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  1.  It pays attention to the growth of the market and the government's institutionalization, and it has anxiety factors due to side effects such as speculative controversy caused by illegal currency exchange.
  2.  On the 2nd, if you put together the opinions of game industry officials, NHN, Netmarble, Mgame, and Neptune are currently releasing sports betting (prediction) games or are preparing to release.
  3.  A sports betting game refers to a game in which game money (goods in the game) is wagered over the results including the win or loss of a domestic or overseas sports league game. Users who match the results receive game money as a reward.
  5.  Game operators earn profits from users' game money purchases. In consideration of the speculative problem, the monetization of game money is prohibited.
  6.  NHN has been servicing the “Hangame Match Prediction” developed by its subsidiary NHN Bigfoot on a PC web page from mid-November. It also decided to launch a mobile webpage service sooner or later.
  7.  Jampot, a netmarble subsidiary, has also begun servicing'Winjoy Spo' as a PC version. Jampot also decided to release Winjoy Spo's mobile app sooner or later.
  8.  Both the Hangame match prediction and Winjoy Spo are conducted in a way that matches the results of more than 50 domestic and international sports leagues and handicap.
  9.  Mgame announced at the earnings conference call in the third quarter of this year that it will release a similar game'Winplay' in Korea this year. Earlier, Neptune announced a plan to prepare for the release of a sports betting game in June with Naboo Studios.
  10.  The reason game companies pay attention to sports betting games is that they believe that future growth is high.
  11.  According to the market research firm Technavio, the global sports betting game market is expected to grow by 11% annually from 2020, reaching 14.44 billion dollars by 2024.
  12.  In Korea, sales of Sports Toto, a legal sports betting business, were estimated at 5,109.9 billion won in 2019, nearly three times larger than in 2009 (1,759 billion won).
  13.  Spore Live, the leading company in the domestic sports betting game market, increased sales of 13.9 billion won last year, more than doubled from 6.2 billion won in 2018.
  14.  The government has also strengthened the institutionalization of sports betting games as a substitute for illegal sports gambling.
  15.  Previously, there were no clear rules regarding the regulation of sports betting games. However, as the Enforcement Decree of the Game Industry Promotion Act was revised in April, sports betting games are also subject to the same regulations as online web board games.
  16.  On the surface, it seems that regulations have been strengthened, but the way for game companies to service sports betting games without legal problems under the supervision of the Game Management Committee has opened up.
  17.  However, game companies have their homework to overcome the speculative controversy surrounding sports betting games. This is because, as the problem of illegal sports gambling occurs frequently, a negative image of sports betting itself has emerged.
  18.  Although game companies in principle prohibit the monetization of game money for sports betting games, it is also possible for users to convert game money into cash through illegal currency exchange.
  19.  In addition, Democratic Party lawmaker Lee Sang-heon pointed out that “there is a great concern about speculation as large game companies jump into the sports betting game market,” and “there is no problem with illegal currency exchange in the system.”
  20.  In this regard, NHN officials said, “In the Hangame game prediction, in accordance with the Enforcement Decree of the Game Industry Promotion Act, content such as mini-games that can be abused for transfer of game money or transactions between users was not added. I will respond strongly by stopping, etc.”
  21.  https://wargs.org/