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  1. https://www.irochelating.com continued to increase Thursday as market sentiment continued to be solid, with the basic expectation that levels will certainly test higher after the Golden Week holidays.
  2.  China will be closed October 1-7 for National Day parties.
  3.  Platts ex-works Shanxi alumina area analysis stood at Yuan 2,150/ mt ($ 322) complete cash terms Thursday, up an additional Yuan 50/mt on the day after obtaining Yuan 50/mt Wednesday. The existing price was additionally up Yuan 150/mt on the week as well as Yuan 310/mt higher from a month ago.
  4.  " Sell Shanxi at Yuan 2,100-2,150/ mt cash money is not an issue anymore," a Northwest China smelter claimed. "We have actually heard tradeable costs are being talked around Yuan 2,150-2,200/ mt money now."
  5.  A South China smelter agreed, saying rates are "everywhere, depending upon who is hopeless to get. Refiners remain in no rush to sell, anticipating costs to climb even more, so they will certainly estimate as high as they can currently."
  6.  In Henan province, tradeable ex-works alumina costs were indicated at Yuan 2,150-2,200/ mt cash Thursday, up from around Yuan 2,150/ mt cash to partial credit scores terms Wednesday. Offers stayed in a wide variety of Yuan 2,200-2,310/ mt, sources said.
  7.  " Chalco is supplying at the high of Yuan 2,310/ mt in Henan, however absolutely nothing has actually been done at that level. No-one is actually marketing or acquiring now, the holidays are here currently," a Henan refiner claimed. "Tradeable costs have possibly not even reached Yuan 2,200/ mt yet, however after the vacations, the levels will likely hit Yuan 2,200-2,300/ mt.".
  8.  Ex-works Guangxi alumina costs were additionally heard greater Thursday at Yuan 2,000/ mt cash and over, up from Yuan 1,950-2,000/ mt previously.
  9.  A 2nd South China smelter reported hearing a trade done at Yuan 2,040/ mt money ex-works Guangxi Thursday. The bargain was not verified, yet he stated it was most likely ended on prevailing strong market belief.
  10.  " A great deal of people have actually been seeking to acquire this week, as they are all concerned rates will certainly be greater after the vacations. There's additionally a lot more smelter reboots so there's more need," the smelter source stated.
  11.  Greater residential metal rates, increasing transport expenses complying with brand-new trucking plans that took effect recently, as well as restocking ahead of Golden Week continued to be key variables supporting alumina presently, sources claimed.
  12.  The front-month main light weight aluminum contract on the Shanghai Futures Exchange shut Thursday at Yuan 12,845 mt, up from Yuan 12,555/ mt recently, and also from Yuan 12,515/ mt a month back.