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  1. >Empress is born, undergoes psychic ascension and becomes Empress properly, rules much of the ME directly via an empire that worshipped her as a goddess.
  2. >Her immense psychic power draws the idle gaze of Chaos, who see in her a threat to their unopposed rule over the Warp if she ascends beyond her physical form (the Star Child prophecy).
  3. >Chaos begins corrupting and subverting her priesthood, pushing them into twisted and blasphemous worship that gives them a foothold on Earth. Empress has been only aware of Chaos as a darkness in the Warp and is unaware of their true threat, so is unsuspecting of this scheme.
  4. >This reaches a critical mass and causes Warp Rifts to start forming. The Empress is forced to hold off a sudden Daemonic Incursion and Chaos cultists in the Middle East/NA/Med region with nothing but an army of Bronze-Age warriors and her own powers.
  5. >She repulses them eventually, but the after-effects of the Incursion causes her empire to disintegrate and forces Humanity to start over virtually from square one (the Bronze Age Collapse).
  6. >The Empress decides that involving herself directly with humanity's growth is too dangerous and decides to try and guide them from the shadows instead while trying to find a way to defeat Chaos. She resurfaces a few times (in human guises) to ward off Chaos conspiracies that threatened humanity (Queen Himiko, Joan of Arc, etc.) but only fully returns when Old Night happens and she decides she has no choice but to take the reins.
  7. This also give the Empress some justification for being aggressively atheist- she TRIED the power of religion to unite humanity as the Queen of Heaven.
  9. Hmmm could work, though one thing I would add is that Empress might have believed her hype and claim of being a goddess, that is till the collapse, add sto her character on why she hates being worshipped. The idea that she once loved all the blood spilled in her name till she meet four really adds I think a bitter touch about the modern imperium
  11. True that can be a reasons as well, her because of what she knew at the time and ideas thinking herself as a goddess till she knew better. That and the idea of her using her devoted priests and kings as boy toys is too hot to pass up, got to work in that fertility goddess aspect. Though I think the big E would not have exactly known the scale of chaos till much later when got all those powers on Molech.
  13. Sure she knew she chaos was not defeated but thought she saw some of the worst of it.
  15. After all the chaos gods had other things to do at the time, like destroy the Eldar empire, it was only later they devoted their full attention on her with the dark age of strife.
  18. While I do like the whole Star Child prophecy, I don't think it necessarily follows that the shaman origin would mean the Empress would know about Chaos from the word go- they channeled their collective psychic power into a single vessel, but that doesn't mean the result was a perfect gestalt. I also have quibbles with how the shaman story, while providing an explanation as to the Emperor's origin, raises a whole lot of more questions than it answers (If psychic powers are fungible, why hasn't anyone else tried this? Feral Worlder "psychic training" is portrayed as incredibly primitive because it doesn't have a base to build off of- why could PIE shamanism perform a feat unreplicated by even the strongest psykers in the setting? If the Emperor is basically just a giant psychic battery and that's why he's so strong, how come Magnus reached a similar level of power to how the Emperor is suggested to have been in BC times with much LESS raw power? (Magnus was an Alpha-Level psyker until he realized how to reverse his connection to the Immaterium and enter astrally into the Warp, which allowed him to directly manipulate reality on a limited scale akin to how the Emperor does).. I think it works best if Emps's precise origins are left ambiguous.
  21.  The Empress was definitely the top dog on Earth even during her Queen of Heaven period, not disputing that. I just don't think her exact origin needs to be explored. Accumulated psychic potential of thousands of shamans without any of their experience (at first)? The result of Old One/Necron/Eldar genetic experimentation that grew beyond their capacity to control? An irreplaceable freak accident? Not really that important- the moment she comes out of the desert and becomes the Queen of Heaven is.
