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  1. People of the Wastes! Once in a while we are presented with opportunities. Sometimes they are small, seem almost insignificant.
  2. Other times, possibilities that could change the world as we know it. I believe that by standing here in front of you all, I was handed a once in a lifetime opportunity
  3. to do something for the greater good, for the proud community of Hawthorne. Few years ago, when the city was attacked by raiders,
  4. I did not hesitate to grab my rifle and fight the assailants. Even though our militia forces outnumbered the foes, we suffered a horrendous defeat at the hands of
  5.  much better equiped and trained mercenaries. Former mayor, Solo, lied to us about his battlefield experience and when we suffered collosal losses, he decided to
  6.  run away, like the rat he is! This would have never happened if we had two things: access to an arsenal of weapons and experienced fighters training and commanding the militia.
  7. That's why one of my top priorities as a mayor, would be establishing a trade agreement with the Gun Runners. People should be given the means to defend themselves!
  8. Where were the governments when regular people needed them the most? NCR? A ragtag band of scoundrels and thugs!
  9. I am in possession of materials proving involvement of several high ranking NCR officials with the New Vegas mob.
  10. Brotherhood of Steel? Just a bunch of vultures collecting some pre-war scrap! When NCR plans to raid one of their bunkers, what do these valliant knights do?
  11. They strike a deal with them! Because they are too weak to defend themselves. Are people who buy their own faction armors from the vendors in the marketplace someone you would trust your life with?
  12. I certainly would not. The Triple Alliance, on the other hand, are a group of like-minded individuals who took part in many armed conflicts over the years.
  13. They are also well known for their part in many humanitarian missions, such as:
  14. defending Junktown from the mercenary army, fending off the Vault City assault teams from Gecko and participating in evacuation the people of Den among others.
  15. Hawthorne needs experienced, honorable commanders who are not afraid of battle and that's something I can provide.
  16. I know that relationships with other settlements were often rocky and uneven but I am willing to look past previous disagreements in hopes of peaceful solutions.
  17. The Enclave, NCR, Vault City and the Brotherhood of Steel will be allowed to set up Embassies here and delegate their diplomats, as a token of good will.
  18. I hope in the future we could strengthen the exchange between our settlements. For the last part of my plan,
  19. I want to rejuvenate Hawthorne's economy by creating a marketplace for local merchants as well as put it back on the entertainment map of California by opening a casino.
  20. On a special note, I would take up on a role of mediator between the Enclave and Brotherhood of Steel to coordinate efforts in order to mass produce a cure for the Limit-115 virus,
  21. also known as the Plague.
  22. Thank you for your attention, God bless Hawthorne

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