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  2. Shiatsu massage is commonly misdiagnosed, misunderstood kind of Japanese bodywork that is based on concepts that are found in traditional, alternative Chinese therapy that concentrates on the flow of Qi or energy that flows through meridian channels. Anma, a Japanese technique that enables Shiatsu to be derived is the origin of Shiatsu. Legend has it that the creator of Shiatsu in Japan was once dancer at the Imperial court. This technique of massage originated from Chinese treatment acupuncture. Acupuncture is based on specific techniques that involve the placement of needles on particular areas of your body in order to open the energy channels. There are distinct differences.
  4. Shiatsu therapy is based on the notion that the five elements (earth and water as well as fire as well as metal) collaborate harmoniously to support good health and restore the body. There are five different types of shiatsu therapy each designed to provide similar benefits for clients. This includes heat, pressure, vibration and touch. The four treatments are blended by Shiatsu practitioners to provide an array of therapies. Traditional Chinese medicine also has some influence on the way the therapy is designed and application.
  6. Shiatsu massage therapy has been dismissed as pain-inducing. 서울출장안마 Shiatsu has actually been proven beneficial for any age group and comes with none known negative side effects. It can be safely used for both children and adults. This classic alternative therapy has shown improvements in chronic diseases like asthma, headaches, arthritis as well as heart disease. The results of studies have shown that there is improvement in blood pressure and tolerance to pain as well as skin conditions asthma, respiratory conditions, and many other ailments.
  8. Traditional Chinese therapy also plays an integral role in the treatment of shiatsu massage. Acupressure and Acupuncture are two Chinese treatment methods for healing, which are commonly included in this kind of massage therapy. Both of these traditional Chinese treatments are highly effective at relaxing pain and also the release of tension. The method of relieving pressure used by the massage therapist lets muscles rest without the need for medication like Ibuprofen. This lowers the possibility of illness and allergic reactions.
  10. A common misconception regarding shiatsu massage therapy is that it has the ability to cure a wide array of conditions and illnesses. Even though shiatsu therapy will not treat cancer, or cure certain diseases, it may help improve the health and overall wellbeing of those suffering from certain kinds of cancer. It has also proved to benefit sufferers of arthritis as well as those who suffer from other disorders of the musculoskeletal system.
  12. The term Shiatsu can also be referred to as "finger pressure" that is an often misinterpreted term used to describe the therapy. Actually, finger pressure does not have to be used during this form of therapy. The flow of energy is increased due to the motions used in the therapy. The massage therapist may increase the flow of blood by applying finger pressure. The lymphatic system is able to transport more nutrients and oxygen thanks to the increased flow of blood.
  14. It is essential to take a complete medical histories. It is essential that the therapist have thorough medical histories and assessment so that they are capable of treating various ailments. A practitioner of shiatsu will carry out the assessment which includes physical examination, laboratory tests, bloodwork, x-rays and hearing tests. The expert will evaluate the patient's health and take into consideration their medical history previous treatments, current the way of life, their mental state, as well as the other variables. The therapist will then create an identification code to each patient. Shiatsu practitioners then follow up the evaluation with other tests for diagnosis, such as the physical exam and blood tests.
  16. Shiatsu massage is different from the other massage types in the sense that the practitioner doesn't apply pressure using sweeping, smooth strokes to the meridians channels. They use their fingertips in order to enhance the body's Qi and energy. Shiatsu is one of the Chinese kind of therapy, holds that your body has the ability to transmit its vital energy through its skin to the outside world. This idea was first discovered by the early Chinese. The idea is that qi flows freely through the body when acupuncture is utilized.
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