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  1. █████████████████████████████████████████████
  3. Gridnomicon - Ways And Means To Take Out Electrical Power Infrastructure In North America For Political Motivations
  4. An Outside Observation
  6. █████████████████████████████████████████████
  8. Disclaimer:
  9. I am writing this tutorial only because we have seen a right-wing and a left wing attack occur in the same fucking month that both successfully caused blackouts on opposite ends of the fucking country. This shit is so motherfucking based and I personally hope whoever is doing this shit never stops doing it and never gets caught.
  11. I am in no way whatsoever involved in this shit. As an outside observer, I would like to contribute my two cents to those who seek to take out the grid, to those worried about the grid and to the heroes who did Metcalf, Moore County and Tacoma. I fully support whoever is doing it and I want you to know I love you so much from the bottom of my heart.
  13. Fuck glowniggers, fuck the regime and fuck America.
  14. Never stop, you mad lads.
  16. █████████████████████████████████████████████
  18. Foreward:
  19. One good thing about the news, which is the fourth branch of U.S. Government, is the fact that they sensationalize shit that should never be talked about. Moore County and Tacoma should have never been on national news, nor social media. If the United States government was intelligent, they would have fucking been clandestine with a media blackout, but, you can't expect a faggot amalgamation army of kikes, niggers, spics and trannies to understand human psychology. Instead, they downplay it as "burglaries" and "vandalism." This is downplaying in the hopes people do not see the seriousness of the impact and is also a reverse psychology tactic. The truth is this is not burglaries, nor is it vandalism. It is terrorism. This is the same as school shootings, as far as sensationalizing is concerned. Once the genie is out of the bottle, once the idea has spread and entered minds, it will never go back in. Now, the disgruntled have an easy target. I expect that the grid will now be shot up every hour on the hour, thanks to this shit. It's only going to get worse and, fuck you, it should.
  21. Assassination is high risk, low reward. There is a possibility that you could get away with assassination of someone. A slight possibility. However, murder is solvable and has no statute of limitations. Period. Kill someone and you could be a quantum computing AI or a breakthrough forensics analysis network or a telepathic brain scan away from a murder charge. You could assassinate politicians or cops or communists or journalists or fascists or jews but you can't kill a system or an idea. An idea only dies when people no longer respect it enough to follow it or even see aspects of it which resonate with them in a way that they can connect to it, at the point in their life when they first encounter the idea. A system only dies when the people no longer see themselves having a future in following that system and they can not see their needs being met. Once a population loses faith in a system, they will be open to the acceptance of a new system, or, create a new system of their own altogether, which always results in the rejection and destruction of the old system, like a transplant rejected from the host body.
  23. Mass shooting with a GoPro is all risk, absolutely no reward. I strongly believe that mass shootings are either acts of desperation from mentally ill people, lashings out of people who are on their last legs and are enraged and seek to convey a point by going out blasting, dumb kids seeking a name and thinking they will get famous, or, false flags which means planned operations and bullpen contained situations such as people announcing to shoot up schools months or years ahead of time and getting absolutely no visit from feds, being allowed to simmer and plot, as well as amass an arsenal, while the feds raid parents for not wanting their six year old son or daughter being taught how to have sex with two men at the same time in the missionary position from the school curriculum. There is no doubt in my mind, whatsoever, that glowniggers utilize mass shooters and sit on possible future suspects "known to the FBI" so as to rationalize the existing of the FBI, CIA, NSA, DIA, et cetera, like the Whitmer kidnapping plot orchestrated by federal agents and informants gaslighting the group into criminal activity to be set up. Or alternatively, they ignore real threats altogether, especially when they don't fit the narrative of a young, White supremacist male, allowing them to play out years later, when a visit months or years prior could have prevented multiple deaths.
  25. Violence is not an answer. Violence is a question. And the answer is yes. Many do not have the mental fortitude to pull out their cocks, hold some woman or girl down and violate them as she screams and thrashes, her soul breaking before your very eyes. Many do not have the will to steal money from a dying old man or woman, robbing them of their life savings, knowing that it is everything they slaved for. Many do not have the will to kill a fellow mammal, let alone another member of mankind, pulling the trigger and taking them from this world, knowing they won't come back like in a save game or a movie.
  27. Many people just don't have the stomach for it. It's easier for sociopaths and psychopaths to dehumanize other people, other creatures and not see them as people or inviolable other beings but instead as recreational objects or just targets. Most normal people have limitations and are basically cowards. This is not exactly a bad thing. But if you want revolution or change of any kind, this armchair revolution from mommy's basement simply will not do.
