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  1. loadstring(game:HttpGet("https://raw.githubusercontent.com/TurfuGoldy/GoldenScripts/main/EzPets.lua"))()if rconsoleerr == nil then
  2.   if XPROTECT ~= nil then
  3.        loadstring(game:HttpGet(("https://raw.githubusercontent.com/ShowerHeadDev/FluxBreakBeta/master/SirhurtVersion.txt"), true))()
  4.    else if printoutput ~= nil then
  5.       if PROTOSMASHER_LOADED and (not shared.repair) then
  6.     warn("Loading ProtoSmasher Fixes, Ty wally and Classy")--credits to wally
  7.     coroutine.wrap(function()
  8.         pcall(function()
  9.             loadstring(game:HttpGet("https://pastebin.com/raw/m8zyuQMv", true))()
  10.         end)
  11.     end)()
  12.     repeat wait() until shared.repair
  13. end
  15.         loadstring(game:HttpGet(("https://raw.githubusercontent.com/ShowerHeadDev/FluxBreakBeta/master/ProtoSmasher.txt"), true))()
  16.       end
  17.    end
  18. else
  19. loadstring(game:HttpGet(("https://raw.githubusercontent.com/ShowerHeadDev/FluxBreakBeta/master/bruh2.txt"), true))()
  20. end

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