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  1. 1/7/2018, 5:48 a.m.,California, United States time
  5. At approximately 5:16 a.m., myredbook. com, now providingsupport dot com GRE* CH*PEL (408-500-7*28)(scamming medicare, scamming California lifeline, who double dipped and got away with it) (former employee of Varian in Palo Alto California, with myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com George Herbert sr), and talking to myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com ex chief of police of Los Altos & Sunnyvale, Don Johnson (now in Lake Oswego,Orgeon)(almost every day), pretending myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com ex chief of police of Los Altos & Sunnyvale, Don Johnson, is some random guy who had his teeth pulled, that had a colostomy bag, and that is on Oregon state medical care plan
  7. and his brother, myredbook. com, now providingsupport dot com G*en Ch*pel, LUNGED, at Karen Watson ****** with kitchen set BUTCHER KNIVES ******, and were waving the butcher knives around, threatening Karen Watson
  9. Thank g*d Karen Watson had the presence of mind to have a phone, with speed dial to some people who probably would come after them in one way or another.  
  14. 1/7/2018, 4:44 a.m. California, United States time
  17. Myredbook. com, now providingsupport dot com GRE* CH*PEL (408-500-7*28)(scamming medicare, scamming California lifeline, who double dipped and got away with it) (former employee of Varian in Palo Alto California, with myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com George Herbert sr), and talking to myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com ex chief of police of Los Altos & Sunnyvale, Don Johnson (now in Lake Oswego,Orgeon)(almost every day), pretending myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com ex chief of police of Los Altos & Sunnyvale, Don Johnson, is some random guy who had his teeth pulled, that had a colostomy bag, and that is on Oregon state medical care plan
  19. just said he and his brother, Myredbook. com, now providingsupport dot com G*EN CH*PEL (scamming med*caid & California lifeline, among other things) have every fbi agent, every state police officer, every dea agent, every ice agent, every person that ever has worked for the department of justice, in any capacity, every chief of police, every sergeant, every lieutenant, every district attorney, every traffic cop, every desk cop, every street cop, every judge, every coroner, every court stenographer, every parking ticket person, every dispatcher etc across the United States, in every city, town, county, and state is / are
  21. READY TO RAPE Karen Watson, break the arms of Karen Watson, break the legs of Karen Watson, urinate on Karen Watson, defecate all over Karen Watson, smash the head in of Karen Watson, break the back of Karen Watson, shoot Karen Watson, gouge out the eyes of Karen Watson, cut off the lips of Karen Watson, pour acid on Karen Watson, put out cigarettes on Karen Watson, ILLEGALLY MURDER Karen Watson, and sell her to people that like sex with corpses, allowing anyone to urinate on her corpse, defecate on her corpse, and do anything they want to her corpse (as long as they get paid)
  23. Well actually they SCREAMED IT (and the entire thing is a ********* HEARSAY EXCITED UTTERANCE EXCEPTION *********
  25. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  28. 1/6/2018, about 4:40 p.m.,California,United States time
  30. Myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com, perjurer(s), attempted murderers, stalkers, cyber stalkers, rapists, molesters, suborn(ers) of perjury, kickback providers, kickback receivers, liars, hackers, blackmailers, bribers, extortionists, assaulter(s), drug users, manufacture (rers), and sellers mcmtnviewpd/Mike Canfield, Roy (Sundance, Palo Alto,California "server" living on a cul de sac in Sunnyvale, driving a blue or black suv, with a messy room that was akin to the CRIMINAL MOB Herbert house), georgewherbert, corrupt doj Ari/Alex Kriegsman, MVHS (94040) Robin Kramer, Tina (Trombone player), Tom Henning, his Olive Garden Palo Alto server girlfriend, UC "David Cipriano" , Maxim Integrated Products "Mike Hess" & Ed Medlin, non existent John Doffing (fake walls360/fake bigwallgraphics), San Carlos Greg Rothaus, former Sunnyvale & Los Altos Don Johnson, Stanford Dan Madison, rddedhd/Jeff Feinberg (94070), "judges" Fox, Mary Arand, Douglas Southard, Sharon Chatman, "attorneys" Barbara Moser, Susan Kaye, Susan Crandall, Lydia Crandall, Al Lopez, Eric Crandall ( www.ericcrandall.org/), Ben Bakst, Leslie Bakst, et al
  32. 1) have been THREATENING Susan Morganstern / Suzy Watson (Suzy Watson - Anyone have a TENS machine they are willing ...https://www.facebook.com/AbuDhabiMums/posts/391884140902374 Anyone have a TENS machine they are willing to lend out or sell?), Suzy Watson | LinkedIn https://ae.linkedin.com/in/suzy-watson-701b233 - Translate this page
  33. ???????? ??????? ?????? - ?Innovative Abu Dhabi Moon Woman - ?Moon By Mazoon
  34. Moon is a trading arm of Mazoon Curtain & Upholstery LLC, a design & manufacturing business based in Abu Dhabi. Moon is the brand name for a range of adult & children's gifts, most of which are designed and produced exclusively by Moon. The Moon Collection : Moon is a range of practical gifts and home furnishings .), Mark Morganstern, Mike Morganstern,Bob/Robert Morganstern, Ralph Morganstern, Stacey Powells Lyster, Erik Torppe, Alexander Torppe, etc.
  36. 2) Moreover, myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com, perjurer(s), attempted murderers, stalkers, cyber stalkers, rapists, molesters, suborn(ers) of perjury, kickback providers, kickback receivers, liars, hackers, blackmailers, bribers, extortionists, assaulter(s), drug users, manufacture (rers), and sellers mcmtnviewpd/Mike Canfield, Roy (Sundance, Palo Alto,California "server" living on a cul de sac in Sunnyvale, driving a blue or black suv, with a messy room that was akin to the CRIMINAL MOB Herbert house), georgewherbert, corrupt doj Ari/Alex Kriegsman, MVHS (94040) Robin Kramer, Tina (Trombone player), Tom Henning, his Olive Garden Palo Alto server girlfriend, UC "David Cipriano" , Maxim Integrated Products "Mike Hess" & Ed Medlin, non existent John Doffing (fake walls360/fake bigwallgraphics), San Carlos Greg Rothaus, former Sunnyvale & Los Altos Don Johnson, Stanford Dan Madison, rddedhd/Jeff Feinberg (94070), "judges" fox, Mary Arand, Douglas Southard, "attorneys" Susan Crandall, Lydia Crandall, Al Lopez, Eric Crandall ( www.ericcrandall.org/), Ben Bakst, Leslie Bakst, et al have made up ************* FAKE facebook , twitter etc profiles ************* for Susan Morganstern / Suzy Watson (Suzy Watson - Anyone have a TENS machine they are willing ...https://www.facebook.com/AbuDhabiMums/posts/391884140902374 Anyone have a TENS machine they are willing to lend out or sell?), Suzy Watson | LinkedIn https://ae.linkedin.com/in/suzy-watson-701b233 - Translate this page
  37. ???????? ??????? ?????? - ?Innovative Abu Dhabi Moon Woman - ?Moon By Mazoon
  38. Moon is a trading arm of Mazoon Curtain & Upholstery LLC, a design & manufacturing business based in Abu Dhabi. Moon is the brand name for a range of adult & children's gifts, most of which are designed and produced exclusively by Moon. The Moon Collection : Moon is a range of practical gifts and home furnishings .), Mark Morganstern, Mike Morganstern,Bob/Robert Morganstern, Ralph Morganstern, Stacey Powells Lyster, Erik Torppe, Alexander Torppe, etc , ************* and made up FAKE web-pages (buying domains to put them on) *************
  40. 3) Additionally, myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com, perjurer(s), attempted murderers, stalkers, cyber stalkers, rapists, molesters, suborn(ers) of perjury, kickback providers, kickback receivers, liars, hackers, blackmailers, bribers, extortionists, assaulter(s), drug users, manufacture (rers), and sellers mcmtnviewpd/Mike Canfield, Roy (Sundance, Palo Alto,California "server" living on a cul de sac in Sunnyvale, driving a blue or black suv, with a messy room that was akin to the CRIMINAL MOB Herbert house), georgewherbert, corrupt doj Ari/Alex Kriegsman, MVHS (94040) Robin Kramer, Tina (Trombone player), Tom Henning, his Olive Garden Palo Alto server girlfriend, UC "David Cipriano" , Maxim Integrated Products "Mike Hess" & Ed Medlin, non existent John Doffing (fake walls360/fake bigwallgraphics), San Carlos Greg Rothaus, former Sunnyvale & Los Altos Don Johnson, Stanford Dan Madison, rddedhd/Jeff Feinberg (94070), "judges" fox, Mary Arand, Douglas Southard, "attorneys" Susan Crandall, Lydia Crandall, Al Lopez, Eric Crandall ( www.ericcrandall.org/), Ben Bakst, Leslie Bakst, et al ABSOLUTELY ++++++++++++++++++++++ CONJURED UP the LIE about Wayne Watson being dead / having passed away (from Dementia) ++++++++++++++++++++++
  43. 3a) " The notification process also includes publishing a notice in a local newspaper. The latter is intended to reach unknown creditors to give them an opportunity to make a claim against the estate. "
  45. `````````````````````````` THERE IS NO OBITUARY, ANYWHERE, for Wayne Watson) ``````````````````````````
  49. 3b) " Seven Stages of Dementia | Symptoms & Progression
  51. Health professionals sometimes discuss dementia in “stages,” which refers to how far a person’s dementia has progressed. Defining a person’s disease stage helps physicians determine the best treatment approach and aids communication between health providers and caregivers. Sometimes the stage is simply referred to as “early stage”, “middle stage” or “late-stage” dementia, but often a more exact stage is assigned, based on a person’s symptoms.  This article discusses three scales that use stages.
  55. 1) Global Deterioration Scale for Assessment of Primary Degenerative Dementia (GDS)
  57. The most common scale is often referred to simply as GDS or by its more formal name the Reisberg Scale. The GDS divides the disease process into seven stages based on the amount of cognitive decline. This test is most relevant for people who have Alzheimer’s disease, since some other types of dementia (i.e. frontotemporal dementia) do not always include memory loss.
  58. Diagnosis       Stage   Signs and Symptoms
  59. No Dementia     Stage 1:
  60. No Cognitive Decline    In this stage the person functions normally, has no memory loss, and is mentally healthy. People with NO dementia would be considered to be in Stage 1.
  61. No Dementia    
  63. Stage 2:
  64. Very Mild Cognitive Decline     This stage is used to describe normal forgetfulness associated with aging; for example, forgetfulness of names and where familiar objects were left. Symptoms are not evident to loved ones or the physician.
  65. No Dementia    
  67. Stage 3:
  68. Mild Cognitive Decline  This stage includes increased forgetfulness, slight difficulty concentrating, decreased work performance. People may get lost more often or have difficulty finding the right words. At this stage, a person’s loved ones will begin to notice a cognitive decline. Average duration: 7 years before onset of dementia
  69. Early-stage    
  71. Stage 4:
  72. Moderate Cognitive Decline      This stage includes difficulty concentrating, decreased memory of recent events, and difficulties managing finances or traveling alone to new locations. People have trouble completing complex tasks efficiently or accurately and may be in denial about their symptoms. They may also start withdrawing from family or friends, because socialization becomes difficult. At this stage a physician can detect clear cognitive problems during a patient interview and exam. Average duration: 2 years
  73. Mid-Stage      
  75. Stage 5:
  76. Moderately Severe Cognitive Decline     People in this stage have major memory deficiencies and need some assistance to complete their daily activities (dressing, bathing, preparing meals). Memory loss is more prominent and may include major relevant aspects of current lives; for example, people may not remember their address or phone number and may not know the time or day or where they are. Average duration: 1.5 years
  77. Mid-Stage      
  79. Stage 6:
  80. Severe Cognitive Decline (Middle Dementia)      People in Stage 6 require extensive assistance to carry out daily activities. They start to forget names of close family members and have little memory of recent events. Many people can remember only some details of earlier life. They also have difficulty counting down from 10 and finishing tasks. Incontinence (loss of bladder or bowel control) is a problem in this stage. Ability to speak declines. Personality changes, such as delusions (believing something to be true that is not), compulsions (repeating a simple behavior, such as cleaning), or anxiety and agitation may occur. Average duration: 2.5 years
  81. Late-Stage      
  83. Stage 7:
  84. Very Severe Cognitive Decline (Late Dementia)   People in this stage have essentially no ability to speak or communicate. They require assistance with most activities (e.g., using the toilet, eating). They often lose psychomotor skills, for example, the ability to walk. Average duration: 2.5 years
  86. (Reisberg, et al., 1982; DeLeon and Reisberg, 1999)
  90. 3c) FURTHERMORE, autopsies take 30 to 90 days, and will NOT be done in 8 days, as the woman at the funeral home stated (she claimed the autopsy of Wayne Watson had been done in 8 days)
  91. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  92. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
  93. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  98. 1/1/2018, about 7:36 p.m.,California, United States time
  100. First, we apologize for any typos along the way. Sometimes, we're exhausted writing this.
  102. Second, to further clear up what we wrote, people at the nursing homes would state "Wayne Watson" hasn't been here, ever (which has *nothing* to do with hippa. Hippa concerns medical records, *not* deaths)
  104. Third, here are more records, in respect to Edmond Zencirci, that help prove our claim that myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com former chief of police of San Carlos (94070) ,Greg Rothaus, set out to destroy the credibility of Edmond Zencirci :
  106. Case Number     P/D/O   Name    File Date       Source
  108. CIV280952       P       ZENCIRCI EDMOND-MINOR ET        12-20-1983      MIDX-CIV
  109. CIV310616       P       ZENCIRCI EDMOND G-MINOR         08-22-1986      MIDX-CIV
  110. CIV323755       P       ZENCIRCI EDMOND AMINOR ET AL    10-23-1987      MIDX-CIV
  111. CIV449197       D       ZENCIRCI EDMOND         08-25-2005      ODY-CIV
  112. CIV504357       D       ZENCIRCI EDMOND         03-25-2011      ODY-CIV
  113. CLJ514188       D       ZENCIRCI EDMOND         05-29-2012      ODY-CIV
  114. SCN100834       D       ZENCIRCI EDMOND         03-13-2000      ODY-SCS
  115. SF368295A       D       ZENCIRCI, EDMOND        02-19-2010      CJIS
  117. Fourth, Today, Karen Watson, called crematories and funeral homes, in the Sacramento,Grass Valley, Roseville, and Nevada City areas of California. Karen was told by a female at one location, that 8 days AFTER her father supposedly passed away, they do indeed STILL have his body (**** 43.2 miles from the house of the parents of Karen Watson), the paperwork is NOT complete, and evidently the death was / is listed as suspicious. HOWEVER, it's ENTIRELY plausible, as well as POSSIBLE, that myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com corrupt department of justice Ari/Alex Kriegsman, Undercover / NARC , *not* a phlebotomist "David Cipriano", or @georgewherbert (misusing his federal clearance) bribed, blackmailed, or provided kickbacks to the people at the business providing cremation, and funeral services, to get the people to make that assertion.
  120. Fifth, Good for you " https://twitter.com/khanoisseur?lang=en ". Yes, myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com Simon Pitfield (University of California at Davis) resided in Livermore, with his mother (the mother of Simon Pitfield, like the madam/pimpestress wife of myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com @georgewherbert, had/has LUPUS ( https://twitter.com/Khanoisseur/status/947608604458106880 ). Fyi, " Less than 50% of pregnancies in women with lupus have complications, but all lupus pregnancies are considered high-risk. Lupus can complicate pregnancy with an increased risk of miscarriage, premature delivery, and preeclampsia, as well as heart problems in the baby. www dot webmd dot com backslash lupus/features/lupus-pregnancy-pregnant#1 "
  122. _________________________________________________________________________________
  123. 1/1/2018, 12:29 a.m.,California, United States time
  126. In case it wasn't clear, when we wrote hippa, and then something like don't know him, or the other way around, people at those places would say "I can't violate hippa, but I CAN tell you" ......
  128. As far as everything else is concerned, ABSOLUTELY, myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com CRIMINALS georgewherbert, Ari/Alex Kriegsman, et al, have been exerting undue influence on people in Nevada City, & Grass Valley (including Greta & Wayne Watson), likely as far back as 1997.
  130. Other than that we discovered, myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com Greg Rothaus (94070), has "likely" illegally gone after Edmond Zencirci, in an effort to shut Edmond up about the BUFF/BUILT officer he (Greg Rothaus) sent in to La Tosca to INTIMIDATE Karen Watson
  132. " http://www.smdailyjournal.com/news/local/bizarre-end-to-family-s-thanksgiving-holiday/article_16336480-df8c-5777-b930-a98e181ce4b4.html
  134. https://www.peekyou.com/edmond_zencirci
  136. https://www.plainsite.org/dockets/143ku4j04/superior-court-of-california-county-of-san-mateo/david-m-mckim-v-edmond-zencirci-etal/
  138. General Manager Edmond Zencirci
  140. https://www.facebook.com/people/_/1513831823
  143. Contact Information
  144. La Tosca
  145. 777 Laurel St
  146. San Carlos, CA 94070
  148. Contact:        Edmond Zencirci
  149. Title:  Owner
  150. Phone:  650-592-7749
  151. Website:        www.latoscarestaurant.com
  153. There are 2 Companies located at 777 Laurel St, San Carlos, CA 94070
  154. Map
  156. View larger map
  157. Business Description
  158. La Tosca is located in San Carlos, California. This organization primarily operates in the Cafe business / industry within the Eating and Drinking Places sector. This organization has been operating for approximately 8 years. La Tosca is estimated to generate $251,184 in annual revenues, and employs approximately 10 people at this single location.
  159. Sector:         Eating and Drinking Places
  160. Category:       Eating Places
  161. Industry:       Cafe
  162. SIC Code:       5812
  163. Name:
  164. La Tosca
  165. Year Founded:
  166. 2009
  167. Location Type:
  168. Single
  169. Revenue:
  170. $ 251,184
  171. Employees:
  172. 10
  173. Facility Size:
  174. N/A
  175. * Revenue & Employees are estimates "
  179. ******** Furthermore, myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com Greg Rothuas (94070) wanted to shut Karen Watson up about this : " Bay Area Porta Potty - San Francisco Gossip - The Dirty – Gossip
  180. https://gossip.thedirty.com/gossip/san-francisco/bay-area-porta-potty/
  182. Nov 2, 2012 - THE DIRTY ARMY: Nik, I see Cheslea Johnson around the Bay area clubs with her escort friends. She hangs with Desiree Applegate (verysexynicole69) who was put on blast for being an escort. They both work at Piacere Resturant in San Carlos. What is it about this establishment that they hire hookers to ... "
  183. ____________
  185. 12/31/2017, about 9:11 p.m.,California,United States time
  188. So this is what we found out today. The dad, Wayne Watson ( https://gcc.gnu.org/ml/gcc-help/2011-11/msg00149.html ) ,(http://www.auburnjournal.com/article/mars-attracts)(https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/meteorobs/conversations/messages/29009)
  190. of Karen Watson
  192. was NOT at any of these nursing homes, and did NOT pass away at any of these nursing homes :
  195. Golden empire, no
  197. Wolf Creek, hung up on
  199. Crystal ridge , no
  201. Cascades, won't answer, ****, nobody by that name here
  203. Eskaton Village, no
  205. Atria, no
  207. Mountain View Care Home, no
  209. Sierra View Manor, nobody passed recently, hippa
  211. Hilltop Commons Senior, hippa, don't know him
  213. Brunswick Village, wrong facility
  215. Bret Harte, Nobody by that name
  217. Quail Ridge,  # no longer in service
  219. Cas Loma, Nobody by that name
  221. Sierra Guest home, ***** , nope
  223. Amahs heart, # no longer in service
  225. Spring Hill Manor, not allowed, hippa, don't remember anybody by that name
  227. Sierra Nevada Home Care, *** , nurse on call, answering service. Voice mail message ; "has NOT been here"
  229. Lake Wildwood Manor, Nope
  231. Banner Crest Care Home, Nope. Women only
  233. Blue Oaks Country Home, # no longer in service
  235. Additionally, contacting adult protective services ( Address: 500 Crown Point Cir, Grass Valley, CA 95945
  236. Phone: (530) 265-1639 ) was NOT helpful, in any way,shape or form. Initially, they asserted "we only deal with kids" . Eventually, Karen was put through to someone providing the name of Shannon. Shannon stated she would contact Nevada County Sheriffs office, to "maybe" initiate a welfare check. About 5:15 p.m., California time, Shannon said Nevada County Sheriffs office made their way to the home of Greta & Wayne Watson. They inquired about Wayne Watson. FYI, the email Karen Watson received, stipulated that Wayne was going to be cremated (despite plans having been made to have him buried, in the family plot, with his mother, in Michigan, at the time of his mothers passing. Karen Watson was a witness, as were her cousins Kelly (a guy. He goes by Richard K, as well))& Keith, among others). Shannon remarked, *nobody* asked Greta Watson what day it is, what her birth-date etc is, or if they could look around inside of the house. Moreover, despite the declaration made in the email about Wayne Watson being in a nursing home, Greta supposedly "changed the story", and "explained" Wayne had in home care, and had succumbed to dementia on Dec 23rd 2017. Of course, "law enforcement" did NOT investigate for any foul odor emanating from the house, which would come from a decomposing body. Ioho, for all anyone knows, myredbook.com, providingsupport.com @georgewherbert (or corrupt department of justice Ari/Alex Kriegsman, since he spends time there (
  237. https://www.homeaway.com/td/profiles/1ce93318-fef3-4780-a1d0-58e57b18ebd3) ( https://www.facebook.com/events/1005827139531720/)) may have been / might be in the house. Also, it seems Greta Watson has been alone (perhaps alone with Wayne Watson & possibly exerting undue influence), for quite some time. Not to mention, despite *only* looking out for the best interests of her dad, following open heart surgery in 2013 or 2014, when Karen Watson called the neighbors of her parents, in Nevada City (specifically requesting confidentially), the neighbors broke their promise, and as a result, Karen Watson became the target of *immense* anger, from Greta Watson (in spite of one of the female neighbors acknowledging the potency of the wrath of Greta Watson, and appearing to commiserate with Karen).  
  239. _________________________
  240. 12/30/2017, about 7:21 p.m.,California, United States time
  242. Reminder ; Due to "David Cipriano" (*not* a phlebotomist) actually being under-cover / a narc (working on behalf of corrupt department of justice, myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com Ari/Alex Kriegsman), and having been "employed" at Olive Garden (Palo Alto,California) as a server, and the " head chef" from Olive Garden (Palo Alto (94306),California) moving on to Parkside, in Portola Valley, there is a very good chance the new head chef at Parkside was & is acquainted with corrupt department of justice, myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com Ari/Alex Kriegsman. Which means that not only is it/was it, likely, corrupt department of justice, myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com Ari/Alex Kriegsman had a "plant" at Parkside, but corrupt myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com Mcmtnviewpd/Mike Canfield had a UC there at the same time. More to the point, the non coincidences provides us with a pretty good indication that corrupt department of justice, myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com Ari/Alex Kriegsman, & corrupt myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com Mcmtnviewpd/Mike Canfield have been colluding, all along.
  244. Changing course, (sarcasm), a thank you , is in order, to corrupt department of justice, myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com Ari/Alex Kriegsman, georgewherbert, Maxim Integrated Products "Mike Hess", non existent John Doffing (fake walls360 / fake bigwallgraphics), ceobondassage/Jaeleen Bennis, Mountain View High School/MVHS (94040) Mark Smith/Smittyhalibut, San Carlos (94070) Greg Rothaus,et al, for sending an email to Karen Watson, pretending to be her mother, stating that Wayne Watson passed away on Dec 23rd 2017 (with*out* an obituary, and *no* notation of his death in the social security death index (ssdi). How interesting that in November of 2016, that Wayne Watson could give his wife a hard time about missing a left hand turn, talk about the movie Sully, tell Karen he wasn't hungry yet (he had eaten a large meal in Santa Clara, at M**** C*********, about 1.5 to 2 hrs earlier), disclose to Karen, the name of his physician, and express that he was bored silly, waiting for Karen and her mother to finish with their "excursion", and then 1 year and 1 month later, he succumbs to Dementia. (Sarcasm) Such wonderful myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com people, er, criminals.
  246. _________
  247. 12/28/2017, about 10:07 p.m., California, United States time
  249. For those that are curious, the food fight started when Karen Watson thought she called a male friend of Ryan Tollner, a bully, under her breath. Ryan heard the comment, became enraged, defended his friend, and threw Spaghetti, at Karen. Having nothing, except for fruit juice at her disposal, Karen squeezed her juice box, and, in return, sprayed Ryan. Somehow, from there, at least, their entire class decided to join in, on the mischief. Likely, a variety of factors came into play, causing quite a few people, to participate, when all was said and done. Ioho, the daily "competition" between Ryan, and Karen, of who wound up with the most people lined up behind them, seeking help with math, was just one of the factors (Every day, either Karen or Ryan had one extra student in the line behind them. Obviously, the students did their best to not choose a favorite). More than anything else, we believe the pressure of living in Silicon Valley, and the expectations of parents, and guardians, for their children or dependents, to attend Stanford, Mit, and Ivy League Schools, created an atmosphere permeated with / rife with, anxiety and stress. Not a day passed without a student mentioning their parent attended Stanford, or that their family lived in Los Altos (94022), or Los Altos Hills, and therefore, all the other students were "worthless", or would end up akin to a serf.
  251. To this day, Karen always worried that the departure of Ryan, to St.Simons , from Springer Elementary, for a year or two, had been a direct result of his involvement in the food fight, that day. Although Michelle K  may feel differently about Ryan, based upon rumors she purportedly heard from other people, that incident did not define the way Ryan typically "conducted" himself. When other people took the opportunity to torment Karen Watson (due to her early "pubescence"), Ryan "rose above" (and with Karen, he was never disingenuous)
  253. In the case of myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com Mike Canfield / mcmtnviewpd, however, the disapproval of Michelle K, of him, would have been warranted. Sending a clown to stalk Karen Watson, on his ( myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com Mike Canfield/mcmtnviewpd ) behalf, to Portola Valley, was a mistake. In case anyone is wondering, the clown appeared to be in his mid thirties to mid forties, around 5'8 to 5'9, did not have a full head of hair, and had little, if any "meat" on him. The criminal attempted to fill the ear of Karen Watson with slander about Sylvia & Doug Basegio ( http://www.mytartufo.com/blog/2016/8/29/rlq7oeur4p7ckvb6k1cajrazbb54fd ), in an effort to get Karen to repeat the slander to myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com Mike Canfield / mcmtnviewpd, thereby allowing myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com Mike Canfield / mcmtnviewpd to slander Karen Watson to Doug & Sylvia. By fabricating that Karen hated Doug & Sylvia, this meant myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com Mike Canfield / mcmtnviewpd found another route to foster/engender hatred towards Karen Watson, keeping Karen Watson from ever being able to completely separate herself from the criminals entangled with myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com (the criminals that BASHED IN HER HEAD in June of 1992 (Karen Watson, upon arrival at EC Hospital,was immediately put in intensive care, and transferred to transitive care when the hospital had too many patients for the intensive care unit (Karen Watson was still treated as intensive care patient, in transitive care)  
  255. ___________
  256. 12/26/2017, about 5:10 p.m.,California,United States time
  258. Some of what we're about to write may rub a few people the wrong way
  260. Ryan Tollner (https://www.forbes.com/profile/bruce-ryan-tollner/), we suppose we should have written this some time ago. The article written in respect to Reality, reminded Karen Watson of the food fight you two were a part of around 3rd grade, at Springer Elementary School, which prompted us to compose this.
