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  1. IHeavensGuardianI has joined the chat
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  4. TheShatterWolf: Ello ello
  5. IHeavensGuardianI: hi
  6. IHellsGuardianI: hi
  7. TheShatterWolf: How goes it?
  8. IHellsGuardianI: how should i write it
  9. IHellsGuardianI: Sageofthesixpaths
  10. IHellsGuardianI: or
  11. IHellsGuardianI: SageOfTheSixPaths
  12. TheShatterWolf: SageOfTheSixPaths sounds alot more formal and regal
  13. TheShatterWolf: NirvanasGuardian
  14. TheShatterWolf: or NirvanasPathway
  15. IHellsGuardianI: im shocked
  16. IHellsGuardianI: SageOfTheSixPaths is a free name
  17. TheShatterWolf: Word?
  18. TheShatterWolf: Do it dude!
  19. IHellsGuardianI: ive made the account ready to be changed when i get the chance
  20. TheShatterWolf: Hell yeah!
  21. TheShatterWolf: I just did mine a minute ago
  22. IHellsGuardianI: im shocked yours was free too
  23. IHellsGuardianI: but you got it which is awesome
  24. TheShatterWolf: Hell yeah man, I'm stoked to put it to.....good use >:)
  25. IHellsGuardianI: but mine wtf?
  26. IHellsGuardianI: someone must have changed their mind
  27. TheShatterWolf: Maybe so. Who knows o.O
  28. IHellsGuardianI: now i need my sage balls, my staff and jacket, ive already got my rinnegan
  29. TheShatterWolf: His sage balls XD
  30. IHellsGuardianI: lol
  31. IHellsGuardianI: tomorrow if the 9 tails isnt being a dick anymore ill show you my frieds
  32. IHellsGuardianI: friends
  33. Guest_KillaBKilled has joined the chat
  34. IHellsGuardianI: killa ill send another now
  35. IHellsGuardianI: get it?
  36. Guest_KillaBKilled: Ok thanks
  37. Guest_KillaBKilled: I'll check
  38. Guest_KillaBKilled has left the chat
  39. IHellsGuardianI: when kurama isnt a cunt im gonna bust through the castle door like " yall ready for this"
  40. TheShatterWolf: And swiftly be Spartan kicked by the biggest pair of cutie-titties the castle's ever seen XD
  41. IHeavensGuardianI: storm
  42. IHellsGuardianI: yas
  43. IHeavensGuardianI: I need a new user
  44. IHeavensGuardianI: help
  45. IHeavensGuardianI: I wanted to be MaskedMaiden but it's taken
  46. IHellsGuardianI: heres the thing non of my ideas fit what you enjoy
  47. IHellsGuardianI: so its hard for me
  48. IHeavensGuardianI: like?
  49. Guest_KillaBKilled has joined the chat
  50. IHellsGuardianI: what do you wanna be?
  51. IHellsGuardianI: goddess of war? cute named? evil named?
  52. Guest_KillaBKilled: Me?
  53. IHellsGuardianI: no heaven
  54. IHeavensGuardianI: something cute but evil, just throw ideas at me
  55. Guest_KillaBKilled: Lol
  56. Guest_KillaBKilled: Hi tsatsu
  57. IHellsGuardianI: im thinking now
  58. IHellsGuardianI: the words psychotic or twisted come to mind
  59. IHellsGuardianI: psychotic i think because you have breakdowns where you literally become psychotic and you like evil songs like the one you sent me
  60. IHellsGuardianI: so maybe psychotic mixed with a cute word?
  61. TheShatterWolf: Hello again ^_^
  62. IHeavensGuardianI: PsychoticLover but thats probably taken
  63. Guest_KillaBKilled: How are you?
  64. IHellsGuardianI: no
  65. IHellsGuardianI: its not
  66. IHellsGuardianI: so get it now
  67. IHeavensGuardianI: okie hold on
  68. TheShatterWolf: A very busy animal as always, but otherwise I'm very well. And how are you?
  69. IHellsGuardianI: you changing your name now or making another account?
  70. Guest_KillaBKilled: I'm good working on a new look
  71. IHeavensGuardianI: making another account later change it
  72. IHellsGuardianI: ill change mine sometime next months
  73. IHellsGuardianI: so change it when i d
  74. IHellsGuardianI: do
  75. IHellsGuardianI: :P
  76. Guest_KillaBKilled: Awesome so cute
  77. TheShatterWolf: I like the new look ^_^
  78. Guest_KillaBKilled: Thank you you too
  79. TheShatterWolf: It wasn't done willingly xD Stupid magic potion gave me lady bits >.>
  80. Guest_KillaBKilled: I like you either way
  81. Guest_KillaBKilled: It's still you in there
  82. TheShatterWolf: True, true xD
  83. Guest_KillaBKilled: Lol
  84. Guest_KillaBKilled: XD
  85. TheShatterWolf: If nothing else, it'll help me wiggle my way into places so I can spy on people XD
  86. IHellsGuardianI: urg
  87. Guest_KillaBKilled: Lol what? !
  88. IHellsGuardianI: please like raven in crystal fuck me off
  89. IHellsGuardianI: people
  90. IHeavensGuardianI: what happened
  91. IHellsGuardianI: he sits there with a nice outfit
  92. IHellsGuardianI: but a fucking flat disgusting human face
  93. IHellsGuardianI: im telling you now
  94. IHellsGuardianI: if someone comes in here and they are t master champion rp dude
  95. TheShatterWolf: Do I get to go hurt people?! >:D
  96. IHellsGuardianI: and have the flat face
  97. Guest_KillaBKilled: Oh my......
  98. IHellsGuardianI: they are booted
  99. IHellsGuardianI: til they fucking change it
  100. IHellsGuardianI: it looks so ugly
  101. IHellsGuardianI: a lovely outfit and a human face...
  102. IHellsGuardianI: fucking disgusts me honestly
  103. Guest_KillaBKilled: Who?
  104. IHellsGuardianI: well people have furs
  105. IHellsGuardianI: but human faces
  106. IHellsGuardianI: like they dont use their furry heads just leave their outfit looking disgusting
  107. TheShatterWolf: You'll have to excuse him, Killa >.<
  108. Guest_KillaBKilled: Awesome ok
  109. IHeavensGuardianI: it's true
  110. Guest_KillaBKilled: Aww
  111. IHellsGuardianI: MM
  112. IHellsGuardianI: <<
  113. Guest_KillaBKilled: Ok
  114. IHellsGuardianI: exactly brooke agrees
  115. IHellsGuardianI: i forced him to put it on
  116. IHellsGuardianI: now he looks decent
  117. Guest_KillaBKilled: My new look is finished yay!!!!
  118. Guest_KillaBKilled: Behold!
  119. IHellsGuardianI: its awesome
  120. Guest_KillaBKilled: Aww thanks hell
  121. IHellsGuardianI: np
  122. Guest_KillaBKilled: Your wings look sharp
  123. IHellsGuardianI: they are and can auto rebuild in a fight after 4 posts however it takes a small attack to break them
  124. IHellsGuardianI: very fragile
  125. Guest_KillaBKilled: Oh mine aren't fragile just stiff
  126. IHellsGuardianI: well yours look like they are made out of pure diamons
  127. IHellsGuardianI: diamonds
  128. IHellsGuardianI: or crystal its lovely
  129. Guest_KillaBKilled: Thank you took me a while to grow
  130. IHellsGuardianI: im on youtube
  131. IHellsGuardianI: and it auto selected me some jam
  132. TheShatterWolf: o.o It looks amazing! :D
  133. IHellsGuardianI: i like to move it move it i like to move it move it
  134. IHellsGuardianI: low key doing a mini dance to it
  135. IHellsGuardianI: >> <<
  136. IHeavensGuardianI: shake the booty
  137. IHellsGuardianI: shake yours with me
  138. IHeavensGuardianI: okie
  139. IHellsGuardianI: couple with the best bootys
  140. IHellsGuardianI: xD
  141. Guest_KillaBKilled: Tsatsu you make me blush
  142. TheShatterWolf: I only speak the truth :p So I think I have good news, everyone!
  143. Guest_KillaBKilled: What is it
  144. IHellsGuardianI: xalen
  145. IHeavensGuardianI: hey storm
  146. IHellsGuardianI: i dont think youve seen my dragon armor have you?
  147. IHellsGuardianI: yes brooku
  148. IHeavensGuardianI: look at skype
  149. TheShatterWolf: Hold on a minute
  150. GrimButterfly has joined the chat
  151. TheShatterWolf: Everyone, I'd like you to meet Grim :)
  152. Guest_KillaBKilled: Who's this?
  153. TheShatterWolf: Grim, Heaven and Hell are the king and queen of the castle, and Killa is a guest of ours.
  154. IHeavensGuardianI: Hi
  155. TheShatterWolf: Grim is the young lady I'm considering adopting ^_^
  156. Guest_KillaBKilled: Oh congratulations
  157. GrimButterfly: hello its nice to meet you all ^-^
  158. TheShatterWolf: Thank you Killa ^_^
  159. Guest_KillaBKilled: Same^_^
  160. IHeavensGuardianI: nice to meet you too
  161. TheShatterWolf: Killa, would you mind stopping the energy sphere? It's making me a bit dizzy x.x
  162. Guest_KillaBKilled: Oops sorry
  163. TheShatterWolf: It's okay, I didn't think it would have that effect on me x.x
  164. Guest_KillaBKilled: I didn't think it would either
  165. TheShatterWolf: But yes Grim, they are the king and queen, and I'm marshal of the guard and captain of the special task unit here ^_^
  166. GrimButterfly: oh thats so cool o.o
  167. IHellsGuardianI: baby
  168. IHellsGuardianI: baby
  169. IHellsGuardianI: baby
  170. IHellsGuardianI: baby
  171. IHeavensGuardianI: what
  172. IHellsGuardianI: babe
  173. IHellsGuardianI: guess what
  174. IHellsGuardianI: guess what
  175. IHellsGuardianI: guess what
  176. TheShatterWolf: It's alot to handle some days, but I enjoy it c:
  177. IHeavensGuardianI: what
  178. IHeavensGuardianI: I dont know
  179. IHellsGuardianI: i bought the name change for both of us
  180. IHellsGuardianI: :P
  181. IHeavensGuardianI: stormu
  182. IHeavensGuardianI: <3
  183. IHeavensGuardianI: ty
  184. GrimButterfly: well thats good c:
  185. IHellsGuardianI: <3
  186. IHeavensGuardianI: I love you
  187. IHellsGuardianI: I love you too
  188. Guest_KillaBKilled: This is adorable
  189. TheShatterWolf: Mmhmm ^_^ That's why I wanted to adopt in the first place. I want someone nice and soft and caring to come home to after a hard day on the battlefield, if that doesn't sound too mushy gushy >.<
  190. Guest_KillaBKilled: Not at all
  191. GrimButterfly: hehe nu its cute i like it ^-^
  192. TheShatterWolf: So whatcha think, Grim? You think you'll like it here? ^_^
  193. GrimButterfly: yes i would its so pretty here and your fight everyone is pretty nice c:
  194. TheShatterWolf: Mmhmm ^_^ They are the good friendos, and they'll take good care of you if I'm not around for some reason.
  195. TheShatterWolf: -Gasps- Oh, and you can meet my sister Tea too! :D She's kinda overprotective of me, but she's a good wolf too.
