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  1. However, before you do, we invite you to watch ViX Unlimited entertainment on over 100 channels, completely free and in Spanish. Watch series, movies, soap operas, sports and thousands of hours of content in your language.
  3. The cast of "Magic Mike' has changed a lot in the 10 years since its release, and but Channing Tatum is more suited than ever to reprise his beloved (and very gorgeous) character.
  5. But, this film will also include Salma Hayek (who you can also catch in the movie 'Everly' free or on Spanish on ViX) as she will be the main love interest of Tatum's character, Magic Mike.
  7.  What is "Magic Mike's Last Dance' about?
  9. In 'Magic Mike's Last Dance', we learn how the main character of the story almost 10 years after the events that occurred in the last film in the franchise, 'Magic Mike XXL' from 2015.
  11. In this new film we will discover how Mike is leaving his days as a stripper behind and is now working as a bartender in Florida.
  13. But the opportunity to make a lasting impression will be when he comes across Maxandra Mendoza, the character that is played by Mexican Salma Hayek (who had a hot fishnet dress at the 'Magic Michael's Last Dance film's premiere).
  15. https://www.magicmikeslastdanceimovie.com/ will present her with a very personalized demonstration of her abilities as stripper. Her first images have led to a furore among fans of history.
  17. It is the way she plans to stage her own show in London. However, Channig Tatum's character is soon to realize that Maxandra who it begins to develop feelings, is not really the person he claims to be.
  19.  When will 'Magic Michael's Last Dance' released?
  21. As promoted by Channing Tatum and Salma Hayek The film 'Magic Mile's Last Dance' will be released "on Valentine's Day weekend".
  23. Particularly, they refer to February 10, 2023, the date when the film will be available in cinemas. Later, it can be enjoyed on HBO Max.
  25. The cast of the film also includes Caitlin Gerard (who returns as Kim who we first met in the first installment of 'Magic Michael'), Gavin Spokes, Ayub Khan Din and Jemelia George, as well as others.
  27. Salma Hayek, Channig Tatum discuss 'Magic Mike's Last Dance'
  29. Based on Salma Hayek in a promotional video for "Magic Mike's Last Dance', this third film "is going to surprise people".
  31. On his own, Channing Tatum mentioned that "what Magic Mike really is" was "redesigned" and that it is "something completely different."
  33. In this manner the actor said that his character seeks to expand the genre in 'Magic Mike's Final Dance' that "is more than special."
  36. In "Magic Mike's Final Dance', we'll be able to watch a variety of intimate scenes with Salma Hayek as well as Channing Tatum, but it will also feature romantic dance moves and romance between its main characters.
  38. And are you looking forward to seeing 'Magic Mike's Last Dance'? What excites you most about this new film? Tell us in the comments.
  40. Website: https://www.magicmikeslastdanceimovie.com/