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  2. Guided Soul-Searching
  4. Instructions:
  5. It is very important that you are completely honest with yourself while reading this.
  7. Relax me.
  8. Make me feel safe.
  9. Tell me what you like about me.
  10. Show me what I used to enjoy.
  11. Show me what I'm doing.
  12. Tell me my real address.
  13. Show me who I'm with or without.
  14. Show me people who are close to me.
  15. Remind me why I know them.
  16. Show me what I think about them.
  17. Show me what I look like right now.
  18. Show me what you hate about me.
  19. Remind me what people think about me.
  20. Show me my family and how I treat them.
  21. Point out my flaws and help me understand.
  22. Tell me how you think I can improve myself.
  23. Show me why I'm not improving.
  24. Show me my body's current surroundings.
  25. Visually guide me around my home.
  26. Wake me up.

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