  196. Guest_KillaBKilled: Good day to you your majesty
  197. TheShatterWolf: Are you leaving, Killa? O.o
  198. GrimButterfly: otay as long as she dosnt hurt me o.o
  199. TheShatterWolf: Nah, if she knows you're with me, you'll be safe ^_^
  200. TheShatterWolf: Question: Do you rp at all?
  201. GrimButterfly: otay good and yeah but im still no pro at it yet tho if that is ok
  202. TheShatterWolf: Oh, no worries ^_^ You'll fit right in, so long as you at least make an effort
  203. TheShatterWolf: We're all working together to help each other rp better, so feel free to jump in if you ever want to ^_^
  204. TheShatterWolf: Lol none of us are pros either XD
  205. GrimButterfly: ok that makes me feel better then XD
  206. TheShatterWolf: Yeah, you'll be just fine ^_^ Just to give you a heads up, my rpc has been turned into a girl for a week, but I'll be back to my big blue self by next saturday XD
  207. GrimButterfly has left the chat
  208. TheShatterWolf: Well crappers, she poofed o.o
  209. Guest_KillaBKilled: Nope
  210. TheShatterWolf: Hmm? O.o
  211. TheShatterWolf: What happened Killa?
  212. GrimButterfly has joined the chat
  213. TheShatterWolf: You go poof, Grim o.o
  214. Guest_KillaBKilled has left the chat
  215. GrimButterfly: sorry i crashed
  216. TheShatterWolf: Is otay ^_^
  217. TheShatterWolf: So, do you have an rpc made up?
  218. GrimButterfly: no i never made one up sicne i never needed one
  219. TheShatterWolf: Ah, I gotcha. Well, if you want, I can help you make one up ^_^
  220. GrimButterfly: thats would be awsome since i dont even know were to start
  221. TheShatterWolf: Well, the first thing I would do is pull up a word document so you can keep notes on everything c: There's alot that can go into an rpc
  222. TheShatterWolf: I have about nine files for mine XD
  223. GrimButterfly: ok i got on up XD
  224. TheShatterWolf: So, let's start with a name ^_^ If you could have any name, what would it be?
  225. GrimButterfly: hmmmm
  226. GrimButterfly: isabel or cleo i guess i alwayed kinda liked those names
  227. TheShatterWolf: Okay, so we'll start there ^_^ Now, what would you want your profession to be? Like a healer, a fighter, a magic user, a fortune teller? Being that ours is more of a mideval theme, try to think more along that setting.
  228. GrimButterfly: well im nice and caring so i would go with healer probably
  229. TheShatterWolf: Awesome! ^_^ So, how do you go about healing people? Do you use magic, or do you use more physical methods like bandages and medicine?
  230. IHeavensGuardianI: a doggo healer?
  231. GrimButterfly: hmmm more physical
  232. IHeavensGuardianI: we can have a med kit attached to her back so cute
  233. IHeavensGuardianI: <.>
  234. GrimButterfly: lol that would work
  235. TheShatterWolf: Okay, so you're more of the bandage type ^_^ That works perfectly. Now, for the sake of detail and story-telling, do you know how to write stuff like that out?
  236. GrimButterfly: yeah i got a idea how to do it
  237. TheShatterWolf: Awesome ^_^ And I can help you as things go along, if you like c: So, as a healer, would you primarily stay here at the castle, or would you rather be out in the field with the infantry?
  238. GrimButterfly: hmm i could do either really whatever you guys need
  239. TheShatterWolf: Alrighty ^_^ So as the royal healer, you'd be tasked with taking care of injuries and such, as well as coming along to the battlefield. In that aspect, would you be able to hold your own in a fight if you needed to?
  240. GrimButterfly: alright and yeah i can i may be cute but i got a bite ^-^
  241. TheShatterWolf: Awesome! I like this more and more by the second :D So, being able to fight, what would your weapon be? A knife, a sword, a bow and some arrows, magical power over an element, etc?
  242. GrimButterfly: hmm im no good at magic RP so i would pick the bow and and some arrows sicne those are more fun and i know how to use those
  243. TheShatterWolf: Awesome :D We could do with an archer anyways. Most of us are hand to hand fighters, so the range and first aid will be a huge advantage ^_^
  244. GrimButterfly: yayz im glad i can help ^-^
  245. TheShatterWolf: So, I'm looking at a few items to kinda add to the healer look, but in the meantime let's look at history. Who is cleo? Where does she come from? What's her past? Things like that, that make the character who they are.
  246. IHeavensGuardianI: xalen
  247. GrimButterfly: o ummmm
  248. IHeavensGuardianI: if someone told you I'm bringing it in as in a house and it's a big surprise would you think it's an animal?
  249. IHeavensGuardianI: like so it doesn't get cold
  250. TheShatterWolf: Wait, what Hell? O.o
  251. IHeavensGuardianI: ?
  252. TheShatterWolf: You lost me there o.O I don't really understand the question >.<
  253. TheShatterWolf: Tell ya what. Heaven, can you help Grim build her rpc while I go brb for a minute and run an errand for a brother of mine?
  254. IHeavensGuardianI: if someone told you "I'm bringing it in so it doesn't get cold" as in a house and it's big surprise would you think it's an animal?
  255. TheShatterWolf: Either an animal or food o.o
  256. IHeavensGuardianI: ok well my dad wouldnt get crazy food
  257. IHeavensGuardianI: I can try
  258. TheShatterWolf: But yes, protect the adorable innocent fluffy for me while I go run like the wind real quick c: -Pats Grim's head- She'll take good care of you until I get back.
  259. TheShatterWolf: And Heaven?
  260. TheShatterWolf: Try not to scare the poor girl, okay? XD
  261. TheShatterWolf: Alright, brb! >.<
  262. GrimButterfly: ^-^
  263. IHeavensGuardianI: can't make promises
  264. IHeavensGuardianI: so like he said "So, I'm looking at a few items to kinda add to the healer look, but in the meantime let's look at history. Who is cleo? Where does she come from? What's her past? Things like that, that make the character who they are."
  265. IHeavensGuardianI: What I do is I type out a story and build who they are from there.
  266. GrimButterfly: alright ill try
  267. IHeavensGuardianI: like you are a pet right?
  268. IHeavensGuardianI: maybe make a story to how you guys met
  269. GrimButterfly: o um well i did have to onwers before but they both where awful so i just did my own thing for awhile and i went to the adopten room so just hang out and wolf came and was really nice to me thats all i got XD
  270. GrimButterfly: there isnt really much to me
  271. IHeavensGuardianI: well how were they awful?
  272. IHeavensGuardianI: be creative
  273. IHeavensGuardianI: doesn't have to be 100% true
  274. GrimButterfly: they meat me and made me to things i didnt want to just cuz they owned me
  275. IHeavensGuardianI: now what I mean by story is when I did one of my characters it was like 2 pages long
  276. KastaErisDarkshade has joined the chat
  277. IHeavensGuardianI: kind of like a short story book
  278. IHeavensGuardianI: you dont have to do that
  279. Guest_KillaBKilled has joined the chat
  280. GrimButterfly: alright ill still try to come up with more cuz so my character is a little more realish
  281. Guest_KillaBKilled: Hi guys....
  282. PrinceBloodLust has joined the chat
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  284. PrinceBloodLust: hello heaven and hello hell -bows-
  285. GrimButterfly: past owners were abusive and treated me like trash my parents left me as a pup so i bounced around with owners till i finally had enough with them and lived in the forest healing and help the animals there i learned how to use the bow and arrow from my past owner since he made me catch my own food and i would help the young ones in the forest when hunters kill their parents
  286. GrimButterfly: thats all i got really and oops im sorry to interrupt you prince blood
  287. PrinceBloodLust: your fine m'lady -smiles-
  288. KastaErisDarkshade: Greetings, Prince. Unsure at the moment if Heaven and Hell are currently caught up at the moment. ~She smiles kindly from where she sat.~
  289. GrimButterfly: -smiles shyly- ok
  290. PrinceBloodLust: thank you kasta -bows-
  291. KastaErisDarkshade: ~She chuckles and smiles to him,~ no need to bow to me, Sir, I am a simple member here is all. Please, have a seat while you wait for them.
  292. IHeavensGuardianI: Hey, sorry I'm back
  293. Guest_KillaBKilled has joined the chat
  294. GrimButterfly: -she softly snuggles her face in wolfs side-
  295. GrimButterfly: welcome back
  296. PrinceBloodLust: hello again heaven
  297. KastaErisDarkshade: (Welcome back)
  298. Guest_KillaBKilled: Thank you
  299. IHeavensGuardianI: and I like that Grim
  300. GrimButterfly: yayz ^-^
  301. IHellsGuardianI: brooke my lap
  302. GrimButterfly: thank you im glad it was good i was kinda nervous
  303. IHeavensGuardianI: coming
  304. IHeavensGuardianI: wow
  305. IHellsGuardianI: ?
  306. KastaErisDarkshade: ~She chuckles and leans back in her seat before shifting her form, she allows her wings to strech out and do as they pleased.~
  307. IHeavensGuardianI: storm xD look from behind me this doesn't look right
  308. IHellsGuardianI: lol
  309. IHellsGuardianI: sit on meeee
  310. IHeavensGuardianI: yeah yeah
  311. IHeavensGuardianI: How is everyone?
  312. KastaErisDarkshade: Doing alright and you?
  313. Guest_KillaBKilled: I'm on fire. Hotttt#!!!
  314. IHeavensGuardianI: I'm good, has anyone seen Alex?
  315. KastaErisDarkshade: Noppers, I have not.
  316. Guest_KillaBKilled has left the chat
  317. IHellsGuardianI: going back to lay down. my leg burns
  318. IHellsGuardianI: but stay on my lap
  319. IHellsGuardianI: <3
  320. KastaErisDarkshade: Take your time Hell.
  321. PrinceBloodLust: -raises a eyebrow- are you ok hell
  322. Guest_KillaBKilled has joined the chat
  323. IHeavensGuardianI has left the chat
  324. Guest_KillaBKilled: Oi
  325. PrinceBloodLust has left the chat
  326. TheShatterWolf: I have returned at last! ^_^
  327. Guest_KillaBKilled: Yay
  328. KastaErisDarkshade: Welcome back, my friend.
  329. Guest_KillaBKilled: Welcome back
  330. TheShatterWolf: Hello Kasta! :D How are you, my friend?
  331. KastaErisDarkshade: ~She chuckles to the excitement.~ I am well and you?
  332. TheShatterWolf: I am splendid! ^_^ Come and meet Grim!
  333. KastaErisDarkshade: ~She nods and gets up following to meet the one called Grim.~ Alright.
  334. TheShatterWolf: Grim, how's your rpc coming along? :D
  335. GrimButterfly: its going well i think i got it all pretty mcuh done c:
  336. TheShatterWolf: huzzah! :D Come and shop with me ^_^ I have a present for you.
  337. GrimButterfly: -she giggles softly- alright alright
  338. GrimButterfly: oh and sorry its nice to meet you dark shadow ^-^
  339. Guest_KillaBKilled: -bows to hell - your majesty. .
  340. TheShatterWolf: grim, this is Kasta, one of the royal guards ^_^ Kasta, this is Grim, my companion and soon to be royal healer.