  29. With infrastructure attacks, you don't have to worry about this. There is no moral compunction whatsoever. You just spray and leave. All you have to do is shoot a big ass piece of metal and fuck off back home. Or you could do like these Antifa niggers and just set the shit on fire until the red flames turn blue and fuck up the transformers. Or throw cutaneous anthrax or bubonic plague laden severed arms and legs into a water tower. Or 200 pounds of fentanyl. Or a fuck ton of polonium. Or dimethylmercury.
  31. By shooting up electrical substations, using drones to drop graphite powder or by setting the transformers themselves on fire, you can take out the power grid. It is highly unlikely anyone will die. But if they do, it's highly unlikely you will be caught, unless you are a fucking idiot. Don't be dumb.
  33. █████████████████████████████████████████████
  35. Metcalf
  37. We have to talk about Metcalf before we talk about anything. Metcalf was the pioneer of infrastructure attacks. Metcalf is to this shit happening today what Lexington and Concord are to the American Revolution. Metcalf was a masterpiece. It was brilliant in nearly every way. If we are to talk effort, they deserve an A+ for that shit. If we are to talk planning and efficiency, they again, deserve an A+. If we are to talk success, then ultimately, Metcalf was a failure. First off, they were able to reroute power. So, the grid never even went down. That appears to be an insider attack or a probing attack. Metcalf was done so meticulously and thoroughly that if they really wanted to, they could have taken out the grid. But, they didn't.
  39. Why Metcalf Failed:
  40. • They did not build several spark gap transmitters to jam the radios the crew at the substation used to communicate.
  41. • They did not kill the on-site crewmen. You want Blackout? Kill the people paid to stop one when you go to shoot the place up.
  42. • They did not suppress their rifles to confuse concerned people in the area as to the direction of the gunshots.
  43. • They did not bring a jammer that would jam radio and cell service because the crewmen could have still called 911.
  44. • They did not lure Police/Fire/EMS somewhere else with a hoax bomb threat on a airport or hospital.
  45. • They fired indiscriminately from a vantage point with AK-47s.
  46. • They did not release a bunch of mylar balloons to short circuit everything and then take shots at key parts of every transformer.
  47. • They did not bring down a cell tower by cutting the big ass fiber optic cable connected to it with a wood handled fire axe.
  49. Metcalf was done horribly fucking wrong. They should have cut cell towers as well as that area's underground phone lines.
  50. They should have jammed broadband radio.
  51. They should have aimed at the bushings/insulators, the tanks, the breathers, the center mass of the transformer.
  52. PG&E was able to radio out so power was redirected.
  53. People were able to call 911 so police interrupted the attack.
  54. Crewmen were not killed so they were able to call for help.
  55. The only good thing they did was using flashlights for subvocal communication and cutting the underground landline phone lines before the attack.
  57. Biggest fuckup of Metcalf:
  58. • Using AK-47s. They should have used bolt action scoped rifles. Or green tip .556 ammo in some AR-15s with a brass catcher.
  59. • Not using brass catchers. They left over a hundred casings.
  60. • Not killing on site personnel who later rerouted power.
  61. • Not jamming broadband radio.
  62. • Not making a hoax bomb threat on a airport to redirect 70% of the police miles away.
  64. Metcalf was fucked up. But it was beautiful. A beautiful failure. The perfect thing they did in Metcalf was cutting the phone lines. It was the best attempt so far to attack the power grid.
  66. —————————————————————————–
  68. And now, a diagram of a transformer:
  69. https://circuitglobe.com/what-is-a-transformer.html
  71. And lastly, the vulnerable points on a transformer are:
  72. • The Oil Conservator Tank
  73. • Ceramic Bushings
  74. • Core Winding
  75. • Silica Gel Breathers
  77. You shoot these with a scoped rifle at 2 story level elevation with cover from bushing shrapnel. Do not fire indiscriminately from a spider hole and leave 100+ shells on the ground. I know retarded people will read this so let me explain to you:
  78. Cut the fucking cable to a cell tower, no E911
  79. Shoot breathers, overheating
  80. Shoot oil tank, overheating and not cooling
  81. Shoot bushings, no way to connect as the circuit is stopped.
  82. Shoot iron core, winding is being ripped by bullets, not connecting.
  83. Shoot personnel, they can't radio for help.
  84. Bring spark gap transmitters or radio jammers. They jam broadband radio.
  86. Spark Gap Transmitters:
  87. https://youtube.com/watch?v=SnKKj2bonAI
  88. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spark-gap_transmitter
  89. https://www.electronics-notes.com/articles/history/spark-gap-transmitters/operation-how-does-spark-gap-transmitter-work.php
  90. https://steemit.com/steemstem/@proteus-h/diy-spark-gap-radio-transmitter-and-explanation
  91. https://www.instructables.com/Simple-broadband-jammer/
  92. https://youtube.com/watch?v=U8HKgoV5dAQ
  94. █████████████████████████████████████████████
  96. Lattice Steel Transmission Towers, aka, Pylons:
  97. • A pylon, or transmission tower, is like the WiFi repeater of power. It carries power from the distribution substations to your neighborhoods' power poles and from there to the stepdown transformer on said pole and then into your house. Without pylons and stepdown transformers on power
  98. poles, you would not have a grid. They sustain the overhead power lines.
