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  1. Despite quite a lot of printed research on the effectiveness of lighting controls in buildings, just one US research examines the occupancy patterns of constructing occupants. Occupancy profiles enable one to find out, for instance, the probability that an workplace is occupied for every hour of the workday. motion sensor light switch are helpful for a lot of functions together with: (1) predicting the effectiveness of occupancy sensors for reducing peak demand, (2) evaluating the influence of human exercise on constructing lighting and different electric masses and (3) providing lighting tools manufacturers with detailed lighting operation information to help consider the impression of advanced lighting controls on gear life. On this paper, we study the occupancy profiles for 35 single person workplaces at a big office building in San Francisco and analyze the data to acquire average occupancy as a perform of time of day. As well as, we analyzed the data to establish how the use of occupancy sensors could affect switching cycles and lamp life.
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