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  1.  Hey, what's going on guys, welcome back to fast AG in today's video, I'm gon na show you guys how to add music to Instagram story before the Instagram update. There was a very simple way to add any music. It was possible to upload any music to your Instagram stories. There is a dedicated menu underneath the update, but it has been removed. They took it. To add music to your videos, you will need to take some extra steps. However, I will show you guys three easy ways to add any music. You can add any music to your Instagram stories. The method number one is gon na, be the building option the music option within Instagram, but there is some limitations to it. So I'm gon na give you guys two other methods that will allow you to add any music, even when you're in offline, so make sure you stick until the end of this video to find out two of the other methods as well with that being said, let's Just dive into this video all right guys, the method number one is by going to your Instagram stories and taking a regular video, so make sure you go to hands-free and then start taking any video or you can even upload any video. By swiping down right here, you can get any music you like from your camera. But in order for this method to work, you will need an internet connection. Without it, music won't be available to you. Let's suppose I record this random video. Once I've finished recording, I'll go to the third menu option and there will be this music option. But if you don't see it right away, you can just type in music and search it up and click on that. You can now see the most popular music. You can either use any of these songs or search it all the way over here, but this is only a small selection of the songs available. You wouldn't be able to add any song that you want. Let's assume I want this song to be added here. If you are familiar with the song, feel free to drop a comment below. From there you can choose any part that interests you. You can choose any part you wish to include in your video. You can add the text or leave it as is. As you can see, the music is playing and you can hear it. This is the first method. It is limited. To load the music options, you need Wi-Fi. But what if you don’t have Wi–Fi and want to record a video with music in the background? You need to have a music player in order to do this. Let'S say you want to use Spotify or even something like audio Mac, which allows you to play any music that you want in the offline mode. Spotify Premium is required if you wish to use it. I don't have one so I can't use Spotify. However, Spotify works in the same way. You won't be allowed to choose any song you like, but you can use it for demonstration purposes. I want to use this music player. This also works offline. Now let me turn it off so that you guys can see what I mean. As you can clearly see, everything is turned off. Let me close this and you will see it say you are in offline mode. Go to offline, music, and then click here. These are all my music files that I can access at the moment. Let's suppose that I want to save this particular song as an Instagram video. As you can hear, the sound will play in the background. After it finishes, close the app. The music will play in the background. You can also hear it right here. Let me pause the music right there. As you can see, the music and my voice can be heard. This is method number two. This is where you can add any type of music. As you can see, I'm an offline mode. https://imagerocket.net/ can upload any music that is in your music player and save it to your Instagram Stories without having to connect to the internet. This was method number 2. The third method, and the most important, is to use an app that allows you to add any music you like to any of your Instagram videos. For this example, I'm going to use the app called in shot right now. You can use any video editor you like, but the one I used was the best, according to my experience. Let'S suppose that I want the ability to upload any video that has been taken within my cameraroll. Let's say that I want to use this video. Let's say I want to use this video. You can even add multiple videos to this app and edit in the way you want it and then, after you have uploaded your video you're gon na go ahead and go to this option that says music and then from here. You have three options. You have three choices. You can download any featured music from this app. However, you don't have to use it. If you do not want that, you can do voiceovers. So this is really good if you guys want to edit mini vlog. Let's say I have the video that I want. Now, I need to add a voiceover. What is up guys? I am in San Francisco and shooting a short video for you guys. Just like this, guys, you get it. Click OK to add any sound you like. You can also add any background music you wish. Once you're done, download the file and use it. You can then save the video to your camera roll boom. It is as simple as that. I'M going na go my Instagram scroll up, swipe up, and then right here. As you can see, this video is right here. And the music is playing in background. This is it. That's it. The number one method, the number two method, and the number three method. Whatever you guys like, those are your options. These are the simplest and easiest ways to add some music to your Instagram Stories. I hope you enjoyed the video. If you guys want to say hi, my name's Fazil. I upload lots of Instagram snapchat tags videos. You guys might be interested in this, so subscribe down below. If you don't have the like button yet, please do. I will see you guys in my next video piece.