  341. KastaErisDarkshade: ~Sighs and remains slilent for she just nods her head.~
  342. TheShatterWolf: What's wrong Kasta?
  343. Guest_KillaBKilled has left the chat
  344. IHeavensGuardianI has joined the chat
  345. KastaErisDarkshade: Nothing. I have a matter to attend to, I shall return shortly. My rune needs to be tended to.
  346. TheShatterWolf: I see. Is there anything I can do to help?
  347. KastaErisDarkshade: No, it needs constant care to keep my soul and Gorken's trapped.
  348. TheShatterWolf: I see. Well when you return, we can finish our game, if you like.
  349. KastaErisDarkshade: ~She chuckles~ You were left in a broken bone state you sure you wish to return?
  350. TheShatterWolf: I welcome the challenge :D I aim to fight until it's done, even if you are victrious :p
  351. KastaErisDarkshade: ~She chuckles~ As you wish.
  352. TheShatterWolf: Splendid :D I await with patience.
  353. TheShatterWolf: So Heaven, what did I miss while I was away?
  354. IHeavensGuardianI: Not much
  355. IHeavensGuardianI: Imvu support better get back to me by tomorrow
  356. TheShatterWolf: Good. And what's the news with that?
  357. Guest_KillaBKilled has joined the chat
  358. Guest_Rockstar55 has joined the chat
  359. IHeavensGuardianI: Wydm
  360. TheShatterWolf: What did tech support say?
  361. Guest_Rockstar55: Hey brook ^^
  362. IHeavensGuardianI: I'm waiting
  363. TheShatterWolf: Welcome, rockstar.
  364. Guest_Rockstar55: Ty
  365. IHeavensGuardianI: I had to send a case
  366. IHeavensGuardianI: I don't have VIP
  367. Guest_Rockstar55: Hey brook ^^, guess what
  368. IHeavensGuardianI: What?
  369. Guest_Rockstar55: ^^ i turn 21 today
  370. TheShatterWolf: Ah, that sucks :/ Hopefully they can unscrew the situation soon and get everything fixed.
  371. IHeavensGuardianI: Party?
  372. Guest_KillaBKilled has left the chat
  373. Guest_Rockstar55: Its my birthday brook ^^
  374. IHeavensGuardianI: Happy birthday
  375. Guest_Rockstar55: Thanks, wanna see what i got
  376. Guest_Rockstar55: It's a little weird but i'm sure you'll find it funny in a way
  377. IHeavensGuardianI has left the chat
  378. Guest_Rockstar55: ...
  379. Guest_Rockstar55 has left the chat
  380. KastaErisDarkshade: ~Returning her mind to her body she felt whole one more.~
  381. KastaErisDarkshade: Who exactly is PrinceBloodLust?
  382. TheShatterWolf: I'm not entirely sure, Kasta. I'm going to look into that in just a moment.
  383. KastaErisDarkshade: Well cause some one named Thaelydor is in the same room as him and this guys sent me a message.
  384. KastaErisDarkshade: "Would any of you be interested in a fight with me? The winner gets five items off their wishlist. "
  385. TheShatterWolf: NO
  386. TheShatterWolf: Don't take the bait.
  387. KastaErisDarkshade: Last time I saw a message like that....well it ended badly
  388. TheShatterWolf: Yeah. Do you want to even investigate this, or just leave it alone?
  389. KastaErisDarkshade: Investigate, and I will help, I do not like this one bit.
  390. TheShatterWolf: Aye. Give me just a moment, and we'll get to work then.
  391. TheShatterWolf: Alright, so first we formulate a plan of attack. How do you want to do this, because I can almost bet it's gonna come down to some BS T5 shit.
  392. Guest_TheMorbidMortician has joined the chat
  393. TheShatterWolf: Hello and welcome.
  394. KastaErisDarkshade: Probably, but lets talk about this more privately.
  395. TheShatterWolf: Aye. Skype?
  396. KastaErisDarkshade: Sounds good.
  397. TheShatterWolf: Roger that. Dialing now.
  398. Guest_TheMorbidMortician has left the chat
  399. TheShatterWolf: Okay Grim, here's the situation. You're going to stay here and be ket safe, okay? You are to run the instant someone comes here and does anything to attack you, mkay?
  400. GrimButterfly: -she nods her head at him- alright i can do that
  401. TheShatterWolf: -He smiled softly and patted her head and softly scratched between her ears- Now, listen very carefully, okay? If someone comes here and attacks, run and hide in your pc room, okay? Or you can stay with Hell if he's actually active in the room.
  402. GrimButterfly: -she smiles softly up at him- ok
  403. TheShatterWolf: -He softly ruffled her hair as he knelt down so she could see him better- Don't worry. Kasta and I know what we're getting ourselves into. It's not that I don't want you coming along, but this guy is serious news, and I don't want you getting hurt.
  404. GrimButterfly: -she strares into his eyes and nods her head softly- i understand and ill do my best here
  405. TheShatterWolf: -Ne nodded and placed a gentle hand on her shoulder as he gazed back at her- I have faith in you. But again, if Thaelydor or anyone else comes to this place and attacks, you run, okay? You run, and hide, and wait for me to contact you. Pinkie promise?
  406. GrimButterfly: -she nuzzles her cheek on her hand- i will i pinkie promise
  407. TheShatterWolf: -He nodded and smiled as he touched her cheek with his hand- Thank you. Now, Kasta and I are gonna get to work and give this naughty fellow a good spanking, so it might take awhile to reply to you. But, I'll be right beside you the whole tiime, and I'll answer as quickly as I can.
  408. GrimButterfly: -she giggles softly- alright make sure it is a good spanking and ill be here take your time and be safe
  409. IHeavensGuardianI has joined the chat
  410. TheShatterWolf: -A devil's grin spread across his face as he rose to his feet, suddenly radiating a very serious energy.- Oh trust me, I plan to.
  411. IHeavensGuardianI: His?
  412. GrimButterfly: hehe
  413. TheShatterWolf: It's ass-kicking time. Figured out how to reverse the spell, thank the gods.
  414. IHeavensGuardianI: Oh ok
  415. IHeavensGuardianI: So much for lesbian
  416. TheShatterWolf: Your majesty, with all due respect, kis my blue temperamental ass :P
  417. TheShatterWolf: Alright Kasta, I'm ready when you are.
  418. IHeavensGuardianI: Nah
  419. IHeavensGuardianI has left the chat
  420. Guest_ravato has joined the chat
  421. Guest_ravato has left the chat
  422. TheShatterWolf: Well that was a complete waste of time >.>
  423. KastaErisDarkshade: Indeed.
  424. TheShatterWolf: Are you okay Grim?
  425. GrimButterfly: yeah im ok sorry
  426. GrimButterfly: and well dont you look bad ass XD
  427. TheShatterWolf: It's quite alright. And I dunno about all that XD
  428. TheShatterWolf: I'll show you my other ones.
  429. GrimButterfly: i think so at least and ok
  430. GrimButterfly: oooo pretty o.o
  431. TheShatterWolf: Well thank you c: This one is my viking armor ^_^
  432. GrimButterfly: its really cool and your welcome ^-^
  433. GrimButterfly: thats pretty too kasta
  434. KastaErisDarkshade: Oh thank you Grim ^^
  435. TheShatterWolf: This one is my royal guard fur ^_^
  436. TheShatterWolf: And this one is my favorite >:) This is my Shatter-Wolf form.
  437. KastaErisDarkshade: We are having a fashion show here. ^^
  438. GrimButterfly: well you both looke fab ^^
  439. Guest_AleeraDivineGoddes has joined the chat
  440. TheShatterWolf: -He gently patted her head and scratched between her ears- Well thank you c:
  441. TheShatterWolf: Hello and welcome Aleera
  442. Guest_AleeraDivineGoddes: A ball of purple fluff rolles an crashes into the wall.
  443. GrimButterfly: -she sticks her tounge out playfully- your welcome
  444. TheShatterWolf: -The lycan turned towards the commotion by the gate and hefted his scythe onto his shoulder- Now what could that have been?
  445. Guest_AleeraDivineGoddes: ooohh ow that hurt stupid me - looks at the me shapes dent in the wall- oops i made an accident again mama gonna not like this if she finds me- tries putting the bricks back togather-
  446. IHeavensGuardianI has joined the chat
  447. GrimButterfly: welcome back miss heaven ^-^
  448. TheShatterWolf: -The lycan came closer to the gate with his scythe on his shoulder, gripping the pole-arm with one hand as he saw a small.....something trying to repair a small amount of damage to the castle. "You there!" He called out to the tiny creature that seemed to be a human child. "Halt! What have you done?" He inquired in a firm voice, not quite sure what to make of this newest predicament.-
  449. Guest_AleeraDivineGoddes: freezes -uh oh- looks at the voice and freaks and curls back into a ball- im sorry i didnt mean to hit your wall was practicing inter dimensional travel and i mixed the wrong ingredent and i ended up in your wall- comes from my purple fur like ball-
  450. GrimButterfly has left the chat
  451. GrimButterfly has joined the chat
  452. KastaErisDarkshade: Welcome back, Grim.
  453. TheShatterWolf: -The ebony wolf approached and carefully picked up the tiny ball of fluff, examining it carefully. "What's this then? A human, I wonder?" He said as he carried the tiny being back to the castle square. "Everyone, come and see! We have a dimension walker!" He said as he presented the tiny creature for the others to see.-
  454. IHeavensGuardianI has left the chat
  455. KastaErisDarkshade: ~Kasta just chuckles as her dear friend comes back with a poor creature in his hands.~
  456. TheShatterWolf: Bit of a ding in the wall, but nothing I cannot fix.
  457. GrimButterfly: thank you
  458. Guest_AleeraDivineGoddes: the ball shakes - im in big trouble
  459. TheShatterWolf: -The wolf smirked and carefully placed the being on the ground- Now now, not just yet, you aren't.
  460. Guest_AleeraDivineGoddes: im not a demions thing you said im a ummm what did mommy call me hmmmm.. i don't remeber but im not that
  461. Guest_AleeraDivineGoddes: tries to soud tough with a squeaky voice-
  462. TheShatterWolf: -The creature chuckled as he kneeled down and watched the small being- Well, do you have a name, little being?
  463. Guest_AleeraDivineGoddes: a-a-aleera s-s-sir.
  464. Guest_SakeoJujistsu has left the chat
  465. TheShatterWolf: -He chuckled softly as he spoke in a much gentler voice than his body would have portrayed.- Well, my name is Tsatsu. This is Kasta, and the lovely vision beside you is Grim.
  466. Guest_AleeraDivineGoddes: looks at grim threw the fur and pops up and jumps into her tail - fluffy!!!!
  467. GrimButterfly: -she giggles and smiles at aleera- hello there
  468. KastaErisDarkshade: ~Kasta would shift her form to something more kinder. She gives Aleera a sweet smile.~
  469. Guest_AleeraDivineGoddes: hi- pops out of the tail and smiles- im sorry about your wall
  470. Guest_SakeoJujistsu has joined the chat
  471. KastaErisDarkshade: Walls can be fixed, young one, I am glad you are unharmed.
  472. TheShatterWolf: Aye, a wall is nothing to repair. And Grim here can tend to any....boo-boos, you might have.
  473. GrimButterfly: yeps ^-^
  474. Guest_AleeraDivineGoddes: im good - closes my eyes and little mechanical arms start repairing me- im a little nifty
  475. Guest_AleeraDivineGoddes: brb
  476. GrimButterfly: o.o -she slowly starts sliding her way over to wolf-
  477. Guest_SakeoJujistsu: [is brother afk gaming?]
  478. TheShatterWolf: -He smiled kindly at Grim as he stood and returned to her side, gently scratching between her ears as he spoke.- Well isn't this one something, eh Grim?
  479. Guest_SakeoJujistsu: -scurries into the castle scared of strangers to her she climbs in her brothers lap-
  480. KastaErisDarkshade: (No he is laying down)
  481. GrimButterfly: -she smiles softly up at him- yeah she is but i dont need to get poked by one of those arms -she chuckles softly to herslef-
  482. TheShatterWolf: -He grinned amusedly as he gently patted her head- Never you fear, nothing here will poke or prod you, save for perhaps Sakeo.