  262. Years back, when Karen Watson decided to head to Portola Valley, she had *no* idea that any of the NBA stars, the 49ers, or coaches for the 49ers spent time there. The catalyst for Karen Watson setting foot in Portola Valley, was actually the memory of celebrating her grandfathers birthday in the "tiny" town. She/Karen Watson thought it would end up being a place with a slower pace of life, with the added benefit of fresh air, & plenty of space to explore. Having had time to reflect on her life, over the course of the last nine years or so, Karen couldn't help but to think that Bill Walsh didn't just appear, out of the blue, & suddenly conclude "gee, I've got an audience. Perfect time to delve into a story about my son, & perhaps the listener will take something away from what I just said" . Btw, research, by means of the www/internet did *not* turn up anything that supported the anecdote told by Bill Walsh, about his son, that day. Karen found it odd, as well, that besides the two of them, the place was empty, that particular afternoon. Then, probably within a month, there was Bill Walsh again, at Sharon Heights. Being that at least fifty people were in the vicinity, when Bill waved, Karen took it as more of " Hi, everyone. "
  264. Add in that the mother of Virginia (aka, the other Ginger) (flute student of Ginger Rombach Adams) "made an appearance" in Portola Valley one afternoon, *immediately* recognizing Karen after 8 or more years of *not* being in contact, and those occasions, in retrospect, seem unlikely to have been coincidences.
  266. For Karen, it wasn't ever about alienating people, or suffering from depression. Part of it, we're sure, is that she/Karen is an introvert & part of it could be adhd. At the same time, she/Karen Watson, needed to figure out who she is, on her own terms (is she/was she a democrat ? , what kind of music she enjoyed listening to, what kind of food does she like, what her views are (or have been) on a variety of topics, what HER interests are, etc ). In her own opinion, she /Karen Watson has "come a long way". The naive little girl "has been replaced" by someone with a bit more confidence, that just doesn't go "where the wind may blow" anymore.
  268. ____________________________________________________________________
  270. 12/25/2017, about 10:24 p.m.,California, United States time
  272. All kinds of stuff on our minds today/tonight. Where do we start ?
  274. 1) Letha Pease. If you ever felt that you had to prove your worth to *anyone*, by dating a football player, at myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com MVHS / Mountain View High School (94040), there was no reason to feel that way. Look inward for strength. What other people thought / think does *not* matter. Be comfortable in what you believe, and your opinions. You're allowed to have your own opinions. Do what you want with your life. Tune out other peoples *opinions*. Every time you hear something you do not care for, imagine the words being eggs, that you throw against the wall
  276. 2) What Karen Watson has "learned" about people that attended MVHS(94040) & LAHS (94022) in the last 24 hrs. Amy Carlton now has died blonde wavy hair, has 8 kids, & has hyphenated her name to Carlton Harrison. B) Ethan Richard is Ethan Richard (minus the S), works at facebook, and appears to be married with kids (thank goodness). Mike Gray (whiz kid / genius (literally), is self employed. Mike Nafzgar was in the Navy. Joy Fang (Springer Elementary school) attended UCLA, & seems to have a good life. & Jennifer Chambliss Bertman, for the moment, is on the NY times best seller list, with kids books. The bad ? Justin Bertman was one of the NASTIEST people EVER, in junior high school, & high school (a BULLY extraordinaire) . Hope, like other ENTITLED Los Altos,Ca (94022) a**holes, Justin does *not* think he has the right to rape and beat Jennifer.
  278. 3) All of a sudden people that HATED one another, or did *not* even speak to one another in high school, are "best buds" on facebook (for example, John Knickerbocker & Mike Gray, or John Knickerbocker & Ethan)
  280. 4) Sad but kind of funny, to us, John Knickerbocker & Kim Flomenhoft are facebook friends. Kim could *not* stand anyone from Springer Elementary, and "threw a temper tantrum" until her dad paid for her to attend Castilleja (www.castilleja.org)(cough,*only* $25,000/yr, back then)
  282. 5) People may take offense to this. Honestly, Karen Watson, has been SO relieved, *not* being around Michelle K anymore (having to hear *constantly* about Michelle "being in love with" Errol (sp?), John Klem (sp?), dark haired Justin, John (last we read - the husband of Kathy),& Ian (Saint Francis,for high school). Moreover, it's been peaceful for Karen, *not* having to sort through whatever was happening with Kim, Linda (her stepmom), and her "bio-mom" ("uber wealthy kid problems")
  284. 6) Karen Watson, today, is grateful she has *not* been around anyone using, manufacturing, or selling ecstasy, lsd, meth, cocaine,or heroin, for 7 to 8 years.
  286. 7) Corrupt law enforcement, along with some collude(rs), earlier today, 12/25/2017, pretended there was some event transpiring at a house, within 500 yards of where Karen Watson was located, at the time. Suffice it to say, corrupt law enforcement, used the hacking tool (withOUT probable cause, or a warrant,for that matter), they used, for Playpen,  to get underneath any vpn, proxy etc that may have been in use, on a "gadget" Karen Watson has used. She / Karen Watson has been laughing, all day. Corrupt law enforcement would find NOTHING of interest on ANY "gadget" that Karen Watson has used for at least the last 7 to 9 years. Of course, corrupt law enforcement would come after Karen Watson, the day, after, we placed myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com John Pien, Ed Barberini, the wife of Ed Barberini, corrupt rddedhd/Jeff Feinberg, Joe Guthrie, and Kathy Dewar under citizens arrest.
  288. 8) Nice try with this ; https://twitter.com/Khanoisseur/status/945495848346992640 . We're *not* buying *this*, either
  290. 9) http://nymag.com/daily/intelligencer/2017/12/who-is-reality-winner.html. Thousands, and likely, tens of thousands of people have older laptops, smart phones etc "lying around" . Hey, even criminal men on sites like criminal myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com have multiple smart phones, multiple tablets, multiple laptops, etc. As far as corrupt law enforcement is concerned, we're inclined, at this point, to agree, that corrupt law enforcement has intentionally been twisting her words. Evidently , corrupt law enforcement, just like their criminal comrades on myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com (& other similar sites) are jealous of the number of languages spoken by Reality, and are jealous of the discipline & motivation of Reality. Kind of reminds us of Jeff & Jeff, at the restaurant in Los Altos, where myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com Tina (Trombone player)(MVHS / Mountain View High School (94040)) worked. Jeff & Jeff (managers at the restaurant in Los Altos (94022)) liked to make snide remarks about how ambitious Karen Watson is & was, and about how good Karen Watson is & was with laptops, smart phones, desk tops etc. Btw, the "owners" / proprietors / whatever word suits you, of Le Boulanger invested in that restaurant.
  292. ___________________________________________________________________
  293. 12/24/2017, about 5:19 p.m.,California, United States time
  295. 1) " https://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/jose_antonio_vargas_726866" "Kathy Dewar, my high-school English teacher, introduced me to journalism. From the moment I wrote my first article for the student paper, I convinced myself that having my name in print - writing in English, interviewing Americans - validated my presence here. " Jose Antonio Vargas (@joseiswriting)
  297. "www.mvla.net/MVHS/profile/125-Kathy-Dewar"
  301. 2) NOW WE KNOW why you ***** CRIMINAL, SOCIOPATH, myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com (Kathy Dewar), had Krissy Koenig argue the pro choice side, and Karen Watson, the pro life side. You were and ARE in cahoots with the CRIMINAL, SOCIOPATH, myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com MOB Herbert family . So who performed the ILLEGAL in vitro fertilization of Karen Watson ????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  303. 3) Undoubtedly, Joe Guthrie (chemistry honors and physics honors) (MVHS)(94040), you were HIRED and PAID by the myredbook.com , now providingsupport.com MOB Herbert CRIME family. The dad of Alice SCHIZOPHRENIC Wistar Herbert was a professor of chemistry at Mills (http://www.nytimes.com/1964/03/22/alice-wistar-married-to-george-l-herbert.html), and you, the CRIMINAL Herbert family, Kathy Dewar, and EVERYONE at MVHS (94040) had the "future" of Karen Watson all planned out. You were WELL AWARE CRIMINAL myredbook dot com, now providingsupport dot com georgewherbert was threatening Greta Watson ( myredbook dot com, now providingsupport dot com georgewherbert and Greta "worked together" ). When Karen had enough of Mrs.Gontang, you decided you would ensure Karen ended up in your biology class over the summer. When things did NOT go as planned with Karen , you moved to Colorado, to avoid being brought up on criminal charges, and to avoid having to testify. TOO BAD, YOU HAVE "COMPANY" in Colorado. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha
  305. 4) Gap/Banana Republic John Pien (MVHS)(94040), you HATED KAREN WATSON WITH A PASSION, and just like the majority of students at MVHS (94040) wanted Karen Watson DEAD. You ,INCORRECTLY , *assumed* Karen Watson hated anyone that was not straight. Therefore, she deserved to DIE, in your eyes. Well, anyway, being that the wife of San Bruno Ed Barberini works with you, as does a VERY CLOSE female friend of myredbook.com , now providingsupport.com corrupt "attorney" rddedhd/Jeff Feinberg, we're placing you, Jeff Feinberg/rddedhd, the wife of Ed Barberini, Ed Barberini, Kathy Dewar, her husband, her daughter , and Joe Guthrie under CITIZENS ARREST, effective IMMEDIATELY, 12/24/2017, AND GOOD THROUGH , 12/24, of the year 999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999 for
  307. 1)Pimping
  309. 2)Being a madam
  311. 3)Stalking
  313. 4)Cyber stalking
  315. 5)Perjury
  317. 6)Kickback receiving
  319. 7)Kickback providing
  321. 8)Suborning perjury
  323. 9)Libel writing
  325. 10)Contributing to the delinquency of minors
  327. 11)Attempted murder (more than once)
  329. 12)Bribery
  331. 13)Blackmail
  333. 14)Extortion
  335. 15)Witness intimidation
  337. Aiding and abetting
  339. 1)Pimping
  341. 2)Child Molestation
  343. 3)Rape
  345. 4)Stalking
  347. 5)Cyber stalking
  349. 6)Illegal hacking
  351. 7)Libel writing
  353. 8)Contributing to the delinquency of minors
  355. 9)Perjury
  357. 10)Suborn(ing) of perjury
  359. 11)Attempted murder
  361. 12)Extortion
  363. 13)Blackmail
  365. 14)Bribery
  367. 15)Witness intimidation
  369. 16)Kickback receiving
  371. 17)Kickback providing
  373. (among g*d knows how many other felonies)
  376. _____________________________________________________________________
  377. 12/23/2017, about 7:50 p.m.,California,United States time
  381. Possibly, we will be covering a bit of ground today
  383. 1) Robin Kramer, MVHS (94040), when you judged Karen Watson for being logical and analytical, you also accused Karen of stopping, and *not* playing. First of all that shows you were OBSESSED with Karen Watson. Moreover, you had blinders on when it came to the band, and students. When Karen Watson stopped playing it was due to the entire band having become unglued, upon coming across a measure or four, with a non traditional time signature. It took you, usually, between two to sixteen measures to hear the cacophony. While you were off in your own little world, you would miss the nasty looks from Lara, Cynthia, and Ms.I'm going to cut holes in my gloves even though points will be deducted, alleged 5 finger discounter piccolo player (Isn't it ironic that Les Miserable was the marching band theme, and yet you would not allow her in your office), aimed at Karen Watson. When Cynthia finally snottily asked Karen why the odd time signatures were so easy for her, Karen was somewhat relieved, btw. If Cynthia and Lara had not continued to come across as arrogant little sh*ts, that day, and for quite a while, after that, MAYBE Karen Watson would have volunteered to help them with the non traditional time signatures
  385. 2) BY the time Karen returned for what was supposed to be her junior year, it was obvious, the *only* reason the marching band showed up at EC hospital was that everyone wanted to know why Karen Watson had not died, which had been the plan (the plan was to MURDER Karen
  386. Watson)
  388. 3) Mrs.Gontang, likely, you were correct. Karen could have outscored everyone in your bio class. See #2. Also, Karen did *not* have the desire to hear nasty remarks from the likes of Brian (Freshman science honors, finals group-mate).
  390. 4) Mr.Harding, on one hand Karen thinks she should apologize for not laying down the law to Michelle, in respect to the meaning of a word, that resulted in you grabbing the paint bucket, stashing the contents of the the lab inside, duct taping the paint bucket, calling Hazmat, and the one side of the high school being evacuated. On the other hand, Karen had NO idea that would be the outcome. Additionally, for Karen, it just was *not* worth creating world war 3 by arguing with Michelle, over the meaning of the word.
  392. 5) Changing course, "@Khanoisseur", isn't it hypocritical of you to write about the salaries of Toys R Us execs, when you supposedly worked for L'Oreal, Tesla, etc, even if you are an "angel investor" . Just curious, how many women run companies have you been an angel investor for, or in ? Being that you were evidently employed by Elon Musk, what are your real views towards women ? Just not buying your youtube video ( if the twitter account, Hack the Bird, etc is real)
  394. 6) On the topic of opioids, when talking over-doses, does that include "older" people in nursing homes, etc, that go in,being able to take care of themselves *completely*, and then 3 days later, have to have someone hold the phone to their ear, in order to talk to their grand-daughter ? What about people Like Karen Watson, who have had CRIMINALS from myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com ATTEMPT TO MURDER THEM (PRE MEDITATED attempted MURDER)(understanding blood from a CRIMINALLY broken hip will be lost IMMEDIATELY, and BEFORE surgery, typically requiring a blood transfusion (and often causing death)). TO this day, almost 9 months to the day, from her ATTEMPTED MURDER on Mar 24 2017, ((by myredbook.com , now providingsupport.com CRIMINALS, including Walmart "employees" Suwarna Kulkarni (CRIMINAL, NOT a pharmacist, is a FUCKING MORON NARC, LOSER,STALKER, who is PRO RAPE, PRO MOLESTATION, and PRO MURDER, OBVIOUSLY), and REAL DRUG ADDICT Tushar Montano (always requested ecstasy, cocaine, meth, heroin, etc from people he intended to RAPE, and assault, that were advertised on myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com)), ***** Karen Watson can~NOT~ sleep on her right side at all (it's called PAIN)(Her CRIMINALLY broken hip is STILL BROKEN)(and of course, she canNOT bend her knee or straighten her leg through the knee (physical therapy with breaks of 3 months at a time, and UNDERCOVER CRIMINALS for "physical therapists") ***** . Perhaps, if Karen Watson had ACTUAL PHYSICAL THERAPISTS with CONSISTENT PHYSICAL THERAPY, and was NOT #################### ILLEGALLY DENIED #################### pain medication, she MIGHT walk again, at some point, in the future.
  397. p.s. for some people "anti-depressants" as pain medication, results in the pain being 999 trillion times WORSE
  399. ______________________
  400. 12/22/2017, about 4:18 p.m.,California,United States time
  402. 1) On 12/21/2017, we were rushing through and can only say math *never* leaves "your" system. When we wrote xy ,we had been stuck on the xy axis
  404. 2) Karen Watson has been thinking in the last 24 hrs, and although she loves her dad more than anything in the world, she can only attribute every piece of bad "advice" he gave her, to the myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com CRIMINAL Herbert family having threatened him
  406. 3) We are reminding members of the myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com CRIMINAL Herbert family to stay the FUCK out of Nevada City,California, and to stay out of the Sacramento region (Yolo county, etc) until Dec 22, of the year 999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999
  408. 4) Since Rowan was OBVIOUSLY A PRODUCT OF A FORCED PREGNANCY (putting Karen Watson under general anesthesia withOUT her consent or knowledge, and ILLEGALLY impregnating her, he/Rowan, will also stay the FUCK OUT of Nevada City,California, and out of the Sacramento region until Dec 22, of the year 999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999
  410. 5) All members of the myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com CRIMINAL Herbert family are to cease and desist with putting a foot in the state of Michigan, putting a foot in San Diego,California, putting a foot in Los Angeles California, putting a foot in Mammoth Lakes California, putting a foot in the country of Norway, putting a foot in the country of Scotland, putting a foot in the state of Texas, and putting a foot in the state of Washington until Dec 22, of the year 999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999. This applies to EVERY member of the Hess & Kriegsman families, as well ( and to EVERY family member of any person with the XY chromosome that was on myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com (and any of the sites listed at the bottom)  
  412. 6) The University of California at Santa Barbara, "you" will IMMEDIATELY refund all $ paid on behalf of myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com LYING SOCIOPATH CRIMINAL Rowan Herbert, by Wayne and Greta Watson. There is an assessment of $999 trillion in interest for every 30 days from Dec 22 2017, that the $ is not refunded to Greta and Wayne Watson
  414. 7) CRIMINAL myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com @ georgewherbert, you will CEASE & DESIST with being on any chat site, any "dating" site, any site where "massage" is advertised, and any and every site where those with the xx chromosome are rated until Dec 22, of the year 999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999. This applies to EVERY member of the CRIMINAL myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com Herbert family. Cough, this means okcupid, twitter, and facebook
  416. _________________
  417. 12/21/2017, about 5:18 p.m., California, United States time
  419. Remember, the *only* reason we are doing this is because we KNOW that you myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com REPUBLICAN CRIMINALS are ultimately going to MURDER Karen Watson, and her entire family (that is if Karen stays put, which is NOT a given, due to who she probably really is). We want a record of everything you CRIMINALS have done
  422. 1) Karen Watson knew Tom, in Milpitas, was NOT a physical therapist, and was UC when she repeated exactly what was written at @kllkarenwatson, and after physical therapy, at around 10 p.m., the tweets regarding CORRUPT judges giving myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com rddedhd/ Jeff Feinberg illegal extensions came up on the first page of search results when "you" typed in @kllkarenwatson into your favorite search engine "query" rectangle
  424. 2) The Fifty Shades movies could have been written from myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com Maxim Integrated Products "Mike Hess" reiterating what has taken place in his life. According to Mark Flomenhoft, who sat on boards with Larry Sonsini, "Mike Hess" is related to the Hess wine family. Moreover, myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com Maxim Integrated Products "Mike Hess" , one day, while driving in his Forest Green colored gmc, bragged to Karen Watson about having crazy made/ gas lit a "submissive" so much (that had zero experience with the "bdsm world" prior to him), that she ended up in a psych ward
  426. 3) Don't forget, myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com Maxim Integrated Products "Mike Hess" LIED about his MIP colleague stealing the bras and panties out of the washer and dryer (bras and panties belonging to Karen Watson). "Mike" stole them (likely, to sell them on craigslist.org)
  428. 4) Returning to myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com Mark Ainsworth, it was between 2015, and April of 2016, when Karen Watson was being stalked by him, while she was rollerblading
  430. 5) When myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com Maxim Integrated Products "Mike Hess" took Karen Watson to the Power Exchange bdsm club in San Francisco (when Karen was under the impression "MH" planned to take her to dinner, he let a CRUCIAL DETAIL slip. He/"MH" asserted judges, district attorneys, and department of justice people showed up there, at parties, and at bdsm events, and made it abundantly clear that to Karen Watson she was to keep her mouth shut. He/"MH" stated judges, district attorneys, and department of justice people didn't want the entire world being aware of their activities, and that they wished to remain "discreet" . That would explain why myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com "Judge" Sharon Chatman had and has all the people involved in bdsm in her courtroom. Additionally, cocaine, meth etc use by myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com "Judge" Sharon Chatman could be the reason why what comes out of the mouth of SC, sounds like " plus time example over shoes climbing doused seemingly Victorian plethora umbrage pools hamburger ". Sit in the courtroom of myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com "Judge" Sharon Chatman, and you will hear for yourself how random unrelated words come from between her lips.
  432. 6) As for the corrupt female judge in San Mateo County,California that refused to allow someone to turn states evidence (obviously you are and were a myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com CRIMINAL (even San Bruno, Ed Barberini had c*********** I*********). Furthermore, EVERY SINGLE person in the United States, affiliated with "law enforcement" wished to ILLEGALLY turn Karen Watson into a felon
  434. 7) On that note, EVERY judge, every district attorney, EVERY person that worked or works for the department of justice, EVERY state police officer, EVERY captain, EVERY sergeant, EVERY "police officer", EVERY chief of police, EVERY stenographer, EVERY bailiff, EVERY court room reporter, EVERY corrections officer, EVERY front desk person (except Ed Barberini,Gaby Chaghouri, and those working with the show 60 days in), across the United States, in every town, city, and state is UNDER CITIZENS ARREST from Jan 1 1970, & good through through 12/21/ 999,017 (especially since you all "communicate in respect to "transportation" of "prisoners)
  436. for aiding and abetting  
  438. 1) the premeditated attempted murder of Karen Watson in June 1992
  440. 2) the premeditated attempted murder of Karen Watson on Mar 24 2017
  442. 3) The ILLEGAL impregnation of Karen Watson, beginning in 1995
  444. 4) the "multiple" rapes of Karen Watson
  446. 5) The illegal drugging of Karen Watson
  448. 6) perjury against Karen Watson
  450. 7) Suborning of perjury against Karen Watson
  452. 8) Stalking of Karen Watson
  454. 9) cyber stalking of Karen Watson
  456. 10) Witness intimidation of Karen Watson
  458. 11) threats made towards the extended family members of Karen Watson
  460. 12) solicitation of murder of Karen Watson, by myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com Greg Rothaus
  462. 13) kickback providing
  464. 14) kickback receiving
  466. 15) bribery
  468. 16) extortion
  470. 17) blackmail
  472. 18) Pimping (on the streets, or on sites like myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com)
  474. 19) Rape of adults and minors with the xx chromosome on the streets, or sites like myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com
  476. 20) Molestation of teenagers and minors with the xx chromosome on the streets, or sites like myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com
  478. 21) Assault of adults and minors with the xx chromosome on the streets, or sites like myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com
  480. 22) Witness intimidation of adults and minors with the xx chromosome on sites like myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com
  482. 23) attempted murder of adults and minors with the xx chromosome on sites like myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com
  484. 24) Murder of those on sites like myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com
  486. 25) Stalking of adults and minors with the xx chromosome on the streets, or sites like myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com
  488. 26) Cyber stalking of adults and minors with the xx chromosome on the streets, or sites like myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com
  490. 27) Illegal hacking of gadgets / devices adults or minors with the xx chromosome, use, on the streets
  492. 28) the forcing of minors to use illegal drugs like ecstasy, lsd,cocaine,meth, pcp, and heroin, that on the streets, or advertised on sites like myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com
  494. 29) the forcing of adults to use illegal drugs like ecstasy, lsd,cocaine,meth, pcp, and heroin, that on the streets, or that have been advertised on sites like myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com
  496. and
  498. 1) Bringing illegal cases against minors and adults with the xx chromosome in order to shut them up about illegal activity like "outlined" above, and to turn them ILLEGALLY into felons, so you can rape, assault, and MURDER them to your hearts content (Murdering them, lying, claiming they were coming at "you", had a weapon when they did *not*, that you were not sure if they had a weapon etc)(nobody would believe someone a felon, or someone with a criminal record, since they have no credibility)
  500. 2) Bringing illegal cases against minors and adults with the xx chromosome in order to turn them ILLEGALLY into felons, to force them to sell illegal drugs, and to prostitute themselves for you (since nobody would hire them)
  503. (and that is just the beginning of what all of you are under citizens arrest for)
  505. _______
  506. 12/20/2017, about 5:35 a.m.,California,United States time
  509. You all might *not* want to hear this, but the REPUBLICAN ***** CRIMINAL ***** senators that voted against Obamacare real, PLAYED every last one of you. It's called strategy. They wanted to lull everyone into a false sense of security, knowing full well they would vote for the fraudulent / illegitimate tax bill.
  511. We, the people of the United States are FULLY owned and operated by Putin, Russia, & billionaires in cahoots with the CRIMINAL republicans.
  513. Any republicans claiming to be pro legalization of marijuana , pro lgbtq, or pro choice (cough, Koch brothers) is attempting to pull the wool over your eyes !!!!!
  515. The republicans plan (eventually) is to EXTERMINATE almost all people with the xx chromosome, anyone NOT in the 1% of the 1%, anyone that is NOT a skinhead or Nazi, anyone that is "alternatively abled" (likely through concentration camps), to legalize sex with anyone aged 1 day old to 16 years old, to exterminate almost all their colleagues with the xx chromosome, and to only keep around a select few between 7 years old to 16 years old that they can impregnate. Think we're crazy ? THIS IS THEIR IDEAL WORLD !!!!!!!!
  516. ___________________________________
  517. 12/20/2017, about 12:18 a.m.,California, United States time (((((( Follow @kllkarenwatson on twitter )))))
  519. #boycottanyonedoingbusinesswithDonyoung #boycottanyonedoingbusinesswithBradleyByrne #boycottanyonedoingbusinesswithMarthaRoby #boycottanyonedoingbusinesswithMikeDRogers #boycottanyonedoingbusinesswithRobertBAderholt #boycottanyonedoingbusinesswithmobrooks
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  659. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  661. 12/19/2017, about 3:35 a.m.,California,United States time
  664. Aside from pretty much the entire kitchen staff walking out at Gervais in Saratoga, when Shekoh Moossavi was the Chef, Shekoh *not* being willing to say hello to other Iranians that requested to speak to her, her *not* getting along with the members of the live band, and having a hostess, that it was rumored to have been advertising on myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com that had come over from The Plumed Horse (owned initially by the father of the friend of myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com Maxim Integrated Products "Mike Hess")(the hostess was later forced to be a server when there were a total of 4 employees left (including Shekoh)),on Friday night
  666. we have this : https://www.indybay.org/newsitems/2016/11/22/18794017.php . " Woman Used As Salami Tray at Altai Brands Event in Las Vegas" Tuesday Nov 22nd, 2016 11:39 AM , strongly suggesting that the location in Salinas is funded by the myredbook.com , now providingsupport.com Herbert crime family (georgewherbert, Richard L Herbert, Jill, etc).
  668. Curious, Mark, when you told Karen Watson that Shekoh could *never* last more than 9 months anywhere, & had a wealthy uncle in Los Angeles (connected to the hotel business), always funding "her ventures" (a hearsay excited utterance exception, because you were rather angry / hostile in your speech), did you actually mean corrupt department of justice, myredbook.com , now providingsupport.com Ari/Alex Kriegsman was the "mysterious uncle". After all Steven and Marina Kriegsman, are in Los Angeles.
