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  1. Address
  2. Opp Mohammad Ali Bin Beyat Masjid -30 6b St - Al Barsha - Dubai - Dubai
  3. Dubai
  4. Phone Number:
  5. +97150 785 7283
  6. Website URL
  7. https://sofareupholsteryuae.shop/
  8. Hours :
  9. 8 am - 8 pm Sunday - Friday
  10. Description:
  11. Your sofa is old and needs to be replaced, but you're not sure where to start. Why settle for an uncomfortable couch when you can get the perfect one?
  12. Sofa upholstery in dubai provides a wide range of services including sofa repair, foam filling, re-upholstery, cleaning and more! From rugs to furniture - we have everything that will make your home beautiful again!
  13. Keywords
  14. Furniture Repair In Dubai, Sofa Upholstery, Couch repair, Leather Sofa Dubai, Sleep Sofa Dubai, Recliner Sofa fabric change,