  483. Guest_AleeraDivineGoddes: -finishes repairing- all done -lookas at kasta with fasinations - pretty fairy
  484. GrimButterfly: hehe alright good... o.o wait what
  485. Guest_ElizabethMelrose has joined the chat
  486. KastaErisDarkshade: ~She smiles kindly to Aleera.~
  487. GrimButterfly: its nice to meet you sakeo but please dont poke ot prod me -she says giggling-
  488. Guest_SakeoJujistsu: Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ Welcome to Forgotten Souls Kingdom . Please post a 3+line role play entrance post upon loading in . No drama will be tolorated . if you create drama you will be shown the exit door. Stay off the thrones . please do not use flashing light triggers. We are seeking all ranks and roles inquire within . no backstabbing or else. Side not to noobs do not randomly add people that is offensive please ask 1st. { Setting : The year is 793 AD where a grey brick castle sits in a medow beyond the mountain and the forests with the river going through the forest . In the day time the villagers work hard in there huts that suround the castle . Midevil viking gaurds patrol the area around the clock gaurding the entrance gates. The King And Queen welcome those that pass the gaurds aproval to enter throgh , to a place the lost souls dwell. fully equipt village lies with in the kingdoms walls that suround it.} Ƹ̴Ӂ̴Ʒ
  489. Guest_AleeraDivineGoddes: walks around her- she is so pretty
  490. Guest_ElizabethMelrose: Hello. Can I look around?
  491. KastaErisDarkshade: (Yes you may.)
  492. KastaErisDarkshade: ~Kasta chuckles and gently moves her wings about.~
  493. Guest_SakeoJujistsu: -scoots closer to brother keeps her ears flat -
  494. TheShatterWolf: -The ebony lycan chuckled softly- Well Grim, what shall we do with this tiny being, I wonder?
  495. Guest_AleeraDivineGoddes: tries to touch them -
  496. GrimButterfly: -she chuckles with him then looks down at the little being- i dont know but she sure is cute
  497. KastaErisDarkshade: ~Kasta allows her to touch her wings, they will feel soft to her almost feather-like, but strong not easy to break.~
  498. TheShatterWolf: -He nodded in agreement- Aye, I will admit this.
  499. Guest_SakeoJujistsu: [who gaurd here mews is lost ans got pulled bye lady said her got blocked here]
  500. Guest_SakeoJujistsu: [ima see if brookes awake]
  501. GrimButterfly: hehe
  502. TheShatterWolf: Sakeo, what's the trouble?
  503. Guest_ElizabethMelrose has left the chat
  504. Guest_AleeraDivineGoddes: wanna see something cool
  505. KastaErisDarkshade: ~She would nod to her.~
  506. Guest_SakeoJujistsu: http://prntscr.com/huerym
  507. Guest_SakeoJujistsu: -whimpers -
  508. TheShatterWolf: Just block her Sakeo. She's not worth the effort or the chakra <.<
  509. Guest_SakeoJujistsu: her gots mews in market place
  510. TheShatterWolf: Is she there now?
  511. Guest_SakeoJujistsu: -nods-
  512. TheShatterWolf: Wait, what market place?
  513. Guest_AleeraDivineGoddes has left the chat
  514. Guest_SakeoJujistsu: http://prntscr.com/huest2
  515. TheShatterWolf: Sakeo, why are you in a family market?
  516. TheShatterWolf: Do I need to come in there?
  517. Guest_SakeoJujistsu: her pulled mews there
  518. Guest_SakeoJujistsu: i not know what that is
  519. TheShatterWolf: *sigh* I shall handle this. Kasta, do me a kindness and show Miss Grim to my quarters behind the throne room and help her unpack, would you?
  520. Guest_SakeoJujistsu: i not been awake long i reloaded when i woke up idk wtf going on yet]]
  521. TheShatterWolf: Just send me an invite to the room, Sakeo.
  522. TheShatterWolf: I'll handle the rest.
  523. KastaErisDarkshade: ~She smiles, ~ Of course, Grim come follow me. ~she leads her to the castle and beyond the throne room and into the living area.~ Here you are dear.
  524. GrimButterfly: -she smiles- thank you vary much
  525. KastaErisDarkshade: Of course. ~she gives her a warm smile.~
  526. GrimButterfly: -she wiggles in her seat getting comfy- this really one nice kingdom you guys got here im glad wolf brought me here
  527. DEMARC0 has joined the chat
  528. KastaErisDarkshade: As am I, you'll do just fine here and we are all family.
  529. DEMARC0 has left the chat
  530. GrimButterfly: thats good to hear ^-^
  531. KastaErisDarkshade: ~She smiles to her.~ Always is, cannot call a place home with out it.
  532. Guest_SakeoJujistsu: mews blocked her when poofed otays]]
  533. Guest_SakeoJujistsu: [brb gots to tinkle and eat]]
  534. GrimButterfly: -she smiles bright back her- true vary true
  535. KastaErisDarkshade: ~She leans forward on her seat,~ Indeed, I have lived a long time and that is one thing that has never changed.
  536. GrimButterfly: -she wraps her tail around herself- yeah
  537. TheShatterWolf: -The lycan returned to his quarters, rubbing his temples with a mildly irritated look on his face- We really need to put a bloody bell on that child, I swear to the gods.....
  538. TheShatterWolf: ((Thank you Sakeo. No more talking to strangers, otay?))
  539. Guest_MrAssassin14 has joined the chat
  540. GrimButterfly: -she giggles softly looing up at him- o it cant be that bad
  541. TheShatterWolf: -He smirked as he seated himself beside her- Oh, you would be amazed, my dear.
  542. Guest_AleeraDivineGoddes has joined the chat
  543. GrimButterfly: -she slowly and sotly crawls into his lap sitting down- awz
  544. KastaErisDarkshade: (welcome back Aleera)
  545. Guest_AleeraDivineGoddes: sorry conection error
  546. IHellsGuardianI has left the chat
  547. KastaErisDarkshade: ~She smiles towards them and leans back shifting her form.~
  548. TheShatterWolf: -He smirked and gently draped his arms around her, sighing contently as he relaxed into the comfort of his sofa.- Such is the life of a wolf like myself, it seems.
  549. Guest_AleeraDivineGoddes: okok ready to see my trick
  550. TheShatterWolf: Yes, Aleera, come and show us.
  551. KastaErisDarkshade: Yes.
  552. TheShatterWolf: Behind the throne room, wee one.
  553. Guest_MissAssassinLady has joined the chat
  554. Guest_MissAssassinLady: Hey there
  555. Guest_MrAssassin14: hi my love
  556. TheShatterWolf: Hello and welcome.
  557. Guest_MissAssassinLady: Hello
  558. TheShatterWolf: May I help you?
  559. Guest_MissAssassinLady: No lol
  560. TheShatterWolf: And you have come here because?
  561. Guest_MissAssassinLady: Idk just felt like it lol
  562. TheShatterWolf: Well, this is an rp room, so.....
  563. KastaErisDarkshade: Well you should learn to respect rooms before you do as you please.
  564. Guest_MissAssassinLady: I didn’t know there was rules...?
  565. Guest_MrAssassin14 has left the chat
  566. TheShatterWolf: Aye, there are.
  567. KastaErisDarkshade: Read room cards before you enter.
  568. Guest_MissAssassinLady: Well
  569. TheShatterWolf: Typically, we say hello here
  570. Guest_MissAssassinLady has left the chat
  571. TheShatterWolf: -With a disgruuntled sigh, the lycan returned to his quarters and gently pulled Grim back into his lap-
  572. GrimButterfly: well she was just lovely
  573. GrimButterfly: -wiggles in his lap getting comfy-
  574. Guest_AleeraDivineGoddes has left the chat
  575. TheShatterWolf: -he chuckled softly and wrapped his arms and tail around her as he returned to his usual azure form.- Such rudeness....The nerve of those humans.
  576. GrimButterfly: mhmm
  577. TheShatterWolf: -gently petting her hair, he summoned a book from his shelf and finally began to relax for the day, bringing the book to his hand with an invisble, gentle force-
  578. KastaErisDarkshade: ~She smiles and settles her butterflies.~
  579. TheShatterWolf: -He looked down at her with a gentle smile.- Would you like some food, a drinnk, a blanket?
  580. GrimButterfly: -she lays on his chest softly shaking her head- no im ok thank you
  581. TheShatterWolf: -He smiled and stroked her hair with one hand, reading from his book with the other.- As you like then. Are you comfortable?
  582. GrimButterfly: -she softly nods her head in his chest smiling- yes vary
  583. TheShatterWolf: -With a soft chuckle, he continued stroking her hair and reading from his book as he began to hum a soft, soothing tune.-
  584. KastaErisDarkshade: ~She smiles and leans back glad she found such a place to call home.~
  585. GrimButterfly: -nuzzels her face softly into his chest more feeling his soft fur as smilins softly hearing what kasta said she slowly drifts off to sleep-
  586. TheShatterWolf: -He couldn't help but smile with pride as he continued humming, pausing only long enough to glance over at Kasta and silently mouth the words "She be at peace, my comrade. We'll finish our game soon."-
  587. KastaErisDarkshade: Indeed, my friend, in due time. ~Kasta hums a lulaby her mother sang to her long ago, the lulaby not from this world so it seemed odd to people at first.~
  588. Guest_AleeraDivineGoddes has joined the chat
  589. GrimButterfly: -she smiles sweetly in her sleep as she drools a little onto his chest-
  590. TheShatterWolf: -Tsatsu did the best he could to follow along with the tune, but quickly resigned himself to et Kasta handle the music as he closed his book and carefully used his magic to return it to it's place on the shelf.-
  591. Guest_AleeraDivineGoddes: changes into a white fluff ball
  592. KastaErisDarkshade: ~She smiles and begins to sing translating into their language.~ Merrily we fall out of line, out of line. I'd fall anywhere with you, I'm by your side.
  593. Guest_AleeraDivineGoddes: curls up on kasta's lap smiling-
  594. AtaleenaTalonsbane has joined the chat
  595. AtaleenaTalonsbane: hello everone'
  596. AtaleenaTalonsbane: sorry if i crash
  597. KastaErisDarkshade: Swinging in the rain, humming melodies, we're not going anywhere until we freeze. ~She smiles to her and gently brushes her hair as she continues to sing.~
  598. Guest_Daniuold has joined the chat
  599. Guest_AleeraDivineGoddes: yawns falling asleep-
  600. AtaleenaTalonsbane has left the chat
  601. KastaErisDarkshade: I'm not afraid, anymore, I'm not afraid. Forever is a long time But I wouldn't mind spending it by your side. ~She sings softy and gently as she brushes her hair with her fingers.~
  602. Guest_AleeraDivineGoddes: zzzzz
  603. TheShatterWolf: -He couldn't help but smile warmly as he carefully rose to his feet, cradling Grim in his arms as if she were the most precious piece of life in all existence. Carrying her over to the spot on the sofa where he slept, he gently placed her down and tucked her in beneath a soft and cozy blanket, brushing a lock of hair from her face as he gently pressed his nose to the top of her head. Turning his gaze to Kasta, he wiped something from the corner of one eye as he nodded his head towards the door, gesturing for them to depart for a time and go outside somewhere so the two could sleep.-
  604. GrimButterfly: -she smiles soflty in her sleep snuggles the blanket thinking it was her wolfy-
  605. Guest_Daniuold has left the chat
  606. KastaErisDarkshade: Carefully we're placed for our destiny. You came and you took this heart, and set it free. Every word you write or sing is so warm to me, so warm to me. I’m torn, I’m torn to be right where you are ~She nods and sings until its just a soft hum, before setting Aleera gently down, she gets a blanket for Aleera. Covering them up she continues to hum her song. Taking her leave to the door still softly humming. before leaving the room letting them sleep.~
  607. Guest_AleeraDivineGoddes: smiless purring-
  608. TheShatterWolf: -Silently making his way outside, the wolf puffed on his elven pipe and waited for Kasta to join him, staring up at the moon as his mind wandered the vastness of the night sky.- They're so wonderful, Kasta. I hope they both stay here with us forever.