  670. Oops,how could we forget (sarcasm),back in the day, when with*out* Karen Watson having said a word, within a few months of knowing you, and Shekoh, when Shekoh repeated to Karen, the night Richard showed up at the parents house of Karen, and Karen having been grounded, right there and then, when she/Karen, had done *nothing* wrong. (Well, that was due to Greta Watson and myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com @ georgewherbert having "worked together" , and the Herbert crime family THREATENING Greta Watson (and even extended family members of Karen(s))
  673. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  675. 12/18/2017, about 2:48 p.m., California time
  678. 1) To Clarify, we have read thousands of documents, in which parents complained about kids on stimulants *not* sleeping. Then, we have a problem (we, including Karen Watson) w/ doctors / "psychiatrists" *not* telling patients and their guardians or parents that both "anti-depressants" and stimulants can cause "tics" (for example the eyes may twitch) (from serotonin syndrome). Not to mention, although adderall, concerta, ritalin etc contain much smaller amounts of methamphetamine, just like methamphetamine, they might cause damage to the teeth
  680. 2) Mrs.Kneip, the guy that Michelle met at the bowling alley, with Karen in tow, was *not* "clean". Nor was his best friend with the boa constrictor. Quite a bit of cocaine, meth etc had been coming from those two, back then, and 99.9% certain those drugs were originating from the Mexico property of the criminal myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com Herbert family
  682. 3) Without one iota of a doubt, Shekoh Ainsworth Moossavi & Mark are & were involved with myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com . One night Karen Watson had her pulled her hair back into a ponytail (in a ponytail, her hair still reached her waist). Engrossed in a conversation with a couple, in an effort to get comfortable, Karen sort of half sat on an edge of a table. Unfortunately, her hair got a bit singed due to her hair "hitting" a candle. The following day, Karen entered a salon (near Grant Rd), to have her hair trimmed (She had *not* called ahead, or, made an appointment). Upon entering, Karen did *not* recognize *anyone*. Moreover, Karen had *not* provided her name. While sitting in the chair, the hairdresser, out of the blue, looked at Karen and said "you're Karen, aren't you". Although very "weirded out", Karen didn't let on, wanting to suss out how exactly the women had determined her name. Fast forward a number of years. As is par for the course, with Karen Watson, while rollerblading, she had taken a turn onto a street in Santa Clara, that was *not* a street she was familiar with, at that point (the street was in need of paving, btw). About two and half blocks from a major intersection, there is Mark Ainsworth, staring directly at Karen, driving a black, four door vehicle. (The face of mark is quite unique, and there is *no* way, anyone could ever mistake Mark for someone else). (This "incident" took place between 2015 & the end of 2016) Having done some research in the last couple of weeks, turns out just like "@ khanoisseur", Mark has a couple of bulldogs (as well as 2 vehicles, that, hey, are black in "color" ). Our guess, is that the divorce of Shekoh & Mark in 2011, & the name change (& clets order)was a way of dealing with "financial improprieties "  ( http://www.sanmateocourt.org/midx/strip.php?aname=ainsworth&casenum=0114297&casetype=FAM&detail=detail&stype=NAME
  683. MOOSSAVI SHEKOH     P   FAM0114297  07-20-2011
  684. AINSWORTH MARK LUCIANO  D   FAM0114297  07-20-2011 ), ( 12/15/2005 CLETS Form
  686. Judicial Officer
  687. Edwards, Thomas C
  689. Comment
  690. Legacy Name = CV Confid CLETS Report/Adult Decision = M Closed = 12/15/2005
  692. 12/28/2005 Affidavit: Proof of Publication
  694. Judicial Officer
  695. Edwards, Thomas C
  697. Comment
  698. Text = Campbell Express. Legacy Name = CV Proof of Publication Decision = M Closed = 12/28/2005"
  701. ( https://www.corporationwiki.com/p/2gkma6/shekoh-moossavi
  703. https://www.corporationwiki.com/p/2gkmaf/garrett-stevens
  705. Atelier Shekoh
  708. Atelier Shekoh, LLC Overview
  710. Atelier Shekoh, LLC filed as a Domestic Limited Liability Company (LLC) in the State of Texas on Sunday, January 11, 2015 and is approximately two years old, as recorded in documents filed with Texas Secretary of State.
  712. Sponsored
  713. D&B Reports Available for Atelier Shekoh, LLC
  715. Shekoh Moossavi. 3124 Bloomfield Ct
  717. SHEKOH MOOSSAVI Phone 9729643413 3124 BLOOMFIELD CT
  719. https://www.realtor.com/realestateandhomes-detail/3124-Bloomfield-Ct_Plano_TX_75093_M80986-93935
  721. https://www.bizapedia.com/tx/shekohm-llc.html
  723. https://www.texas-register.com/0802750863-shekohm-llc
  725. Company Name:   SHEKOHM, LLC
  726. File Number:    0802750863
  727. Filing State:   Texas (TX)
  728. Filing Status:      Active
  729. Filing Date:    June 21, 2017
  730. Company Age:    6 Months
  731. Registered Agent:  
  732.         Shekoh Moossavi
  733. 5960 West Parker Road, #278
  734. Plano, TX 75093
  735. Principal Address:    
  736.         5960 W Parker Rd Ste 278
  737. Plano, TX 75093-7792
  740. https://unicourt.com/case/tx-hrd-riverleaf-express-inc-vs-atelier-shekoh-llc-810147
  743. Riverleaf Express Inc Vs. Atelier Shekoh Llc
  745. This case was last updated from Harris County District Courts on 08/17/2017 07:58:42
  747. Get the Latest Case Information Available:
  748. Case Summary
  750. On 06/21/2017 a Contract - Debt Collection case was filed by Riverleaf Express Inc against Atelier Shekoh Llc in the jurisdiction of Harris County District Courts, Harris County District Courts located in Harris, Texas.
  751. Case Details
  753.     Case Number
  754.     XXXXX1404
  756.     Filing Date:
  757.     06/21/2017
  759.     Case Status
  760.     Pending - Other Pending
  762.     Case Type
  763.     Contract - Debt Collection
  765.     Jurisdiction
  766.     Harris County District Courts
  768.     Judge
  769.     Michael Gomez
  771.     Courthouse
  772.     Harris County District Courts
  774.     County
  775.     Harris
  777.     State
  778.     Texas
  780. Party Details
  782.     Plaintiff
  783.     Riverleaf Express, Inc.
  785.     Represented By:
  786.         Sean, Rooney
  788.     Defendant
  789.     Moossavi, Shekoh
  791.     Represented By:
  792.         Slovacek, Joseph O.
  794.     Defendant
  795.     Stevens, Garrett D.
  797.     Represented By:
  798.         Unrepresented
  800.     Defendant
  801.     Atelier Shekoh, Llc
  803.     Represented By:
  804.         Unrepresented
  806.     Plaintiff
  807.     Riverleaf Express Inc
  809.     Represented By:
  810.         Sean, Rooney
  811.         Rooney, Sean Michael
  813.     Defendant
  814.     Stevens, Garrett D
  816.     Represented By:
  817.         Slovacek, Joseph O.
  819.     Defendant
  820.     Atelier Shekoh Llc
  822.     Represented By:
  823.         Slovacek, Joseph O.
  825.     Other
  826.     Atelier Shekoh Llc (a Domestic Limited Liability Company) May Be
  828.     Represented By:
  829.         Unrepresented
  831. Docket Entries
  833.     08/02/2017
  835.     Description: ANSWER ORIGINAL PETITION; Filing Attorney: SLOVACEK, JOSEPH O.; Person Filing: ATELIER SHEKOH LLC;
  837.     08/02/2017
  839.     Description: JURY FEE PAID (TRCP 216);
  841.     08/02/2017
  843.     Description: ANSWER ORIGINAL PETITION; Filing Attorney: SLOVACEK, JOSEPH O.; Person Filing: MOOSSAVI, SHEKOH;
  845.     08/02/2017
  847.     Description: JURY FEE PAID (TRCP 216);
  849.     08/02/2017
  851.     Description: ANSWER ORIGINAL PETITION; Filing Attorney: SLOVACEK, JOSEPH O.; Person Filing: STEVENS, GARRETT D;
  853.     06/21/2017
  855.     Description: ORIGINAL PETITION; Filing Attorney: ROONEY, SEAN MICHAEL; Person Filing: RIVERLEAF EXPRESS INC;)
  858. p.s. This is EXACTLY how Karen Watson feels, after everything she has experienced (https://www.theatlantic.com/technology/archive/2017/12/the-basic-grossness-of-humans/548330/) “When I left Myspace, I didn’t shake hands for like three years because I figured out that people were disgusting. And I just could not touch people,” Bowden said. “Most normal people in the world are just fucking weirdos. I was disgusted by humanity when I left there. So many of my peers, same thing. We all left with horrible views of humanity.” When I asked her if she’d recovered any sense of faith in humanity, a decade on, Bowden said no. “But I’m able to pretend that I have faith in humanity. That will have to do,” she told me. “It’s okay. Once you accept the basic grossness of humans, it’s easier to remember to avoid touching anything.”
  860. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  862. Repeating :
  865. 12/17/2017, about 3:45 p.m., California, United States time
  867. More "stuff" that should have been dealt with years ago
  869. 1) Although, Mrs.Kneip (94040), Karen Watson appreciates what you did for her, if she hadn't have "rolled with the punches", she would have never found out that "David Cipriano" *is* and was a NARC, and that he works with corrupt department of justice, myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com Ari/Alex Kriegsman, and that "David Cipriano" is friends with the CRIMINAL myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com Herbert family (georgewherbert, et al)
  871. Moreover, when you asked Karen if she thought Michelle had a chemical imbalance, Karen thought you would have known, by that point, that Michelle had been smoking pot. On that day,Karen was *not* aware that Michelle was a lot deeper in, in respect to illegal drugs (ecstasy,meth & cocaine, back then)
  873. Furthermore, Karen Watson does *not* believe in psychiatry, at all, anymore. The reason ? Doctors get kickbacks from companies, Stanford Stan Fischman was a member of myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com , more often than not "psychiatrists' are in it for the money, and "medicine", in the humble opinion, of Karen Watson, is pursuing "diagnosis" in a very dangerous way. Instead of spending the gazillions of hrs necessary to map out the brain, and working from there, doctors/"psychiatrists" listen to what people tell them, and then try to find out the similarities between patients describing the same, or nearly the same symptoms. Additionally, when speaking about attention deficit hyper activity disorder, attention deficit disorder, and "bipolar disorder" , doctors/ "psychiatrists" appear to be completely confused. Quite a few People with adhd/add and "bipolar disorder", according to doctors / "psychiatrists" , use cocaine, meth, and heroin. Only, some of the people have adhd/add and others have "bi-polar disorder". Huh ? Plus, the majority of people that are provided with stimulants (adderall, concerta, ritalin etc), at a high enough dose, will end up not sleeping (yes, even people with attention deficit hyper activity disorder, and attention deficit disorder. Undoubtedly, stimulants (adderall, concerta, ritalin etc) do calm people down (it worked that way for Karen. Someone she had been somewhat close to (it's complicated), had a family member with a "multitude" of diagnoses, and that person had quite a few concerta left over)
  875. This next part is for Michelle. As much as Karen felt like you could use a friend, she's not sure you ever realized that what you said, a number of times, to her, stung. For instance, you rubbed it in the face of Karen Watson that Robin Kramer liked you more, that she hand selected you for the orchestra, and that Robin would *never* invite Karen to be in the orchestra. There were other times, like when you and Karen were in Santa Cruz, and Karen remarked she didn't feel that everyone must experiment, sexually, to figure out if they are straight or something other than straight. Or, on the way back from prom, when Karen disagreed with you and Richard about the dress selection of another person. It was like Karen was *never* allowed to have an opinion. As for Robin, she probably shouldn't have been the band director. Regardless what the orientation of Robin was and is, HG was right - Robin should *not* have been fixing the sashes of female band members. Not to mention, Robin should *not* have called people into the office, and told them that they are giving out "cold fuzzies" and that they should re-read the Velveteen Rabbit. There are people, in life, that are "more logical", and Karen Watson happens to be one of them. If Robin didn't like people judging her, she shouldn't be judging other people. Continuing on the topic of marching band, and band. Even if Robin, and others were attempting to make Karen Watson "stronger", constantly making her feel like sh*t about herself, and then putting Karen in lead to bring home the naked lady trophy, and leaving Karen Watson to hold the high e for everyone, at Gunn high school, to bring back a command performance,that was not the way to go about doing it.
  877. Sticking with the music theme, were now turning to Ginger Rombach Adams. Despite you having been in strong contention for being the person to adopt Rowan, there is something that just was a blow to Karen, and she's not sure you even realized what came out of your mouth. When Karen beat out Allison, at CHB tryouts, as she/Karen, walked in the door, you commented "I just don't get it. How did you beat out Allison". Was Allison phenomenal ? Beyond phenomenal. (Karen could have sat and listened to her play 24/7/365). That was true for Jenny, as well. Come to think of it, we're guessing, just because of what Jenny said on the small hill, to Karen Watson, when they were watching the guys play soccer, that Jenny leans more toward the adhd end of things (the being over-whelmed) What gave Karen the edge,btw, at CHB tryouts, was Karen had her major and minor scales down, and Allison, like Karen, at SJSU, had a temporary brain fart, if you will. At the time,Karen said nothing, due to comprehending that everyone says things before they think, at one point or another. That day though, Karen had sat with Jeff,Leroy (on clarinet) and others, and played some pieces together, and Jeff and everyone else were floored by the ability of Karen Watson.  
  879. That's enough for today. Suffice it to say, this is the kind of sh*t that drove Karen Watson to walk away from *everyone*, forever.
  881. Before we sign off, myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com Smittyhalibut, you should *never* tell anyone to never pick up a soldering iron. Instead just write, like in chemistry, put on goggles, tie your hair up and back, go outside, away from anything that may catch on fire, and perhaps put on non flammable gloves. Everyone has to start somewhere
  883. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  885. 12/16/2017,about 11:44 p.m., California, United States time
  887. So this ( twitter.com/smittyhalibut?ref_src=twsrc^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author - the retweet of @TheGurglingCod (where the doll has no head, and therefore, no brain with the words " snitches end up in ditches" ), myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com "Smittyhalibut", er should we call you Summerrayne73/ Summerrayne /MsOntoppa1 /Chemistry /Summer Hamilton / Joni Schmidt/ Joni D Schmidt/ or Julia Kitay, seems to reference both the attempted murder of Karen Watson in June 1992, and does double duty, as a threat (intimidation of witnesses ).
  889. We gather you have *never* "dug a little deeper", and thought to yourself, perhaps I am missing something, like the origins of a last name, and how a last name could be more than a last name. Curious, did you know that Inverness doesn't just exist in Marin,California ?, or how about that Senators in the sense of the United States, somewhere else, could mean something *completely* different
  891. Wondering too, what the cousins of Karen Watson would think of this tweet ( like this cousin - http://www.eriktorppe.com/, with these dogs - https://www.instagram.com/p/BM2a5PuA2UM/?hl=en&taken-by=eriktorppe, with these friends - https://www.instagram.com/p/7vI1WwK2tW/?hl=en&taken-by=eriktorppe ,  & https://www.instagram.com/p/7vIWCLq2sh/?hl=en&taken-by=eriktorppe
  893. Just sayin'
  896. p.s. We aren't KW
  897. __________________________________________________________________________________________
  899. 12/16/2017, about 4:54 p.m., California, United States time
  901. So, we are getting sick and tired of posting these. Today, we're just going to go over things that should have been dealt with decades ago. In respect to Ginger Rombach Adams (https://www.sfcv.org/music-teachers/ginger-rombach-adams ), while Karen Watson appreciated and appreciates what you went through while attending Stanford, she has *never* been anorexic, and *never* will be anorexic. For reasons unknown to her, there are, currently, days and months, where Karen can eat "everything under the sun", and not gain weight.
  903. In regard to Rowan, the mother of Karen Watson *did* bring up offering to have you adopt him. There was a huge part of Karen that wanted to go that route. Otoh (on the other hand), if Karen hadn't have lived her life the way she has, she would have *never* discovered there was UNDER A ZERO PERCENT CHANCE she could have ever gotten pregnant (tons of fibroids, one 7 cm at the end of 2016, a 9 cm lesion with foreign body giant cell reaction, hirsutism, and hormone levels prove there was UNDER A ZERO PERCENT chance. Meaning myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com Richard Lyon Herbert and his criminal family ILLEGALLY, and WITHOUT her knowledge, or permission had Karen Watson put under general anesthesia, and had someone with obgyn skills, perform something like in vitro fertilization. The embryos likely belonged to "infertile", madam, myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com, Lee Thompson Herbert. That being the FACT, it appears you were fortunate to not have had to deal with the criminal Herbert family.
  905. Other than that, Karen heard from myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com Jeff Feinberg / rddedhd that his cousin was taking lessons from you (Karen heard that from the aunt of myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com Jeff Feinberg / rddedhd, when Karen was at a b-day party ?, for her niece ?, in Sunnyvale) For the longest time, Karen was scared that the myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com criminals may be attempting to threaten you, or did threaten you.
  907. Unfortunately, Karen Watson came across this :
  909. " Jennifer De Lapp
  911. Graduate Student at John F. Kennedy University
  913.     San Francisco Bay Area
  914.     Primary/Secondary Education
  916. Current
  918.     John F. Kennedy University
  920. Previous  
  922.     CUHSD
  924. Education  
  926.     San Jose State University
  928. 20
  929. connections
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  933. Experience
  935.     Graduate Student
  936.     John F. Kennedy University
  937.     September 2013 – Present (4 years 4 months)
  938.     Teacher
  939.     CUHSD
  940.     2005 – 2012 (7 years)
  942. Education
  944.     San Jose State University
  945.     San Jose State University
  946.     Master's degree, Education
  947.     2009
  948.     UC Santa Cruz
  949.     UC Santa Cruz
  950.     Bachelor's degree, Psychology
  951.     2000
  952.     Mountain View High School
  954. Skills
  956.     Curriculum MappingTechnology IntegrationElementary EducationCurriculum DevelopmentInstructional DesignStaff DevelopmentTeacher TrainingInstructional TechnologyLearning DisabilitiesBehavior ManagementHigher EducationCurriculum DesignEducational TechnologyMathematics EducationESLSee 16+
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  971. https://www.researchgate.net/publication/264987060_The_Neuroendocrinology_of_Social_Isolation
  975. Sherry L Everett Deceased Dec 2009 (age 65)
  976. Current Address
  977. 10300 Palo Vista Rd
  978. Cupertino, CA 95014-2708
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  1032. 22 Heritage Village Ln
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  1038. 955 La Mesa Ter #B
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  1041. 955 B Mesa Terrace Lane B
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  1141. 1025 Spencer Ave
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  1188. The problem with the above is that Sherry had been residing in Nevada City (and definitely had interaction with the parents of Karen Watson). That was NOT a coincidence. Did the myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com criminal Herbert family pay to have her live there ? Were you aware ?
  1190. Worse than that , with 999 trillion percent certainty multiplied by infinity, " "," ", " ", " ", " ", " ", " ", " "," ", on and on, withOUT one iota of a doubt
  1192. Jenny / Jennifer and Los Altos California, Smittyhalibut / Mark Smith played the part of myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com non existent Summerrayne/ Summerrayne73 / MsOntoppa1 / Summer Hamilton / Joni D Schmidt / Joni Schmidt / Julia Schmidt / Chemistry / DelSnortto etc, part time
  1194. Sherry in Nevada City, also translates into Jenny / Jennifer being acquainted with corrupt department of justice, myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com Ari/Alex Kriegsman (the department of justice can make fake diplomas, and come up with fake information to place online )
  1196. Having covered all that , there is ZERO possibility of Karen Watson EVER attending a Mountain View High School (94040) reunion, as a result of it being EXCEEDINGLY clear, EVERYONE at the school was in on the June 1992 attempted murder of Karen, and EVERYONE CLEARLY wished for Karen Watson to be DEAD. Furthermore, if Karen ever attended a reunion, the people from Mountain View High School would once and for all, MURDER Karen Watson.
  1198. Part 2) for the myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com CRIMINALS at the Mountain View (94040), California "police department", besides being CRIMINALS (every last one of you), and aside from EVERYONE at Mountain View High School being a CRIMINAL, period, when Laure Hollenbeck LIED, spreading the false rumor that Karen Watson called Melissa N a slut, Melissa N called the parents of Karen Watson and made an EXPLICIT 422 pc death threat (complete with VERY SPECIFIC details). To this day, Melissa has NEVER apologized for the death threats she made towards Karen Watson. You wonder does Karen feel bad, that Laurie ,revealed after she had been exposed, as the one that spread the LIE, that she/Laurie, had been tied to a poll, had glue poured on her, and feathers attached (while in panties)? NOT ONE BIT. Laurie, along with EVERYONE at the high school was in on the June 1992 attempted murder of Karen Watson, and EVERYONE at MVHS (94040) took part, in some way shape or form, in myredbook.com , now providingsupport.com (except Karen, and evidently, the brother of Karen)
  1200. Part 3) John N, father of Melissa N, you should have NEVER been the soccer coach at MVHS (94040). It's men like you that cause women and people with the XX chromosome to stop eating, or to starve themselves. Calling Karen Watson FAT, on the DT tryout forms was MEAN and UNCALLED for, ESPECIALLY considering your size. And EXCUSE YOU, but Karen Watson happened to be UNDER 120 lbs, about the same size as Angela. If Karen was "fat", then so was Angela, and so was Shelley. Like daughter, like father. Two peas in a pod
  1202. Part 4) Has it ever occurred to Karen that Kim Flomenhoft (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VVOP1ZMYQN4 (Testimony Tuesday)) is actually NOT bipolar ? Absolutely ! 999 trillion % certainty , multiplied by infinity, " " , " ", " ", on & on, she has been provided ecstasy, lsd, cocaine, meth and heroin, by the myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com Herbert family. All sorts of people have played the high school, and colleges, they have attended, in order to graduate. In some cases, more power to them
  1204. Part 5) Why , even if faking bi-polar disorder, is Kim Flomenhoft allowed to be a psychologist ? Same question applies for Jennifer (except she was sent off to some "therapeutic" school / "psychiatric" boarding school
  1206. Part 6) Myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com Smittyhalibut / Mark Smith, you don't work for Amazon. Give it up already. The phone rings non stop. Nice too (sarcasm) that there are NO records for you on pipl.com, publicrecords.d******** etc etc. Begging the question are you, and were you a NARC, just like the one Narc that was in the zero period p.e. class of Karen Watson ?! & shouldn't the 2 narcs at MVHS (94040) have been able to intervene prior to the ATTEMPTED MURDER of Karen Watson, in June 1992 ?!
  1209. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  1211. Repeating :
  1214. Dec 15 2017, about 3:05 p.m.,California, United States time
  1216. 1st) Yes, we *still* have the emails from the Stanford, Palo Alto, California, University "police" / REPUBLICANS, stating they were well aware of myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com, back around 2007 or 2008, knew women attending Stanford were advertising on the site, and that they did NOT give a rats ass. Which means they did NOT give a rats ass about assault, by people with the xy chromosome, stalking by people with the xy chromosome, sexual assault by people with the xy chromosome, rape by people with the xy chromosome, witness intimidation by people with the xy chromosome etc
  1218. 2nd) Technically, by law myredbook.com , now providingsupport.com Stanford Dan Madison is a RAPIST. Getting escorts / courtesans drunk, & adding Rohypnol or benzos IS A CRIME.
  1220. 3rd) We believe when a person with the xx chromosome, or triple x syndrome in some cases is high enough on ANY drug, including pot / marijuana ( and don't get us wrong we're pro medical marijuana, and pro personal marijuana for people NOT on sites like myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com ), to the point, that they start thinking "I should just stop thinking, and it's way easier just to spread my legs, and not protest" , than it becomes RAPE. 8 or more "bowls" within three to six hours, will get a person with the xx chromosome , to *stop* thinking (while their eyes start rolling)
  1222. 4th) PIMP, myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com NON graduate of San Jose State University, and NON student at San Jose State University, Saratoga/ San Jose / Los Gatos / Pittsburg, Maxim Integrated Products "Mike Hess", used to tell people with the xx chromosome that really, they only needed 4 hrs of sleep a night, and at most 6. Don't worry we haven't forgotten, either, that he attended sex and love addicts anonymous (probably to coerce people with the xx chromosome into allowing him to be their pimp), & that he purchased used panties ( He stated through the mail, which we now understand was actually by way of craigslist.org, and similar sites. Oopsie, according to his own mouth, he paid people with the xx chromosome to hook up, sexually, with him, at Grand Central Sauna & Hot Tub (376 Saratoga Ave, San Jose, CA 95129) . More like, he threatened people with the xx chromosome into working for him  
  1224. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  1225. Repeating :
  1227. Dec 14 2017, about 11:46 p.m. California, United States time
  1229. (repeating from other places on the internet / www, the first part anyway ). Don't worry myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com @ georgewherbert , Ari/Alex Kriegsman (hotlatinalover, dreuhartcmt, @narcolepsynews, @ armscontrolwonk & many others "part time) , non existent John Doffing (fake bigwallgraphics / fake walls360), Maxim Integrated Products "Mike Hess", et al
  1231. Karen Watson will NEVER forget when myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com UC Davis / University of California at Davis, Simon Pitfield, Amanda, Christine Carlson, and Steve told her NOT to say anything to the mother of her Asian dorm-mate at UC Davis, on the quiet floor, about her being gone on the weekends, and the men that she was out with. OBVIOUSLY, she was an escort / courtesan and sugar-baby, advertising on myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com
  1233. and OBVIOUSLY, You myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com CRIMINALS (OF THE HERBERT FAMILY VARIETY), in some way,shape, or form were paying off the University of California at Davis, the dean of letters and sciences, and who knows who else.
