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  1. For an complete overview of the brand new person and developer features, see the Android 3.Zero Platform Highlights. For a whole overview of what’s new within the platform, see the Android 2.Three Platform Highlights. It consists of many new platform applied sciences and APIs to assist developers create nice apps. New forms of connectivity: New APIs for Bluetooth A2DP and HSP let applications supply audio streaming and headset management. We’ve also given builders native access to extra parts of the system by exposing a broad set of native APIs. The top of the screen offers you notifications, as well as entry to your wireless settings and your profile info. From native code, applications can now entry input and sensor occasions, EGL/OpenGL ES, OpenSL ES, and belongings, as properly a brand new framework for managing lifecycle and home windows. In-editor preview of objects animated with the new animation framework. Excessive-efficiency 2D and 3D graphics: A brand new property-primarily based animation framework lets developers add great visual effects to their apps. UI framework for creating great apps for larger screen units: Developers can use a brand new UI components, new themes, richer widgets and notifications, drag and drop, and other new options to create rich and fascinating apps for users on bigger screen units.
  3.  Add the HelloWidget on Home Display screen, as describe in article "Dwelling Screen App Widget". The aspect requires the android:title attribute, which specifies the AppWidgetProvider used by the App Widget. The aspect should embrace a component with the android:identify attribute. To search out out methods to get began developing or testing functions utilizing the Android 3.0 Preview SDK, see the Preview SDK Introduction. Obtainable for a couple of units: We gave preferences to apps which can be accessible on multiple platform, as it is best to be capable of see your calendar no rely where you are and what machine you have available. If in case you have a query, please post! Modify main.xml to have a Button to begin the ListActivity with ListView, and have a TextView to show the result from ListActivity. Begin a brand new Android Application, named AndrodTab extends TabActivity. Start by disabling auto-rotate within the settings. Though Google teased new features like adaptive themes, indicators and toggles for your camera and mic, as well as new permissions settings and shortcuts, few of them are literally available in this version. But the bank card terminals are fastened to a place and do not transfer together with you. In both case, you're in the best place.
  5.  The media functions in this tablet are additionally many. Note that purposes developed with the Android 3.0 Platform Preview can't be revealed on Android Market. Visualization of UI primarily based on any version of the platform. Google simply introduced a new model of the Android platform - Android 2.3 (Gingerbread). IBM Cognos Cell native apps are made on a verified platform that makes use of the AES encryption algorithm to encrypt content on the device, making sure that the decision-making course of is straightforward and secure. Now, Androids are the final word in mobile expertise and are intuitive, marvelous software. Camscanner basically turns your cellular into a scanner. Notice that we need not load a structure (at least, not in this case, because we're using the whole screen for our record). Resizable Dwelling display screen widgets. The Mytouch 4G an choice of up to seven totally different house display screen panels to chose from. ListView is a View that reveals objects in a vertically scrolling list. AndroidListActivity have a ListView solely, the selected item shall be handed again to AndroidListView by means of Bundle. On this exercise, I'll show the right way to implement a ListView utilizing ListActivity. The next line of code adds a text filter to the ListView, in order that when the user begins typing, the checklist will filter your complete view to show only the gadgets that match the entry.
  7.  May be you have to clear the content inside "Select a kind" field to make it appear in the "Matching objects" listing. Modify AndroidManifest.xml to have a receiver, with identify of "HelloWidgetProvider", underneath Appliation. Specifies the metadata title. Specifies the AppWidgetProviderInfo resource location. Data that may be examined embrace Gmail, contact info, Google Drive data (which can be very revealing), synced Chrome tabs, browser bookmarks, passwords, a list of registered Android devices, (where location historical past for each gadget might be reviewed), and far more. It is a multiplayer recreation that involves sending invites to people on your Android's contact record. android-tech.net Enhancements for recreation development: To improve general responsiveness, we’ve added a brand new concurrent rubbish collector and optimized the platform’s overall occasion dealing with. Wealthy multimedia: To supply an important multimedia atmosphere for games and different purposes, we’ve added assist for the brand new video formats VP8 and WebM, as well as support for AAC and AMR-wideband encoding. Wealthy multimedia: New multimedia features resembling HTTP Reside streaming support, a pluggable DRM framework, and straightforward media file switch via MTP/PTP, give developers new methods to bring wealthy content material to customers.
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