  609. Guest_graveavenger has joined the chat
  610. KastaErisDarkshade: ~Kasta stands next to him hearing his words.~ That they both are, enough to soften and warm this cold heart of mine. ~She smiles and looks up to the moon happy that it did not look the way as in her dreams, how it would have looked if Gorken succeeded.~
  611. Guest_graveavenger: hello
  612. Guest_graveavenger: listen here woman
  613. KastaErisDarkshade: (greetings there is an rp in session.)
  614. Guest_graveavenger has left the chat
  615. Guest_AleeraDivineGoddes: rolls into a ball and sleep rolls -
  616. KastaErisDarkshade: ~She gives Aleera and Grim a light kiss upon their foreheads before taking a leave of her own, she must go back to her place to sleep. Giving her friend a good hug before departing.~ Goodnight. ~she whispered to him, ~ enjoy the cuteness and watch over them.
  617. Guest_AleeraDivineGoddes: rolls around asleep
  618. GrimButterfly: -se softly noms and drools on her little demon tail-
  619. TheShatterWolf: -The lycan hugged his dear friend and bid her farewell as she departed into the night. "Be safe, tovarich. I shall keep the watch." He said as he headed back to his quarters, humming as softly as possible whilst he returned to his boo and sat between Aleera and Grim. He hadn't felt peace and happiness like this in eons, not since his beloved wife had last graced the earth. It brought him pride, and joy, and a feeling he had no name or word for. But it was there, and it was good.-
  620. Guest_AleeraDivineGoddes: rolls sloly into a wall-
  621. KastaErisDarkshade has left the chat
  622. TheShatterWolf: -With his pipe in one hand and his book in the other, he quietly peekd into the throne room and whispered to Sakeo. "Ahem. Tiny one. Do you have a safe place to sleep tonight?" He asked as softly as possible, hoping not to wake the other two.-
  623. SteinAlex has joined the chat
  624. TheShatterWolf: ((Hello Alex. Please be mindful, the wee ones are sleeping.))
  625. GrimButterfly: -she softly looks at her wolfy sweetly before closling her eyes snuggling in the blanket he let her use-
  626. Guest_AleeraDivineGoddes: zzzzz
  627. TheShatterWolf: -He smiled softly and returned to his sleeping spot where Grim rested, tucking himself in behind her as he wrapped his tail and one arm around her, still humming and reading from his book with the other hand.-
  628. Guest_AleeraDivineGoddes: snuggles into his tail-
  629. GrimButterfly: -she snggles close to him-
  630. TheShatterWolf: -He smiled softly as Aleera snuggled into his tail, gently draping his tail of the tiny creature to keep her warm as well. turning his attention to Alex, he spoke in a voice barely above a whisper- And how are you tonight? I trust all is well?
  631. Guest_SakeoJujistsu: -gets down as she starts peeking in the room curios keeping her ears flat she whispers shyly- he...hello
  632. TheShatterWolf: -He gently stroked Grim's hair with one hand as he breathed a sigh of relief, his home finally at peace, for a time. Conflict would always come, but he would always be there to greet it with ferocity and tenaciousness. For these precious souls, he would venture the depths of Hell once again, if it meant keeping them all safe. As Sakeo crept into the room, he smiled softly and gestured for her to pick a spot and get comfortable for the evening.-
  633. GrimButterfly has left the chat
  634. TheShatterWolf: Alex, would you like a place to sleep too?
  635. SteinAlex: -shakes head-
  636. Guest_AleeraDivineGoddes: sneezes lauching my self in a wall-
  637. TheShatterWolf: Very well then. Is everything alright?
  638. SteinAlex: yep :o
  639. SteinAlex: im on a search
  640. TheShatterWolf: Alright then. What are you searching for?
  641. SteinAlex: some one :o
  642. Guest_AleeraDivineGoddes: ooh that hurt-
  643. TheShatterWolf: Sakeo, could you be so kind as to tuck Aleera back in and keep her cozy?
  644. TheShatterWolf: Who are you searching for, Alex?
  645. Guest_AleeraDivineGoddes: is stuck in the wall- wo wo help im stuck
  646. SteinAlex: -snaps my fingers making aleera land safly on the ground-
  647. Guest_graveavenger has joined the chat
  648. TheShatterWolf: Thank you, Alex.
  649. SteinAlex: np
  650. TheShatterWolf: Hold a moment. I'll be right back, okay?
  651. SteinAlex: -pokes wolf with a friend request-
  652. Guest_AleeraDivineGoddes: waddles back tot he couch tring to hop on the couch-
  653. SteinAlex: -helps her up=
  654. TheShatterWolf: Is there any particular reason you've come back here, graves?
  655. Guest_graveavenger: yes
  656. Guest_AleeraDivineGoddes: tank you
  657. TheShatterWolf: And that would be?
  658. Guest_graveavenger: i am sorry
  659. Guest_graveavenger: i let my heart get the best of me
  660. TheShatterWolf: Your heart?
  661. Guest_graveavenger: that is correct
  662. TheShatterWolf: What do you mean by this?
  663. Guest_graveavenger: wait am i in the right place
  664. AgonyJRitter has joined the chat
  665. Guest_graveavenger: why was i botted agin
  666. Guest_graveavenger: this happend alot
  667. Guest_AleeraDivineGoddes: looks out side to see whats going on -
  668. TheShatterWolf: I....see.
  669. Guest_graveavenger: i mean i dont want to disrespect anyone
  670. AgonyJRitter: -Has come to visit.-
  671. TheShatterWolf: Agony, my dear friend!
  672. Guest_AleeraDivineGoddes: rolls outside and bumps into wolfy's foot-
  673. TheShatterWolf: And yet you march into my home and scream at one of our members?
  674. Guest_graveavenger: oh...i did that
  675. TheShatterWolf: Aye, you did.
  676. TheShatterWolf: Now explain yourself.
  677. Guest_graveavenger: damn
  678. Guest_graveavenger: this would be easyer if i rememberd what i said
  679. TheShatterWolf: And you'll not swear in front of a child, if you please.
  680. Guest_AleeraDivineGoddes: jumps on shatters sholder-
  681. Guest_graveavenger: FUGDE
  682. AgonyJRitter: -Arches a brow at the situation.- Should I come back another time?
  683. Guest_graveavenger: NO YOU GOTTA HERE THIS
  684. Guest_graveavenger: i am sorry everyone
  685. Guest_graveavenger: i didnt mean to be rude
  686. Guest_AleeraDivineGoddes: he scarying me
  687. TheShatterWolf: no, Agony, you are most welcome to stay.
  688. GrimButterfly has joined the chat
  689. Guest_graveavenger: my feelings at times get the best of me
  690. TheShatterWolf: What feelings? Speak plain with me.
  691. Guest_graveavenger: that ones i demonstrated earlyer
  692. Guest_SakeoJujistsu: -whimpers as she scurries out the room finds a place outside to hide-
  693. Guest_AleeraDivineGoddes: papa he scary
  694. Guest_AleeraDivineGoddes: hides -
  695. TheShatterWolf: Your apology is accepted. Now if you please, do you come here to rp?
  696. Guest_graveavenger: yyes
  697. Guest_graveavenger: o.o
  698. TheShatterWolf: I see. Be patient whilst I speak with my comrade.
  699. TheShatterWolf: Agony, my dear friend, welcome.
  700. AgonyJRitter: Thank you kindly Wolf. How are things here? Have you spoken with your leaders?
  701. Guest_AleeraDivineGoddes: can i come out now
  702. TheShatterWolf: Unfortunately, I've not had a chance to speak with them yet, no.
  703. AgonyJRitter: I see, when will they be around?
  704. TheShatterWolf: They should be around tomorrow sometime. I do have good news though.
  705. Guest_SakeoJujistsu: -sneeks in one of the vilagers cabins to hide from all the strangers -
  706. TheShatterWolf: They have given me command over the guard unit here, and they say that anyone I trust is more than welcome to come and stay as long as they like.
  707. Guest_graveavenger has left the chat
  708. AgonyJRitter: -Nods slowly.- What sort of roleplay is done here? What tier?
  709. AgonyJRitter: I will never need to come here, I have never gone into hiding from a threat, but should anyone dear to me be in danger, I may or may not send them here depending on how well constructed the roleplay is here because that determines how well your company handles threats. Does that make sense?
  710. TheShatterWolf: Aye, my friend, it does. Mostly, we conduct a mideval rp here, and we all work together to advance our skills to the pinnacle of T1. None of us are masters, but we fight valiantly, and each of us is willing to die to protect our cause.
  711. TheShatterWolf: We offer a safe haven for people to seek shelter and to train as best as our staff is able.
  712. AgonyJRitter: As long as you fight legally and can follow the conduct of basic rules as well as acknowledge when someone else breaks said rules, this place is deemed safe. Your biggest weapon against a threat in roleplay are the rules, and knowing the rules can save more than just a small handful of situations.
  713. Guest_AleeraDivineGoddes: waddles to the couch-
  714. GrimButterfly: -she smiles at wolf and runs off giggling-
  715. TheShatterWolf: Aye, we keep a copy of the rules on file in several places, to make sure everyone abides. As I say, none of us are experts, but we do our best and have someone always double-checking just to be sure.
  716. AgonyJRitter: I'm glad to hear this.
  717. Guest_AleeraDivineGoddes: wolf can i get a song pwease
  718. AgonyJRitter: I'm not going to lie to you, I'm still unsure about your group but I do intend on getting to know it as time passes.
  719. TheShatterWolf: As I said, we do our best here. And you are more than welcome to come and visit any time you wish. Things were a bit messy in the beginning, but our home here is much more secure and very well guarded now.
  720. GrimButterfly: hes busy sweetie but i can sing to you if you would like
  721. TheShatterWolf: I have ensured that a royal guard unit was established, as well as a special task force for special missions.
  722. AgonyJRitter: -Nods slowly and strokes his chin.-
  723. Guest_AleeraDivineGoddes: otay- hops up-
  724. TheShatterWolf: And my work is only just beginning. But I have faith that we can become a true fortress, and a good place to rp and learn the ways.
  725. AgonyJRitter: I have high hopes for this establishment. I'll visit as often as I can afford to and I expect the same in turn. When you speak with your leaders, let me know will you? I'm eager to learn what sort of people they are.
  726. GrimButterfly: -she smiles at aleera as she picks her up to put him in my lap- what do you want me to sing you lovely
  727. TheShatterWolf: Absolutely, my friend. In fact, I shall drag them by their ears to your dominion tomorrow, come hell or high water.
  728. TheShatterWolf: I will warn in advance, the queen is a bit.....anti-social at times, but the king is noble and humble. He would be honored to be in your presence.
  729. TheShatterWolf: They are young, but they are willing to learn.
  730. AgonyJRitter: -Nods and shuts my eyes.- Alright. I intend on speaking with them purely OOC when I meet them.
  731. Guest_simplyforyou has joined the chat
  732. TheShatterWolf: Of course, my friend. I shall notify them immediately, and make sure they know when they arrive tomorrow.
  733. TheShatterWolf: Hello, and welcome, simply.
  734. AgonyJRitter: Don't bring them there if you don't see me in the room, this is very important.
  735. Zanagi has joined the chat
  736. Guest_simplyforyou: Hello! Thank you!
  737. AgonyJRitter: It's a safety issue.
  738. TheShatterWolf: Aye, of course.
  739. TheShatterWolf: It'll be handled with utmost care and scrutiny.
  740. AgonyJRitter: Zanagi, hello.
  741. Zanagi: Greetings.
  742. IHeavensGuardianI has joined the chat
  743. Guest_AleeraDivineGoddes: smiles - umm idk
  744. TheShatterWolf: greetings everyone.
  745. AgonyJRitter: It's a pleasure to finally meet you. A dear friend of mine is a part of Ravenwing.
  746. TheShatterWolf: Ah, and here's the queen now!
  747. AgonyJRitter: -Looks at Wolf.- What timing, glad I came to visit.
  748. IHeavensGuardianI: ((Alex hold on))
  749. Zanagi: Ah yes, Zmorrga. I've heard of you before. It's a pleasure to meet you as well.
  750. AgonyJRitter: How are things there?
  751. Guest_AleeraDivineGoddes: snuggles to grim-
  752. TheShatterWolf: indeed! Madame! I have someone to introduce to you!
  753. IHeavensGuardianI: Hello everyone.
  754. Zanagi: They are quite pleasant for the time being. Things have been a little quite but, that comes with the holiday season.
