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  1.  Countless games have already been created but only some have made their mark. Avakin Life’s impression in the gaming world is decidedly great. The video game has redefined social role playing and life simulation altogether. For video game players who love social and sandbox games, Avakin Life is definitely the game for you.
  2.  Is Avakin Life a dating game?
  3.  Avakin Life is basically a role playing game that is also an online massively multiplayer. Several games carried out similar concepts; even the adventure slash action ones. If it is the model utilized, then understandably any game could also have traces of virtual dating. It's inevitable for any kind of relationship to form in a game where socializing among real players is allowed. However, these actions could also be carried out in other massively multiplayer RPGs. Thus, dating is more than likely in Avakin Life despite not being the aim for creating and playing the game. There is more to the game than meets the eye.
  4.  Can I play Avakin Life offline?
  5.  Socializing in-game is Avakin Life’s most vital feature. It is important to remember that the social aspect of the game is between real people and this is only possible via an internet connection. The best way to enjoy Avakin Life is with an internet connection where you can play and have fun with all your friends.
  6.  Is Avakin Life safe to play?
  7.  Lockwood Publishing, the game’s developer, has ensured that playing Avakin Life is completely safe for all ages. Though it is not outright said, a pre-requisite of online games should be online safety. Avakin Life’s social feature is a two pronged sword - there is enjoyment and danger which comes together with it. Thankfully, Avakin Life integrated a number of security features like account verification, real social media profile connecting, non-disclosure of personal information, reporting, blocking, and parental restrictions on purchasing.
  8.  Is there a currency in Avakin Life?
  9.  Currently, there are three types of money in Avakin Life. These currencies allow players to buy a number of things including cosmetics, animation, apartments, and even drinks. The currencies are Avacoins, Gems, and Avabucks. The most different is probably Avabucks which players can get by working as a barista at the 23rd Street Café or as a bartender at Club Sundown bar.
  10.  How do I level up in Avakin Life?
  11.  Levelling up in the game largely is determined by your in-game activities. Unlike traditional adventure role playing games, levelling up is not a grind but rather a frequent activity like socializing, purchasing, gifting, and even collecting. Levelling up in Avakin Life is not really that hard since every action is also a fun aspect of the game.
  12.  How do I play Avakin Life on PC?
  13.  Avakin Life is generally a mobile game. However, players can of course play on a desktop or laptop if you want to. It is inevitable that some players would prefer playing on PC. https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/avakin-life/delehdcbfhgildkmhdgalbfjbllnejki can be played on PC through Games.LOL, among many other similarly exciting games.