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  1. Translated post: https://www.facebook.com/forest.fox.37/posts/pfbid02dPpaDFW1TeRuUKJKDVLCrr39hSUQDpwgf6iKk9rDoqE7scqPUK4MBJCQP2qCYifkl
  2. my name is ethan (ForestFox), the reason I made this is for venting and clarifying some things and expose other things that have been
  3. affecting my mental health for a long time
  4. After going through a harsh situation with some people online back in 2018 I met my ex boyfriend Mapocho Korsakov/Mapeight/cedrick jane.
  5. I was 14 years old at the time and presented himself as a 23 years old raccoon calling me cub and "lil brother" (and some other nicknames,
  6. given the quick affection I builded up for him this being the subproduct of the lack of social contact I've had in years prior ).During
  7. this time he presented me his friends and he invited me to groups for socializing and meeting new people where I made lots of friends and
  8. made me felt at peace.
  9. But that's when my first bad experience with M8, A group for learning how to "Roleplay" was made and there were various minors added to
  10. it,in this same group they started to Erotic Rolepay and things quickly got out of hand for the first time.In the end My relationship
  11. with my family was damaged and I stopped trusting some people, incluiding my family, but due to my dependencie on him, I tried to keep
  12. contact with him for months because in my young ignorance I thought "Nothing bad had happened".I was blinded by his affection and
  13. attention, I was emotionally dependant on him and it got worse as days passed (I have borderline personality disorder so it's easier for
  14. me to fall in such dependant relantionships)
  15. He was still treating me with attention and love, drawing for me and hearing my conversations. until one day that love started becoming
  16. more lusting, he would make comments about how much he'll like to be cuddling in bed and do stuff with me in bed. as teenager of 14-15
  17. years I got carried away plus I was dependant on him, either way he always made comments like "Do you like me even if I am older than you?"
  18. which I always told him that I do because I feared he would stop talking with me (dependencie)
  19. It was from 2019 and 2020 when things got worse. one day he told me that "Some people are lying about me" and that one of his
  20. ex-friends had "spread lies about him being a p3d0" and that he would not be allowed to go to any furry meet. I tried helping him so he
  21. wouldn't feel attacked by the "Slandering people made on his back". Generally he will always explain when asked why people talk bad
  22. about him by saying "That person wanted to be my boyfriend and when I rejected it he started envying me, because I am handsome and
  23. many furrys want to talk with me and get to know me". For my 15 years old self that was a curios statement, but I believe him.
  24. The worst part was when he sent me a picture of him cutting his own wrists, I didn't knew what to do so I just cried and watch as more
  25. pictures where sent