  755. Guest_simplyforyou has left the chat
  756. Zanagi: I must admit, I didn't think Zmorrga would speak of me to you. She usually throws me through walls and piano's... hard to imagine someone doing that with love XD
  757. GrimButterfly: -snuggles aleera-
  758. Guest_AleeraDivineGoddes: yawns-
  759. IHeavensGuardianI: Who?
  760. AgonyJRitter: Aye indeed. Zmorrga speaks highly of Ravenwing in general as well.
  761. IHeavensGuardianI: ((Hold up))
  762. IHeavensGuardianI has left the chat
  763. TheShatterWolf: His name is Agony. Do you recall the fine folk I spoke with at the height of the conflict?
  764. TheShatterWolf: oi vey....
  765. AgonyJRitter: Wolf, I'm not the greatest with inroductions. It's a skill I need to improve on.
  766. Zanagi: I'm sure that would bring a smile to my wife, Aussie. They are quite close.
  767. TheShatterWolf: I could say the same of myself. Do forgive, it's very busy here all of a sudden.
  768. Guest_AleeraDivineGoddes: tries to stay awake
  769. AgonyJRitter: Zmorrga takes great pride in Ravenwing. Zanagi, if I may be so bold, I'd like to invite you to my dominion to share my company unless you have business here as well. I'm in the process of discussing a possible alliance.
  770. AgonyJRitter: Of course Wolf, I have nothing but time.
  771. Zanagi: By all means, feel free.
  772. TheShatterWolf: If only my ancient ass had the same, my friend....
  773. TheShatterWolf: Or merely a faster set of fingers...
  774. TheShatterWolf: Ah, methinks the queen returns!
  775. Zanagi: I will depart from here however to avoid lag.
  776. AgonyJRitter: Alright.
  777. Zanagi has left the chat
  778. IHeavensGuardianI has joined the chat
  779. TheShatterWolf: Heave, I'd like you to meet Agony. This is the gentleman I spoke of brokering an alliance with during the height of Zero's.....problems.
  780. TheShatterWolf: Agony, this is Heave, the queen of the forgotten souls.
  781. IHeavensGuardianI: It's nice to meet you.
  782. AgonyJRitter: As to you, Heave, I've been eager to meet you and your spouse for quite some time now.
  783. TheShatterWolf: My apologies, I dropped the N from her name x.x Her name is Heaven
  784. TheShatterWolf: Do forgive an old dog, I type with one ahnd and smoke a cigarette with the other.
  785. AgonyJRitter: Heaven*
  786. SarayuLexitt has joined the chat
  787. IHeavensGuardianI: Unfortunately he is not around right now.
  788. TheShatterWolf: Greetings and welcome, Sarayu
  789. Guest_AleeraDivineGoddes: sleeps on grim-
  790. GrimButterfly: -rubs her back softy as she sleeps-
  791. IHeavensGuardianI: ((Alex))
  792. Guest_AleeraDivineGoddes: smiles-
  793. SarayuLexitt: Thank you
  794. SteinAlex: ((mom?))
  795. AgonyJRitter: -Nods.- As I see.
  796. IHeavensGuardianI: ((invite me now))
  797. TheShatterWolf: Madame, Agony has come here to speak with us of a most important mission, of the highest secrecy.
  798. TheShatterWolf: Agony, madame, shall we speak in private then?
  799. IHeavensGuardianI: Then shouldn't we speak in private?
  800. AgonyJRitter: What is secret?
  801. IHeavensGuardianI: Thought the same
  802. AgonyJRitter: -Looks at Wolf.-
  803. IHeavensGuardianI: Yes, invite me.
  804. AgonyJRitter: I'll need to close here if we are to go to a pc.
  805. Guest_AleeraDivineGoddes: wraps my tail around grim-
  806. TheShatterWolf: Of course. I shall see you both shortly then.
  807. IHeavensGuardianI: ((brb))
  808. AgonyJRitter has left the chat
  809. GrimButterfly: -smiles sweetly down at aleers softly noming on her cheek-
  810. Guest_AleeraDivineGoddes: giggles
  811. GrimButterfly: your so darn cute
  812. Guest_CharacterKiller has joined the chat
  813. TheShatterWolf: Greetings and welcome, killer.
  814. SarayuLexitt has left the chat
  815. Guest_AleeraDivineGoddes: tank you
  816. Guest_CharacterKiller: Eh.
  817. GrimButterfly: your welcome
  818. Guest_CharacterKiller: You.
  819. Guest_CharacterKiller: Where's your Husband.
  820. TheShatterWolf: He is not present at the moment. Why do you ask?
  821. Guest_CharacterKiller: Too close.
  822. Guest_CharacterKiller: Move.
  823. TheShatterWolf: No.
  824. Guest_CharacterKiller: Last chance.
  825. TheShatterWolf: Do you threaten me, newcomer?
  826. Guest_CharacterKiller: No.
  827. Guest_AleeraDivineGoddes: whats happening
  828. TheShatterWolf: Then remember your manners.
  829. TheShatterWolf: Now, why do you wish to see the king?
  830. GrimButterfly: nothing sweeite its ok
  831. Guest_CharacterKiller: -| Gloved hands move to the metallic objects attached to robes, freeing them with a yank moving thumbs into position near the top. Pausing for just a moment. -|
  832. TheShatterWolf: ((Grim, take the children and hide. Now. Cover your ears.))
  833. Guest_CharacterKiller: Count of three. After...
  834. Guest_CharacterKiller: Use your imagination.
  835. GrimButterfly: -she picks up aleera and runs to fined a kiding spot as i cover her ears-
  836. Guest_AleeraDivineGoddes: who is that guy and why he being me to wolfy
  837. GrimButterfly: -i softly cover her mout- shh its ok
  838. Guest_AleeraDivineGoddes: shakes in fear and holds grim closer scared-
  839. GrimButterfly: -rubs her back softly-
  840. TheShatterWolf: -The lycan readied his scythe, preparing to fight as his demonic aura erupted in a firey inferno. A roar that split the sky filled the air as he brought the blade to the newcomer's throat. "You dare pass a threat in my house?!"- He cried in a hellish voice as he lifted the blade closer, threatening to slit the challenger's throat in a single strike as his fury sky-rocketed in the blink of an eye, and the darkness within took hold once more. "I don't have time for this Mickey Mouse bullshit! Now put 'em down before I put you down, get it kid?!" he shouted as he readied his aura and unsealed his magical abilities, fully ready to display any amount of violence and power that needed to be demonstarted to get his message across loud and clearly.-
  841. TheShatterWolf: ((Everyone, follow Agony's every order! Do as he says without question! Understood?))
  842. GrimButterfly: ((yes))
  843. Guest_CharacterKiller: -| What is that feeling? That fear.. those words she heard in the distance. But when the creature began to roar that all extinguished in the flicker of an eye. What he thought was swifter than her own is foolish, as such it's met with a twirl upwards of pulsating beams that were switched from plasma to carbon, allowing for a more dense concentration. The beams of energy being used more as batons that caught the grooves of his weapon then pushed against it just enough for hood to duck beneath with left arm rotating in full swing to the man's abdomen during the low spun crouch while keeping other baton forward battling his strength against own. That was until drawing the blade downward so his pressure would topple this creature off his own element. Bringing that baton to follow through in motion to guard spine to mid back, then during fluid twirl on boots would bring frame out to the front of him, standing fully, with one pulsating blade aimed for where his neck could be and the other at the side of frame. Crackleing under intense pressure that was held back by her mind alone. -| '' T'ch. ''
  844. Guest_AleeraDivineGoddes: yes))
  845. TheShatterWolf: ((A moment, if you please.))
  846. TheShatterWolf: ((Everyone, add Agony!))
  847. TheShatterWolf: ((Grim, Agony needs you, now!))
  848. Guest_AleeraDivineGoddes: im scared-
  849. TheShatterWolf: ((Aleera, do as I say now.))
  850. GrimButterfly: ((alright))
  851. Guest_AleeraDivineGoddes: otay
  852. Guest_AleeraDivineGoddes: otay))
  853. AgonyJRitter has joined the chat
  854. TheShatterWolf: -The lycan completely released his weapon and darted away, leaping several feet back and landing closer to the queen, shielding her with his body as he watched the newcomer. Lightsabres. Interesting. very interesting. "So, you're one of those, eh?" He inquired as he readied his claws and flared his skeletal wings, his horns already humming with magical energy as he snarled and swished his tail in furious irritation. "As you like then. But so you know, I'm claiming those when we're done." he threatened as he watched and waited for the next attack. This would have to be done carefully. "Come on then. Show me what happens when the Force meets magic. Let's dance, and see who truly stands." he said as he locked his gaze on the figure, neither knowing nor caring who or what lay under the hooded cloak. All he could smell was meat, and blood, and bone; each of which begged to be chewed upon with haste.-
  855. IHeavensGuardianI: ((back))
  856. AgonyJRitter: -It was at this point that a vortex tore in the creation of existence, nearest to the queen specifically and from it, the roar of hellish flames reached out from within, licking a large, shadow cast figure who exited the vortex. His body bore the weight of a large, worn leather cloak over his shoulders, reinforced by the armor that plated them but his chest and torso was left bare. A mask muzzled his mouth and a blindfold covered his eyes and a stench so foul wavered off his being it could only be compared to a thousand, sunbaked corpses. A two-toned voice grumbled from the man's muzzle as the wind from his fires pushed his blood red hair forward over his shoulders beneath the wide rim of his captain's hat. One voice was that of a deep, demonic behemoth as the other was of a sickly man.- "My services have been called upon."
  857. TheShatterWolf: ((Heaven, go with Agony! Now, madame!))
  858. SteinAlex: (she must be afk
  859. SteinAlex: )
  860. AgonyJRitter: [All she needs to do is go through the vortex my character just made.]
  861. TheShatterWolf: ((Do it! Now! Everyone, go!))
  862. IHeavensGuardianI: ((if someone is causing drama just boot them honestly))
  863. TheShatterWolf: ((No, it's a legit challenge, madame.))
  864. IHeavensGuardianI: -She goes through the vortex Agony had made.- ((I am so not in the mood right now))
  865. IHeavensGuardianI has left the chat
  866. Guest_AleeraDivineGoddes: watches worried that some on ewill get hurt-
  867. TheShatterWolf: ((Aleera, you need to go, little one.))
  868. AgonyJRitter: [Aleera, you and your company have entered my characters realm, in doing so, your characters are no longer present here.]