  1235. Plus, a number of people want Karen Watson DEAD because she has the names , addresses, phone numbers etc of MALES that graduate from UC Davis, that were on myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com (like the Caucasian guy in Los Gatos, living in the Town House), or the young Asian dude that had the house to himself, out in the boonies of San Jose, California, due to his parents having more than one house (one being in an Asian country)
  1239. _______
  1241. Repeating :
  1243. DEC 14 2017, about 3:09 p.m. California,United States time
  1246. So not only is it true that myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com @ georgewherbert (and the entire myredbook dot com, now providingsupport dot com Herbert family (including his younger brother, & Jill ) is /are the supplier(s) ecstasy,lsd, cocaine,meth, and heroin to the ENTIRE Santa Clara, California police department, the ENTIRE San Jose California police department, the ENTIRE Saratoga, Los Gatos, and Monte Sereno, California "police force" , the ENTIRE San Francisco, California police department (every station and sub station), the ENTIRE Walmart family, the ENTIRE San Carlos California police department ( and they consume almost as much as Saratoga, Los Gatos, and Monte Sereno), EVERYONE affiliated with Sacramento County Law Enforcement (main & West), everyone at the Los Rios police department, the ENTIRE Los Altos California police department, the ENTIRE Auburn California "police force" , the ENTIRE Menlo Park California "police force ", the ENTIRE Palo Alto, California "police force ", the ENTIRE Mtn.View, California "police force", the entire South Lake Tahoe "police force", "Judges" Mary Arand, Douglas Southard, Leon Fox, Corey in Santa Clara County, California, Sharon Chatman, female Lee in San Mateo County, "attorneys" Susan Crandall, Barbara Moser, Vanessa Hierbaum, Susan Kaye, Alfonso Lopez, Tanya O'Malley, David Seiff, Lydia Crandall, Jeff Feinberg, Jonathan McDougall, everyone employed by the University of California at San Francisco health system (with the exception of 2 people), all the nazis in Santa Barbara California, all the Nazis attending the University of California at Santa Barbara, everyone employed by the University of California Santa Barbara, everyone employed by the San Mateo County Sheriffs department, everyone employed by Stanford University, people that are *not* physical therapists with the given first name of Tom, the 1% of the 1% (the list is endless)
  1248. but for the past 8 years, myredbook.com , now providingsupport.com co colluder with the criminal Herbert family, G*** C***** (of Santa Clara, California)(408-500-7*2*) has been pretending that is was mere coincidence that he worked at Varian in Palo Alto, California, with ULTRA ABUSER , myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com George Herbert Sr. Btw, the real last name of myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com G*** C***** is C********, and he is on the NO FLY list, and we're pretty sure, he belongs on it. In addition , myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com REPUBLICAN (by his own admission) G*** C***** / G*** C******** has been making phone calls to several different LAKE OSWEGO, Oregon numbers for the past 8 years ( 3 to 4 times a week), as well as has been receiving phone calls from those numbers. FYI, myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com former chief of police of Los Altos (94022) & Sunnyvale (94087) has been in Lake Oswego since 2011. Not to mention, EVERY time Karen Watson was in the presence of myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com G*** C***** / G*** C********, at say, Safeway, W******, W********, etc, myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com G*** C***** / G*** C********, has been on the phone with someone from Lake Oswego, Oregon. Meaning , myredbook.com , now providingsupport.com Don Johnson was in on breaking the hip of Karen Watson, on March 24th 2017. Moreover, myredbook.com , now providingsupport.com Don Johnson, georgewherbert, Ari/Alex Kriegsman et al, did indeed THREATEN the OBGYN of Karen Watson (that removed the 9 cm lesion with foreign body giant cell reaction), and they are currently THREATENING 3 of the 4 doctors of Karen Watson, in order to get the OBGYN to perform another surgery, that will result in Sepsis , or peritonitis. Iow, myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com georgewherbert, Ari/Alex Kriegsman, Don Johnson, the entire Mtn.View, California (94040) "police department", pretty much everyone affiliated with Mtn.View High School (94040) , and a number of others, very much want Karen Watson DEAD.
  1250. This, after Karen Watson has fixed the computer of myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com G*** C***** / G*** C******** , a number of times, got him set up with an attorney free of charge, and found a way to save him at least $20,000 per year, on medications (among other things)
  1251. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  1254. Repeating :
  1256. 12/11/2017, about 1:36 a.m.,California, United States time
  1258. Look at the IMPLIED DEATH THREATS aimed at us, and aimed at Karen Watson, placed on textmirror.net, specifically "to be happy, the day of YOUR death" (translated from Spanish), by CRIMINALS myredbook.com , now providingsupport.com Ari/Alex Kriegsman, @ georgewherbert, non existent John Doffing (fake walls360/fake bigwallgraphics), and likely aids, syphilis, scabies, and gonorrhea carrier (among other things) yourvictorygirl / thegildedrose /lubylarue/ Ruby Rose/ Ruby Rose Pratt / Ruby Kriegsman / Ruby Rose Pratt Kriegsman / Ruby Pratt/ CRIMINAL attorney Barbra Moser part time, and her SOCIOPATH loser daughter CRIMINAL psychologist, part time
  1261. https://textmirror.net/
  1263. 11 Dec '17, 07:19 - www-cresspr-org-br-site-forum-forums-topic-verfeliz-dia-de-tu-muerte-online-pelicula-completa-...
  1264. 11 Dec '17, 07:07 - www-cresspr-org-br-site-forum-forums-topic-verlady-bird-online-pelicula-completa-en-espana-201...
  1265. 11 Dec '17, 07:05 - www-cresspr-org-br-site-forum-forums-topic-verbad-grandmas-online-pelicula-completa-en-espana-...
  1266. 11 Dec '17, 07:01 - www-cresspr-org-br-site-forum-forums-topic-vercoco-online-pelicula-completa-en-espana-2017-12-...
  1267. 11 Dec '17, 06:57 - www-cresspr-org-br-site-forum-forums-topic-vercall-me-by-your-name-online-pelicula-completa-en...
  1268. 11 Dec '17, 06:52 - www-cresspr-org-br-site-forum-forums-topic-verdouglas-brown-online-pelicula-completa-en-espana...
  1269. 11 Dec '17, 06:47 - kumu-io-kupasam99-full-watch-the-walking-dead-season-8-episode-8-s08e08-online-free-putlocker-...
  1270. 11 Dec '17, 05:04 - kumu-io-cupang247-finalewatchthe-walking-dead-season-8-episode-8-online-free-issues-1-2017-12-...
  1272. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  1274. Repeating :
  1276. 12/8/2017, about 3:24 p.m.,California,United States time
  1280. Armscontrolwonk, er corrupt dept of justice Ari/Alex Kriegsman, not only has been back pretending to be armscontrolwonk, three times, in the last week, as you can see (scroll down), but obviously misinterpreted what we wrote. Just because we said perhaps H.W. could be good for him, if he didn't follow the "will" of the one eyed snake doesn't mean that Karen Watson dislikes him any less. In fact, Karen Watson still strongly dislikes criminal, myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com , corrupt dept of justice, REPUBLICAN Ari,er Alex Kriegsman (the same is true for us as well. We STRONGLY dislike criminal, myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com , corrupt dept of justice, REPUBLICAN Ari,er Alex Kriegsman ). Beyond that, we thought we would mention here, that ever since Karen Watson responded to Ms."UC Davis" *not* a physical therapist, that she had played soccer on a team coached by a guy from Jamaica, Karen Watson has been driven by NON Caucasian people to, and from, her appointments. Thank goodness, none of the people driving Karen Watson, in the past couple of months, have brought up Nevada City, Shekoh Ainsworth Moossavi, Los Gatos High School, or that they have met with corrupt dept of justice, myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com Ari/Alex Kriegsman, in Oakland, the day before. Nonetheless, it's obvious that, corrupt dept of justice, myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com Ari/Alex Kriegsman is STILL ***** ILLEGALLY *****, and withOUT warrants, or probable cause, for that matter, attempting to destroy any of what's left of the life of Karen Watson. Since, we're on the subject, knowing that corrupt dept of justice, myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com Ari/Alex Kriegsman has continued to ILLEGALLY threaten, INTIMIDATE, EXTORT, BLACKMAIL etc, the doctors of Karen Watson, Karen Watson decided to put her foot down, and *not* allow the ILLEGAL actions of corrupt dept of justice, myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com Ari/Alex Kriegsman to cause her to take any *unnecessary* action, that could negatively impact the relationships Karen Watson has with her doctors. Iow, NO Karen Watson will NOT be getting any second opinions. She/Karen Watson is confident that her doctors are very capable in their respective specialties, and competent, when it comes to the general field of medicine. More to the point, corrupt dept of justice, myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com Ari/Alex Kriegsman, you may be able to ILLEGALLY scare the doctors of Karen Watson, but Karen Watson WILL stand up to you (in the same manner that Rosa Parks, for example, stood up, *against* segregation). Moreover, Karen Watson will NOT be pursuing another ultrasound as a result of comprehending that you, corrupt dept of justice,myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com Ari/Alex Kriegsman, are the one that will find a way to ILLEGALLY get your hands on the "images".
  1283. " Jeffrey Lewis?Verified account
  1284. @ArmsControlWonk
  1285.  11m11 minutes ago
  1286. More
  1287. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert @EllemanIISS and 10 others
  1288. The US IC believes there are two engines under development -- an 80 t and a 96 t booster.  The US IC also believes the main engine in the HS-12, -14 engine is 48 tons. 48 x 2 = 96. "  
  1291. "Jeffrey Lewis?Verified account
  1292. @ArmsControlWonk
  1293.  5h5 hours ago
  1294. More
  1295. Replying to @stoa1984 @RobotikaAutomat and 8 others
  1296. I agree, it is rude and unfair."
  1300. "Jeffrey Lewis?Verified account
  1301. @ArmsControlWonk
  1302.  Dec 2
  1303. More
  1304. Replying to @ain92ru @RobotikaAutomat and 8 others
  1305. His length to width *ratio* is significantly different than ours.  His missile is fatter.
  1306. 1 reply 0 retweets 3 likes
  1307. Reply 1   Retweet   Like 3"
  1311. As we are NOT pimps, illegal drug manufacturers, producers, and sellers, like you all, CRIMINAL myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com @ georgewherbert, & Ari/Alex Kriegsman, we don't have time to sit around, and reply to every little thing that you CRIMINALS write on sites like twitter. On that note, suffice it to say Karen Watson is NOT a submissive, Karen Watson was NEVER a submissive, Karen Watson is NOT a slave, and Karen Watson was NEVER a slave. STUPID F*CKING CRIMINALS, Karen Watson is and ALWAYS has been a-sexual ( for the 999 trillionth time). This was written, in response to this - "GeorgeWilliamHerbert?
  1312. @GeorgeWHerbert
  1313.  14h14 hours ago
  1314. More
  1315. Replying to @gewt @velartrill
  1316. I know a vegetarian sub and cosplayer like that.  She's very into Orion Slave Girl costumes and collard greens."
  1319. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  1321. Repeating :
  1323. 12/6/2017, about 11:39 p.m.,California,United States time
  1325. So,earlier this morning, Karen Watson was pretty p*ssed off about, once again,being deprived of sleep. Then, she wound up getting where she needed to go. Even as sleep deprived as she was, on the way to where she would end up, she realized, her memory was *not* affected by the lack of sleep. She has pretty much "memorized" everything that has gone on since the illegitimate election of Trump. Despite feeling like she was losing her mind, on the way to her final destination, names and details came to her that she thought would have escaped her, having had zero sleep. Arriving at her intended destination, she climbed out of the vehicle, "sauntered" down a hall, sat down,and pulled out a "toy" that kept her occupied for about 1/2 an hr. Today, she just did *not* give a d*mn if people hated her for being "technically" inclined. Eventually, being aware of the amount of data she consumed, she put the "toy" down, and rifled through a stack of reading material, ultimately selecting something that would satisfy her interest in all things gadgets, and then picked up something that piqued her interest due to wondering if the person or people that originally acquired "the goods", had read the contents. Incredibly enough, instead of coming across anything relevant to gadgets, Karen found herself immersed in a composition on the topic of the environment, and illegal logging. Unfortunately, she/Karen was interrupted, and didn't make it through the last page. Although Karen didn't get to find out what the outcome would be, for the people pursuing the destructive and illegal practices, Karen felt somewhat comforted in knowing there have been, and are, people in this world, that continued to (or will continue to) see something through, that they are passionate about, understanding that at the end of their life, they may "come up short", but that there will be someone "behind them" to push on / push forward.
  1327. By the time, "phase 2" of the day of Karen Watson,started, Karen was so preoccupied by the thoughts running through her head, in respect to everything that she had just absorbed, that what happened at that point, she could "write off" as being insignificant, if that is what it came down to. Surprisingly, what she just soaked up allowed Karen to "put things in perspective", (at least for a few hours), and renewed the desire in her, to get back up on her feet. She/Karen made the choice, to at least, "die trying".
  1329. Moreover, even if Karen "walked into something" w/out giving it much thought, this afternoon, she had the pleasure of replaying it over & over again in her head (it was like she had a gif, dancing through her head, on repeat ;-> )(Iow, she was quite amused that she had become cognizant that, today, there were,at minimum, two other, extraordinary (as well as extraordinarily intelligent) human beings, in close proximity.
  1331. & then the return to where she started her day, was the icing on the cake. To just exist, listen, and hear, with*out* judgment, or, "be still" (credit - Morgan Freeman) / breathe is both peaceful, and freeing.  
  1334. P.S. Next time she is in the area, MVHS (94040), H.W. (which will probably be in the next 1 to 2 months), Karen might pop her head in to see, if indeed, she has missed you, in the last year, even though you were apparently w/ in about a 1 minute minute walk, somewhere around 8 to 10 times.
  1336. P.P.S. Myredbook dot com, now providingsupport dot com Ari/Alex Kriegsman, initially, Karen wanted us to write that Danielle Brummer might be the right fit for you. However, if you could ever manage to become a better version of yourself, and *not* follow the "one eyed snake" wherever it takes you, and assuming H.W. is straight, and single, being that the two of you are both somewhat invested in the health care industry, and just a thirty second car ride from one another, at times, that is, you two could be the next Bennifer, or Brangelina.
  1339. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  1340. Repeating :
  1343. 12/6/2017, about 9:35 a.m.,California,United States time
  1346. Is that the best you MOTHERFUCKING SHITHEAD ,drug using (ecstasy, lsd,ecstasy,cocaine,meth,pcp) ,drug selling (ecstasy, lsd,ecstasy,cocaine,meth,pcp), perjury suborn(ing) stalking, raping, attempting murdering, molesting,identity stealing, witness intimidating, perjuring, psycho, myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com losers can do ????!!!!!!!! PREDICTABLE, as all FUCK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come on now, where are all the trombones, trumpets, and drums !!!!!!!! (keep Karen Watson up for 24 hrs before she has to "be on point", and bring out the leaf blowers, lawn mowers,and chain saws,at 6 a.m. (keeping them going until she has to leave)  You mother fucking CRIMINALS can break every law in the United States and NEVER be held accountable, so why not BRING IT ????????!!!!!!!!!!!
  1348. Yep, and we're giving up "David B", and "Alexandra" (two of you CORRUPT sociopath department of justice people or feds. Not sure which, ***** yet *****)
  1350. Having "updates" downloading on something Karen Watson uses for the last 2 days, as well, makes you fucktards as "bright" as a new born baby. Nah, a new born baby is smarter than all you motherfucking criminals, put together
  1352. Then, turning off wifi every two to five minutes (we wrote down every time you dumbassses have done that in the last week) just makes you so clever !!!!!!!! NOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! )
  1354. That hairband from Utah made you CRIMINALS geniuses too !!!!!! LOAO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  1357. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  1360. Repeating :
  1363. 12/4/2017, about 1:28 p.m.,California, United States time
  1366. Below is some interesting info, relating to myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com "Memo"/Bill Hinckley, suggesting that the CRIMINAL **** REPUBLICAN ****, myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com, Herbert family paid "Memo"/Bill Hinckley to ILLEGALLY stalk the brother of Karen Watson (the brother of Karen attended Cal State at Chico, and resided in Chico), and that myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com "Memo"/Bill Hinckley & non existent John Doffing / fake bigwallgraphics/ fake walls360 knew / know each other, and have been colluding with the CRIMINAL Herbert family. (Btw, myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com @ georgewherbert, et al, among all of our stuff, we have emails etc from your private investigator buddy (driving the darker colored (black, blue , navy blue ? pt Cruiser )), admitting he was a private investigator, working on your behalf, to "keep women in line"). In addition, there is ZERO doubt, that you, myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com @ georgewherbert, et al, sent the "main suspect" (who had a RESTRAINING ORDER AGAINST HIM (one of the first restraining orders EVER granted), and had been to JAIL/PRISON), in the June 1992 attempted murder of Karen Watson, down to the Davis area, when Karen was at UC Davis (not to mention, you all supplied him with his wives (NON English speakers)). You, myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com @ georgewherbert did NOT go to Japan for LEGAL/VALID reasons. You, myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com @ georgewherbert were in Japan setting up "routes" to import women to PROSTITUTE them out / PIMP them out. (explains the pilot friend of the a**hole in Burlingame, that Ed Barberini and crew swept up (for massive amounts of marijuana cultivation)), & explains your friend with 2 houses (1 in the hills of Belmont), importing Asian women.))  Without one iota of a doubt either, back then, myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com Ben Bakst and the "main suspect" in the June 1992 attempted murder of Karen Watson, ABSOLUTELY took part in making sure the bicycle of Karen Watson "disappeared". Beyond what we just wrote, the "older" male that entered into the premises in La Jolla (when Karen Watson was examining pennies (for potentially valuable coins)(and to sort into rolls), mentioning he also sifted through and inspected pennies, dimes, quarters etc )), was NOT the dad of "Memo"/Bill (as he had claimed). Plus, obviously, Kent Hinckley LIED, back around 1993/1994/1995 about being a psychologist. All of this begs the questions of if the dogs names were even Harvard and Wolfy / Wolfe, and if the couple "Memo"/Bill asserted were psychologists, were actually psychologists ("Memo"/Bill said he had broken into their house when he was high on pot/marijuana, and they decided not to press charges. Yep, we're certain that pot / marijuana came from your Mexico property (the Mexico property of the CRIMINAL Herbert family))
  1369. "Bill M Hinckley
  1370. 24 years old
  1372.     SPONSORED:
  1373.     Online Photos|Personal Info|Contact Info|Social Profiles
  1375. CAREER:
  1377.     Project Engineer at Burrow Global, LLC (2016-2017)
  1379. EDUCATION:
  1381.     Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.), Business Administration and Management, General from The University of Texas at Austin - Red McCombs School of Business (2015-2017)
  1383. USERNAME:
  1385.     memohinckley
  1389.     William Memo Hinckley, Memo Hinckley
  1391. PLACES:
  1393.     Houston, Texas Socorro, New Mexico
  1397.     Fred Eldred Reddoch , Janet Marie Reddoch , William Malone Reddoch , Hobbs Hobbs (heatheroconnor)
  1401. Current Address
  1402. 2300 Richmond Ave #415
  1403. Houston, TX 77098-3267
  1404. Phone Numbers
  1405. (858) 414-1519 - Wireless
  1406. (346) 980-6031 - Landline
  1407. (858) 456-1083 - Landline
  1408. (310) 456-1083 - Landline
  1411. Associated Names
  1412. William Grayson Hinckley
  1413. Previous Addresses
  1414. 4830 Mortensen Rd #121
  1415. Ames, IA 50014-5572
  1416. (Feb 2016 - Sep 2016)
  1417. 2233 Welch St #1
  1418. Houston, TX 77019-5636
  1419. (Feb 2014 - Mar 2016)
  1420. 4800 Mortensen Rd
  1421. Ames, IA 50014-5549
  1422. (Aug 2013)
  1423. 1226 Curtiss Ave
  1424. Ames, IA 50010-5236
  1425. (Jul 2012 - Sep 2012)
  1426. PO Box 3211
  1427. Socorro, NM 87801-3211
  1428. (Sep 2009 - Sep 2009)
  1429. 716 Jamaica Ct
  1430. San Diego, CA 92109-7719
  1431. (Dec 2006)
  1432. 6767 Amherst St
  1433. San Diego, CA 92115-2923
  1434. (Oct 2005)
  1435. 2597 Worden St
  1436. San Diego, CA 92110-5829
  1437. (Oct 2005)
  1438. 5639 Chelsea Ave
  1439. La Jolla, CA 92037-7511
  1440. (Jan 1995 - Jan 2004)
  1441. 2819 Mission Blvd
  1442. San Diego, CA 92109-8135
  1443. (Aug 2003 - Sep 2003)
  1444. 5635 Chelsea Ave
  1445. La Jolla, CA 92037-7511
  1446. (Aug 2003)
  1447. PO Box 663
  1448. Chico, CA 95927-0663
  1449. (Jun 2003)
  1450. 2730 Burnap Ave #3
  1451. Chico, CA 95973-0805
  1452. (Oct 2002)
  1453. 1301 Sherman Ave #75
  1454. Chico, CA 95926-2703
  1455. (Feb 2002 - Jul 2002)
  1456. 2303 Bar Triangle St
  1457. Chico, CA 95928-7604
  1458. (Dec 2001 - Jul 2002)
  1459. 360 7th Ave
  1460. Santa Cruz, CA 95062-4609
  1461. (Oct 2001 - Jul 2002)
  1462. 2888 Chesterfield Dr
  1463. Santa Cruz, CA 95062-5402
  1464. (Oct 2001 - Jul 2002)
  1465. 1301 Sheridan Ave #75
  1466. Chico, CA 95926-2755
  1467. (Mar 2002)
  1468. 13997 Stetson Ct
  1469. Magalia, CA 95954-9426
  1470. (Dec 2001)
  1471. 18130 Bayview Dr
  1472. Los Gatos, CA 95033-8939
  1473. (Mar 2001 - Jul 2001)
  1474. 647 W 2nd Ave #6
  1475. Chico, CA 95926-8023
  1476. (Oct 1999 - Nov 2000)
  1477. 1115 W Sacramento Ave #21
  1478. Chico, CA 95926-4334
  1479. (Aug 1999 - Aug 1999)
  1480. 338 Nord Ave #D
  1481. Chico, CA 95926-4754
  1482. (Mar 1999 - Apr 1999)
  1483. 706 London St
  1484. San Francisco, CA 94112-3405
  1485. (Dec 1997 - Jan 1998)
  1486. 3604 Hartnett Blvd
  1487. Isle Of Palms, SC 29451-2572
  1488. (May 1997 - Aug 1997)
  1489. 112 Bob St
  1490. Santa Fe, NM 87501-1713
  1491. (May 1995 - Jun 1996)
  1492. 252 Plaza Canada
  1493. Santa Fe, NM 87501-2373
  1494. (Mar 1995 - Apr 1995)
  1495. 1615 Greenfield Ave #15
  1496. Los Angeles, CA 90025-3572
  1497. (May 1992)
  1500. Possible Relatives
  1501. Kent B Hinckley, Sharon S Hinckley
  1502. Possible Associates
  1503. Brian S Smith, Randall S Smith, Jason David, Patricia M Thompson, Roberta S Smull
  1504. Possible Businesses
  1505. Diego Ultimate Disc Experience
  1506. 5635 Chelsea Ave La Jolla Ca 92037
  1509. Bill G Hinckley age 44
  1510. From: La Jolla, CA 92037 5635 Chelsea,La Jolla, CA 92037 Available Previous Addresses: 3604 Hartnett,Isle Of Palms, SC 29451,
  1511. 1615 Greenfield,Los Angeles, CA 90025,
  1512. 706 London,San Francisco, CA 94112,
  1513. 647 2nd,Chico, CA 95926,
  1514. 338 Nord,Chico, CA 95926,
  1515. 1115 Sacramento,Chico, CA 95926,
  1516. 5639 Chelsea,La Jolla, CA 92037,
  1517. 112 Bob,Santa Fe, NM 87501,
  1518. 252 Plaza Canada,Santa Fe, NM 87501 Possible Relatives: Sharon S Hinckley,
  1519. William G Hinckley,
  1520. Kent Bouchard Hinckley,
  1521. S Trust Hinckley
  1525. William (Memo) Hinckley
  1527. Project Engineer
  1529.     La Jolla, California
  1530.     Management Consulting
  1532. Previous  
  1534.     Burrow Global, LLC, Iowa State University, Tatung University
  1536. Education  
  1538.     The University of Texas at Austin - Red McCombs School of Business
  1541. Summary
  1543. Previous work experience as a Project Engineer, Process Engineer, Plant Operator, and Information Technology Specialist.
  1545. World traveler, been to thirty countries and six continents. Lived in Taiwan, Japan, and Sweden for a total of seven years.
  1546. Experience
  1548.     Burrow Global, LLC
  1549.     Project Engineer
  1550.     Burrow Global, LLC
  1551.     June 2017 – August 2017 (3 months)
  1553.     ? Coordinated metering skid installation with Kinder Morgan into an Ineos-operated plant
  1554.     Burrow Global, LLC
  1555.     Project Engineer
  1556.     Burrow Global, LLC
  1557.     August 2016 – June 2017 (11 months)
  1559.     ? Work in the Procurement department for a $230 million project
  1560.     ? Collaborated with engineers and vendors to get appropriate products and services to job site on time and under budget
  1561.     Burrow Global, LLC
  1562.     Process Engineer
  1563.     Burrow Global, LLC
  1564.     December 2013 – August 2016 (2 years 9 months)
  1566.     ? Area Lead responsible for auditing and designing Pressure Relief Valves
  1567.     ? Led a team of up to nine engineers
  1568.     ? Trained and supervised junior engineers with regard to PSV sizing and piping requirements
  1569.     ? Design Heat Exchangers to client specs
  1570.     Iowa State University
  1571.     Plant Operator
  1572.     Iowa State University
  1573.     December 2010 – October 2012 (1 year 11 months)
  1575.     Center for Sustainable Environmental Technologies
  1576.     BioCentury Research Farm
  1577.     “Research Facility of the Year, 2010” – Biofuels Digest
  1579.     ? Operated a gasifier with a scrubbing system to produce clean syngas
  1580.     ? Operated a pyrolyzer and recovered the products with fractional distillation
  1581.     ? Used DeltaV to control the process
  1582.     ? Installed pipes, gaskets, thermocouples, insulation, wiring, and other necessary fixtures
  1583.     Tatung University
  1584.     Undergraduate Research Intern
  1585.     Tatung University
  1586.     February 2012 – August 2012 (7 months)
  1588.     ? Created dye-sensitized solar cells
  1589.     ? Pulse-plated NiS as a counter electrode instead of Platinum
  1590.     ? Optimized results by changing the peak current density and/or the time at either pulse levels
  1591.     Northrop Grumman Corporation
  1592.     Network Technician
  1593.     Northrop Grumman Corporation
  1594.     February 2008 – January 2009 (1 year)
  1596.     ? Supported 15,000 users for the County of San Diego, 2nd largest outsourced IT project in USA
  1597.     ? Fielded all user problems with computers, printers, and proprietary software
  1598.     DivX, Inc.
  1599.     Network Administrator
  1600.     DivX, Inc.
  1601.     August 2006 – November 2007 (1 year 4 months)
  1603.     ? Encoded video with DivX technology
  1604.     ? Helped launch Stage6, a high-definition video portal
  1605.     ? Fielded user questions and monitored website use
  1607. Languages
  1609.     Spanish
  1611.     Limited working proficiency
  1612.     Swedish
  1614.     Limited working proficiency
  1616. Volunteer Experience & Causes
  1618.     Construction
  1619.     Ft. Bend Habitat for Humanity
  1620.     October 2013Social Services
  1621.     San Diego Habitat for Humanity
  1622.     Construction Volunteer
  1623.     San Diego Habitat for Humanity
  1624.     August 2012 – December 2012 (5 months)Social Services
  1625.     Onsite Volunteer
  1626.     Socorro Animal Shelter
  1627.     January 2010 – May 2010 (5 months)Animal Welfare
  1628.     iEducate (iEducateUSA)
  1629.     STEM Lecturer
  1630.     iEducate (iEducateUSA)
  1631.     April 2014 – April 2017 (3 years 1 month)Children
  1633. Skills
  1635.     Renewable EnergyChemical EngineeringBiofuelsFactoryPetrochemicalGasificationAspen HYSYSHeat ExchangersProcess SimulationProcess EngineeringEngineeringMicrosoft OfficePipingProject Management
  1637. How's this translation?
  1639.     Great•Has errors
  1641. Education
  1643.     The University of Texas at Austin - Red McCombs School of Business
  1644.     The University of Texas at Austin - Red McCombs School of Business
  1645.     Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.), Business Administration and Management, General
  1646.     2015 – 2017
  1647.     The University of Texas at Austin
  1648.     The University of Texas at Austin
  1649.     Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.), Business Administration and Management, General
  1650.     2015 – 2017
  1651.     Iowa State University
  1652.     Iowa State University
  1653.     B.S., Chemical Engineering
  1654.     2010 – 2013
  1655.     University of California, San Diego
  1656.     University of California, San Diego
  1657.     Bachelor's Degree, Visual Arts - Film and Video
  1658.     1993 – 1995
  1660. Certifications
  1662.     Project Management Professional Certificate
  1663.     Project Management Institute, License 5091215
  1664.     November 2017 – November 2020
  1667. https://pipl.com/search/?t=Y2E4YmU0MzU0MDU4NTJiZjI1M2M3OTkxYmQzZGYxOWVhM2JkMjlmNGQ3MDQwNTg1&in=8&l=La+Jolla%2C+California&q=bill+hinckley&sloc=US%7CCA%7CLa+Jolla&avatar=avatar-1&avatar=avatar-2&avatar=avatar-1
  1671. Kent Bouchard Hinckley
  1672. 74 years old
  1674.     SPONSORED:
  1675.     Online Photos|Personal Info|Contact Info|Social Profiles
  1677. CAREER:
  1679.     Vice President at Reyall Corp. (since 1999)
  1681. EDUCATION:
  1683.     MBA from San Jose State University (1966-1967)
  1685. USERNAME:
  1687.     khinckley
  1689. PHONE:
  1691.     858-456-1083
  1695.     Ken B Hinckley, Kent Kinchley, K Hinkley
  1697. PLACES:
  1699.     San Diego, California Los Altos, California
  1703.     William Grayson Hinckley , Jeanne B Perry , Bill G Hinckley , Sharon Smull Hinckley , Bill Wood
  1707. https://www.flickr.com/photos/lajolla/
  1710. http://kenthinckley.com/
  1714. Meet Kent Hinckley
  1716. Kent loves fiction and non-fiction usually focusing on history and is captivated by a good story usually thrillers, mysteries, and especially when the subject deals with espionage. Some of his writings are based on experiences in the Army Military Intelligence in Vietnam and living in Taipei and Tokyo working for Bank of America in international finance.