  99. • Pylons are made of steel. Steel can be cut like butter with the right shit.
  100. • A two-handed reciprocating saw can be used to cut down a steel transmission tower.
  101. • The best blade to cut steel is a carbide-steel, bi-metallic blade, aka "Sawzall" type blades.
  103. Links To Videos And Wikis On Pylons/Lattice Steel Transmission Towers:
  104. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Transmission_tower
  105. https://www.drax.com/technology/the-history-of-the-pylon/
  106. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Overhead_power_line
  107. https://youtube.com/watch?v=Itf5L3j11zQ - Pylon Explodes Into Fireball
  108. https://youtube.com/watch?v=8XdmBnAlKIw - Building A Pylon
  109. https://youtube.com/watch?v=OY72athcwvA - Power Line Blast
  110. https://youtube.com/watch?v=B3uBtl4EeFo - Pylon Falls On Car
  112. Links And Videos On Reciprocating Saws And Blades:
  113. https://www.toolboxbuzz.com/cordless-tools/reciprocating-saw/cordless-reciprocating-saw-head-to-head/
  114. https://youtube.com/watch?v=UWQBiLmbduQ - Best Saws, Ranked
  115. https://youtube.com/watch?v=Wg1VzqhhKcs - Best Cordless Reciprocating Saws Of 2020
  116. https://youtube.com/watch?v=uckHFP1pFZ4 - Sawzall Blade Cutting Metal
  117. • If you cut down a pylon, you will remove a pylon from a long line of pylons from the substations to the cities. There will be some consequences of this. You will not end every light in existence, nor will you bring down a whole part of your state. One thing is for certain: It will
  118. take weeks to repair and your city will be blacked out for a while. They will have to go make a new pylon, turn off the local grid, go install the pylon with cranes and bolt it to the ground, connect it to the others with cables and turn that area's part of the grid back on. Not to
  119. mention, millions of dollars in damages.
  120. • "Sawzall" blades are those bimetallic carbon-steel blades that you can saw through steel with.
  121. • DiabloTM bimetallic blades are the best for cutting the type of steel found on pylons.
  123. █████████████████████████████████████████████
  125. Non-Nuclear Electromagnetic Pulses, Lulz And You
  126. Context:
  127. - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electromagnetic_pulse
  128. - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TWceSnGVtR8
  130. RF Suitcases:
  131. https://www.apelc.com/rf-suitcase/
  132. https://celestia-sts.com/egse/integrated-systems/rf-suitcase/
  133. https://austria-in-space.at/en/projects/2010/generic-rf-suitcase-core.php
  134. https://www.apelc.com/high-power-rf/
  135. https://celestia-sts.com/2019/successful-delivery-of-euclid-rf-suitcase/
  136. https://celestia-sts.com/2018/euclid-spacecraft-rf-suitcase-contract-award/
  137. https://laboratorytalk.com/article/240578/satellite-testing-helps-solve
  138. https://www.koreascience.or.kr/article/JAKO200642872176361.jsp-kj=SSMHB4&py=2012&vnc=v27n6&sp=588
  139. https://www.ercim.eu/publication/Ercim_News/enw22/cluster.html
  141. You can use an RF suitcase - an integrated RF subsystem - to fry life support in hospitals, critical infrastructure and water/power generation, take out servers, take out corporations, take out security cameras to banks/bunkers/military bases/police stations/etc to irreversibly destroy
  142. electronics and/or cover your tracks. You can also easily create these devices at home to take out anything that has no electromagnetic shielding. It is basically a giant spark gap emitter.
  145. █████████████████████████████████████████████
  147. Moore County And Tacoma
  149. Moore County was obviously a highly sophisticated attack. It's painfully obvious that whoever hit that shit knew just what they were doing if they were able to cause an outage lasting days.  