  869. Guest_CharacterKiller: .... -| Whimpering? Yes, could hear them clear as day. The feelings of fear. This creature that is ganted towards has no idea the mercy to be recieved this day. -| '' ... Damn it. '' -| Both of the blades are slid back inside their containers with the silhouette turning completely against the creature giving a light snarl of lips, those cries those feelings, those emotions. Plaguing this one's mind causing one gloved hand to rise and rub between eyes, shaking head lightly to try and purge those sensations that it had felt. Becoming so angry at oneself for allowing the infiltration of those... castaway nonsensicals. The metallic bridle is latched to robes, boots leading figure outward and away. Didn't make it quick, though, giving this creature the only opening it will ever have to even attempt an assault that would ultimately end his life as the robed one's perception of surroundings is beyond keen. |-
  870. Guest_AleeraDivineGoddes: ooo ok))
  871. Guest_SakeoJujistsu: [back]
  872. TheShatterWolf: -The lycan shot foorth like a bolt, snatching up his scythe before doubling back after the attacker, his rage now building to a crescendo of madness. There were not words for it in the human language, only a single phrase in his ancient tongue of the Keglunek. 'TsatsuKorikosho', The Black Wolf's Plague. Rushing after his target the lycan leaped and screamed for all his lungs were worth. This person, this Jedi or Sith or whichever end of the ancient Force the being fell under, would not escape so easily. Not this time. "Get your flesh back here! I'm hungry!" He cried out as he came crashing back down through the air as if he were Lucifer falling from Heaven a second time; his scythe held high and proud as though it were a hammer preparing to strike hot iron in a forge. his attack was readied and aimed to do only one thing, if it connected: The lade would pierce the skull and cleave the body in half as clean as an apple on a summer afternoon. And then, the beast would finally have his meal at last, and what a glorious feeding time it would be. he could already taste it on his lips.-
  873. Guest_SakeoJujistsu: [thinks ill stay hidden]
  874. TheShatterWolf: ((Sakeo, do as Agony says, now.))
  875. AgonyJRitter: [The vortex is open for Sakeo to go through, when he decides to do so I will invite him to my dominion.]
  876. TheShatterWolf: ((Sakeo, go with Agony. Do it, quickly. He'll protect you.))
  877. Guest_AleeraDivineGoddes has left the chat
  878. Guest_AleeraDivineGoddes has joined the chat
  879. Guest_AleeraDivineGoddes has left the chat
  880. Guest_AleeraDivineGoddes has joined the chat
  881. Guest_CharacterKiller: -| Foolish beast. But there is no pity here. That piercing howl gave its position away long before the need to feel the very matter be dispersed. Cobble beneath feet trembled, breaking apart, rising only to jolt skyward the moment the wolf descends. Turning sideward with the gloved palm facing upwards to release a powerful concentration of an ionic burst that exploded outwards from a tiny sphere which fed the surge of lightning bolts aiming beyond the creature's armament and weapon, aiming to find the weakness where flesh is present. This in concordance with boot brim's press into stone ejecting pillars upwards in chunks to knock into the blade itself to stud it with sediment's core. The momentum from the impact of both would look to disorientate - or knock unconscious the feral creature. Aiming to also knock it aside by way of the earth acting as projectiles against his impact. A multipurpose maneuver working simultaneously through inner depth. Yet even now some of this is held back, not lethal. Not fully. Not for a creature like this especially. -| '' Pft. ''
  882. Guest_AleeraDivineGoddes: ((agony add me again please))
  883. AgonyJRitter: -The horseman stands in silence, his back to the vortex still open and swirling behind him, its passage guarded by no other but himself to ensure no unrightful creature enters it without his permission. He watched through his blindfold with clear vision as the scenario took place, waiting to see if his ever-so forceful assistence would be neccessary in this regard. He had a feeling however that in the sheer lust of the male's attack, it may be that his quick action is needed. His gaze watched the opponent evade the male's attack and follow it with a counter.-
  884. TheShatterWolf: -The lycan saw bolts of lightning and stone flying towards him, but he had just the trick for this. Hurling his scythe with all his might towards the stranger, he kept his hands in front of him and sent forth a wave of aura to create an energy shield in front of him. This miniscule amount of magical power would use his own aura to create a physical barrier to deflect the stone and absorb the electrical energy for later use. In doing so, he created a three-fold counter-attack. Absorbing the electrical energy and thereby eliminating its threat, for what is magic but the movement of electrical ions through the body and into the world outside? Deflecting the stones of the courtyard's walkway, thereby protecting his body. But most of all, it gave him a weapon, for when he hit the ground the aura shield would surely crush his target beneath the combined weight of one-hundered and eighty five pound of very angry lycanthrope; aided by the shield of his aura. A twelve foot diameter shield, and alot of very upset werewolf would surely be enough to crush the weilder of the lightsabers. And then, it would surely be dinner time. As his scythe cascaded downward, he projected the shield and prepared for what was sure to be a quick and sudden stop at the bottom of his flight path.-
  885. Guest_AleeraDivineGoddes: ((stupid connection))
  886. TheShatterWolf: ((No worries Aleera. Did you get Agony added?))
  887. Guest_AleeraDivineGoddes: (( not yet))
  888. TheShatterWolf: ((Do that now, if you please? He can help protect you.))
  889. AgonyJRitter: [She is in my room, don't worry.]
  890. TheShatterWolf: ((Thank you so much, my friend.))
  891. AgonyJRitter: [Of course.]
  892. GrimButterfly has left the chat
  893. TheShatterWolf: ((Grim had to go deal with RL business.))
  894. AgonyJRitter: [Alright.]
  895. Guest_CharacterKiller: -| Heavier the object the quicker it will fall and not impact in the general area it had once projected itself for, dependent on velocity. The weapon he threw would be a double handed insult to his own injury. The creature would find the swift-moving silhouette has literally sped climbed his weapon's shaft using a force step that lightens nimble frame, almost like air walking as it was plunging into the earth. Whilst running up the neck of the blade the left boot's groove would notch to the butt of scythe only to plunge self skyward in an axis twisting summersault that sent body away by centimeters from the cratering creature bringing both and energy with it. By the time the dust would settle from that impact it's likely the robed figure had already stood from the crouch it landed in with both gloved hands crackling inward. Lips turning upward in a distinct annoyance yet also a slight appreciation for the feral beast's craft. Wondering if it would break its own weapon under all that weight. Hood swiveling to face the creature, being quick to cast an arm aside to propel quivering waves to clear the cloud of debris that would undoubtedly arise. This way the beast wouldn't be able to hide or jolt off abruptly. Keeping other dangerously fixated on the cylindrical object still yet to be wielded, as if in hesitation. Instead, focusing hood towards the impact zone. Crackling of ions starting to form minor negative charges around the body, especially along the knuckles of both gloved hands which had cracked earlier. Air seeming to become heavier around the robed figure, even causing hairline fractures to spread from boots in snaking fissures. -|
  896. NikkiDaegon has joined the chat
  897. Guest_SakeoJujistsu: oo
  898. Guest_SakeoJujistsu: [im no weres room but here and zer0s and skywolvens pack rn oo erm ????]
  899. Guest_SakeoJujistsu: -stays hiden under the bed-
  900. Guest_SakeoJujistsu: [coughs look at kik shatter]
  901. TheShatterWolf: -tsatsu impacted with the force of a small cannonball, kicking up quite a dust cloud when he landed, protected by his energy shield. Already, the demon's mind was at work. fetch the scythe. Tear the body. Eat the meat. Claim the weapons. Eat more. Sleep. Rising from his crouched position, he turned and fetched the scythe with one hand, his other clawed talon ready with the aura shield in front of him to protect from more of the force lightning. His opponent was intent on spreading him thin and depleting his magical reserves, but the lycan was smarter than this. With his scythe and shield at the ready, he prepared another onslaught as he readied his weapon, his heart already pounding with rage. This trespasser not only had the audacity to strom in and give him orders, they dared to threaten his queen and his loved ones. Worse, the castle would soon be in ruins. This had to be ended quickly, and the lycan knew exactly how to do this. The Soul Tear: The first of the forbidden Soul Techniques. It allowed a wielder to tear out the soul of a target, thereby rendering the body motionless while the life force was held in stasis. If he suceeded, his opponent would be left stunned and paralyzed while he grasped hold of the precious life force that kept every being alive. Already preparing himself, he dropped his scythe and covered himself with the aura shield as he shot forward and made the attempt. First, he would need to tear open a rift in the veil between life and death, where creatures of his nature dwelt. This was the first step, and he launched his feet forward with all his might, charging the stranger with a mighty roar that threatened to split the sky above. His shield was at the ready, and his free hand glowed a crimson shade as he shot forth and roared with all his strength. "These hands of mine burn with an awesome fury!" He shouted as he closed the distance, preparing to absorb any attack that came his way. "Their raging might tells me to defeat you!" he cried as his claws began to tear at the air, opening the rift pathway to the nexus between life and death that went by so many names. The Void to some, Limbo to others. To Tsatsukara, it was The Veil, and it was rather thin and easy to tear open beneath the burning wrath of his claws today.-
  902. NikkiDaegon: hihi
  903. TheShatterWolf: ((Hello Nikki. You may wish to find a safe place to hide. There's......there's business afoot.))
  904. NikkiDaegon: (( oks let me read))
  905. TheShatterWolf: ((Better buckle up. It's a short novel XD))
  906. NikkiDaegon: ((who is the lycan you are after??)
  907. NikkiDaegon: -as she wakes up from a long rest from giving birth the nite before she orbed her twins to a safe place then cast her shilde up around her and the others that need to be kept safe-
  908. TheShatterWolf: ((Everyone's safe Nikki, don't worry. Agony and I have that under control. I don't know who Killer's target is. Not yet, anyway. Just stay somewhere safe and hidden for now, okay?))
  909. AgonyJRitter: [I don't believe Killer has a particular target unless they came in with it specifically stating in their entry that they are following some sort of bounty.]
  910. TheShatterWolf: ((No, Agony, there was no statement of intent. Very cloak and dager, which made me think it's a professional hit.))
  911. NikkiDaegon: ((( i am a vampier/human withch the other part of what i am i cant say or it could hurt my dad so plz dont think i could not be of help))
  912. Guest_SakeoJujistsu: -slides the dagger out of her poket holds it tight within her hand as she stays hidden under the bed-
  913. TheShatterWolf: ((Quite alright, madame. Like I said, just stay hidden somewhere.))
  914. AgonyJRitter: [I recall, back in the day, for any assassination to be legal, it had to be stated in the entry somewhere that that was the intent of the character or an ooc statement. The characters in the roleplay outside of the assassin wouldn't be allowed to have any knowledge unless the assassin spoke allowed their intent, otherwise it would be meta. However, if this fight is purely for plot developement, I don't see a reason for such rules to come to significance.]
  915. TheShatterWolf: ((As far as plot goes, I'm not quite sure just yet. This....stranger, was rather quiet about everything. But I see no harm in letting the duel go on, if you don't. If it was a hit job, that's already been clearly disrupted.))
  916. TheShatterWolf: ((So at this point, I'd consider it open combat and a chance to improve myself and get better.))
  917. AgonyJRitter: [Perhaps the same for Killer as well. ]
  918. GodMode has joined the chat
  919. xyiae has joined the chat
  920. TheShatterWolf: ((Time will tell, my friend. We shall see...))
  921. Guest_CharacterKiller: (I am almost done with my post! Stay the hell out of this fight, this is mine!)
  922. GodMode: '' Ed'ou marisun E'vour Kan '' spoke in a calm demeanor while hands are busy weaving a counter agent of magical properties, this shielding is a honeycomb that is reinforced by three layers with the first being atomic in nature, the second of constructed ions, and the third thinnest layer consisting of breakable energy that isn't as capable as the layers ahead of it but it faires as a nullifier for the arcane and spiritual thus metaphysically it's far superior to the other two layers. The issue with this is the fact it must be maintained by a depth of concentration and will. However, that is split at the moment, keeping his entrance open and shielding their own beast. From atop one of the stone etchings where he had walked from a blackened porthe he's quick to assist in a blockade that spanned twelve feet wide, and thirteen-foot tall curving overward in a partial dome with sides bent to give his cohort -Character Killer- allocation of leverage, this pale creation forming near instantly after his arrival due to preparation elsewhere on his path here and mastery of this technique, '' Hate to interrupt but you're needed elsewhere. You're no longer permitted to play, return immediately. ''
  923. AgonyJRitter: [-Wonders who Killer is talking to.- I surely hope you're not addressing me.]
  924. xyiae  saving someone like this is not worth their effort but it looks like it was a call from Verisun. A shuddering behind their ally brings forward the way out as the ranger steps out from the confines with bow knocking a webbed arrow Unleashing two that creates a sticky spider's vane wherever the arrow point slammed. Quickly drawing three arrows at a time, notching between digit slips only to release them in side-winding rotations to create an intricate webbing that wouldn't last more than ten minutes before dissolving but during that time they are very much so alive. Able to ensnare and entangle enemies in a muck with a five-foot-wide radius after exploding out from arrow points and a rune on the end of each arrow lighting to express the danger. Each a glow of red. Would deplete one full quiver of twelve arrows ensuring their entire immediate area is coated before moving to grip glowing white-headed arrows. During the firing had walked up beside Character Killer/their ally, then withdraw of this new arrow would firmly nod to the portal. ' Time to go. '
  925. Guest_CharacterKiller: (God damn it you two.)
  926. TheShatterWolf: ((Other fighters! Backup and defensive position! Agony, keep them off of me! Time to switch gears!))