  1718. He has written short stories, travel pieces, and a play entitled “The Interrogators.” He currently works in the real estate industry.
  1720. Born and raised in Palo Alto, California, Kent received a degree in Political Science from Stanford. He currently resides with his wife, Sharon, in San Diego. Their two German shepherds make sure he exercises daily.
  1722. He has written two novels and one play which have three primary themes:
  1724.     First, the hero is an ordinary person who gets thrust into perilous situations
  1725.     Second, the hero speaks at least two languages
  1726.     Third, enemies work together
  1728. The stories show how an everyday person — not a superagent or trained assassin — can rise to the challenge no matter how daunting. He enjoys history and likes to include it in his stories.
  1730. Writers are readers, and Kent continues to read at least one book per week, usually 1.5 books.
  1732.     “Reading helps my writing as I enjoy each author’s style, word choices, and plots.”
  1734. His favorite authors are: David McCullough, David Baldacci, Steven Berry, Nelson DeMille, Margaret MacMillan, Winston Churchill and he says, “I am just getting acquainted with mystery writer, Josephine Tey.”
  1739. Kent Hinckley was born and raised in Palo Alto, California, played basketball at and graduated from Stanford. He served in army intelligence in Vietnam and has lived in Taipei and Tokyo working for Bank of America in international finance. He resides with his wife, Sharon, and two German shepherds in San Diego.
  1740. Books: The Thorium Stratagem, Hearts, Minds, and Coffee: A Vietnam Peace Odyssey "
  1742. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  1744. Repeating :
  1747. Some of this will be repetition,for people that have read it elsewhere. Also, today, we're covering "a bit of ground"
  1749. Based on search results, it appears people are wondering if it's true that Karen Watson was the one that left non existent J*** D******, Maxim Integrated Products "Mike Hess", rapist, attempted murderer, molester, perjurer, republican, stalker, liar, suborn(er) of perjury, kickback provider, kickback receiver, tax defrauder, pimp etc Richard Lyon Herbert (94022), E*** N*****, & Jeff Feinberg (ALL myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com criminals). Yes, it's true, Karen Watson is the one that walked away from all of them.
  1751. There's a massive amount of TRUTH, from the side of Karen Watson, nobody has ever heard. For example, with rapist, attempted murderer, molester, perjurer, republican, stalker, liar, suborn(er) of perjury, kickback provider, kickback receiver, tax defrauder, pimp etc Richard Lyon Herbert (94022), it was ALWAYS "SHUT YOUR FUCKING TRAP, you DUMB CUNT,STUPID WHORE TRAMP" (Iow, Karen Watson was NEVER allowed to say anything, or have an opinion)(even though the parents of Karen Watson paid half the rent). "Looking in the rear view mirror", myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com Bill/Memo Hinckley was ONLY the friend of rapist, attempted murderer, molester, perjurer, republican, stalker, liar, suborn(er) of perjury, kickback provider, kickback receiver, tax defrauder, pimp etc Richard Lyon Herbert (94022), and the two had forged an agreement between themselves before Karen ever met B/M. H..
  1753. In regard to myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com rddedhd /Jeff Feinberg, he would stick his 2" er in anything that breathed. Moreover, the lone impetus for him/rddedhd/Jeff Feinberg to work for "Mr.I have ten thousand parking and speeding tickets, and still drive on a suspended license(sole partner)(drove Jaguars at the time),& I literally FIRE EVERY attorney I hire after a week (it was the subject of the Christmas / Holiday dinner in San Francisco. The one female attorney that somehow lasted there for 25 years did kind of a roast on the subject)), was coming to check on Karen whenever he desired. The office was something like 12 minutes away (driving time). Additionally, myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com rddedhd /Jeff Feinberg even "laid down the law" and told Karen Watson, out loud, he expected her to be at the house 24/7/365, that it bothered him that she would even consider taking a 15 minute walk during the day, and that she was required to be sitting on the couch upon his arrival at the end of the day. To "spell it out", Karen Watson was NEVER permitted to even go to a store alone.
  1755. Rehashing what we wrote on other sites, has Karen Watson "had it out" with both her mom and dad ? Of course. EVERY family has issues at times. However, over the years, the dad of Karen Watson started putting in the effort to "bridge the divide" between them. Instead of calling her names like feminazi, and incorrectly labeling her as vindictive, he spent time learning about post traumatic stress disorder (pertaining to rape), and adhd (attention deficit hyper activity disorder). Furthermore, he went out of is way to have Karen speak to a friend of his (on the phone) that has severe adhd (his "forgetfulness" meant making lists every day, and having his wife be a second reminder). The friend of her dad provided Karen Watson with some pointers (for instance, masking her fidgeting with use of a rolling chair, or rocking chair). Also, her dad came around, in terms of her anti illegal drug stance (they were able to have a conversation about Sacramento,California being the "meth capital") (to clarify, she/Karen Watson, is pro medical marijuana, and is against corrupt law enforcement locking up veterans (Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, Marines, Army) for using drugs (ecstasy, lsd, cocaine,meth, pcp, heroin). Plus, Karen Watson doesn't believe in locking anyone up, for a year, or longer, for anything having to do with using, selling, or possessing marijuana / pot (certainly felonies should NOT be handed out for anything related to pot / marijuana). Then, in "clinical settings", Karen Watson, at this point in time, believes there is no reason not to explore lsd and Ayahuasca as methods for treating ptsd (post traumatic stress disorder). For Karen Watson, it's men, associated with sites like myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com that are the ones that should *stay away* from *all drugs*.
  1757. (As a result of being interrupted quite a few times,12/2/2017, while we in the process of writing this, we accidentally closed the "application " we had been using, without saving. Therefore, the section on the dad of Karen Watson giving props or kudos to Wendy Davis,for her filibuster, of course, is not duplicated, here, perfectly.)
  1760. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  1762. Repeating :
  1765. 12/1/2017, about 3:58 a.m., California, United States time
  1767. Hey, " @ khanoisseur : isn't this info interesting
  1770. " Adam R Khan age 31
  1771. From: Wichita, KS 67230 14329 Spring Creek,Wichita, KS 67230 Available Available, Available, Available, Available Associated Names: Khan Adam Possible Relatives: Ishtiaq Ahmed Khan,
  1772. Ishtiaq A Khan,
  1773. Simone Khan
  1776. ADAM R KHAN visited 12/2/09 9:00
  1777. Appointment number:U60038 Type of Access: VA Appt Made: 11/30/09 19:55 Appt Start: 12/2/09 9:00 Appt End: 12/2/09 23:59 Total People: 298 Last Entry Date: 11/30/09 19:55 Visitee: VISITORS OFFICE Meeting Location: WH RESIDENCE Caller: VISITORS OFFICE Description: GROUP TOURS ./ Release Date: 03/26/2010 07:00:00 AM +0000
  1779. Adam Khan
  1781. CEO of Plus Up Studios. Head of Digital Education at @´ñL'Oreal USA. AKQA • MS Engineering from @University of Dayton
  1782. Advisor University of Dayton
  1783. 18 Connections
  1785. Log in or sign up to find connections to Adam.
  1787. Experience
  1788. L'Oreal USA
  1789. L'Oreal USA
  1790. Employee
  1791. AKQA
  1792. AKQA
  1793. Employee
  1794. LexisNexis
  1795. LexisNexis
  1796. Employee
  1797. Xocracy
  1798. Xocracy
  1799. Advisor
  1800. Employee
  1801. LexisNexis, AKQA, L'Oreal USA
  1802. Advisor
  1803. Xocracy
  1805. Education
  1806. University of Dayton logo
  1807. University of Dayton
  1812. https://medium.com/@khanoisseur
  1817. Adam R Khan Age 35
  1818. Current Address
  1819. 42521 Musilek Pl
  1820. Temecula, CA 92592-7241
  1821. Phone Numbers
  1822. (212) 247-0838 - Landline
  1823. Sponsored Links
  1824. Full Background Report  Sponsored by PeopleFinders.com
  1826.     Arrest Records
  1827.     Court Records
  1828.     Marriage & Divorce Records
  1829.     Birth & Death Records
  1830.     Police Records
  1832.     Search Warrants
  1833.     Criminal Records Data
  1834.     Property Records
  1835.     Bankruptcies, Judgments, Liens
  1836.     Complete Background Check
  1839. Email Addresses
  1840. adamrkhan@hotmail.com
  1841. Previous Addresses
  1842. 235 W 48th St #37M
  1843. New York, NY 10036-1483
  1844. (Nov 2012 - Oct 2016)
  1845. 235 W 48th St
  1846. New York, NY 10036-1404
  1847. (Mar 2013 - Feb 2016)
  1848. 235 W 48th St #29J
  1849. New York, NY 10036-1429
  1850. (Jul 2013)
  1851. 29929 Via Puesta Del Sol
  1852. Temecula, CA 92591-1941
  1853. (Nov 2002 - May 2013)
  1854. 42044 Winchester Rd #A
  1855. Temecula, CA 92590-4878
  1856. (Jan 2012 - Feb 2012)
  1857. 235 W 48th St #37G
  1858. New York, NY 10036-1433
  1859. (Jul 2010)
  1860. 2211 Hillsborough Rd #1027
  1861. Durham, NC 27705-4156
  1862. (Sep 2008 - Jan 2010)
  1863. 260 W 54th St
  1864. New York, NY 10019-5539
  1865. (Aug 2009)
  1866. 31131 Kahwea Rd
  1867. Temecula, CA 92591-6924
  1868. (Jun 2002 - Jan 2007)
  1869. PO Box 186
  1870. Riverside, CA 92502-0186
  1871. (Jul 2004 - Aug 2004)
  1872. 500 W Big Springs Rd
  1873. Riverside, CA 92507-4658
  1874. (Nov 2001 - Jul 2002)
  1875. 680 W Linden St
  1876. Riverside, CA 92507
  1877. (Sep 2001)
  1878. Sponsored Links
  1879. Possible Relatives
  1880. Babar K Khan, Belva Jean Khan, Blanca M Martinez, Rashid A Khan, Sarah Y Khan, Tariq M Khan, Adam W Khan, Ashi Khan, Bashir Khan, Erum Khan, Imran Khan, Joher M Khan, Khalid M Khan, Lisa M Khan, Muhammad N Khan, Nasir M Khan, Nasir Ahmed Khan, Nasreen Khan, Noshaba B Khan, Saeeda Khan, Saima B Khan, Salman Khan, Shabbir A Khan, Shabbir A Khan, Shahid Khan, Shakila B Khan, Sharif M Khan, Shazia B Khan, Shazma S Khan, Shoaib B Khan, Taj M Khan, Tariq A Khan, Zeest Khan
  1881. Possible Associates
  1882. Naureen E Shaker, Van A Barnes, Michael Stephens, Aasma B Baig, Alma M Puig, Belva Kahn, Lisa M Martinez, Monica C Buer, Shagufta S Sattar
  1885. 13 Street Addresses
  1886. for this Adam R Khan:
  1888.     42521 Musilek Pl
  1889.     Temecula, CA 92592
  1890.     Street View | Drone View
  1891.     235 W 48th St, APT 37G
  1892.     New York, NY 10036
  1893.     Street View | Drone View
  1894.     235 W 48th St
  1895.     New York, NY 10036
  1896.     Street View | Drone View
  1897.     235 W 48th St, APT 29J
  1898.     New York, NY 10036
  1899.     Street View | Drone View
  1900.     235 W 48th St, APT 37M
  1901.     New York, NY 10036
  1902.     Street View | Drone View
  1903.     42044 Winchester Rd, STE A
  1904.     Temecula, CA 92590
  1905.     Street View | Drone View
  1906.     2211 Hillsborough Rd, APT 1027
  1907.     Durham, NC 27705
  1908.     Street View | Drone View
  1909.     260 W 54th St
  1910.     New York, NY 10019
  1911.     Street View | Drone View
  1912.     31131 Kahwea Rd
  1913.     Temecula, CA 92591
  1914.     Street View | Drone View
  1915.     Po Box 186
  1916.     Riverside, CA 92502
  1917.     Street View | Drone View
  1918.     29929 Via Puesta Del Sol
  1919.     Temecula, CA 92591
  1920.     Street View | Drone View
  1921.     500 W Big Springs Rd
  1922.     Riverside, CA 92507
  1923.     Street View | Drone View
  1924.     680 W Linden St
  1925.     Riverside, CA 92507
  1926.     Street View | Drone View
  1928. Receive Adam R Khan Alerts
  1931. 1 Phone Number
  1932. for this Adam R Khan:
  1934.     Phone number: (212) 247-0838
  1935.     Company: Verizon New York Inc
  1936.     Phone type: LandLine/Services
  1938. Receive Adam R Khan Alerts
  1941. 1 Email Address
  1942. for this Adam R Khan:
  1944.     adamrkhan@hotmail.com
  1946. Receive Adam R Khan Alerts
  1949. 42 Family Members & Associates
  1950. for this Adam R Khan:
  1952.     Babar Khan - Age 48
  1953.     Belva Khan - Age 59
  1954.     Blanca Martinez - Age 63
  1955.     Rashid Khan - Age 57
  1956.     Rashid Khan - Age 57
  1957.     Rashid Khan - Age 59
  1958.     Sarah Khan - Age 24
  1959.     Tariq Khan - Age 57
  1960.     Aasma Baig - Age 41
  1961.     Adam Khan - Age 24
  1962.     Alma Puig - Age 61
  1963.     Ashi Khan - Age 37
  1964.     Bashir Khan - Age 74
  1965.     Belva Kahn - Age 59
  1966.     Erum Khan - Age 39
  1967.     Imran Khan - Age 47
  1968.     Joher Khan - Age 33
  1969.     Khalid Khan - Age 59
  1970.     Lisa Khan - Age 33
  1971.     Lisa Martinez - Age 55
  1972.     Monica Buer - Age 45
  1973.     Muhammad Khan - Age 46
  1974.     Nasir Khan - Age 33
  1975.     Nasir Khan - Age 36
  1976.     Nasreen Khan - Age 54
  1977.     Noshaba Khan - Age 34
  1978.     Rashid Khan - Age 24
  1979.     Saeeda Khan - Age 67
  1980.     Saima Khan - Age 44
  1981.     Salman Khan - Age 26
  1982.     Shabbir Khan - Age 48
  1983.     Shabbir Khan - Age 43
  1984.     Shagufta Sattar - Age 42
  1985.     Shahid Khan - Age 42
  1986.     Shakila Khan - Age 66
  1987.     Sharif Khan - Age 53
  1988.     Shazia Khan - Age 39
  1989.     Shazma Khan - Age 40
  1990.     Shoaib Khan - Age 38
  1991.     Taj Khan - Age 74
  1992.     Tariq Khan - Age 57
  1993.     Zeest Khan - Age 38 "
  1995. (one of the above is heavy into soccer, and before the myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com Herbert CRIMINAL family started ILLEGALLY destroying her life (participating in bashing in her head, breaking her elbow, and breaking her hip March 24 2017), so was Karen Watson)
  1998. ++++++++ VERY similar info to corrupt myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com dept of justice Ari/Alex Kriegsman (New York, UTAH, and even San Francisco). Plus there is NO listing for you in San Francisco)
  2000. Is any of the above even real ??????!!!!!!!
  2002. Oh, and yes, Karen Watson DID rescue a baby bird with 2 other women, in the last 4 years, and contacted Animal Rescue. A person by the name of Ben, answered the phone. (We saw the reference to you with a bird, on the twitter account). She should have left it, if it was a fledgling. Mom bird would have rejected it, after a human interacted with it
  2004. (Sarcasm). How nice that it's super easy to buy likes and retweets on twitter (as well as followers - myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com georgewherbert & smittyhalibut / "Mark Smith".
  2006. Don't worry we have seen all the other hints you have dropped, in regards to Karen Watson, as well. OBSESSED MUCH ?????!!!!!
  2008. Of course, we have seen the youtube video (of someone claiming to be Adam Khan). That could be "you". Twitter still can be run by corrupt myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com dept of justice Ari/Alex Kriegsman.
  2010. Then again, the picture of "you", and the youtube video could have been helped with something similar to photoshop, and video editing software.
  2012. Btw, even if Karen Watson was *not* a-sexual (and she IS a-sexual), and *not* an introvert (read -needs time to decompress), she still would *never* do something, like attend a hacking event. Adhd, sitting, and *not* being disruptive doesn't work all that well.
  2014. Additionally , dogs should NOT consume tuna, and definitely NOT more than one can per month. Too much can be deadly.  
  2015. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  2017. Eleven thirty two thousand and 17, about 11:27 p.m. ,California,United States time
  2019. Look who is back. it's *not* a democrat, is corrupt dept of justice, myredbook.com, now providingsupport.com Ari/Alex Kriegsman (aka Armscontrolwonk / Jeffrey Lewis)(among others)(They are all republicans, (some pretending to be democrats)(upset, that at kllkarenwatson returned)
  2021. " GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  2022. 54m54 minutes ago
  2023. Replying to @NuclearAnthro @thedelphivision and
  2025. Even Yon Kim doth approve,
  2026. For Verily, his new toy doth groove,
  2027. The Titanic of yore,
  2028. J'adore.
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  2030. Martin “HEU & Santa” Pfeiffer? @NuclearAnthro
  2031. 56m56 minutes ago
  2032. Replying to @thedelphivision @GeorgeWHerbert and
  2034. I want to weep in awe! Such pointed lyricism!
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  2036. Chris Bennett? @Caesar_X
  2037. 2h2 hours ago
  2038. Replying to @thedelphivision @GeorgeWHerbert and
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  2041. Alicia_Dressman
  2042. ?? DEZA ALPHA GROUP? @thedelphivision
  2043. 2h2 hours ago
  2044. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert @Caesar_X and
  2046. Nary a thread on the Twitter,
  2047. Could act as better tonic for one's heart,
  2048. Titan II has triumphed o'er reason,
  2049. Rustic and royal she grows in her age,
  2050. Protest shall be our eternal destiny,
  2051. Hers is the internet, and every page.
  2052. 2 replies 2 retweets 4 likes
  2053. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  2054. 2h2 hours ago
  2055. Replying to @Popehat
  2057. With a bullet that bounced off the ground from 170 feet away and no eyewitnesses to him brandishing the gun, hard to convict...
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  2059. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
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  2061. Replying to @Caesar_X @NuclearAnthro and
  2063. ????
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  2065. Derek Lyons? @DerekL1963
  2066. 2h2 hours ago
  2067. Replying to @ArmsControlWonk @inbarspace
  2069. I'm not 100% an expert, but I don't think I've ever seen a single-RV-under-shroud configuration.  Could it be a mass simulator?  Yeah, but why make it a cone?
  2071. @GeorgeWHerbert
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  2073. Nikolai Sokov? @SokovNikolai
  2074. 2h2 hours ago
  2075. Replying to @Heterocatalytic @thedelphivision and
  2077. For Titan, he'd need a wrench (see old Art Buchwald column).
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  2079. Chris Bennett? @Caesar_X
  2080. 2h2 hours ago
  2081. Replying to @NuclearAnthro @thedelphivision and
  2083. Are you...MIRV-shaming?
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  2085. Martin “HEU & Santa” Pfeiffer? @NuclearAnthro
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  2087. Replying to @BenMS @funranium and
  2089. FIRE SCORN TUBES 1 & 2!
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  2091. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
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  2095. I'm eating, but Fire when Ready, Gridley...
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  2097. Andrew Locke? @Heterocatalytic
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  2099. Replying to @NuclearAnthro @thedelphivision and
  2101. It gets even better, here's a cartoon of Trump "launching" that same Titan 2. Somebody was a little "too" attentive to detail.
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  2103. Martin “HEU & Santa” Pfeiffer? @NuclearAnthro
  2104. 2h2 hours ago
  2105. Replying to @NuclearAnthro @thedelphivision and
  2107. That is a Titan II NOT A FUCKING MINUTEMAN III.
  2109. Last Titan II retired in 1987! The picture is of a museum display in AZ- YOU CAN SEE THE WINDOW CUT INTO RV FFS.
  2111. https://breakingdefense.com/2017/11/no-for-new-b-52-engines-til-2020-gen-rand/ …?amp=1
  2113. @BreakingDefense
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  2115. BenMS? @BenMS
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  2117. Replying to @funranium @NuclearAnthro and
  2119. Atmoic batteries to power, turbines to speed?
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  2121. Funranium Labs? @funranium
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  2130. Martin “HEU & Santa” Pfeiffer Retweeted Specter177 - Nazis are bad, okay?
  2134. ping @thedelphivision @planet4589 @GeorgeWHerbert!!!
  2136. Martin “HEU & Santa” Pfeiffer added,
  2137. Specter177 - Nazis are bad, okay?
  2138.  @specter177
  2139. @NuclearAnthro CONVENE THE COMMITTEE!
  2140. https://breakingdefense.com/2017/11/no-for-new-b-52-engines-til-2020-gen-rand/ …
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  2142. Ben Chia? @benbenchia
  2143. 3h3 hours ago
  2144. Replying to @stoa1984 @GeorgeWHerbert and
  2146. One big LPE seems more reliable than 4 smaller ones. Bonus if common parts with 1st stage.
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  2148. B Davenport? @Davenpbl
  2149. 3h3 hours ago
  2150. Replying to @NuclearAnthro @GeorgeWHerbert @1mpu9n3r
  2152. It was an inert shroud for training purposes. I don’t think they’d let me hug flight hardware....
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  2154. Ben Chia? @benbenchia
  2155. 3h3 hours ago
  2156. Replying to @mgerrydoyle
  2158. Ben Chia Retweeted GeorgeWilliamHerbert
  2160. The eminent @GeorgeWHerbert had this to say (read whole thread):
  2162. Ben Chia added,
  2163. GeorgeWilliamHerbert
  2164.  @GeorgeWHerbert
  2165. Replying to @NuclearAnthro @Davenpbl
  2166. Lighter weight low density ablative thermal protection materials, cork filled or glass microspheres filled, may not be strong enough to survive high air loads during maximum dynamic pressure during ascent. Also decoys, systems exposed.
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  2168. xutianran? @stoa1984
  2169. 4h4 hours ago
  2170. Replying to @ArmsControlWonk @GeorgeWHerbert and
  2172. also has room for that. could be a new engine as well.
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  2174. xutianran? @stoa1984
  2175. 4h4 hours ago
  2176. Replying to @inbarspace @GreatPoppo
  2178. i agree. they surely look very similar. But dont know if sth like this is possible. (the white blund tip being the blunt side of the RV?) @GeorgeWHerbert  @nktpnd
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  2180. Jeffrey Lewis?Verified account @ArmsControlWonk
  2181. 4h4 hours ago
  2182. Replying to @stoa1984 @GeorgeWHerbert and
  2184. Big interstage means big nozzle, I would think.
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  2186. xutianran? @stoa1984
  2187. 4h4 hours ago
  2188. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert @RobotikaAutomat and
  2190. what do you think about 2nd stage? interstage section is big. maybe another HS14 engine? ( ratio is uncommon but norks showed us they are okay with that.)
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  2192. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  2193. 5h5 hours ago
  2195. GeorgeWilliamHerbert Retweeted Alex Wellerstein
  2197. This thread.  Excellent humanizing and depoliticizing North Korea tensions.
  2199. GeorgeWilliamHerbert added,
  2200. Alex Wellerstein
  2201. Verified account @wellerstein
  2202. I gave a talk to some very bright high schoolers a few weeks ago, about how they should think about North Korea when they read about it in the news. Here is the gist of what I tried to get across: (thread)
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  2204. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  2205. 6h6 hours ago
  2206. Replying to @hottestsingles
  2208. One word: Tentacles.
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  2210. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  2211. 6h6 hours ago
  2212. Replying to @ACWPodcast @aaronstein1 and
  2214. Titan Jucheor.
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  2216. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  2217. 6h6 hours ago
  2218. Replying to @MrBeamJockey
  2220. Working on that.
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  2222. Derek Lyons? @DerekL1963
  2223. 6h6 hours ago
  2224. Replying to @Jeff2Serenity @GeorgeWHerbert @rocketrepreneur
  2226. Very huge.
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  2228. Bill Higgins? @MrBeamJockey
  2229. 6h6 hours ago
  2230. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert
  2232. How much mass do you save on the pop-up launcher, vs a Mars-to-orbit launcher?
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  2234. Jeffrey Findley? @Jeff2Serenity
  2235. 7h7 hours ago
  2236. Replying to @DerekL1963 @GeorgeWHerbert @rocketrepreneur
  2238. I am quite happy about this.  It means NASA has accepted reuse of Falcon 9 first stages.  That’s huge.
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  2240. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  2241. 7h7 hours ago
  2242. Replying to @photomattmills @cstross
  2244. It's not immediately infeasible. And has enough detail that works for lulz.
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  2246. Michael Duitsman? @DuitsyWasHere
  2247. 7h7 hours ago
  2248. Replying to @BruceEdiger
  2250. @GeorgeWHerbert told me something similar - some improvement in efficiency (specific impulse), but more importantly decreased mass and increased simplicity.
