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  1.  You are welcome to Dai Nam Electric Unit focuses on providing goods: vacuum, teas cleaner, bag oral cavity sealer, expiry time inkjet printer, butcher, barrel strapping machine, home product goods, diminishing machines, duck rotating equipment, business drying units, teas, medicinal herbal remedies, food show kitchen cabinets ...
  2.  Food items company establishments, manufacturing kitchens, hotels and restaurants at present all want to use multiple-operate industrial slicers that may lower all sorts of meat. If any customer has a need for a meat slicer or is wondering which line to choose, contact Dai Nam. Surely consumers will probably be pleased with the most effective and a lot perfect product or service.
  3.  Let's sign up for Dai Nam to discover two types of meat slicers nowadays. Frosty meat slicers and fresh slicers.
  4.  Standard attributes of frosty meat slicer.
  5.  There are two standard types of iced meat slicers: automated or mechanised. However, both types have quite similar structure including the blade part and the camera body. You can make reference to the ES-250 and ES-300 semi-auto iced meat slicers. For completely automatic slicers there is the SL300E series.
  8.  The blade utilized for the iced meat slicer is really a revolving platter made of reliable metallic forged beneath unique circumstances. Which enables cutting blades with durable sharpness and hardness.
  9.  Apart from, the blade can also be supported by a durable physique made from aluminium alloy committed to the food sector, an easy task to high and clean gloss throughout use.
  10.  General feature in the clean meat slicer.
  11.  There are numerous types of fresh meat slicers with numerous capacities to serve the requirements of households or dining establishments, manufacturing kitchen areas ...
  12.  The general structure of the refreshing slicer includes 3 components: the frame, the blade portion and the engine. The structural frame is made from dense, strong stainless-steel, and resists vibration and noise. Lightweight design, so it may be put on a kitchen rack or work desk very handily, easy and convenient while in use and move.
  13.  Every single new meat slicer is made with many different cutting blades manufactured from professional steel in order that each reduce generates thin and equal slices of meat.
  14.  The engine structure of the unit is completely new copper durable, wire and strong with time. The product can be run for most successive time without the need of failure.
  15.  To learn more information about each and every device, please contact us immediately. Dai Nam Electrical Home appliances specializes in supplying good quality, resilient, premium quality meat slicers with all the very best deals currently available.
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