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  2. Oculoplastic treatment, or reflexology is a different medical treatment that involves applying pressure to the points on the feet and hands. This is without any lotion or oil. It is believed that reflexology brings the effect of "mood changes" on the recipient, which can include more joy, happiness and energy, in addition to a feeling of well-being. Reflexology is a method of practice. Reflexology is a part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), also called TCM. Reflexology's founder was Dr. Wilhelm Reich who lived in Leipzig, Germany. In the years following his death, another method of thought was created.
  4. Reflexology is also known as "Reiki". It is a Japanese derivative of the Chinese method of Reflexology. The concept states that the skin is able to sense anxiety or stress, and release particular types of energy by using these channels located in hands and feet. According to Reflexology theory it is thought to correspond with various body parts, including various organs as well as the immune system. They can also aid in easing the symptoms of stress. The theory has been criticized and there are many who question its method.
  6. Some critics argue that Reflexology cannot provide any the therapeutic benefits. It's claimed that it's to relax. 강남출장안마 It could lead to higher levels of anxiety, stress and tension. Relaxation is believed to be directly related to the reduction of these symptoms. The research has proven that stress leads to greater pain than it causes. Reflexology and alternative therapies are said to ease stress and aid in helping individuals relax.
  8. Reflexology promoters believe that the feet and hands are linked to different systems and organs in the body. For pain relief, it is believed that Reflexology will boost the immune system, relieve stress, ease anxiety, reduce inflammation, and encourage proper circulation. Combining massage techniques and Reflexology is a reason for increased the number of people practicing Reflexology. Reflexology as well as Ayurvedic medicine are often used in India. This has led to an increase in research and the interest in Reflexology by health professionals across the globe.
  10. It isn't without limitations. As mentioned earlier, the effectivity of this therapy is dependent upon the skill of the practitioner in locating specific reflex points within the feet and hands. Individuals who lack Reflexology instruction often experience results of reflexology treatment to be disappointing. Individuals who aren't equipped with Reflexology expertise often suffer from similar problems to those who have extensive Reflexology education. They have difficulty finding particular reflex points, and suffer from poor circulation. Numerous people have also complained of the sensation of tingling, temporary numbness and headaches as well as nausea in the aftermath of Reflexology sessions.
  12. Based on the traditional wisdom of reflexology, specific acupressure points located in the energy pathways between thumb and fingers help to maintain a healthy body balance and improve overall health. The use of acupressure assists in the treatment of many different illnesses, including but not just headaches, back pain, painful menstrual cycles, chronic headaches as well as insomnia, digestive problems, PMS, carpal tunnel syndrome, muscle spasms, lower back or joint pain migraine headaches, pain , and tension that is caused by back pain, cramps during menstruation and insomnia, as well as asthma, high blood pressure or skin issues such as Psoriasis and eczema, back tension, chronic fatigue migraine headaches, dental conditions including earaches, toothaches and so on. Additionally, it helps to improve circulation and increases the amount of energy that your body gets, which can help to improve sleeping.
  14. Acupressure or Reflexology may have adverse consequences in certain situations. Always consult your physician if you are breastfeeding, pregnant or suffer from or have had any other underlying medical conditions such as diabetes, glaucoma or epilepsy before you begin Acupressure or Reflexology treatment. Also if you are using any medications that may alter the blood sugar level, or interact with pain killers and other prescription or available over-the-counter medication, you must talk to your primary physician. When it comes to over the counter or prescribed pain medication must not be discontinued when taking Reflexology or Acupressure treatments, do not consume aspirin or other NSAIDs in the course of treatment.
  16. The advantages of Acupressure and Reflexology aren't dependent on surgical procedures. It can be employed to anyone, no matter their the age. If you've been suffering with chronic pain or stress you should try Reflexology to give you relief from both these problems. Reflexology is regarded as an alternative health practice which can improve overall health.
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