  24.  Hmmm fair point I can see why the origin of the Empress would matter less.
  26. Specially given their would massive time between Queen of Heaven>Collapse> Renounces being a goddess and guide humanity from the Shadows and indulge herself a bit> Dark Age of Technology things are fucked again will need to put on her big girl panties and get preparing (Molech)> Starts the Pirmach project and uniting earth till the Gellar field is destroyed then the unification wars begin.
  28. Leaving it open does allow for smut writers to interpret and write how they want like Black Library for the Fem Empress universe.
  29. Things like say the Sisters of Silence being implied actual children descended from the Empress works more the Old one/Necron origin story. However you want to write about a group of SOS thinking their her children and viewing all of humanity as their inheritance and they can use to satisfy their urges when want is interesting.
  31. Just an example of how not having a defined origin story allows for imperial character to paint the E into what they want, which really is the story of the imperium.
  34.  The Primarchs are for better or worse her only real children that she tries to ensure the best of and had the opportunity to live up to their potential.
  36. That way rather than have Empress be kind of the Earth's mega slutty mom with hundreds if not thousands of great men her children, it's more humanity largely acting on their own otherwise she would be guiding humanity, just threw being their demi god mom.
  39. I've got a idea on why though, you know those stories of half human giants/children of Angels that destroyed, plundered and the ruined the Middle East?
  41. What if they were E's actual children? As Queen of Heaven she united the Middle East and children, born out of her highest's Priests, subjects, loves and lusts ect were her plan of uniting humanity in total by having demi god immortal children rule for ie Primach plan 0.1, plus maybe some incest's stories of the Gods get made here.
  43. Except A the chaos invasion corrupted them and she had to put them down or and B some of them because they wanted her power and or maybe lusted after her and she she eventually killed them and their kingdoms of ruin after costs and sacrifices.
  45. So basically the E after this the E thought just like the eldar, every kid she would have naturally would be affected by chaos if they had power so she made sure any future kids, would be normal kids.
  47. A Some great men can her children then though off their own talent, plus this means the Necrons/Eldar/Old ones get material subjects for their experiments which is implied how things like SOS got made.
  49. B Shows how the E has changed, she did not really interact with her demi god kids much, in fact most of them where taught in the Temples which is where the the lore and chaos knowledge got in so the Primarchs are better off already for spending a year learning the Ropes with E like in cannon.
  52. C Gives reasons/desperations for why the E made the Primachs, based off a old project to unite humanity this will be different plus she is willing to open up her painful past for humanity.
  54. D Most of all why the Prmarchs are girls, given her original demi god sons may have both figuratively and literally fucked her up the ass this times it's girls, who will feel as much love, lust and sense of possession on humanity as she does tempered with her watching them far closely.
  57. If Fem Empress is seen as a fertility Goddess, it would make sense that she get fertilized by worthy men and produces literal half giant historical figures like Gilgamesh at some point.
  59. Fem Empress being Earth's slutty mom could work since she would treat breeding and rearing powerful children as something out of necessity of raising leaders/demi gods to guide humanity in the right direction.
  61. Perhaps ME leaders would be vying for her affection and there would be sibling rivalry as E's children compete to impress their mother as they conquer lands in her honor, reach diplomacy with nations, technological and agricultural innovations, medical advancements and perform sexual acts with her even though she's hesitant, but gives in to their sexual urges in order to make them feel loved and maintain her façade as their divine fertility Goddess.
  63. Perhaps after or during the chaos invasion, E's children became more corrupted by jealousy for her affection, greed of wanting more, lusting after her body and the power they felt from her touch which eventually breaks into conflict, civil war, depraved incestuous sexual perversions and rape etc.
  65. Incorporating the story of the fallen angels/nephilim/annunaki/ would be a nice touch as E's children became too corrupted and had to be destroyed by the great flood for example which E could have orchestrated as a way to start over with a clean slate.
