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  1. (1) Create a new folder like "C:\YoutubeDL".
  3. (2) Download the EXE file mentioned on the tool's website and place it into that folder.
  5. (3) Open the "Run" dialogue by typing Windows-R, type sysdm.cpl and hit ENTER. (4) In that dialog, click on the "Advanced" tab, and then on "Environment Variables". Then click "New" and enter PATH as the name and the name of the folder you created above as value and then OK, OK, OK. Now the EXE is on the PATH and can be invoked from anywhere.
  7. (4) Open a Command Prompt by doing Windows-R, type cmd and hit ENTER. Use the DIR and CD commands to move to the folder you want to download videos to, e.g. C:\Users\Mark\Downloads or D:\Youtube or whatever. If in trouble, consult the bottom section titled "Navigating in cmd" from the following tutorial:
  8. https://riptutorial.com/cmd
  10. (5) Type the following command and hit ENTER:
  11. youtube-dl https://youtu.be/vWDyWG6yfb0
  12. This will download the video to your computer, selecting the best quality available. To find out what qualities are available, use the -F switch between the command name and the URL. To download, for example, audio only from Youtube (m4a), insert -f 140 between the command name and the URL.
  14. You may rename the EXE file from youtube-dl.exe to, say, ydl.exe to save typing:
  15. ydl https://youtu.be/vWDyWG6yfb0
  16. ydl -F  https://youtu.be/vWDyWG6yfb0
  17. ydl -f 140  https://youtu.be/vWDyWG6yfb0
  19. There are GUI tools and web tools to accomplish the same task, but they all have drawbacks of one kind or another. It's well worth some little effort to acquire basic knowledge of how to use the command prompt. It's not that hard really and nothing magic.