  151. Which leads me to seven theories:
  152. 1) Emily Rainey and some of her Fort Bragg army buddies lit that shit the fuck up. She was a psy-ops officer for the Air Force. By attacking the grid on the day of the drag show, people begin to blame the right for the attack openly and people can push the narrative of a hate crime. This will also garner the most controversy, ensuring nationwide media attention, causing the information of power grid vulnerability to go mainstream so that future attacks can occur via the copycat effect.
  154. 2) Some right wing North Carolina survivalists with Baofeng radios or stopwatches and impeccable synchronization attacked the grid at the same time because of the state sanctioned drag queen performance. In theory, it was just that. Angry conservative boomers with nothing better to do, who after a few beers, hopped in the 4x4 or the trailer or the Walmart scooter and did a drive-by protest on the grid.
  156. 3) Feds shot up the infrastructure to garner support for federal agencies, for an increase in their annual funding, as well as funding for infrastructure hardening, via electric fencing, concrete walls, netting or ballistic blankets/ballistic plating.
  158. 4) Some former Duke Energy employees mad for some reason or another decided to shoot up the power grid in North Carolina.
  160. 5) It was corporate warfare from the electrical industry and this is basically corporate sabotage from another electric service provider trying to put Duke Energy out of business or initiate some kind of corporate merger to obtain Duke Energy for a low price after causing a stock price plummet.
  162. 6) Mexican cartels, Russian, Chinese or Iranian sleeper cells, i.e., foreign organizations or foreign operatives took out the grid.
  164. 7) Someone is trying to rob something and so they took out the grid to knock out intrusion detection systems, cameras or silent alarms.
  166. No one knows what the real motive or target is yet. If it was the feds, they already would have had a straight White male patsy, with MAGA hat in hand, to parade in front of the cameras for the faggots at NewsNation who are likely press for the Department of Homeland Security or for local North Carolina stations such as WRAL. They would have already said "White Domestic Terrorist Terroristically Attacks Power Grid Using Domestic Terrorism."
  168. Seriously, how the fuck is NewsNation getting all these DHS exclusive memos, what the fuck is with that?
  170. Because the media is downplaying this as "vandalism," it shows the regime is doing damage control. They don't want to call it Terrorist activity because this would politicize the power grid and legitimize it as a political target. No one has claimed responsibility for this attack and if they are smart, they won't. Likewise no manifestos have been written, so it is likely this case will go the route of Metcalf. The feds are holding their limp dicks, scratching their nuts. They will never make sense of this unless they can utilize the cell tower logs. If the people who did Moore County were stupid, they will be caught for bringing their cellphones with them.
  172. █████████████████████████████████████████████
  174. Pandora's Box
  176. Now that this cat is out of the bag, it's never going back in. You can expect that shit like this will now become a mainstream occurrence. The grid will keep being attacked, more and more, especially now since it has gone public that multiple attacks had occurred since 2020.
  178. —————————————————————————–
  180. What can you do as a pleb civilian?
  181. • Buy lots of food and water.
  182. • Stockpile freeze dried foods and MREs.
  183. • Buy trail cams that have night vision and put them near your property.
  184. • Stock up on canned goods.
  185. • Obtain a good mylar blanket. Arcturus is cheap but shitty. Grunt Proof on YouTube recommended a better mylar blanket.
  186. • Buy a good heated blanket by Sunbeam.
  187. • Stock up on batteries and flashlights.
  188. • Buy a grill, smoker, any kind of means to cook that will not require electric power or even gas.
  189. • Buy candles.
  190. • Invest in a wood stove/furnace or fireplace.
  191. • Obtain both a gas generator and an electronic generator.
  192. • Buy power banks. Anker is best.
  193. • Buy a bat, pipe, crossbow, knife, gun or any kind of weapon to defend yourself.
  194. • If you own a business, lock your home up and get two guys or more to guard it with you in case of looting, which will happen in a low trust shithole like Seattle or Portland.
  195. • Get a hiking GPS, a compass and topographic maps.
  196. • Buy quilts, comforters and blankets.
  197. • Get a deep freezer that is insulated.
  199. —————————————————————————–
  201. What can the power companies and the regime do?
  202. • Fuck all nothing.
  203. • Erect concrete walls.
  204. • Put netting of some kind on the top of the substation.
  205. • Build them underground.
  206. • Connect an air raid siren to each substation so when the grid is shot up, the air raid/storm siren kicks in and sounds off that something or someone has just taken out power. If a storm, it would double as a warning that a storm is in the area. If a person, it would definitely sound off that someone was there.
  207. • Electrify the fences so that no one can cut them and get in unless they are linemen with special equipment.
  208. • Build enclosures around the substation, making a giant hanger above it.
  209. • Have drones for aerial surveillance.
  210. • Put up trail cameras.
