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  1.  The US methanol market will certainly be keeping an eye on modifications in oil markets as well as need from Chinese methanol-to-olefins systems in a fourth quarter that will certainly additionally include the start-up of an US plant, market sources said today.
  2.  The marketplace has been expected to be mainly quiet throughout the 4th quarter with tepid need, market sources said.
  3.  Spot pricing will likely continue to be in the 80s-90s cents/gal for the rest of the year, a number of market resources said.
  4.  " https://www.irodtpmp.com/ 're not expecting costs to dip below where they were in September," a manufacturer source stated of place prices that fell as reduced as 80 cents/gal FOB USG.
  5.  A market resource anticipated spot rates to rise throughout the quarter based upon a current firming in the US and European markets, however a trading source stated his outlook has actually been even more pessimistic than a lot of based on the weak point popular that has actually been seen recently.
  6.  Weak point pricing in China has remained to affect the US market, with the market in China reduced on current economic weakness, a softer energy complicated as well as much less need, specifically from methanol-to-olefins systems.
  7.  Reduced crude prices, and also especially reduced naphtha pricing, lowers the good looks of creating olefins through MTO devices. The weakness on the market there have additionally affected the prices of items downstream of MTO devices.
  8.  Chinese spot rates has actually decreased 30% because a 2015 high of $335/mt CFR China in late April as well as early May and also has been down 25% because reaching $312/mt CFR China at the beginning of the third quarter, assessed Friday at $232/mt CFR China.
  9.  US place prices for prompt-month item has decreased 17.8% with the 3rd quarter, despite a recent rise in prompt-month pricing as a result of manufacturing worries as well as tightness for punctual product.
  10.  US area prices were last evaluated Thursday at 89.75-90.25 cents/gal FOB USG for September and also 86.75-87.25 cents/gal FOB USG for October, rising earlier in the week amid feedstock gas supply worries at Venezuelan manufacturer Metor.
  11.  United States methanol might likewise see less need throughout the winter months from downhole oil as well as gas uses, market sources stated.
  12.  A 1.3 million/mt year facility, a joint venture between Celanese and Mitsui, has been anticipated to launch in the fourth quarter. Market resources have actually anticipated the Clear Lake, Texas, facility to start up on October 1, and also a Celanese spokesperson stated Friday that the unit should be functional already. Additionally, Methanex has hoped to begin procedures at the 1 million mt/year Geismar II center in Geismar, Louisiana, by the end of the year, the firm has actually claimed.