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  1.  How have open public service media adapted for you to broadcasting sport content any time there are no in real time sports due to #COVID19? What instructions have we all learned, and just how can we all plan for a new resume live sport?
  2.  In this specific second instance of the new set, EBU Instructions from Lockdown, the innovative Director of Eurovision Sport Glen Killane is definitely linked by Barbara Slater (BBC), Panu Pokkinen (Yle), and Dàvid Székely (MTVA) for you to discuss the challenges and even opportunties presented by the particular latest crisis.
  3.  Together they will focus on innovative programming suggestions, how they have have made full connectivity to the rich activity archive plus the challenges regarding broadcasting sport activity with rigid social distancing measures however in place.
  5.  See nowadays on http://gmtv365.com (subtitles in English in addition to French) or download typically the transcript.