  211. • Arm the guards.
  212. • Place automatic turrets near substations with a near 180° targeting radius that will not sweep the substation.
  213. • Arm the linemen/on-site personnel.
  214. • Bring domestic manufacturing of transformers here, create a DOE mobile command fleet and increase supply of mobile transformers
  215. • Make it a capital offense to attack the grid.
  216. • Put solar panels in all new homes
  217. • Create capacitor banks that store surplus energy.
  218. • Harness lightning.
  219. • Place traps at the perimeter that only staff can get around.
  221. —————————————————————————–
  223. What will happen ultimately?
  224. • The big guy will get 10%.
  225. • Israel will get more money.
  226. • Zelenskyy will get his monthly six gorillion, and, cocaine from Peru.
  227. • The uniparty will bicker and nothing will get done.
  228. • Energy companies will refuse to shell out the money as fortification of all the substations, of which there are at least 77,000, meaning this problem will never be solved.
  229. • The uniparty faggots in DC will receive $174,000 in annual taxpayer salary, both House and Senate and they will continue to do insder trading but if you have $600.01 in your bank account, you will be audited.
  230. • Due to the cost being astronomical and debts being so high, nothing can be done. Certain municipalities will try to harden their regional substations but in the end it will not go beyond walls and more cameras.
  231. • Nothing.
  233. █████████████████████████████████████████████
  235. Methodology
  237. So how do you attack the substation exactly?:
  239. I have no fucking idea. None whatsoever. But, I assume you'll likely need the following things, or need to do the following things which may or may not help you, depending on how stupid or smart/informed you are:
  240. - A laptop with a .CSV program that enables you to search.
  241. - A copy of the ArcGIS HIFLD Electrical Substations Data in .CSV file format.
  243. Here it is:
  244. https://hifld-geoplatform.opendata.arcgis.com/datasets/755e8c8ae15a4c9abfceca7b2e95fb9a_0
  246. - To make a target list of substations in your area, using the find/search option while reading the ArcGIS HIFLD Electrical Substations Data file to find local substations by ZIP code or city name.
  247. - To print out said target list with GPS coordinates included for each target location for each entry on your list.
  248. - To leave all your electronics at home.
  249. - Two vehicles. One stolen, one not stolen.
  250. - Four Baofeng UV-5R radios, pre-ban.
  251. - A stolen Android cellphone, that you will need to immediately take the battery and SIM out of.
  252. - Two changes of clothes. One black combat type uniform. One grey man casual uniform for each man.
  253. - AR-15s with brass catchers.
  254. - (Optional) Tannerite.
  255. - A Garmin Montana 700 GPS, not the 700i or the 750. The 700. If you don't trust this, print out some maps and a Google Maps route to the substation's general area. One man must have this.
  256. - A few five gallon buckets from Lowes or Home Depot. Enough for 2000 bullets. Get 2000 bullets, see how many buckets you fill. Take that many buckets for dumping the shells out the brass catchers. 500 bullets per man, four men at the most, including yourself.
  257. - Napalm made from styrofoam and gasoline.
  258. - Kerosene in a container and newspaper/kindling
  259. - Barbecue style long click lighter from a store.
  260. - Rubber gloves for touching electrical equipment.
  261. - Olympia folding bolt cutters. 24 inch.
  262. - At the very least, 500 rounds of .556 per man
  263. - At the very bare minimum, ten 50 rounds mags per man.
  264. - Gloves for shooting for all of you.
  265. - Ear protection for all of you.
  266. - Clear shooting goggles.
  267. - Battery powered reciprocating saw with carbide steel blades and extra charged batteries as well as blades, with the charger.
  268. - An Ecoflow Delta generator.
  270. —————————————————————————–
  272. This is what you do:
  273. • Empty your pockets and get butt naked. Literally. Taking off all your clothes and electronics is your first step to taking out the grid. Now, all that electronic shit like your Bluetooth headphones, your Fitbit, Apple watch, Android watch, your phones, leave all that fucking shit on the bed or the dresser. Take none of it. All your designer clothes with large ass logos? Leave that shit too. Wear one color for your operation outfit. Black. All black, all day. Black balaclava, black shirt, black pants, black jacket, black boxers, black socks, black shoes, black gloves, black holster, black slings, black guns. Get a bag for two outfits - the gray man shit and the black operator shit. Get some generic hoodie and some khakis or some denim jacket with jeans and also a COVID face mask. One of the cloth ones. That will be your outdoor activities outfit. The black shit will be your operation outfit. That needs to be your boots, balaclava, military jacket, cargo pants and 8 inch boots shit. Take no necklace, ring or electronics. No personal effects. The only electronic device needed is a hiking GPS such as a Garmin Montana 700 that just one man needs to being, a reciprocating saw that is battery powered, extra batteries, an Ecoflow Delta or Westinghouse generator that only one man needs to being, fully charged of course, and handheld flashlights.
