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  1.  Plus, we honored Kobe Bryant by talking about star professional athletes. https://nlccorientation-pcr12.weebly.com In this episode, we review The Oscars from 5, 10, and also twenty years earlier as well as summarize what won, what ought to have won, and any kind of notable successes or snubs in various other classifications. This episode is the 16th installment in our Urban Dictionary collection. It's time to improve our vocabulary with new words as well as phrases.
  2.  In this episode, we go over The More You Know news section with current popular culture news. You can locate brand-new episodes of The Popcast, totally ad-free, just on Stitcher Costs. For a totally free month of Stitcher Costs, most likely to make use of and also stitcherpremium.com/wondery promo code WONDERY. For a totally free month of Stitcher Premium, most likely to stitcherpremium.com/wonderyand usage promo code WONDERY. This week, we talk about Robert Pattinson as Batman, Psalm West, Tony Robbins, the awful death of Grumpy Pet cat, the Game of Thrones finale, as well as a lot more.
  3.  In this special birthday episode, we're going over business of The Popcast. From our origin story to exactly how we do what we do, we're deep diving into the nitty gritty information and addressing your questions. And also, as always, the most up to date in pop culture.
  4.  In this episode, we review spring awakenings, those popular culture personalities or stars who made us really feel the first flutters of love. We share our own springtime awakenings in addition to audience confessionals.
  5.  Plus, we speculate on the varieties of several of our preferred imaginary characters as well as share some enjoyable audience stories. Today we provide you our unsolicited thoughts on Disney+, Sonic the Hedgehog's human teeth, Joel Osteen ft. And also, we even crown the Unsexiest Man of the Year. This episode is our 3rd installation of FlavorTown, an unique area reserved for those spiciest of takes from our audiences. We're officially opening the residency gates, inviting new members, as well as crowning a new Mayor.
  6.  Listen in as we turn the definition and speak about well-known individuals in popular culture who have actually catfished us. In this episode, we resolve the nos of summer. What do we desire we could rid this season of permanently?
  7.  In this episode, we're sharing our fourteenth installment of Urban Dictionary words. What are the words as well as expressions you should begin utilizing this summer season? Allow us aid you better communicate with your loved ones this period. Today, we discuss Taylor Swift's new music video, The Cravings Gamings innovator, OJ Simpson on Twitter, the Box Office recap, and also a lot more. In this episode, we're discussing popular culture catfishings.
  8.  Listen as we share a plethora of individual nos in addition to audience viewpoints. And also, as always, the most up to date in popular culture. Today, we go over various celebrities with nasty feet, flicks and also TV shows debuting in the month of August, as well as a lot, far more. Due to the fact that The Popcast turns 6, cue the confetti as well as break out the piñata today!
  9.  In this episode, we're diving right into the world of youngsters TELEVISION shows. Pay attention as we chat concerning the best as well as worst of kids TV, effort to describe what the youths are seeing nowadays, and reminisce on the programs of our developmental years. Today we discuss Charlize Theron's insane bowl cut, Shia LaBeouf's current interview, NBC's Peacock (), the Frozen trailers, Peter Weber as the Bachelor, therefore a lot more. Don't invest this enchanting vacation party period concealing from your liked ones in a pantry. Join us in this episode as we discuss the Enneagram and how to navigate those tricky conversations with individuals that aren't our number.
  10.  Today, we talk about the existing state of Bachelor Nation, news in the Star Wars Cosmos, and also new streaming and also On Demand material for you to binge. And also, we honor teachers with our really own dream draft of educators in pop culture.