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  1.  In the world of interactive fiction games, AI Dungeon is a particular one that immediately one thinks of. AI Dungeon, also otherwise classified as a text adventure game, is developed by Latitude, Inc. and was officially launched in December 2019 with ports for PC and mobile. By utilizing artificial intelligence, AI Dungeon can make the narratives. AI Dungeon particularly uses the text prediction program of OpenAI that is known for expertly calculating what the next words will be in a sentence.
  2.  In March 2019, software developer Nick Walton entered AI Dungeon into a hackathon. A hackathon is a type of affair for programmers, developers, and other individuals in the software designing community gather to create fully operational software. AI Dungeon was a smash in the hackathon that Nick Walton joined in. Some online gamers also played AI Dungeon.
  3.  Even though AI Dungeon was merely a passion project for Walton, it was because of the game that he founded his very own company Latitude, Inc. AI Dungeon’s achievements were the direct result of the community working together to support the project, just like most passion project and indie games before it. Because of this, Latitude continues to maintain the free to play model of AI Dungeon because of consistent community backing through Patreon crowd funding, donations, voluntary developer work, and other open source projects.
  4.  The release of the first version in May 2019 saw the game with around 2,000 players. When it was relaunched in December 2019, now donning its shiny GPT-2 model, the success of the game was palpable. Two weeks after its re-release, the game had been reaching a high point of 700 players at any given time. Not only that, during that period, there were also around 100,000 players with 500,000 produced narratives. Six weeks later, AI Dungeon had surpassed the millionth mark with 6,000,000 distinct stories told. The $15,000 monthly donations on Patreon towards game maintenance were also proof of the community’s continuous support for AI Dungeon.
  5.  What separates AI Dungeon from other interactive fiction games is the method by which it generates stories. More often than not, and probably because of technological constraints, the stories in interactive fiction games are generated beforehand. These preset versions of interactive fiction games have unchanging content and would probably be dull over time. AI Dungeon is programmed under OpenAI’s GPT-2 text prediction model that has 1.5 billion parameters from 8 million web sites. This almost endless diversity in datasets allow for naturally occurring generation of text-generation across diverse domains. Owing to GPT-2’s excellent text generation abilities, AI Dungeon has turned into a truly open world with the player’s imagination as its only hindrance.
  6.  AI Dungeon is just about the best game for inventive and artistic gamers. Apart from the infinite generation of content, the stories which can be created are also unique owing to OpenAI’s GPT-2. Within the game, there are also seven situations that players can choose from: fantasy, mystery, apocalyptic, zombies, cyberpunk, custom, and other archived models. Because of https://sites.google.com/view/ai-dungeon-pc , AI Dungeon has turned into a completely immersive game even though it lacks graphic representations and sound mechanisms.