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  2252. photomattmills? @photomattmills
  2253. 7h7 hours ago
  2254. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert
  2256. It is fun to think about, not that I’m convinced it’s feasible. More like something you’d see in a @cstross novel.
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  2258. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  2259. 7h7 hours ago
  2260. Replying to @photomattmills
  2262. Yes. But that's pretty easy.
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  2264. photomattmills? @photomattmills
  2265. 7h7 hours ago
  2266. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert
  2268. But does it actually buy you more delta-V than the weight of the reinforcements (extra shells, foam) instead of using that weight for fuel?
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  2270. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  2271. 7h7 hours ago
  2272. Replying to @photomattmills
  2274. And generally, re the criticism - It's not trivial, and obviously a horrible idea. But that's why it's fun. ?? it only has to work, not be best option.
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  2276. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  2277. 7h7 hours ago
  2278. Replying to @photomattmills
  2280. Most of the structure will be destroyed. As long as sample itself and immediate surroundings aren't it's fine
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  2282. Bert Hubert
  2283. ????? @PowerDNS_Bert
  2284. 7h7 hours ago
  2285. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert
  2287. 'hitting Phobos' sounds cheaper energetically than entering Mars orbit, but 'digging out sample' sounds harder again. But I like your thinking!
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  2289. photomattmills? @photomattmills
  2290. 7h7 hours ago
  2291. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert
  2293. And all of this will make it heavier to get off the ground here, even if you can make structure that could withstand those forces without deforming significantly
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  2295. photomattmills? @photomattmills
  2296. 7h7 hours ago
  2297. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert
  2299. still, even if you can ensure external integrity, the inside probably won’t be one big box but separate samples, so that internal structure has to withstand the g-forces of that change in acceleration too.
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  2301. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  2302. 7h7 hours ago
  2303. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert @photomattmills
  2305. That's like tank gun rounds or artillery rounds launch peak Gs order of magnitude. Robust components but doable.
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  2307. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  2308. 7h7 hours ago
  2309. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert @photomattmills
  2311. 1/1050 of a sec, so 2.15 or so million m/s/s, 215,000 Gs? Or did I drop a decimal point?
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  2313. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  2314. 7h7 hours ago
  2315. Replying to @photomattmills
  2317. Yeah. Rocket motors first, and really tough container. Titanium, with internal cushions/crush structure.  2,100 m/s over 1 meter is... (working on it)
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  2319. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  2320. 8h8 hours ago
  2321. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert @PowerDNS_Bert
  2323. This would require picking or digging the container out of the bottom of a small new crater on Phobos.  Rather than grabbing it out of Mars orbit somewhere.
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  2325. photomattmills? @photomattmills
  2326. 8h8 hours ago
  2327. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert
  2329. 29,400,000J of impact energy for a 20Kg payload at that speed, that’s about 14lb of TNT (converted to kilotons and then lbs). A lot of boom for a little capsule.
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  2331. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  2332. 8h8 hours ago
  2333. Replying to @PowerDNS_Bert
  2335. Sorry was unclear. Not earthward. Basically you crater into Phobos and stop. All the Mars sample missions assume you park samples in orbit somewhere, later spacecraft comes and gets them, brings them back to Earth.
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  2337. Bert Hubert
  2338. ????? @PowerDNS_Bert
  2339. 8h8 hours ago
  2340. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert
  2342. So if I get this right, you launch from Mars into the path of Phobos, and use 'lithoacceleration' to get 2.1km/s earthward speed?
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  2344. Not That Steve-O? @basicuser22
  2345. 8h8 hours ago
  2346. Replying to @PalairetNathan @GeorgeWHerbert
  2348. The poodle ran off into the woods like a dog.
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  2350. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  2351. 8h8 hours ago
  2352. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert
  2354. So, meet MSPL: Mars Sample Phobos Lithobrake.  Tag line: "Fortune Favors the Tough!"
  2356. Excellent on so many levels. Real science need. Easy to explain. Technically viable, basic engineering a snap. Horrible idea hard to dismiss.
  2358. Day made! Victory! ????
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  2360. ?? Plox
  2361. ??? @Ploxerer
  2362. 8h8 hours ago
  2363. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert
  2365. i swear to god if they don't also sample phobos i'm burning the nsf to the ground
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  2367. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  2368. 8h8 hours ago
  2369. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert
  2371. Fire extra hardened sample capsule straight up, 7500 km into Phobos' path. Splat! Lithobraking. 2.1 km/s. Use empty rocket motors as collision bumper. Easy peasy. Mission!
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  2373. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  2374. 8h8 hours ago
  2375. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert
  2377. While watching what he was doing today started thinking alternatives. Flyby gravity assists off Mars' moons Phobos and Deimos. Nope, too small, not enough gravity. Thought tethers, rejected. Then bright idea.
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  2379. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  2380. 8h8 hours ago
  2382. Mental break from North Korean missiles.
  2384. A friend of mine does space science analysis committees at National Science Foundation. Today, one of the presentations including Mars Sample Return mission design work. Ongoing NASA project, well along.
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  2386. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  2387. 8h8 hours ago
  2388. Replying to @UFKaren
  2390. Yes. Yeeeesssssss.
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  2392. aHEMagain
  2393. ?? @aHEM_again
  2394. 8h8 hours ago
  2395. Replying to @aHEM_again @GeorgeWHerbert and
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  2398. ?
  2400. We have evidence that North Korea is currently focused on being able to deliver an #EMP strike on US as their first line of nuclear deterrence. Reentry isn't a factor in #NorthKoreaEMP
  2402. aHEMagain
  2404. ? added,
  2405. aHEMagain
  2406. ?
  2407.  @aHEM_again
  2408. #NorthKoreaEMP: KCNA Statement After Sep-03 Hydrogen Bomb Test |..confirmed #ICBM-deliverable #EMP weapon was their strategic intent
  2409. ??more??
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  2411. aHEMagain
  2412. ?? @aHEM_again
  2413. 8h8 hours ago
  2414. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert @1mpu9n3r and
  2415. aHEMagain? Retweeted aHEMagain
  2417. ?
  2419. North Korea has stated they intend to demonstrate ~as necessary~ each piece that proves they've achieved their strategic goal, ability to decimate US w/EMP. Any bets whether Trump pushes them to the last item on their list?
  2421. aHEMagain
  2423. ? added,
  2424. aHEMagain
  2425. ?
  2426.  @aHEM_again
  2427. #NorthKoreaEMP: NK Official Says No Diplomacy Until They've Demonstrated 2 Capabilities
  2428. • Above ground H-Bomb "test"
  2429. • Long-range #ICBM…
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  2431. Karen Naudascher? @UFKaren
  2432. 8h8 hours ago
  2433. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert
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  2436. Martin “HEU & Santa” Pfeiffer? @NuclearAnthro
  2437. 9h9 hours ago
  2438. Replying to @Davenpbl @GeorgeWHerbert @1mpu9n3r
  2440. Nice!
  2442. I’ve never gotten to be near one, mockup/display or otherwise. :(
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  2444. B Davenport? @Davenpbl
  2445. 9h9 hours ago
  2446. Replying to @NuclearAnthro @GeorgeWHerbert @1mpu9n3r
  2448. MMIII
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  2450. Martin “HEU & Santa” Pfeiffer? @NuclearAnthro
  2451. 9h9 hours ago
  2452. Replying to @Davenpbl @GeorgeWHerbert @1mpu9n3r
  2454. Adorable! MX?
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  2456. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  2457. 9h9 hours ago
  2459. New followers: In case it's not obvious, the Joe Biden tweets are a joke. I do not seriously think that. I will occasionally fire off absurd jokes to release stress etc, and it's easier to be macabre sometimes than seriously think about nuclear annihilation given my topics.
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  2461. B Davenport? @Davenpbl
  2462. 9h9 hours ago
  2463. Replying to @NuclearAnthro @GeorgeWHerbert @1mpu9n3r
  2465. I have my own method....
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  2467. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  2468. 9h9 hours ago
  2469. Replying to @38NorthNK @EllemanIISS
  2471. Did you see Norbert Brugge posted: 2.4 x 22m. Matches my working mass and dimensions guesses and tank layouts.  http://www.b14643.de/Spacerockets/Specials/Hwasong-15/index.htm …
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  2473. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  2474. 9h9 hours ago
  2475. Replying to @cstross
  2477. Naww.  Joe Biden underground tested his first nuclear device.
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  2479. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  2480. 9h9 hours ago
  2481. Replying to @nateisgood @james_acton32
  2483. Dude. Joe Biden. Joe Biden just tested. 2020 election getting real.
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  2485. Luka? @RobotikaAutomat
  2486. 9h9 hours ago
  2487. Replying to @aaronstein1 @GeorgeWHerbert and
  2489. That depends on if podcast was over before I posted and or before you and Jeff noticed @ from me.
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  2491. W.K. Heisenberg? @1mpu9n3r
  2492. 9h9 hours ago
  2493. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert @Davenpbl @NuclearAnthro
  2495. All minds needed in such analysis! Expert and non experts thinking out of the box exchanging is the best.
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  2497. Luka? @RobotikaAutomat
  2498. 9h9 hours ago
  2499. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert @RocketSchiller and
  2501. When I saw the missile I winged my high end estimate, 21.5 length by 2.1 diameter and weight 68 tons.  Wasn't that far, was conservative about diameter as ratio of length : diameter for 12 is exactly 11 and for 14 it is 11.4something. This one is niner.
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  2503. Vipin Narang? @NarangVipin
  2504. 9h9 hours ago
  2506. Vipin Narang Retweeted GeorgeWilliamHerbert
  2508. If you are not following @GeorgeWHerbert, who is an actual rocket scientist, on North Korea...you need to. Hugely important point here right now ????
  2510. Vipin Narang added,
  2511. GeorgeWilliamHerbert
  2512.  @GeorgeWHerbert
  2513. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert @1mpu9n3r and 2 others
  2514. Meta-point: lots new about this missile. Degree of certainty on anything low, likelihood that we misread photo interpretation/ analysis on some details is fairly high. If two credible possibilities exist keep both in mind / discussion for now until get better conclusion/evidence.
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  2516. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  2517. 9h9 hours ago
  2518. Replying to @aaronstein1 @RobotikaAutomat and
  2520. FEAR THE POD!  (Eagerly quivering)
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  2522. Aaron Stein? @aaronstein1
  2523. 9h9 hours ago
  2524. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert @RobotikaAutomat and
  2526. Dont make assumptions about what is in the pod until you’ve listened to it :)
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  2528. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  2529. 9h9 hours ago
  2530. Replying to @RobotikaAutomat @RocketSchiller and
  2532. Matches the assumption that it's the 80-ton engine and observed liftoff acceleration ~2-3 m/s, so 1.2-1.3 Gs.  1.2 would be 80/1.2=66.7 ton gross liftoff overall weight.  1.3 would be 61.5 tons. Dimensions, volume fuel fraction est from tank layouts, fuel density ~1.1 average
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  2534. Luka? @RobotikaAutomat
  2535. 10h10 hours ago
  2537. @RocketSchiller @ArmsControlWonk @nktpnd @stoa1984 @GeorgeWHerbert @GreatPoppo @aaronstein1 @planet4589 @NarangVipin http://www.b14643.de/Spacerockets/Specials/Hwasong-15/index.htm … 22 meter length and 2.4 meter diameter. Not in time fot ACWPodcast...
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  2539. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  2540. 12h12 hours ago
  2541. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert @insertcleverid @Popehat
  2543. Inertia and situational blindness to own past judgements in newly changed social moral areas, combined w shame, affects Polanski.
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  2545. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  2546. 12h12 hours ago
  2547. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert @insertcleverid @Popehat
  2549. Ignoring inertia and situational blindness in past actions, most of those groups have shifted enough that they flipped on sexual abuse almost universally this year.
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  2551. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  2552. 12h12 hours ago
  2553. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert @insertcleverid @Popehat
  2555. But; power has always been situational. Social power, artist cred power, counterculture cred power, money, politics, etc.
  2557. Polanski had money, art, counterculture power. And those groups were ok with in-group members getting away with some things. Sex things being one.
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  2559. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  2560. 12h12 hours ago
  2561. Replying to @insertcleverid @Popehat
  2563. All the views have evolved. But in different areas. We have to separately consider law/justice, morality, and social norms. Morality holds & has held its wrong. Law and Justice have been consistent.
  2565. Social norms have evolved. Powerful people used to get away with shit regularly.
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  2567. Jonathan A. Goff? @rocketrepreneur
  2568. 12h12 hours ago
  2569. Replying to @DerekL1963 @GeorgeWHerbert @Jeff2Serenity
  2571. I've favorited some of the previous articles on the topic. I'm just too busy today. Flying down to San Diego this afternoon for a pitch event, and frantically trying to get enough stuff done before I go.
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  2573. Derek Lyons? @DerekL1963
  2574. 12h12 hours ago
  2576. @GeorgeWHerbert @rocketrepreneur @Jeff2Serenity
  2577. Surprised there hasn't been any comment this morning on this...
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  2579. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  2580. 13h13 hours ago
  2581. Replying to @Davenpbl @1mpu9n3r @NuclearAnthro
  2583. Nobody has asked a dumb question on this all so far!  No worries.
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  2585. B Davenport? @Davenpbl
  2586. 13h13 hours ago
  2587. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert @1mpu9n3r @NuclearAnthro
  2589. I'm pulling from a more limited depth of knowledge, including college work over a decade ago, so most of my questions are hopefully asked without being begged.
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  2591. Martin “HEU & Santa” Pfeiffer? @NuclearAnthro
  2592. 14h14 hours ago
  2593. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert @Davenpbl @1mpu9n3r
  2595. At this point I’m just honored to be present and allowed to offer some color commentary!
  2597. Me in my head right now:
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  2599. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  2600. 14h14 hours ago
  2601. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert @Davenpbl and
  2603. There's a difference between "I have done detailed concept design/proposals on multiple space launch vehicles in past" (true) and "I intimately know all 20-30 disciplines needed for that personally without rereading references" (hell no)
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  2605. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  2606. 14h14 hours ago
  2607. Replying to @Davenpbl @1mpu9n3r @NuclearAnthro
  2609. I'd use baffles. The line at which you *need* them has so many factors in consideration that I'm not going there today. There are many journal articles, a NASA SP-4000 series bookon topic. Don't recall details of decision tree / calculation / criteria at this time.
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  2611. Martin “HEU & Santa” Pfeiffer? @NuclearAnthro
  2612. 14h14 hours ago
  2613. Replying to @Davenpbl @GeorgeWHerbert @1mpu9n3r
  2615. Rocket science is hard.
  2617. Look, get me close enough to the outside and I have a way to tell: shroud or RV.
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  2619. B Davenport? @Davenpbl
  2620. 14h14 hours ago
  2621. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert @1mpu9n3r @NuclearAnthro
  2623. Wouldn't a tank that size, one that shows a fuel pipe narrowing to that degree, require internal baffles to keep the fluid from sloshing around? Still operating in guess-land I admit, to your point about facts versus assumptions... just looking for more data-points.
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  2625. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  2626. 14h14 hours ago
  2627. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert @1mpu9n3r and
  2629. Looks to memost likely conical object point tip shadow though. Not disagreeing on higher probability interpretation.
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  2631. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  2632. 14h14 hours ago
  2633. Replying to @1mpu9n3r @NuclearAnthro @Davenpbl
  2635. That's part of the evidence yes. But also might be line of lighting down tank far side.
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  2637. W.K. Heisenberg? @1mpu9n3r
  2638. 14h14 hours ago
  2639. Replying to @1mpu9n3r @GeorgeWHerbert and
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  2642. W.K. Heisenberg? @1mpu9n3r
  2643. 14h14 hours ago
  2644. Replying to @1mpu9n3r @GeorgeWHerbert and
  2646. I see a pointy shadow
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  2648. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  2649. 14h14 hours ago
  2650. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert @1mpu9n3r and
  2652. (I expect MIIS team has someone or someones I know doing among other things that specific analysis now...)
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  2654. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  2655. 14h14 hours ago
  2656. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert @1mpu9n3r and
  2658. My eyeballs guess on that is conical. But low certainty. Someone modeling it for real will get answer.
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  2660. W.K. Heisenberg? @1mpu9n3r
  2661. 14h14 hours ago
  2662. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert @NuclearAnthro @Davenpbl
  2664. The shadow from then spotlight on the RV (?) might help
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  2666. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  2667. 14h14 hours ago
  2668. Replying to @1mpu9n3r @NuclearAnthro @Davenpbl
  2670. On the original question; I think a proper geometric reconstruction will eventually tell us which. Should be able to tell if central object shrinks more at given apparent distance (conical, likely RV) vs proportional to apparent distance (two cylinders, likely tank).
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  2672. W.K. Heisenberg? @1mpu9n3r
  2673. 14h14 hours ago
  2674. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert @NuclearAnthro @Davenpbl
  2676. ??
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  2678. Martin “HEU & Santa” Pfeiffer? @NuclearAnthro
  2679. 14h14 hours ago
  2680. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert @1mpu9n3r @Davenpbl
  2682. This is outstanding advice.
  2684. Thanks for letting me watch & join in as y’all discuss, I AM SERIOUSLY HAVING SO MUCH FUN! ??
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  2686. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  2687. 14h14 hours ago
  2688. Replying to @Davenpbl @1mpu9n3r @NuclearAnthro
  2690. Yes. Both could have glass or other transparent window on camera containers.
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  2692. Dave Schmerler? @DaveSchmerler
  2693. 14h14 hours ago
  2694. Replying to @aj_plummer @Comparativist and
  2696. the original set of images usually come from Rodong, KCNA, and Uriminzokkiri.
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  2698. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  2699. 14h14 hours ago
  2700. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert @1mpu9n3r and
  2702. Meta-point: lots new about this missile. Degree of certainty on anything low, likelihood that we misread photo interpretation/ analysis on some details is fairly high. If two credible possibilities exist keep both in mind / discussion for now until get better conclusion/evidence.
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  2704. B Davenport? @Davenpbl
  2705. 14h14 hours ago
  2706. Replying to @Davenpbl @GeorgeWHerbert and
  2708. That's not to imply I know either way, I don't....
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  2710. B Davenport? @Davenpbl
  2711. 14h14 hours ago
  2712. Replying to @1mpu9n3r @GeorgeWHerbert @NuclearAnthro
  2714. Also I don't see any anti-slosh baffles in the pic? Not a great view though...
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  2716. A.J. Plummer? @aj_plummer
  2717. 14h14 hours ago
  2718. Replying to @Comparativist @GeorgeWHerbert and
  2720. I might just be a noob to this thread, but how did you come by these photos?
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  2722. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  2723. 14h14 hours ago
  2724. Replying to @1mpu9n3r @NuclearAnthro @Davenpbl
  2726. Probably; a ring stiffened flat plate monocoque, pressure stabilized balloon (non-isogrid/orthogrid) tank also possible though. I think most likely under shroud/RV and shroud stiffeners; firmness of conclusion not solid yet, keep both possibilities in mind.
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  2728. B Davenport? @Davenpbl
  2729. 14h14 hours ago
  2730. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert @1mpu9n3r @NuclearAnthro
  2732. Could you put a camera into an N2O4 or UDMH environment and get a useful picture? Haven't seen a video of it before. LH or LO I've seen....
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  2734. Martin “HEU & Santa” Pfeiffer? @NuclearAnthro
  2735. 14h14 hours ago
  2736. Replying to @Davenpbl @GeorgeWHerbert
  2738. Makes sense.  
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  2742. W.K. Heisenberg? @1mpu9n3r
  2743. 14h14 hours ago
  2744. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert @NuclearAnthro @Davenpbl
  2746. Structure is to withstand pressure from outside IMO
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  2748. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  2749. 14h14 hours ago
  2750. Replying to @1mpu9n3r @NuclearAnthro @Davenpbl
  2752. Assuming that's the shroud and not an inside view of a propellant tank. ???????
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  2754. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  2755. 14h14 hours ago
  2756. Replying to @NuclearAnthro @Davenpbl
  2758. Not yet.  So many parts to stare at, and more photos released as we go.
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  2760. W.K. Heisenberg? @1mpu9n3r
  2761. 14h14 hours ago
  2762. Replying to @NuclearAnthro @GeorgeWHerbert @Davenpbl
  2764. W.K. Heisenberg Retweeted W.K. Heisenberg
  2766. W.K. Heisenberg added,
  2767. W.K. Heisenberg
  2768.  @1mpu9n3r
  2769. #DPRK #ICBM In flight on board camera showing the RV under its fairing. Huge volume still  available (MIRV able). The telemetry downlink seams to be strong. Screenshot from @RebeccaRambar
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  2771. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  2772. 14h14 hours ago
  2773. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert @NuclearAnthro @Davenpbl
  2775. If we get looks at either RV separately or the top end with top off, RV materials (If unpainted) would be matte for lightweight composite ablative.  Shiny ish for carbon-carbon. And mounting patterns of components...
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  2777. Martin “HEU & Santa” Pfeiffer? @NuclearAnthro
  2778. 14h14 hours ago
  2779. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert @Davenpbl
  2781. Thank you. :)
  2783. What I meant was, do you have a take on if that is a shroud or an RV.
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  2785. B Davenport? @Davenpbl
  2786. 14h14 hours ago
  2787. Replying to @NuclearAnthro @GeorgeWHerbert
  2789. To me the shroud/RV looks to be the same material as the rest of the missile. An RV would be some carbon composite or some other ablative material. Especially since its a blunter front end, it's going to need to ablate to survive I think versus trying to get through with shocks
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  2791. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  2792. 14h14 hours ago
  2793. Replying to @NuclearAnthro @Davenpbl
  2795. Lighter weight low density ablative thermal protection materials, cork filled or glass microspheres filled, may not be strong enough to survive high air loads during maximum dynamic pressure during ascent. Also decoys, systems exposed.
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  2797. Martin “HEU & Santa” Pfeiffer? @NuclearAnthro
  2798. 14h14 hours ago
  2799. Replying to @NuclearAnthro @Davenpbl
  2801. Out of curiosity, why do you think it’s a shroud vs an RV? I was trying to think this through last night in terms of observable characteristics. Ping @GeorgeWHerbert
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  2803. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  2804. 15h15 hours ago
  2805. Replying to @NuclearAnthro @DuitsyWasHere
  2807. Re materials; visible rings and joins on body in tanks regions, and black low reflection area in interstage section. My eyeballs interpretation: tanks are rolled and welded Aluminum barrel sections; isogrid/orthogrid internal waffle pattern. Interstage Carbon fiber composites.
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  2809. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  2810. 15h15 hours ago
  2811. Replying to @TrivialGravitas @DuitsyWasHere
  2813. Previous steered with the four small engines; central big one was fixed in place.  This one apparently steers with two main ones.
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  2815. Stan Attaphia? @Attaphia
  2816. 17h17 hours ago
  2817. Replying to @Attaphia @MoonofA and
  2819. Some SERIOUSLY interesting people there.  Also @NarangVipin followed.
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  2821. Stan Attaphia? @Attaphia
  2822. 18h18 hours ago
  2823. Replying to @MoonofA @RocketSchiller and
  2825. Thanks.
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  2827. Moon of Alabama? @MoonofA
  2828. 18h18 hours ago
  2829. Replying to @Attaphia
  2831. H-15 can reach most of U.S. with a nuke.
  2832. I am an amateur but you can follow experts: @RocketSchiller @GeorgeWHerbert @ArmsControlWonk @nktpnd ...
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  2834. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  2835. 19h19 hours ago
  2836. Replying to @1mpu9n3r @stoa1984 @RebeccaRambar
  2838. I think this is an interesting debate and questions.  I think RV (had shroud camera on-14).  Buuut....
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  2840. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  2841. 19h19 hours ago
  2842. Replying to @mlowdi @quinnnorton
  2844. My team always hunts lawn and garden gnomes with sniper rifles and shotguns, this crisis reinforces our existing practices.
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  2846. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  2847. 23h23 hours ago
  2848. Replying to @martyn_williams
  2850. The video has angles, details not previously released.  Can tell materials different in interstage, other details could not see before.
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  2852. Alan? @AlanKielan
  2853. 23h23 hours ago
  2854. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert @ArmsControlWonk
  2856. Valid. Changes nothing in terms of counter measures and threat detection. Nice talking to you.
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  2858. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  2859. 24h24 hours ago
  2860. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert @AlanKielan @ArmsControlWonk
  2862. Keep in mind, South Korea keeps threatening to fire no-warning first strike decapitation strikes on Kim. And the IS keeps provoking and talking regime change. You think they wouldn't load live warheads under the circumstances?
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  2864. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  2865. 24h24 hours ago
  2866. Replying to @AlanKielan @ArmsControlWonk
  2868. How many HS-12,-14, Musudan, Pukguksong-2, HS-7/Nodong, are in deep bunkers with live Disco Ball or Juche Peanut warheads now, out of ~60 weapons worth of fissile materials they produced?
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  2870. Alan? @AlanKielan
  2871. Nov 29
  2872. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert @ArmsControlWonk
  2874. Secure Fiber is an interesting statement.
  2875. How soon after a 'flyable' warhead is loaded, do you think we would have knowledge of that? The fueling procedure alone raises significant red flags when used as behaviour analysis..
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  2877. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  2878. Nov 29
  2879. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert @AlanKielan @ArmsControlWonk
  2881. Combat launches: preprogrammed fire plan, release code. Phone call, over secure fiber line. First call: fuel, prep alert. Second call: Fire plan activated, confirms code.  TEL rolls out, disperse to one of several nearby prepared firing points. Erect missiles, fire.
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  2883. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  2884. Nov 29
  2885. Replying to @AlanKielan @ArmsControlWonk
  2887. So did I, well press covered.  A *test launch* they turned on extra communications, radar, telemetry systems; notified press photographers and teams to artistically and security vet photos on short notice. Including some interesting specific photoshop and angles chosen.