  275. • Leave your cellphones at home, playing a long ass Youtube or Pornhub playlist or sitting idle. Each guy in your cell needs to have a different situation. Let's say your cell is four guys. You are Bob. Eddie, John and Ray are your other guys. Discuss this weeks in advance. Plan it out throughout this entire process. Bob leaves his phone at home, set to always on in his settings so his screen never goes black. Since Bob lives alone in a rural area, with few neighbors, he can plug his phone up to a charger, have it play a 10 hour lesbian sex playlist from PornHub, with the volume up or muted, depending on your choice. Eddie leaves his phone in his car, on, in the glovebox. He gets a ride with you, John and Ray. Eddie has a garage so he can say he was asleep in his car or left the phone in the car. Ray goes to visit his parents, his brother or sister. When no one is looking, he stuffs the phone into the couch cushions and leaves normally. Ray lives in an apartment. He goes out the door, early, before all of you, so as to not be seen leaving at 11PM, when the opening plan goes down. You all have alibis. You gooned to lesbians. Eddie was at home. John visited his parents and left. Ray was gone all morning. How could you have been communicating with each other or commiting crime?
  283. • Meet up somewhere, preferably a bar or a club of some kind, dressing gray man casual of you have to. Pick a place with a lot of people. Avoid the bartender but don't loiter. Get drinks if you can. But not a lot. One or two at the most. One man drives there. Two men bike there with folding bikes. One man walks there. And only drink something with low ABV so you can maintain. Guard your drink. Be normal. Unremarkable. Leave. One guy goes in at 9:45, another at 10:03, another at 10:15, another at 10:45. Each of you go in at different times so it looks less like a meetup. Pretend you don't know each other. Strike up a normal conversation in two man teams. This visual confirmation of your readiness to proceed. Try to avoid mobbing up in there as a full four man crew. Guy 1 talks up a chat to Guy 3, Guy 2 recognizes and embraces Guy 1, Guy 4 comes in and chats with Guy 3, Guys 1, 2, 3 and 4 exchange banter. Guy 4 orders food and or soda but no hard shit. Guys 1, 2, 3 each have a beer or two. No hard shit. No vodka, no bourbon. You may have one shot of whiskey with a coke and a beer but nothing harder. Guy 4 who would be Ray leaves soon and gets into his car. He goes up the block. You all know where he went. You all get on bikes. You bike to him. Another guy bikes to him. The other guy walks. One guy leaves, then the last two talk outside and split up but you all link up in the same spot. The guy who walks should be armed, so as to not be robbed on the street.
  285. • Procure a stolen car and a stolen cellphone. Ray was gone to an abandoned warehouse to make the party favors for this evening so he was able to get tupperware containers for it. The goods are in a suitcase ready to go. Ray drives his four seat, four doored big pickup truck to the area. He left the bar and parked in the area, a few blocks, in a grassy area out of the way, for you to meet. You all have bikes. You will designate a meeting point in a out of sight area and link up. Eddie steals the car from the general area and puts his folding bike in the car. Eddie also robbed someone for their phone and ran a few blocks. Once he was out of sight in an alley, he takes the battery and SIM out the phone and keeps them apart for the night's events. Once you meet up, Eddie puts the suitcase Ray took with him in the pickup into the trunk of his stolen car. He puts his bike in  Ray's pickup. Ray tells you to put your folding bikes in the pickup. Ray takes his wallet, your wallet, Eddie's wallet and John's wallet and puts them in his glovebox. Your duffels are also in the truck with your black clothes and guns. Change clothes. Balaclava on first. Hoodie/jacket and shirt off. Black shirt and jacket on. You should already be wearing black underwear and socks, with black boots or tennis shoes in the bag. If you all were in the bar with black boots or tennis shoes it would be weird. So one guy should have on his black boots already. You discuss this weeks in advance. Multiple reiterations. You now put on black pants and black shoes if you are not the designated man to wear the black pants and black shoes in Phase One. The man who is designated will go to the bar with his black pants and boots/shoes on. He needs only put on the balaclava and the shirt/jacket/gloves and he is ready. Put your grey man/casual fit in your respective bags. Put them in the truck that you will go home in after this operation. Your wallets and bikes, as well as your street clothes are with Ray. In the truck. Ray has the hiking GPS in his truck. His truck is not old but not new either. It's a 2010. But, it's big. His flatbed could hold all the guns and the ammo and the clothes. But anyways, Eddie has the stolen car and the suitcase of goodies in the trunk that Ray made for the operation.
