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  1. Fantasticfiction - Chapter 596 - Rank 4 NPC Beauties uttermost route reading-p3
  4. Novel-Guild Wars-Guild Wars
  5. Chapter 596 - Rank 4 NPC Beauties ignorant agreeable
  6.  the rise of david levinsky themes
  7. NPC Cha: 10
  8. Results: Your intellect, memory, and skill are 5 --> 7 days far better than ordinary.」
  9. Exp: Percent
  10. NPC Int: 100
  11. 「Psi-Buffer – Energetic Expertise
  12. 「Name: Zaine - Get ranked 4 Royal Devil
  13. Results: Summon a clone of yourself made out of Psychic Energy has 30% within your complete strength and can overcome in tandem along with you during combat. It is invulnerable to all but mental health injury during its entire life.
  14. Result: You can actually build as much as average --> semi-large merchandise with ambient Worldly Power.」
  15. Zaine continued for roughly 6 hrs non-avoid, causing a compact whirlpool to make above her head. Roma went on for 6 time and 45 minutes, and she had a slightly much larger whirlpool above her travel that needed on Aetheric Electricity only.
  16. Autocast: Off」
  17. Influence: With your Psychological Vigor, you are able to manage outer physical objects of diverse capacities anytime with no trouble.」
  18. Period: probably none.
  19. Length: 5 minutes.
  20. Section 596 - Position 4 NPC Beauties
  21. Outcome: Position a curse of silence on an foe which puts a stop to them while using any proficiency or spell and removes all buffs and also positive qualities.
  22. 「Name: Zaine - Rank 4 Noble Devil
  23. Cooldown: Not one
  24. 「Indenture – Busy Proficiency
  25. 「Mystic Resurrection – Lively talent
  26. 「Subsume – Energetic Competency
  27. 「Mega Telesthesia – Pa.s.sive talent
  28. Eva patted Draco around the rear by having an amused smile being the fellow's oral cavity possessed dropped to the ground. She then looked to Zaine and nodded.
  29. Outcome: Summon an array of undead hands through the the planet that snare all enemies within 1 mile --> 3 miles and rip these people to shreds.
  30. Hikari produced a molding action along with her arms. "I could even make Aurora and Starting point Energy, although i need… well, I want enough electricity to start with. I can't make anything from nothing at all."
  31. 「White Mild Recovering – Productive talent
  32. Result: Distribute an intangible influx of Adverse Spirit Energy goals the souls of any opponent, transforming them to a randomly Mystic Species for a while.
  33. Degree: 150
  34. Draco and Eva could only share a glance and wonder whenever they really were actually the principle people anymore.
  35. "On account of lessons from Sister Zaine, I realized ways to allot my Rank Up vigor. I infused some into my Whitened Light Healing, White-colored Mild Boon, and White-colored Light Resurrections to lessen their prices as they ended up not likely to be enhanced by any means."
  36. 「Psi-Shield – Lively Expertise
  37. Length: one minute.
  38. 「Name: Hikari - Get ranked 4 Elder Dragon
  40. Website: https://www.grapenovel.com/novel/chapters/guildwars-kotario