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  1.  YouTube receives 30,000 hours of video daily. You heard right. DAILY. With this mind-boggling level of video, it's become extremely hard to realize traction and make your video popular. It now takes performing YouTube SEO tactics.
  2.  YouTube ranks YouTube videos depending on popularity. Some tips about what they search at to discover a video's ranking in the search results.
  3.  Channel Views:The greater channel views you've got, the bigger your YouTube channel will rank in the various niche.
  4.  Video Views:The more views there is a higher you'll rank on YouTube's search results for the search phrase you're targeting. But views aren't the only real popularity measure.
  5.  Video Comments:The more comments you might have, the greater you'll rank. I recommend creating multiple accounts and commenting on the videos. Even make an effort to entice some drama. The more controversy you may earn over your video, the more comments you'll receive. People flock to conflict.
  6.  Video 'Like' Ratings:You want numerous positive ratings as possible. Get a friends to offer positive ratings. Email your list of YouTube subscribers and get these phones give it a like rating. I've found ratings are simply as critical as video views. If you have 50,000 video views as well as hundred negative ratings, your video will not rank within the top. When you have 50,000 video views and a couple hundred like ratings you're going to be sitting towards the top of YouTube's search results.
  7.  Video Favorites:The harder favorites your video receives, the bigger you are able to rank. Plus, you'll show up on other YouTube favorites lists which brings in additional traffic.
  8.  Channel Subscribers:Greater subscribers, the larger your YouTube channel will rank.
  9.  Basically you want a balanced approach of all of the above. Plenty of YouTube video views, comments, likes, favorites, etc. In case you have a fantastic balance of people your video will rank higher on YouTube's search results and, also, this is the bonus, Google's. If you can obtain a YouTube video to rank at the top of Google, it's major traffic. Major. And I've found the videos hold those positions for some time, long time. It's a consistent traffic source.
  12.  Back links:Greater external backlinks pointing on your video, the larger it is going to rank. The easiest place to start obtaining back-links originates from social networks: Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Digg and all sorts of rest. Also, try and list it on message boards/forums and submit your video to free link directories. Also create free blogs and embed and connect to your video from those. Be greedy and relentless in obtaining back-links.
  13.  Be participating in YouTube: Touch upon videos, sign up to other channels, send friend requests. Greater active you might be, greater attention you'll attract on your own videos.
  14.  YouTube SEO Don'ts- Would you not use automated software bots to artificially increase YouTube views. YouTube has shut them down along with your account will likely be banned. It's actually a violation of YouTube's Service terms with zero tolerance. Now there are many YouTube friendly software tools will automatically add friends, subscribe, comment, but be careful in which giving you pick. During my signature file I'll hyperlink to only good one that doesn't violate YouTube's terms of use.
  15.  Another big don't is usually to mislabel your video to get more traffic. There are a few high traffic search phrases around, but if your video content doesn't satisfy your title search phrase, YouTube will ban your video. Also tag your video appropriately. Don't convey a random high traffic phrase. YouTube will ban your video and also the traffic from that phrase likely isn't targeted anyway, so it is irrelevant.
  16.  There it is. I am doing YouTube SEO during the last couple years and this is actually all you have to caused by help make your video stand above everyone else.
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