  927. AgonyJRitter: [-Blinks.- Wel this is interesting.]
  928. TheShatterWolf: ((Wait one. Reading.))
  929. TheShatterWolf: ((Composing now.))
  930. NikkiDaegon: ( love for to be me lol))
  931. Guest_CharacterKiller: '' .... '' -| The anger from this shame is just beyond anything that this beast would ever know. Hood moving towards Godmode with palm arising ready to blast the fucking rocks right out from beneath him. Would have his ass and the beasts but just as palm begins to flex to release the energy the hood swivels to take in the other who had come near with hand already yanking free the pulsating blade that came to life inches from the cunt's throat. Deactivates the moment realization kicks in as to who she is giving a strong depth of hatred which splinters the earth. Had flexed wrist so much from this anger that an explosion caused the glove to slightly split down the seam as the pulsar reactors inside the saber shattered as did the lens and cracked the crystal inside. Would disappear into the fucking portal with an intense anger as once again captivity is where the robed silhouette will remain. Under that god damned lock and key instead of letting her finish one fucking match. Seething in anger, raging on the inside. This is one inferno that won't be quelled anytime soon. -|
  932. Guest_CharacterKiller has left the chat
  933. GodMode: ( Well, we're going to get yelled at. You want to go next? My character can cover for you. )
  934. xyiae: (..we have to wait for them. then we can.)
  935. GodMode: ( Don't fight them. I'll handle this and catch up later, so your next post should be a quick exit. )
  936. TheShatterWolf: ((A test, eh?))
  937. GodMode: ( Oh, right, not polite to ignore you guys. Eh, not really. )
  938. TheShatterWolf: ((So what's this about then?))
  939. GodMode: ( Wish I could say but that's not really my place. We got sent in to help the raging emo. )
  940. TheShatterWolf: ((Ah. So why was he sent here? Or should I follow after?))
  941. GodMode: ( I'm afraid my character won't let yours do that. You don't want to engage me, I promise that. We should end this here for now. )
  942. AgonyJRitter: [-Arches a brow.- Can this be resolved civily should the characters hold on attacks?]
  943. xyiae: (..she's yelling on discord.)
  944. GodMode: ( That's why I'm not in voice chat lol. )
  945. TheShatterWolf: ((So let's negotiate.))
  946. GodMode: ( Eh, well, we kinda just want to end this. Boss wants us back, our job is done. That kind of thing. )
  947. TheShatterWolf: ((Better yet, let's talk sensibly and put the whole issue to bed for good. You tell me things, I tell you things. Quid pro quo, aye? I'm a reasonable animal.....most days.))
  948. GodMode: ( Info. Well, I do like long walks on a beach in summer. )
  949. GodMode: ( I like custard. )
  950. AgonyJRitter: [I understand. So how about this; our characters cease aggression and take a defensive stance, allowing your characters to depart without fuss, or rather we void the entire session.]
  951. GodMode: ( Whatever feels right to you but we'd rather see it through. A post out would be grand. )
  952. GodMode: ( The last thing I want to do is fight a battle I didn't start. )
  953. TheShatterWolf: ((Wait a minute.))
  954. TheShatterWolf: ((Killer was a rogue from your group?))
  955. GodMode: ( Kinda. )
  956. GodMode: ( She was sent with purpose and got sidetracked. )
  957. GodMode: ( Majorly. )
  958. xyiae: (:/ tired of babysitting her, tbh)
  959. AgonyJRitter: [Should there be concern for another visit or is this a futile mission for you now?]
  960. TheShatterWolf: ((I see. Well I do apologizze if I aided in the distraction. Can we negotiate before you go?))
  961. GodMode: ( Xyiae, you should be writing a post. )
  962. GodMode: ( Yeah, concern. I would lean to that but who knows what our boss in that head. )
  963. AgonyJRitter: [Hm. -strokes my chin.- ]
  964. TheShatterWolf: ((Dare I ask why this happened? Stupid question, I know, but humor an old dog.))
  965. GodMode: ( Guess you could say an old cat was curious and sent in a cub with bad manners. )
  966. TheShatterWolf: ((I see. Is there a way I could go and speak with your boss, and talk this out non-violently?))
  967. GodMode: ( Uhh... well... err. Xy? )
  968. xyiae: (talk to Vera? i don't know. i can kik her and ask)
  969. AgonyJRitter: -Now that two others have joined the company, Agony finds himself quirking a brow. He mutters something softly underneath his breath towards the swirling rift that lay ajar behind him, causing the coloration of the fires to dim. The vortex was given a key as to who may enter it and those who are forbidden access, and should they attempt to do so, they'd phase right through it as if it weren't there at all. Agony then moved closer to where his ally was positioned, his form giving off a light miasma now, causing the soil beneath him to age and sour. The more of his toxic energy was released, the more space around him started to lose time. Plague diseased the area, yet every molecule of it avoided those who he stood beside while others were left exposed. This would do little harm but it was a warning to those just making themselves present. He turned to his ally, giving him a look expecting him to follow suit in his defense and hold any attack he may be planning. The game has changed and this was a better opportunity to take things carefully and observe rather than out right reactions.-
  970. AgonyJRitter: [-puts a post there.-]
  971. GodMode: ( CK did rudely barge in and started attacking, so I mean, we do owe it to them. )
  972. GodMode: ( They're not being rude about it so I don't see why not. )
  973. TheShatterWolf: ((You have my word as a lycan and a T1 novice that no harm will be done. I'll behave and such.))
  974. TheShatterWolf: ((Truth be told, I'd like to thank you all, personally. Haven't had a fight that good in years ^_^))
  975. GodMode: ( Wait, you're happy she did this? )
  976. xyiae: (that's weird. vera said no, she's drinking with family.)
  977. TheShatterWolf: ((Well, kinda. I'm mad the castle's all busted up, but she put up a good fight and fought with honor. I'd like to pay my respects.))
  978. GodMode: ( Well, there's the answer there. )
  979. GodMode: ( CK fought with honor? )
  980. GodMode: ( Are we talking about the same foul mouthed emo here? )
  981. TheShatterWolf: ((Compared to what I've seen lately, yeah.))
  982. AgonyJRitter: [Her character presented an act of mercy as well. ]
  983. xyiae: (mercy???)
  984. GodMode: ( We need this log please. )
  985. TheShatterWolf: ((Mmhmm ^_^ She was really good about the whole thing.
  986. AgonyJRitter: [Why is this surprising?]
  987. xyiae: (uhh ck is insane)
  988. GodMode: ( Xy, is your post done? )
  989. xyiae: (:/ writing)
  990. TheShatterWolf: How should I send the log?
  991. GodMode: ( Pastebin works. )
  992. TheShatterWolf: ((And insane? Lmao have you met me? XD))
  993. GodMode: ( Usually people boot her because she screams, yells, curses, and is generally not liked. )
  994. GodMode: ( Kinda abrasive, like her last post. ''Cunt'' and other horrible words. )
  995. TheShatterWolf: ((That'll be just fine. Just understand, my rpc is kinda......psycho >.< But yes, I genuinely enjoyed her rpc and the fight.))
  996. GodMode: ( You guys are nuts but wow she found a place that tolerated her crap. )
  997. GodMode: ( Man, you're patient. )
  998. AgonyJRitter: [It was interesting to witness to say the least. ]
  999. TheShatterWolf: ((I really had fun with it ^_^ Sincerely, I did.))
  1000. xyiae  staring the ally down with the bow rising at her ribs in warning of the ally to not go that route. but with another joining their fray and still behind the other ally's protective shield would walk backward in a trace of the escapee's footsteps. disappearing into the portal that is shut immediately after back peddling inside. Had ensured none would follow them through.  
  1001. xyiae: (ok, i'm heading back then. you sure you got this?)
  1002. GodMode: ( Yeah, go on. )
  1003. xyiae: (ok.)
  1004. xyiae has left the chat
  1005. AgonyJRitter: [So what now then?]
  1006. GodMode: ( Waiting on the finale of him, depending on what he does will depend on what mine has to do. )
  1007. GodMode: ( But more than likely just waltzing out the same way he came. )
  1008. AgonyJRitter: [So, outside of CK's actions, are you to be considered an enemy IC and/or OOC, a neutral party, or anything above or between?]
  1009. GodMode: ( For now just a neutral party but there's always the chance of an enemy. Guess that depends on the boss lady. )
  1010. UhtredRagnarzerkUhtredRagnarzerk has joined the chat
  1011. AgonyJRitterAgonyJRitter Whisper: [Uhtred, Wolf is posting. Please hold.]
  1012. UhtredRagnarzerk: (To easy.)
  1013. GodMode: ( If this is going to be a fight I'm going to really hate CK for this. )
  1014. UhtredRagnarzerk: (Oh, is this gonna be a fight to the death?
  1015. TheShatterWolf: -Tsatsu sprinted through the void between life and death as two of the souls shot away into the inky distance, but it didn't matter. Two lost, and one left? But why? Why leave? None of this made any sense, and he aimed to find out why. Ripping open another tear in the veil, he stepped through and hefted his scythe onto his shouder as he approached what looked to be a plainly dressed human. Agony wasn't too far behind, and he knew his comrade could close the distance in the blink of an eye. But something caught the lycan's attention, something out of place here. Keeping plenty of distance, he spoke to the human in his hellish voice with a rather confused look on his face. It was wiser to try and talk this out than to kill needlessly. On any other day of the year, the wolf would've been knee-deep in gore by now, but something kept telling him to wait. And for some reason that baffled every god above and demon below; he listened. It was madness to him, a madness that spoke of sanity and humanity and...being entertained, perhaps? It had been a good fight, but the wolf still wanted answers. And so, he spoke. "So, just what gives, here? What's this all about? Some hodded Sith roams in and attacks me without cause? Threatens my queen and my people? What's the angle here, bud?" He inquired, dropping any sort of formality or faire old English. "Don't get me wrong, the exercise was nice, but is there a reason I was just given a free workout?" He asked as he eyed the human, still watching carefully for the faintest sign of an attack. Any sort of violence or gesture of such would be met with an instant turn of his body and a downward stroke of his scythe that would reap the man and take his head clean off. But nothing moved, and nothing happened. Yet. His counter would be instant and effective, but first he had to wait and see what this human had to say.-
  1016. TheShatterWolf: ((Uhtred, no. I have this under control. I have no intent of fighting him unless he does something first.))
  1017. UhtredRagnarzerk: (As you wish)
  1018. TheShatterWolf: ((Thank you, my friend. We'll talk shortly, as soon as our guest departs, okay? And then, a glass of mead and some soft fur to press my face into x.x Been a long bloody day.)
  1019. UhtredRagnarzerk: (Understandable, I'll be in my kingdom when you're ready my friend.)
  1020. UhtredRagnarzerk has left the chat
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