.  The five-member could curling team became a great overnight discomfort right after their improbable silver-medal jog found in February's Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea. The team associates enthralled a country that barely recognized styling in advance of they made his or her run, and they grew to become desired spokeswomen in commercials. Their particular nickname is some sort of nod towards the famous garlic clove produced in their home team in Uiseong, inside lower South Korea, wherever they will met and began actively playing together as youngsters.
  9.  Inside their letter to often the Korean Sport and Olympic Panel last week, The reality star Eun-jung, Kim Seon-yeong, .k Cho-hee, and sisters Betty Yeong-ae and even Kim Yeong-mi accused past Korean Being different Federation vice president Kim Kyung-doo of oral abuse plus team coaches of offering unreasonable purchases and subjecting their life to too much control. Inside Thursday's media conference, the curlers stated coaches directed them with what to say around interviews and carefully watched their private lives right after training hours, scolding these people if they found with players from rival squads. Text letters and presents sent out by way of fans "were by now cut open" in advance of these people attained the curlers, Betty Seon-yeong said.
  10.  "We cannot understand why the head trainer had to rip open and check the gifts and letters sent to be able to individuals prior to they reach this sportsman, " your woman mentioned.
  12.  The curlers mentioned the coaches withheld winning prize income and tried in order to sideline the particular married chief Kim Eun-jung after mastering of your ex plans to be able to start a new loved ones. They will said the coaches likewise tried to force The reality star Cho-hee off the group ahead of the Olympics to open a location for mind coach .k Min-jung in order to participate like an sportsman; in addition they mentioned they had to endure some sort of tirade from .k Kyung-doo after they made a decision to keep with their teammate.
  13.  Kim Kyung-doo and his / her family had intensive handle over the team along with his daughter, Kim Min-jung, being the top coach plus his son-in-law, Jang Ban-seok, the mixed doubles instructor. The curlers prepared the particular news conference after often the teaching staff publicly denied often the accusations.
  14.  "We acquired imagined we could proceed together with that friends and family, but after going by the Olympics, it started to be very clear to us these people were a family members the fact that cared only about themselves, " Kim Eun-jung said in the news meeting. "They don't want often the players to expand to get far better.... They don't want typically the sportsmen to become greater than the manufacturer. "
  15.  Jang denied money were help back from the athletes, aphorism the team had predetermined prize money would become spent on overseas training plus challenges, but Kim Eun-jung mentioned the curlers had been stored in the dark about how the money was used.
  16.  "We were currently getting (state) training money as associates of the particular national team, and all of us couldn't know why this prize cash has not been getting distributed to you, micron she said.