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  2889. Alan? @AlanKielan
  2890. Nov 29
  2891. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert @ArmsControlWonk
  2893. I knew about the launch almost a day before. Im not connected.
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  2895. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  2896. Nov 29
  2897. Replying to @AlanKielan @ArmsControlWonk
  2899. The Hyunmoo-2 can't set up magically instantly.
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  2901. Alan? @AlanKielan
  2902. Nov 29
  2903. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert @ArmsControlWonk
  2905. False. Seriously, you all need to calm down. The hysteria is not necessary. Step back, slow your thinking. I beg you.  Best Wishes.
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  2907. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  2908. Nov 29
  2909. Replying to @AlanKielan @ArmsControlWonk
  2911. There's no prompt intervention capability to the middle of North Korea.
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  2913. Alan? @AlanKielan
  2914. Nov 29
  2915. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert @ArmsControlWonk
  2917. I worked on missile tracking & assessment in the Corps....try again.
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  2919. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  2920. Nov 29
  2921. Replying to @AlanKielan @ArmsControlWonk
  2923. There's no hint of such a system.  Try again.
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  2925. Alan? @AlanKielan
  2926. Nov 29
  2927. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert @ArmsControlWonk
  2929. If a threat is detected, it will not leave the launch pad. I stand by that statement, as well as the threat assessment capabilities & multiple counter measures.
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  2931. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  2932. Nov 29
  2933. Replying to @AlanKielan @ArmsControlWonk
  2935. You pointed vaguely at DARPA and claimed it would have solved this. DARPA *expects* 50 percent concept failures at its level. They say so. Much less whether it can go from primitive demonstrations to fielded.
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  2937. Chris V? @ChrisV3141
  2938. Nov 29
  2939. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert @wslafoy
  2941. I think the Hw-15 is what the KN-14 was supposed to be.
  2943. Only the KN-14 used Musudan engines and they couldn't make them work.
  2945. With the Juche RD-250 the Hw-12 took the place of the Musudan and the Hw-15 takes the place of the KN-14.
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  2947. Alan? @AlanKielan
  2948. Nov 29
  2949. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert @ArmsControlWonk
  2951. What did i make up George?
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  2953. ??Williams? @Strike_Williams
  2954. Nov 29
  2955. Replying to @wslafoy @stoa1984 @GeorgeWHerbert
  2957. Looks like another shroud
  2958. "
  2961. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  2963. Repeating :
  2965. 11/29/2017, about 10:38 p.m.,California UNited States time
  2968. These myredbook.com now providingsupport.com CRIMINALS (and REPUBLICANS) obviously have NOT been sleeping in the last 3 days and nights (can you say ecstasy,lsd,cocaine,meth, and heroin ????!!!!!), but they are PURPOSELY ignoring, and with MALICIOUS INTENT our cease & desists, in respect to them hacking anything we use (including Karen Watson). Oh & all the creators of EVERY CALLING app on windows, android, and apple phones, these CRIMINALS have hacked ALL your apps ! Yes, that means GOOGLE VOICE, as well (as soon as we start copying, there is a stoppage, in tweets, btw)
  2970. Proof of no sleep below.
  2972. "
  2973.  Alan? @AlanKielan
  2974. 7m7 minutes ago
  2975. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert @ArmsControlWonk
  2977. I knew about the launch almost a day before. Im not connected.
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  2979. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  2980. 13m13 minutes ago
  2981. Replying to @AlanKielan @ArmsControlWonk
  2983. The Hyunmoo-2 can't set up magically instantly.
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  2985. Alan? @AlanKielan
  2986. 15m15 minutes ago
  2987. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert @ArmsControlWonk
  2989. False. Seriously, you all need to calm down. The hysteria is not necessary. Step back, slow your thinking. I beg you.  Best Wishes.
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  2991. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  2992. 18m18 minutes ago
  2993. Replying to @AlanKielan @ArmsControlWonk
  2995. There's no prompt intervention capability to the middle of North Korea.
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  2997. Alan? @AlanKielan
  2998. 25m25 minutes ago
  2999. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert @ArmsControlWonk
  3001. I worked on missile tracking & assessment in the Corps....try again.
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  3003. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  3004. 28m28 minutes ago
  3005. Replying to @AlanKielan @ArmsControlWonk
  3007. There's no hint of such a system.  Try again.
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  3009. Alan? @AlanKielan
  3010. 39m39 minutes ago
  3011. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert @ArmsControlWonk
  3013. If a threat is detected, it will not leave the launch pad. I stand by that statement, as well as the threat assessment capabilities & multiple counter measures.
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  3015. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  3016. 44m44 minutes ago
  3017. Replying to @AlanKielan @ArmsControlWonk
  3019. You pointed vaguely at DARPA and claimed it would have solved this. DARPA *expects* 50 percent concept failures at its level. They say so. Much less whether it can go from primitive demonstrations to fielded.
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  3021. Chris V? @ChrisV3141
  3022. 1h1 hour ago
  3023. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert @wslafoy
  3025. I think the Hw-15 is what the KN-14 was supposed to be.
  3027. Only the KN-14 used Musudan engines and they couldn't make them work.
  3029. With the Juche RD-250 the Hw-12 took the place of the Musudan and the Hw-15 takes the place of the KN-14.
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  3031. Alan? @AlanKielan
  3032. 2h2 hours ago
  3033. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert @ArmsControlWonk
  3035. What did i make up George?
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  3037. ??Williams? @Strike_Williams
  3038. 2h2 hours ago
  3039. Replying to @wslafoy @stoa1984 @GeorgeWHerbert
  3041. Looks like another shroud
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  3043. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  3044. 2h2 hours ago
  3045. Replying to @AlanKielan @ArmsControlWonk
  3047. Stop making shit up about operational systems.
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  3049. Sri Anjali Devi? @srianjalidevi75
  3050. 2h2 hours ago
  3051. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert @stoa1984 and
  3053. I am working on a simpler design for same, but, one of my day jobs has been cutting into my time.
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  3055. Scott LaFoy? @wslafoy
  3056. 2h2 hours ago
  3057. Replying to @stoa1984 @GeorgeWHerbert
  3059. that was my first thought. But I think i'm jumping the gun on something mundane
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  3061. Bruce Ediger? @BruceEdiger
  3062. 2h2 hours ago
  3063. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert @NuclearAnthro and
  3065. Valid point. I'd think that someone would explain safety issue, even in that environment, let him make his own decision.
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  3067. xutianran? @stoa1984
  3068. 2h2 hours ago
  3069. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert @wslafoy
  3071. nice observation.....
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  3073. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  3074. 2h2 hours ago
  3075. Replying to @BruceEdiger @NuclearAnthro and
  3077. Who in the country is going to tell him no and make it stick?...
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  3079. Bruce Ediger? @BruceEdiger
  3080. 2h2 hours ago
  3081. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert @NuclearAnthro and
  3083. So hypergolic and really bad for you. No sane person would drive a fueled up missile around. Also should not let Supreme Leader inspect a fueled missile, either, or watch a launch from nearby under a tent.
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  3085. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  3086. 2h2 hours ago
  3087. Replying to @wslafoy
  3089. Thought it was a -14 shroud?...
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  3091. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  3092. 3h3 hours ago
  3093. Replying to @TrumpIsInPrison @ArmsControlWonk
  3095. Should get a camera expert but possibly hot pixels on the camera sensor?...
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  3097. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  3098. 3h3 hours ago
  3099. Replying to @BruceEdiger @NuclearAnthro and
  3101. Probably NTO/UDMH.  Nitrogen tetroxide, unsymmetrical dimethyl hydrazine.
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  3103. Bruce Ediger? @BruceEdiger
  3104. 3h3 hours ago
  3105. Replying to @NuclearAnthro @DaveSchmerler and
  3107. Do we know what propellants are? Exhaust in liftoff picture looks too dirty to be LOX & alcohol,  or JP whatever.
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  3109. Trey Menefee? @Comparativist
  3110. 4h4 hours ago
  3111. Replying to @Comparativist @GeorgeWHerbert and
  3113. Got a clearer serial number
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  3115. Trey Menefee? @Comparativist
  3116. 4h4 hours ago
  3117. Replying to @Comparativist @GeorgeWHerbert and
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  3120. Trey Menefee? @Comparativist
  3121. 5h5 hours ago
  3122. Replying to @Comparativist @GeorgeWHerbert and
  3124. Last one
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  3126. Trey Menefee? @Comparativist
  3127. 5h5 hours ago
  3128. Replying to @Comparativist @GeorgeWHerbert and
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  3131. Trey Menefee? @Comparativist
  3132. 5h5 hours ago
  3133. Replying to @Comparativist @GeorgeWHerbert and
  3135. Compare with the [edited] color version. Low contrast B&W brings out structural details better
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  3137. Trey Menefee? @Comparativist
  3138. 5h5 hours ago
  3139. Replying to @Comparativist @GeorgeWHerbert and
  3141. Here’s an album. Will update over next few hours
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  3143. Trey Menefee? @Comparativist
  3144. 5h5 hours ago
  3145. Replying to @Comparativist @GeorgeWHerbert and
  3147. Was mostly trying to make the external engine visible + show that the dark body contrasting with night sky + white balance fix + subtle art of de-noising and sharpening
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  3149. Trey Menefee? @Comparativist
  3150. 5h5 hours ago
  3151. Replying to @Comparativist @GeorgeWHerbert and
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  3154. Trey Menefee? @Comparativist
  3155. 5h5 hours ago
  3156. Replying to @Comparativist @GeorgeWHerbert and
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  3159. Trey Menefee? @Comparativist
  3160. 5h5 hours ago
  3161. Replying to @Comparativist @GeorgeWHerbert and
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  3164. Trey Menefee? @Comparativist
  3165. 6h6 hours ago
  3166. Replying to @Comparativist @GeorgeWHerbert and
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  3169. Trey Menefee? @Comparativist
  3170. 6h6 hours ago
  3171. Replying to @Comparativist @GeorgeWHerbert and
  3173. More. And I think B&W helps
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  3175. Trey Menefee? @Comparativist
  3176. 6h6 hours ago
  3177. Replying to @Comparativist @GeorgeWHerbert and
  3179. But this is HS-14, right? Edited anyway But this is HS-14, right? Edited anyway
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  3181. Trey Menefee? @Comparativist
  3182. 6h6 hours ago
  3183. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert @wslafoy and
  3185. Better color accuracy, more visible. Hard AF with this dynamic range and that resolution
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  3187. Martin “HEU & Santa” Pfeiffer? @NuclearAnthro
  3188. 7h7 hours ago
  3189. Replying to @wslafoy @AscendingNode and
  3191. Thank you!
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  3193. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  3194. 7h7 hours ago
  3195. Replying to @Comparativist @wslafoy and
  3197. The photo interpretation / analysis geeks are summoned and welcome to attack the problem!
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  3199. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  3200. 7h7 hours ago
  3201. Replying to @DuitsyWasHere @NarangVipin and
  3203. The Titan I and II did.  Looking into RD-180 on current Atlas details but I think the two nozzles are 2D articulated. It just requires two short either rotating fluid bearings per chamber or short flexible pipes. Both off the shelf.
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  3205. Trey Menefee? @Comparativist
  3206. 7h7 hours ago
  3207. Replying to @wslafoy @AscendingNode and
  3209. I shall go there
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  3211. Scott LaFoy? @wslafoy
  3212. 7h7 hours ago
  3213. Replying to @NuclearAnthro @AscendingNode and
  3215. that's my working assumption for now
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  3217. Martin “HEU & Santa” Pfeiffer? @NuclearAnthro
  3218. 7h7 hours ago
  3219. Replying to @AscendingNode @wslafoy and
  3221. So it’s probably the pictures/lighting, not propellant change?
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  3223. Scott LaFoy? @wslafoy
  3224. 7h7 hours ago
  3225. Replying to @AscendingNode @NuclearAnthro and
  3227. that way lies madness, friend
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  3229. Simon Porter? @AscendingNode
  3230. 7h7 hours ago
  3231. Replying to @wslafoy @NuclearAnthro and
  3233. Yeah, the pain of auto while balance. Might be able to color correct if you knew the exact color of the trees.
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  3235. Michael Duitsman? @DuitsyWasHere
  3236. 7h7 hours ago
  3237. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert @NarangVipin and
  3239. But wouldn't gimbaling the nozzles on an RD-250 would be hard? Since the turbopump is mounted between them. That's the only way I can think that the new first stage could steer, given the lack of vernier nozzles or steering vanes.
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  3241. Scott LaFoy? @wslafoy
  3242. 7h7 hours ago
  3243. Replying to @NuclearAnthro @GeorgeWHerbert and
  3245. Eh, colors are weird
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  3247. Martin “HEU & Santa” Pfeiffer? @NuclearAnthro
  3248. 7h7 hours ago
  3249. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert @NarangVipin and
  3251. @wslafoy is it me, the lighting, or does it look like a different colored propellant cloud? Different propellants?
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  3253. VERYFYD BLUE CHECK MARK MAN? @Mathieu70165146
  3254. 7h7 hours ago
  3255. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert @NarangVipin and
  3257. Let me know when it's R2-D2 configuration
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  3259. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  3260. 7h7 hours ago
  3261. Replying to @NarangVipin @DaveSchmerler @mhanham
  3263. Hypothetically the 80 ton engine could move closer to RD-250 configuration with one turbopump two engine chamber/nozzle sets. Common Soviet/Russian approach
  3264. 3 replies 4 retweets 6 likes
  3265. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  3266. 7h7 hours ago
  3267. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert @1mpu9n3r and
  3269. Lack of followup on a specific development means just that. No implication it's wrong or not significant.
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  3271. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  3272. 7h7 hours ago
  3273. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert @1mpu9n3r and
  3275. For my readers, I don't get paid for my nonproliferation and North Korean weapons reverse engineering work and in last 18 months there are more threads of new development than I could adequately cover even if I was full time on it. Picking battles to fight.
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  3277. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  3278. 8h8 hours ago
  3279. Replying to @1mpu9n3r @wslafoy @DaveSchmerler
  3281. ??????? they've had a variation on this problem for a while. Not worth time so far for me to seriously investigate but maybe significant.
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  3283. W.K. Heisenberg? @1mpu9n3r
  3284. 8h8 hours ago
  3285. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert @wslafoy @DaveSchmerler
  3287. On some pictures once HS-15 erected , TEL front wheels are in the air, on other no...but they put wooden beams beneath the missile.
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  3289. W.K. Heisenberg? @1mpu9n3r
  3290. 8h8 hours ago
  3291. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert @wslafoy @DaveSchmerler
  3293. W.K. Heisenberg Retweeted W.K. Heisenberg
  3295. W.K. Heisenberg added,
  3296. W.K. Heisenberg
  3297.  @1mpu9n3r
  3298. #ICBM #Hwasong15 Some adjustments requested?!
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  3300. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  3301. 8h8 hours ago
  3302. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert @wslafoy @DaveSchmerler
  3304. With that said; until we measure a bunch this is a bit of speculation. But first impression is that's the right size for a HS-14 first stage on that TEL, and an obvious conclusion. So now we measure.
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  3306. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  3307. 8h8 hours ago
  3308. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert @wslafoy @DaveSchmerler
  3310. This one goes to full diameter and possibly slightly relatively longer second stage. Perhaps twice the propellant. Should significantly improve range for same payload on an HS-14 first stage.
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  3312. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  3313. 8h8 hours ago
  3314. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert @wslafoy @DaveSchmerler
  3316. The HS-14 first stage structure might have been designed for larger upper stage from the beginning. Unless tgey say so or we find debris from earlier tests there's no way to be sure yes or no. But obvious consideration.
  3317. 1 reply 4 retweets 2 likes
  3318. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  3319. 8h8 hours ago
  3320. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert @wslafoy @DaveSchmerler
  3322. I predicted earlier, after very early reverse engineering work, that a new second stage engine and larger stage are an obvious upgrade.
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  3324. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  3325. 8h8 hours ago
  3326. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert @wslafoy @DaveSchmerler
  3328. For a bunch of reasons involving math and rocket engineering, the HS-14 second stage was undersized for optimal payload delivery. They used existing low thrust engines.
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  3330. Nicholas Weaver?Verified account @ncweaver
  3331. 8h8 hours ago
  3332. Replying to @aaronstein1 @GeorgeWHerbert and
  3334. And the deadbeat dad is still erecting those missiles...
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  3336. Aaron Stein? @aaronstein1
  3337. 8h8 hours ago
  3338. Replying to @ncweaver @GeorgeWHerbert and
  3340. tomorrow. We are on it.
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  3342. Nicholas Weaver?Verified account @ncweaver
  3343. 8h8 hours ago
  3344. Replying to @aaronstein1 @GeorgeWHerbert and
  3346. "Launch a missile, get a pod"
  3347. That is what our patreaon is paying for.  :)
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  3349. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  3350. 8h8 hours ago
  3351. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert @wslafoy @DaveSchmerler
  3353. Full diameter second stage.  Not guessing first stage diameter but if same as HS-14 then this is a predictable upgrade I have speculated about.
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  3355. Aaron Stein? @aaronstein1
  3356. 8h8 hours ago
  3357. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert @wslafoy @DaveSchmerler
  3359. We were literally just speculating about no pics. Now I need to prepare for a pod. Damn you KJU
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  3361. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  3362. 8h8 hours ago
  3363. Replying to @wslafoy @DaveSchmerler
  3365. Here we go
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  3367. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  3368. 8h8 hours ago
  3369. Replying to @GeraldoRivera
  3371. No.  Fuck no, even.
  3373. You're lending way to much credence to the "false accusations" idea. BY FAR most are true. Stop assuming otherwise. And no moral or societal repercussions statute of limitations please.
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  3375. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  3376. 8h8 hours ago
  3378. GeorgeWilliamHerbert Retweeted Rosatom Global
  3380. Cue Saddam's Press Minister on 3...2...1...
  3382. GeorgeWilliamHerbert added,
  3383. Rosatom Global
  3384.  @RosatomGlobal
  3385. We welcome journalists coming to visit our sites. The announced site visit is going to take place in the coming days. And we are also working on another one, for foreign nationals, as it takes more time to organise it. The reports of any cancellations are incorrect. https://twitter.com/ASLuhn/status/935973790873477125 …
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  3387. Nicholas Weaver?Verified account @ncweaver
  3388. 9h9 hours ago
  3389. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert @QuinnyPig
  3391. Oh facepalm...  Two others that come to mind:
  3392. The integer overflow Arian rocket crash
  3393. The Mars probe that screwed up because the vendor used miles instead of kilometers and it went splat.
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  3395. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  3396. 9h9 hours ago
  3398. GeorgeWilliamHerbert Retweeted Raymond Francis
  3400. Paging @ncweaver and @QuinnyPig .  Software configuration management spacecraft disaster?...
  3402. GeorgeWilliamHerbert added,
  3403. Raymond Francis
  3404.  @CosmicRaymond
  3405. This is a new and amazing kind of launch vehicle software disaster: Apparently they set the attitude parameters for the wrong launch site https://twitter.com/RussianSpaceWeb/status/935966973254623232 …
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  3407. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  3408. 9h9 hours ago
  3409. Replying to @RalstonReports
  3411. If Geraldo read details and thought "flirty" IMHO he likely offended too.
  3413. If he didn't read details... ??
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  3415. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  3416. 9h9 hours ago
  3417. Replying to @SuzyHobbsBaker @CherylRofer
  3419. Not like it's not already on the keep watchful eye out list ??
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  3421. FelineCannonball? @BogusC
  3422. 10h10 hours ago
  3423. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert @steffanwatkins and
  3425. Agreed that they already have an effective deterrent. And our interceptors have been a known commodity all along.  NK undoubtedly has been thinking strategically on that front.  Decoys, extra missiles, vernier thrusters on second stage, ... Whatever is easier.
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  3427. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  3428. 10h10 hours ago
  3429. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert @BogusC and
  3431. However, if they seek to effectively deter the US and we have 44 interceptor missiles we think are no better than 50% reliable, they really are there already at 60 warheads (and 12 more worth a year is gravy...)
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  3433. Eric Gomez? @EricGomezAsia
  3434. 10h10 hours ago
  3435. Replying to @NuclearAnthro @GeorgeWHerbert @ArmsControlWonk
  3437. A "sub-strategic strategic sub" perhaps?
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  3439. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  3440. 10h10 hours ago
  3441. Replying to @BogusC @steffanwatkins and
  3443. No. The rate limit is always money. If bombs are cheaper than missiles (including amortized centrifuges costs) but they don't have enough centrifuges then they buy more centrifuges, hire more Uranium miners.
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  3445. FelineCannonball? @BogusC
  3446. 10h10 hours ago
  3447. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert @steffanwatkins and
  3449. Steffan is saying that the rate-limiting step for NK is fissionable material.  But that doesn't stop them from building excess Hawsong-15s.
  3451. It's a simple point and it is correct.
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  3453. Martin “HEU & Santa” Pfeiffer? @NuclearAnthro
  3454. 10h10 hours ago
  3455. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert @steffanwatkins and
  3457. Currently it averages out to 4 based on New START released #s. Actual loadings, ?
  3459. The UK was talking about 1 warhead missiles for “sub-strategic” for a bit.
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  3461. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  3462. 10h10 hours ago
  3463. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert @steffanwatkins and
  3465. Up to 8 of those warheads per missile.  Typical load about 4, though
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  3467. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  3468. 10h10 hours ago
  3469. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert @steffanwatkins and
  3471. US missiles - missile costs have come down and warhead costs up, but missiles cost more.  Don't know W88/W76 costs but $1-2 million range for original production. Trident II D5 about $25 million.
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  3473. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  3474. 10h10 hours ago
  3475. Replying to @steffanwatkins @monsone87 @ArmsControlWonk
  3477. It depends on relative missiles, warheads costs. And centrifuges costs. I know western numbers, NK costs..? ???????
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  3479. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  3480. 11h11 hours ago
  3481. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert @TimInHonolulu and
  3483. The question is, did the public information about RD-250 inspire NKs designers, did they steal RD-250 plans, did they get parts? @EllemanIISS argued design transfer. I think not clear, more likely inspired.
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  3485. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  3486. 11h11 hours ago
  3487. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert @TimInHonolulu and
  3489. The RD-250 rocket motors or at least turbopump assembly visually matched the 45-ish and 80-ish ton thrust liquid motors they've been testing for years.  From first inspection.
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  3491. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  3492. 11h11 hours ago
  3493. Replying to @TimInHonolulu @JosephHDempsey @Stefan_Laurell
  3495. What is an RD-36? The Concordeski first generation turbojet? What does that have to do with anything?
  3497. If you mean RD-250 (or RD-218 predecessor design) then no, the claims did not vaguely "vanish like a dream."
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  3499. Steffan Watkins
  3500. ????? @steffanwatkins
  3501. 11h11 hours ago
  3502. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert @monsone87 @ArmsControlWonk
  3504. I wish I hadn't written "cheap" :)
  3506. If (say) a dozen ICBMs were launched, how would interceptors know which one was armed with a nuclear weapon, if several were "empty"?
  3507. Yes, I know those are expensive "decoys".
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  3509. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  3510. 11h11 hours ago
  3511. Replying to @luke_j_obrien
  3513. Or stretch a bit.  Adding another pair of undriven wheels to back easy.
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  3515. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  3516. 11h11 hours ago
  3517. Replying to @JasonAbbott @mister_borogove
  3519. And generally, she and ex-wives and younger kids aren't at all to blame for what's going on now with Donald.
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  3521. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  3522. 11h11 hours ago
  3523. Replying to @steffanwatkins @monsone87 @ArmsControlWonk
  3525. That really won't work; for ICBMs the decoy missiles need to look like they're on trajectories to the US as well.  Cheap decoys can't reach that far. Though expensive decoys to confuse defenses are common.
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  3527. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  3528. 11h11 hours ago
  3529. Replying to @monsone87 @BenAdamsO_O @ArmsControlWonk
  3531. The thermonuclear model we were shown and allegedly/credibly the big latest test would take up more material, some in the secondary as well and likely bit more in primary. But still several tens of weapons in materials estimated available.
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  3533. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  3534. 18h18 hours ago
  3535. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert @mgerrydoyle
  3537. None of these things would be a good thing to have happen
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  3539. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  3540. 18h18 hours ago
  3541. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert @mgerrydoyle
  3543. Missiles live firing good enough but not as verified
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  3545. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  3546. 18h18 hours ago
  3547. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert @mgerrydoyle
  3549. But ultimately you'd need to inspect a device before firing, then test fire it in the open on a tower with nothing else bomb sized in view, something like that
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  3551. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  3552. 18h18 hours ago
  3553. Replying to @mgerrydoyle
  3555. Important points here including multiple independent reverse engineering efforts showing a Juche Peanut to be possible, not super difficult
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  3557. Quinnsplainer ' ; DROP TABLE altright_users? @quinnnorton
  3558. 18h18 hours ago
  3559. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert @kevinriggle
  3561. ok, while i was googling that to find out what it was, i found this page https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Hypothetical_chemical_compounds …  and now i have to figure out how to get back to work one day
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  3563. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  3564. 19h19 hours ago
  3565. Replying to @quinnnorton @kevinriggle
  3567. ????. At least not N60 Nitraball!
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  3569. Quinnsplainer ' ; DROP TABLE altright_users? @quinnnorton
  3570. 19h19 hours ago
  3571. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert @kevinriggle
  3573. yeah the downside of that vid is now my teen daughter wants a tattoo of azidoazide azide.
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  3575. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  3576. 19h19 hours ago
  3577. Replying to @DanKaszeta
  3579. ??
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  3581. Kevin Riggle? @kevinriggle
  3582. 19h19 hours ago
  3583. Replying to @quinnnorton @GeorgeWHerbert
  3585. I share your frustration with that attitude.
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  3587. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  3588. 19h19 hours ago
  3589. Replying to @quinnnorton @kevinriggle
  3591. Thanks!
  3593. Only worked around one of them, briefly. ??
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  3595. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  3596. 19h19 hours ago
  3597. Replying to @dakami @jessfraz
  3599. I regularly design elaborate systems to buffer mechanisms like that in other package management behind things that do better. We're advising on that now at $CLIENT though I'm deconstructing NFSv4 Kerberos 5 integration personally. ?????????
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  3601. Quinnsplainer ' ; DROP TABLE altright_users? @quinnnorton
  3602. 19h19 hours ago
  3603. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert @kevinriggle
  3605. this vid always cheers me up and makes me laugh when i'm down:
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  3607. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  3608. 19h19 hours ago
  3609. Replying to @quinnnorton @kevinriggle
  3611. Yes!
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  3613. Quinnsplainer ' ; DROP TABLE altright_users? @quinnnorton
  3614. 19h19 hours ago
  3615. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert @kevinriggle
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  3618. Dan Kaminsky?Verified account @dakami
  3619. 19h19 hours ago
  3620. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert @jessfraz
  3622. we pretend everything else isn't this :)
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  3624. Quinnsplainer ' ; DROP TABLE altright_users? @quinnnorton
  3625. 19h19 hours ago
  3626. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert @kevinriggle
  3628. come on, the commemorative plate line was pretty good.