  287. You have two choices:
  288. 1) Saw down some pylons. Safest bet.
  289. 2) The fun option. Shoot up substation.
  291. If you want to cut some pylons, you just drive until you see pylons, park down the road from the pylon you want to saw. Saw the pylon in the front at the bottom. Saw all the support beams. Saw the back of the pylon high. It will fall. Run immediately and flee until you see the next pylon. You don't even need a stolen phone or car or even a GPS for this shit, leave your phone at home and then just drive around untill you see a grassy area with some pylons, cut two or three pylons and go home in the pickup.
  293. Now, this can go two ways if you shoot up the substation:
  294. - Ray parks his truck and locks it. He stays behind in the truck or goes with you, leaving the truck there. You put on your seatbelts. Obey all speeding laws to avoid being pulled over. Eddie pulls you up to the electrical substation. You are all dressed in black. Head to toe. None of you have phones on you. Ray doesn't even have his phone in his truck. You only have the hiking GPS that Ray took out of his truck to loan to you, into the vintage old stolen car from 1980 you are now sitting in and some GPS coordinates on a printed sheet of paper. You, Eddie, John and possibly Ray leave in the car Eddie's stolen. After shooting up the substation you are to immediately drive back to Ray's truck and give it back to him if he stayed in the truck. If he went with, give him his shit so he can put it back in his truck. It receives GPS, it can not be traced unless you paid for SOS subscription and activate the SOS. But Ray would never pay for that shit and if you are smart, you would never push the SOS button so even if you do, it won't work anyway. You burn the car with the party favors. He will then take you into his truck and drive you to some place where you can change clothes and split up. Later on, you can celebrate and laugh at the news story. You can also dispose of the barrels, ejectors, extractors and firing pins in each of the guns, melt all the brass casings collected into brass ingots, replace all the parts with aftermarket parts or alternatively, toss the guns in the river or ocean.
  296. - Or, alternatively, and this is more risky, Ray stays behind in the truck so as to meet up with you on the scene and you burn the stolen car at the substation. You, John and Eddie shoot up the grid. Once the substations are lit up, Ray comes in the truck to meet you at the substation. You radio to him on a Baofeng UV-5R and that notifies him to come to you. You then toss the black clothes in the car. Eddie takes the gasoline-styrofoam plastique blocks out and places them in the car. He then sets the car on fire at the scene. However, if the EMS response is guaranteed to come, this is bad as the car could not appropriately burn out overnight.
  298. What are the differences:
  299. • You return to Ray (or his truck, assuming he comes with you) and you burn the stolen car and the shit where the truck is and leave the scene.
  301. • Ray drives to you at the substation and you burn the shit at the substation.
  303. But, let's say for sense and logic, Ray parks the truck at the rally point and leaves with you all, riding four deep, in printed, moisture wicking black balaclava ski masks and hoodies or military jackets, black pants and boots. After shooting up shit, you immediately drive to where Ray's truck was and get out. Eddie opens the trunk and opens the suitcase that was previously in the truck, before being put in the trunk of the stolen car on Ray's instructions. He pulls out the Ziploc tupperware containers. They have a strong gasoline smell in it but the only thing he sees looks like a type of dough or plastic lump in each of the ten containers. A mixture of styrofoam and gasoline concocted by Ray earlier. Once you're all out of the stolen car, you take the black clothes off and toss them in the car. You and John take off your gloves and toss them into the pile of clothes in the backseat of the stolen car, on top of all the clothes. You change into your street clothes. Eddie them takes the blocks out, using his gloves, placing two on the dashboard, two under the front seat, three under the hood two in the backseat on the pile of clothes and one in the trunk with the plastic containers and the suitcase. Eddie puts newspaper or some kind of kindling near all the blocks.  He then takes off his gloves and tosses them in the pile. Ray opens and pours four bottles of water on Eddie's hands. Slowly. Two for each hand. Ray collects the water bottles and caps and tosses them in the back of the pickup with the guns from the job. Eddie then takes off his black clothes and changes, putting on everything but the jacket. Eddie then pours kerosene or gas on the piles in the trunk, on the hood of the stolen car and pours some on the ground. Eddie pulls the stolen phone out. He puts the SIM and the battery in. He turns on the phone and calls in a bomb threat at the largest local airport. He hangs up immediately after the threat is made, takes the battery out, tosses it in the car. He pulls out the SIM and breaks it with his thumbs, placing it in the car, on the pile of clothes. He tosses the phone in also. He then sets all the piles on fire with a store bought click lighter made for lighting grills and stoves by lighting the trail on the ground. Since you, John and Ray are in the truck and since you are a few yards from the car, you're safe. Eddie lights the trail with the click lighter, being sure to keep his feet away from it, so as to not catch on fire. Once lit, he steps back. He's not on fire. None got on his shoes. Good. Eddie gets in the truck and you drive off. By morning, the car is an ashen frame. No fiberglass, no glass, no fabric. Just a hollow frame that used to be a stolen car. No evidence of who or why. All DNA is gone. All clothes are gone. Even the suitcase. Even the plastic. The mission, successfully completed. Another day, another news story, another cold case like Metcalf. No suspects. No motives. No manifesto. No one bragging or claiming responsibility.