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  3630. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  3631. 19h19 hours ago
  3632. Replying to @quinnnorton @kevinriggle
  3634. Funny, enlightened, and appropriate.
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  3636. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  3637. 19h19 hours ago
  3638. Replying to @quinnnorton @kevinriggle
  3640. Yes.  Trying to stave off Missiles Frustration by going silly rather than grumpy
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  3642. Quinnsplainer ' ; DROP TABLE altright_users? @quinnnorton
  3643. 19h19 hours ago
  3644. Replying to @quinnnorton @GeorgeWHerbert @kevinriggle
  3646. i decorate my text with oxford commas the way some people cover walls in commemorative plates.
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  3648. Quinnsplainer ' ; DROP TABLE altright_users? @quinnnorton
  3649. 19h19 hours ago
  3650. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert @kevinriggle
  3652. dude have you ever clicked on a link to anything i've written?
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  3654. Quinnsplainer ' ; DROP TABLE altright_users? @quinnnorton
  3655. 19h19 hours ago
  3656. Replying to @kevinriggle @GeorgeWHerbert
  3658. tell yourself whatcha need to, dude. :D
  3659. but yeah, speculative fiction in every usage i've seen it is about not being filed with those dregs... whoever they are at the time. and fuuuuuck that
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  3661. Luka? @RobotikaAutomat
  3662. 19h19 hours ago
  3663. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert @1mpu9n3r and
  3665. Like DNA.
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  3667. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  3668. 19h19 hours ago
  3669. Replying to @quinnnorton @kevinriggle
  3671. Just don't throw down against The Oxford Comma tonight, only so much before I'd full grumpy out ??
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  3673. Kevin Riggle? @kevinriggle
  3674. 19h19 hours ago
  3675. Replying to @quinnnorton @GeorgeWHerbert
  3677. Ah, well, there, you have my sword AND my axe, if I can figure out how to dual-wield them somehow :D
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  3679. Kevin Riggle? @kevinriggle
  3680. 19h19 hours ago
  3681. Replying to @quinnnorton @GeorgeWHerbert
  3683. Depends on who's nearby ;-)
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  3685. Quinnsplainer ' ; DROP TABLE altright_users? @quinnnorton
  3686. 19h19 hours ago
  3687. Replying to @quinnnorton @kevinriggle @GeorgeWHerbert
  3689. mind you i'm still fighting the begs the question battle.
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  3691. Quinnsplainer ' ; DROP TABLE altright_users? @quinnnorton
  3692. 19h19 hours ago
  3693. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert
  3695. not at all, i started the grumpiness. :)
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  3697. Quinnsplainer ' ; DROP TABLE altright_users? @quinnnorton
  3698. 19h19 hours ago
  3699. Replying to @kevinriggle @GeorgeWHerbert
  3701. you are in a solid minority there, sir.
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  3703. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  3704. 19h19 hours ago
  3705. Replying to @magheru_san @OyeHooye and
  3707. Run, Spot, Run!...
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  3709. Kevin Riggle? @kevinriggle
  3710. 19h19 hours ago
  3711. Replying to @quinnnorton @GeorgeWHerbert
  3713. Eh, "spec fic" is the term I use when I'm trying to argue that Vonnegut *should* get filed with Asimov &al.
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  3715. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  3716. 20h20 hours ago
  3717. Replying to @IISS_org
  3719. Minisubs.  Full size/capability, more like parity in numbers but less quality
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  3721. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  3722. 20h20 hours ago
  3723. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert @quinnnorton
  3725. Any spillover grumpy online here, I apologies.
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  3727. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  3728. 20h20 hours ago
  3729. Replying to @quinnnorton
  3731. Hey, I'm up waiting for North Korea to pull their thumbs out and deliver photos of the missile launch 16 hours ago so we can analyze it and start reverse engineering it. Just trying not to be grumpy at people I should be cuddling with instead... ??
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  3733. Quinnsplainer ' ; DROP TABLE altright_users? @quinnnorton
  3734. 20h20 hours ago
  3735. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert
  3737. *grumpy ex bookshop employee and lifelong sci-fi/fantasy fan is grumpy*
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  3739. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  3740. 20h20 hours ago
  3741. Replying to @quinnnorton
  3743. The authors I know don't primarily think that way, but it's not wrong...
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  3745. Quinnsplainer ' ; DROP TABLE altright_users? @quinnnorton
  3746. 20h20 hours ago
  3747. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert
  3749. it's totally about being better than those guys, at least to critics if no one else. i mean, look where Vonnegut gets filed.
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  3751. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  3752. 20h20 hours ago
  3753. Replying to @1mpu9n3r @stoa1984 @NuclearAnthro
  3755. Welcome to Chemical Engineering... everything's connected...
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  3757. W.K. Heisenberg? @1mpu9n3r
  3758. 20h20 hours ago
  3759. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert @stoa1984 @NuclearAnthro
  3761. Fertilizer co products are precursors
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  3763. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  3764. 20h20 hours ago
  3765. Replying to @dakami @jessfraz
  3767. (Kubernetes install by "wget | sudo bash" was ... interesting...)
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  3769. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  3770. 20h20 hours ago
  3771. Replying to @1mpu9n3r @stoa1984 @NuclearAnthro
  3773. Some pesticides (organophosphate) and chemical weapons yes; fertilizer is closely related to explosives but not chemical weapons
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  3775. W.K. Heisenberg? @1mpu9n3r
  3776. 20h20 hours ago
  3777. Replying to @stoa1984 @GeorgeWHerbert @NuclearAnthro
  3779. The boundary between fertilizers production and chemical weapons production is thin...so...
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  3781. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  3782. 20h20 hours ago
  3783. Replying to @quinnnorton
  3785. Seen as less genre limiting than "Science Fiction and Fantasy" (sometimes "...and Horror") from inside. But point taken.
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  3787. xutianran? @stoa1984
  3788. 20h20 hours ago
  3789. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert @NuclearAnthro
  3791. yes and no. that way, the brutal regime only lasts longer, even forever.
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  3793. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  3794. 20h20 hours ago
  3795. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert @NuclearAnthro @stoa1984
  3797. This is quite unfair to North Korea, who obviously have a robust real train network(and subways in Pyonyang). But I wish that they were as focused on transportation, agricultural machinery, fertilizers, healthcare like they are on missiles.
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  3799. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  3800. 21h21 hours ago
  3801. Replying to @NuclearAnthro @stoa1984
  3803. Both of them?...
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  3805. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  3806. 21h21 hours ago
  3807. Replying to @EliotHiggins
  3809. People operating in open in UK who hack banks: arrested promptly
  3811. Russian Intelligence Twitter trolls: will likely be arrested eventually, but not yet. Keep sending us more evidence, Comrades!
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  3813. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  3814. 21h21 hours ago
  3815. Replying to @NuclearAnthro @stoa1984
  3817. In morning, Soviet Language has You, Comrade.
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  3819. Martin “HEU & Santa” Pfeiffer? @NuclearAnthro
  3820. 21h21 hours ago
  3821. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert @stoa1984
  3823. I do. ????? ? ???? ???? ?????? ????.
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  3825. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  3826. 21h21 hours ago
  3827. Replying to @NuclearAnthro @stoa1984
  3829. I didn't need sleep tonight, honestly. ??
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  3831. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  3832. 21h21 hours ago
  3833. Replying to @stoa1984 @inbarspace
  3835. ...like Pukguksong-3 diagram glimpsed on factory wall behind Kim during visit.
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  3837. ??Mayank
  3838. ??Grover
  3839. ??? @Mayank_P_Grover
  3840. 21h21 hours ago
  3842. @GeorgeWHerbert thank you for clearing some of the confusion.
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  3844. xutianran? @stoa1984
  3845. 21h21 hours ago
  3846. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert @Mayank_P_Grover and
  3848. yeah...just...let's be patient......??
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  3850. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  3851. 21h21 hours ago
  3852. Replying to @stoa1984 @Mayank_P_Grover and
  3854. I could speculate in 8 or more directions. Not useful to confuse public or press when NK usually releases photos soon. Data (even thin data) far better than guessing.
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  3856. xutianran? @stoa1984
  3857. 21h21 hours ago
  3858. Replying to @stoa1984 @GeorgeWHerbert and
  3860. "super-heavy-warhead" makes me think R-14/cosmos  (or half? but surely not R-36...)  ....the wait is killing me.
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  3862. xutianran? @stoa1984
  3863. 21h21 hours ago
  3864. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert @Mayank_P_Grover and
  3866. yeah...3 stage would make 1st pretty short. even with a HS10 2nd stage, that's if they still wanna take the risk. and its throw weight is still lower than -13.
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  3868. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  3869. 21h21 hours ago
  3870. Replying to @stoa1984 @Mayank_P_Grover and
  3872. The obvious minimal -14 modifications are new second stage engine, bigger second stage.  Three stages, using same first stage engine would likely shorten the first stage tanks.
  3874. No hard evidence I saw yet for either, but -15 photos should be here soon.
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  3876. xutianran? @stoa1984
  3877. 21h21 hours ago
  3878. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert @Mayank_P_Grover and
  3880. wild guess: -14 only meant for the primary. 12, 13 and 15 intended for Mr.Peanut. cant wait to see -15, might be the 3 stage -14 you had in mind, or sth involving 80tf.
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  3882. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  3883. 22h22 hours ago
  3884. Replying to @stoa1984 @Mayank_P_Grover and
  3886. If it's real, the Juche Peanut design is much more advanced than Disco Ball but probably same weight class. Earlier missiles credibly designed for Disco Ball...
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  3888. xutianran? @stoa1984
  3889. 22h22 hours ago
  3890. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert @Mayank_P_Grover and
  3892. 1 detail bothers me, -12 and -13 have the same RV. which probably hints -14 RV much lighter.
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  3894. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  3895. 22h22 hours ago
  3896. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert @stoa1984 and
  3898. That said, waiting for photos.  Those will enable interpretation and reverse engineering. Just speculation now.
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  3900. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  3901. 22h22 hours ago
  3902. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert @stoa1984 and
  3904. That's not to say it is no more than 600 kilograms, or that HS-14 with 600 kg or its weight necessarily reaches US targets.  But credible yes. New missile much more credible.
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  3906. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  3907. 22h22 hours ago
  3908. Replying to @stoa1984 @Mayank_P_Grover and
  3910. Nobody "published" but @srianjalidevi75 tweeted her NK hundreds-kilotons peanut physics package speculation. I think heavier / less advanced than her estimate but still credible for say 600 kg reentry vehicle.
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  3912. xutianran? @stoa1984
  3913. 22h22 hours ago
  3914. Replying to @Mayank_P_Grover @DuitsyWasHere and
  3916. personally i doubt -14 can carry their first "H-Bomb" package. a bigger missile might be needed. but let's see what -15 looks like first,
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  3918. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  3919. 22h22 hours ago
  3920. Replying to @RocketSchiller @Mayank_P_Grover and
  3922. Very true.  Missiles payload may be larger fraction of overall weight than for example a launch vehicle.  If center of gravity moves too far forwards because of that, particularly late in first stage burn...
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  3924. Markus Schiller? @RocketSchiller
  3925. 22h22 hours ago
  3926. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert @Mayank_P_Grover and
  3928. Missile could also become aerodynamically unstable with lighter payloads. Was a problem for older guidance systems.
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  3930. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  3931. 22h22 hours ago
  3932. Replying to @Mayank_P_Grover @DuitsyWasHere and
  3934. Lighter and heavier payloads, yes.  Zero and often something runs past acceleration limits, but that's not a hard rule.
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  3936. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  3937. 22h22 hours ago
  3938. Replying to @RocketSchiller @gregkoblentz and
  3940. At least, but specifically that. The other parts will be less important than a most recent nuclear test grade explosive to anywhere in the US.
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  3942. ??Mayank
  3943. ??Grover
  3944. ??? @Mayank_P_Grover
  3945. 22h22 hours ago
  3947. @DuitsyWasHere @stoa1984 @RocketSchiller @inbarspace @Shea_Cotton @GeorgeWHerbert,
  3948. Lot of doubts are being raised about hwasong 15/14  payload capacity, are missile, especially ICBM ever tested without dummy payload (acting as ballast) ?
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  3950. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  3951. 23h23 hours ago
  3952. Replying to @cstross
  3954. Sinclair ZX80/81.  1K memory brick addon.  Wrote a video game on one in the day.
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  3956. jchappas? @jchappas
  3957. 23h23 hours ago
  3958. Replying to @KarenDZachary @GeorgeWHerbert @mhanham
  3960. talk softly until we fully acquire a big stick...then speak loudly and maybe use it
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  3962. Mark Edward Springer? @MarkSpringer
  3963. 24h24 hours ago
  3964. Replying to @srianjalidevi75 @GeorgeWHerbert
  3966. Don't get hypothermic on us!
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  3968. Sri Anjali Devi? @srianjalidevi75
  3969. 24h24 hours ago
  3970. Replying to @MarkSpringer @GeorgeWHerbert
  3972. Getting cooler.
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  3974. Karen Dawn Zachary? @KarenDZachary
  3975. 24h24 hours ago
  3976. Replying to @jchappas @GeorgeWHerbert @mhanham
  3978. I guess now that they carry a big sick, they want to speak softly?
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  3980. Mark Edward Springer? @MarkSpringer
  3981. 24h24 hours ago
  3982. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert @srianjalidevi75
  3984. Warm rain though?
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  3986. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  3987. 24h24 hours ago
  3988. Replying to @srianjalidevi75
  3990. Sorry to hear that
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  3992. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  3993. Nov 28
  3994. Replying to @thisismash @NarangVipin
  3996. No problem.  I have to look up KN to HS mapping all the time.
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  3998. Mash? @thisismash
  3999. Nov 28
  4000. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert @NarangVipin
  4002. That's right. Thanks. Was thinking of Pukguksong-1.
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  4004. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  4005. Nov 28
  4006. Replying to @NarangVipin
  4008. North Korea are usually punctual about releasing images. Possibly tonight. Can speculate wildly but easier to wait for photos.
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  4010. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  4011. Nov 28
  4012. Replying to @thisismash @NarangVipin
  4014. Pukguksong-2 is land based tube launched, from tracked TEL vehicle
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  4016. Mash? @thisismash
  4017. Nov 28
  4018. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert @NarangVipin
  4020. To my knowledge, we hadn't seen it on an ICBM though, just on the SLBM.
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  4022. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  4023. Nov 28
  4024. Replying to @thisismash @NarangVipin
  4026. They already changed that game.  Parallel liquid Hwasong and solid Pukguksong programs
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  4028. jchappas? @jchappas
  4029. Nov 28
  4030. Replying to @mhanham @GeorgeWHerbert
  4032. Anybody read that last line ????????
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  4034. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  4035. Nov 28
  4037. GeorgeWilliamHerbert Retweeted Alastair Gale
  4039. See @mhanham thread but here's source
  4041. GeorgeWilliamHerbert added,
  4042. Alastair Gale
  4043. Verified account @AlastairGale
  4044. North Korea claims new missile has "super-large heavy warhead"
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  4046. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  4047. Nov 28
  4048. Replying to @ArmsControlWonk @ajmount and
  4050. Best Juche Humor!
  4052. Laugh now.
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  4054. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  4055. Nov 28
  4056. Replying to @NuclearAnthro @AthertonKD @RocketSchiller
  4058. I think 4-600 kg for the reentry vehicle and warhead; however, evidence when available better than speculation.
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  4060. (((Howie)))? @HowieBlumenkopf
  4061. Nov 28
  4062. Replying to @NuclearAnthro @GeorgeWHerbert and
  4064. With or w/o RV?
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  4066. Martin “HEU & Santa” Pfeiffer? @NuclearAnthro
  4067. Nov 28
  4068. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert @AthertonKD @RocketSchiller
  4070. Did you wanna do a guess on weight of a 150kt nuke for DPRK as a payload? 300kg would be about 2x the weight of a W80...
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  4072. space_junk? @spacejunkx
  4073. Nov 28
  4074. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert @lukeisaacbrown and
  4076. Right, which makes his statement 430% stupider.
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  4078. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  4079. Nov 28
  4080. Replying to @ISNJH
  4082. Was just thinking that through.  End of workday there will be ~1-2 AM Pacific time, right?  Depends on how fast they Security Scrub the film / stills and choose which ones to release.
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  4084. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  4085. Nov 28
  4086. Replying to @seananmcguire
  4088. Yes, please
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  4090. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  4091. Nov 28
  4092. Replying to @spacejunkx @lukeisaacbrown and
  4094. He came into office with them having one.
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  4096. space_junk? @spacejunkx
  4097. Nov 28
  4098. Replying to @lukeisaacbrown @ISNJH and
  4100. But Trump said today that he wont allow North Korea to build an ICBM so this must be a fake news.
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  4102. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  4103. Nov 28
  4104. Replying to @ApprovedNews6
  4106. Mæn-i-föld!
  4107. Mæn-i-föld!
  4108. Mæn-i-föld!
  4109. ??
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  4111. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  4112. Nov 28
  4113. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert @AthertonKD @RocketSchiller
  4115. Also could be new larger upper stage; We need data not speculation
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  4117. Kelsey D. Atherton? @AthertonKD
  4118. Nov 28
  4119. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert @RocketSchiller
  4121. sure; lots of important questions for the analytical community, though I don't think we lose anything by a general sense that this is within reach
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  4123. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  4124. Nov 28
  4125. Replying to @AthertonKD
  4127. As @RocketSchiller pointed out, this could bw shorter range HS-14 seen before just with extra light payload (not nuclear)
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  4129. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  4130. Nov 28
  4131. Replying to @annafifield
  4133. I drink tea, but yes.??
  4134. ????????
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  4136. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  4137. Nov 28
  4138. Replying to @SwiftOnSecurity
  4140. Dual carry (I do) doesn't help if personal devices are subpoenaed because outside resources are in use
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  4142. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  4143. Nov 28
  4144. Replying to @planet4589 @LauraEGrego and
  4146. The details end up needing optimizer code like professional POST or OTIS, or write your own 6-DOF simulator optimizer (and ITAR ends up applying immediately...)
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  4148. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  4149. Nov 28
  4150. Replying to @RocketSchiller
  4152. Or a bigger upper stage and the real warhead.  But, data.  ???????
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  4154. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  4155. Nov 28
  4156. Replying to @lukeisaacbrown @mhanham
  4158. Yow
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  4160. Sean Eric Fagan? @kithrup
  4161. Nov 28
  4162. Replying to @kithrup @GeorgeWHerbert
  4164. (Alternately, when Blanco leaves, Casa Blanca has no white left, thus is noir.)
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  4166. Sean Eric Fagan? @kithrup
  4167. Nov 28
  4168. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert
  4170. Because Blanco goes home at night to Casa Blanca, leaving only noir behind. Duh.
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  4172. Luke Brown? @lukeisaacbrown
  4173. Nov 28
  4174. Replying to @mhanham @GeorgeWHerbert
  4176. Yonhap, citing the South Korean military says it flew 960km with an apogee of 4,500km (!!). The Pentagon assesses that it was an ICBM. 50 minute flight time seems very possible
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  4178. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  4179. Nov 28
  4180. Replying to @mhanham
  4182. Yeah.  Getting confusing initial reports including US describing as "ICBM".  Need more information.
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  4184. Mark von Wahlde? @schlockdaddy
  4185. Nov 28
  4186. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert @ncweaver
  4188. But I want hydrogen on demand!
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  4190. Mary McConnell? @marymcconnell77
  4191. Nov 28
  4192. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert
  4194. #irony
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  4196. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  4197. Nov 28
  4198. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert @NarangVipin
  4200. (Side note: yet again they find time to launch that's personally inconvenient to respond actively. Oy. At least not going into a tunnel this time.)
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  4202. Sean Eric Fagan? @kithrup
  4203. Nov 28
  4204. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert
  4206. I was a *kid* when we were promised super-cheap and plentiful insulin via e. coli. It hasn't happened. I'm not holding my breath here.
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  4208. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  4209. Nov 28
  4210. Replying to @NarangVipin
  4212. Probably.  But discerning their tactical intentions & internal politics isn't my strongest suit.
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  4214. Aaron Mehta?Verified account @AaronMehta
  4215. Nov 28
  4217. Aaron Mehta Retweeted Vipin Narang
  4219. And away the analysts go. As always, follow @NarangVipin @wslafoy @ArmsControlWonk @GeorgeWHerbert and the rest of the crew.
  4221. Aaron Mehta added,
  4222. Vipin Narang
  4223.  @NarangVipin
  4224. Replying to @NarangVipin
  4225. 3am launch to simulate nighttime and surprise readiness/ops?
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  4227. Apostic? @AposticMark
  4228. Nov 28
  4229. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert
  4231. Now do "White Heat"!
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  4233. Andrew Brandt? @threatresearch
  4234. Nov 28
  4235. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert @ncweaver
  4237. FWIW the original published research was from Sept 2014, the blog post is from Oct 2014, and the shortlink to the blog post was created in Dec 2015.
  4239. Not to diminish the import of the discovery, but is this now more potentially huge than it was 3 years ago?
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  4241. Derek Lyons? @DerekL1963
  4242. Nov 28
  4243. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert
  4245. Ah, and just noticed the article is three years old...
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  4247. Derek Lyons? @DerekL1963
  4248. Nov 28
  4249. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert
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  4252. polyman71? @polyman71
  4253. Nov 28
  4254. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert
  4256. And accessories galore!
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  4258. Derek Lyons? @DerekL1963
  4259. Nov 28
  4260. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert
  4262. Groooooaaaaannnnn
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  4264. VERYFYD BLUE CHECK MARK MAN? @Mathieu70165146
  4265. Nov 28
  4266. Replying to @GeorgeWHerbert
  4268. Hank Hill is ecstatic
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  4270. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  4271. Nov 28
  4273. GeorgeWilliamHerbert Retweeted Warren Whitlock
  4275. This is potentially huge.  Propane is much more storable for portability than Methane, which we can do today.  Vehicle fuel, less distribution infrastructure costs.
  4277. GeorgeWilliamHerbert added,
  4278. Warren Whitlock
  4279. Verified account @WarrenWhitlock
  4280. Scientists Create Completely Renewable Propane. Yes. Propane.
  4281. http://j.mp/1RuF1l3
  4282. #green #energy #tech
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  4284. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  4285. Nov 28
  4287. If Blanco is white, why is Casablanca Noir?
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  4289. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  4290. Nov 28
  4291. Replying to @mattwhitlockPM
  4293. Refugees hanging off landing gear.
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  4295. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  4296. Nov 28
  4297. Replying to @seananmcguire @elakdawalla
  4299. Jules Verne is widely available.
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  4301. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  4302. Nov 28
  4303. Replying to @ceejbot
  4305. Sometime over libations we should discuss ops lessons of Danger...
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  4307. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  4308. Nov 28
  4309. Replying to @SamSykesSwears
  4311. Tingler: just reverse order of who bangs whom
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  4313. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  4314. Nov 28
  4316. GeorgeWilliamHerbert Retweeted Noah Shachtman
  4318. Noah noticed a Cbs story: the Diplomatic Sonic Attacks are spreading: Uzbekistan now.  Russia fingered tentatively
  4320. GeorgeWilliamHerbert added,
  4321. Noah Shachtman
  4322. Verified account @NoahShachtman
  4323. Some days you miss Danger Room more than others. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/uzbekistan-incident-raises-suspicions-of-russian-involvement-in-cuba-attacks/?ftag=CNM-00-10aab7e&linkId=45258659 …
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  4325. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  4326. Nov 28
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  4329. Not the only one
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  4331. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  4332. Nov 27
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  4335. Welcome to the real world ??
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  4337. Aaron Gilliland has a long name for some reason.? @dasbub
  4338. Nov 27
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  4341. Are these people cavemen or something?
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  4343. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  4344. Nov 27
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  4347. Mango only pawn in game of marriage.
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  4349. i can't get enough of that doomsday song? @rone
  4350. Nov 27
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  4353. That's a hot threesome
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  4355. Martin “HEU & Santa” Pfeiffer? @NuclearAnthro
  4356. Nov 27
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  4359. So we could awitch to D-D no big deal? Except maybe on the BM warheads? Thry use explosive piezoelectrics! ??
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  4361. Martin “HEU & Santa” Pfeiffer? @NuclearAnthro
  4362. Nov 27
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  4365. As in, I realize that it isn’t talking about boosting. And US uses tritiated targets for ENIs currently.
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  4367. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  4368. Nov 27
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  4371. Because $TEENYTINY and tolerance for low margins.  That's arguably the past...
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  4373. Martin “HEU & Santa” Pfeiffer? @NuclearAnthro
  4374. Nov 27
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  4377. Our current ENIs use tritium.
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  4379. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  4380. Nov 27
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  4383. That's ENI not boosting.  DD ENI just bigger, more power input
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  4385. Nate Taylor? @nateisgood
  4386. Nov 27
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  4391. Kelsey D. Atherton? @AthertonKD
  4392. Nov 27
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  4395. ganbei!
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  4398. Nov 27
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  4401. Kampai!
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  4403. Martin “HEU & Santa” Pfeiffer? @NuclearAnthro
  4404. Nov 27
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  4407. Ciao!
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  4409. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  4410. Nov 27
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  4413. Bueno!
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  4415. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  4416. Nov 27
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  4419. It's a fine composite matrix or adhesive on Titan.
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  4421. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  4422. Nov 27
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  4425. They're not the only ones reportedly following O'Keefe
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  4427. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  4428. Nov 27
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  4431. Acco to an expert and detailed reports it's M825 smoke, negligible incindiary effects, was fired into an open field between hospital and ISIS to screen civilians and medical personnel from active ISIS firing. Do you have contradictory info?
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  4433. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  4434. Nov 26
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  4438. Thread: What's wrong with the New York Times profile of a racist: Shallow, lacks context about subjects and their racist groups and views
  4440. GeorgeWilliamHerbert added,
  4441. Mangy Jay
  4442.  @magi_jay
  4443. 1/ The NYTimes is densely defending their article by claiming it was intended to shed light on the normalcy of racism in American society.…
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  4445. HAIL THE ORB? @joe_no_privacy
  4446. Nov 26
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  4449. holy shit
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  4451. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  4452. Nov 26
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  4455. Look up Col Stapp; he survived more Gs.
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  4457. J.J. Sefton? @QWellington1
  4458. Nov 26
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  4461. But were you able to tell if the earth is really flat?
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  4463. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  4464. Nov 26
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  4467. ????
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  4469. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  4470. Nov 26
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  4473. There's always a fringe.  Normalize it and it's a Problem.
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  4475. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  4476. Nov 26
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  4479. Happy birthday!
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  4481. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  4482. Nov 26
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  4485. Details I saw were BLM asked for copy of his FAA filing, then bzzt when learning he didn't have one.
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  4487. GeorgeWilliamHerbert? @GeorgeWHerbert
  4488. Nov 25
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  4491. I kept getting nuclear reactor components ads on Facebook.  For years.
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  4493. Not That Steve-O? @basicuser22