  305. Nothing but silence.
  307. █████████████████████████████████████████████
  309. How The Transformers Should Go Down In Your Story
  311. You could cut the fence or the lock with Olympia folding bolt cutters in a backpack. Once you're in, you could pour some gas or lighter fluid on the transformers by using a ladder or something to get on the top. Pour the shit on the transformers. Burn the pooling trail on the sides and bottom of the transformers and get the fuck out of there. Fire is Antifa shit and is not really efficient if you want a grid failure. The most effective grid attack to date appears to be Moore County so you will need to shoot these things up.
  313. The best way is to break in, put jars of Tannerite on top of the transformers, between the ceramic bushings on each of the transformers, leave and get some distance and light the substation up.
  315. Alternatively, you could do precision shooting by having red dots and lasers. Zero out your shit in the woods or out of town with some range practice. With 250 rounds per man, five fifty round mags, that's 25 transformers per man. 100 per cell that you could take down. If there are like 20 transformers per substation, you could take out five substations like this. So imagine 500 rounds per man and ten 50 round mags per man. Realistically, it will go like this, three shooters, one man on shell collection duty. And also realistically, you will use one man per transformer so it will be like a relay race. The other two guys will have to use a mag per transformer. Until all the transformers in the substation are shot up. Once this is done, go to the next substation fast. Get the fuck out of the area after. You should know when to quit. According to the news, Moore County required two substations to go down for 45,000 people. To take out an entire city like Portland, you'd need about 100 guys or less, which is too many people. You could only really do this to provide cover for looting, robbery, an assassination in an area with cameras, kidnapping or at very critical substations. If you want to commit a murder or a robbery, a blackout will kill the cameras and alarms and give you cover. Criminals should definitely start doing it if for no other reason to provide cover for their crimes.
  317. Just going to throw some random numbers out here:
  318. Five rounds in the oil conservator tank of the transformer, 45 rounds left.
  319. 10 rounds center mass into the transformer, 35 rounds left.
  320. Two bullets per ceramic bushing unless you are a U.S. Army Marksman or better. So if there were six bushings, that's 6 - 12 shots. 23 - 29 rounds left.
  321. Two rounds into the silica gel breather. 21 - 27 rounds left.
  322. Five rounds into the control cabinet. 16 - 22 rounds left.
  323. Magdump the rest on the center mass of the transformer.
  325. Once the mag is empty have your shell man collect the shells. Let's say John is the shell man. John collects the shells from your brass catchers in the buckets. You reload. When the bucket is full, he gets another bucket, ad infinitum, until it's done.
  327. Now, the Garmin GPS, the buckets of brass casings and the gear like the rubber gloves, the saws, the bolt cutters, that shit all comes with you from the operation. You keep that for the last phase - melting the brass casings into brass ingots, tossing and replacing the barrels, ejectors, extractors and firing pins in your rifles, planning future operations.
  329. The stolen car, the stolen phone, the black combat clothes, you burn that. Although, you could keep the clothes. It's not exactly going to get you in trouble unless you are found with it in your house. But that would only happen if you become a suspect and a search warrant is issued. And that would never happen if you follow this guide to the letter and have no snitches among you.
  331. I suggest you don't keep it at your house but a location where you can all suit up for a new operation. A cabin one of you may own, perhaps. Under some floorboards or in a safe, with a grill or something nearby to burn the clothes within the hour. Not in your homes or vehicles. Probably under the cabin itself.
  333. If the cops stop you at any point, kill them and burn the Axon Flex 3s, the patrol car and the dead cops, shoot up the shit anyways and go home.
  335. Whatever you do, I wish you luck and success.
  337. I look forward to hearing about your works. I hope the whole grid goes out thanks to you beautiful crazy motherfuckers.
  339. Warm regards and godspeed,
  340. - @BornInTheUSSA
  342. █████████████████████████████████████████████