  68. It would also explain why the Empress would make the Primarchs in growth vats and using gene-science instead of the "normal way"- hopefully she could avoid the corruption of her biological children by careful gene-selection, (and nip further problems down the line in the bud by making them sterile). Alternatively- she had sterilized herself after the BAC to avoid any more Annunaki, should she fall prey to temptation again. The Flood Myth may just be the historical memory of the Chaos Incursion, heavily distorted over time.
  71. Damn, called me out as a lorelet, completely forgot about those guys. Yeah, they fit pretty well into the lore, although a slightly different name might fit due to the more heavy PIE/Semitic connotations of the Empress/Queen of Heaven. I'd say Anakim, after the legendary tribe of giants that included Goliath.
  75. >Necrons/Eldar/Old ones get material subjects for their experiments
  76. Given that E got around and produced many offsprings, would mean some talented humans would have E's DNA which could also explain why there are more psykers around.
  78. >she did not really interact with her demi god kids much
  79. As a means to avoid the same problem E had with original demi god kids who she bathed with attention, this would explain why she's detached and less touchy feely this time.
  81. >based off a old project to unite humanity this will be different
  82. E basically starting over what she started but with advanced science and bio-engineering.
  84. >Most of all why the Primarchs are girls, given her original demi god sons may have both figuratively and literally fucked her up the ass
  85. I like this justification for the primarches being girls.
  88. I agree with the fallen angels/nephilim/annunaki/ myths being spawned and after this the E if she had any more children would of made sure they only were humans with no powers to prevent their return. After all lot's of royal at this would of been if not brother/sister like the Pharaoh's of Egypt likely first cousin, maybe half siblings ect so I could even see her marry her first children to each other to make ruling line.
  91. Though I think I would have the Nephilim a lot fall to chaos early during the invasion or die but a few live through till the last major chaos forces are dealt with.
  93. Then the ones who helped her the most, fought with her from the beginning to the end, she loves and adores the most betray her then use her as sex slave/lots of rape. Big E seeing her children corrupted seeing they can't be saved, escapes with the constant civil war with her children's realms playing them off then purges them ensuring it will happen again.
  96. >Given that E got around and produced many offsprings, would mean some talented humans would have E's DNA which could also explain why there are more psykers around.
  98. Yep that would make sense, not saying very psyker/SOS is her kid but Big E's genes tend to why you get many more human psykers that don't become demon toys/food when their five, as lot of new xenos tend to.
  101. >As a means to avoid the same problem E had with original demi god kids who she bathed with attention, this would explain why she's detached and less touchy feely this time.
  104. Plus her kids having their own giant kids ect I can see only some knowing her as a goddess and yearning to get her touch/power than her being apart of their children.
  106. Though I can why she more detached this time after the last batch.
  108. >E basically starting over what she started but with advanced science and bio-engineering.
  110. Yep except now she has Malcador to help keep her grounded, but more or less old plan new tools.
  112. >I like this justification for the primarches being girls.
  114. Yep, though I can see it being a lot more innocent pre chaos.
  116. Even if the Empress was less squeamish about the incest bit of her kids, I can see her see not want to be bred by them, so backdoor=reward I can see happening a lot. Who knows maybe she developed a love of it after a while.
  118. Chaos invasion/corruption of her kids? Yep she was a toy for a while.
  121. At least of the corrupt Anakim to be one of her direct kids who violate her but the rest can her children children's who warped by the touch of chaos into dreaded giants of myth.
  124. The idea of a corrupted 1st-gen Nephilim raping her (or at least trying to) would work- both as her moment of finally realizing how hard her plan had failed, and to create the later justification for making the Primarchs all female.
  126. Hmm fair point, desu I was thinking more about the whole fertility goddess thing with the natural incest of the ancient world, like Gaia and son-husband, Uranus, Egypt Gef and Tefnut ect weirdly really common.
  129. That said I just realized like you say, their should be hundreds if not thousands Anakim kids from their demi god parents because she want's to spread. Chaos invasion should a lot but it would be a lot to purge.
  131. You know your right, maybe of this generation system just a couple of kids who after the E seals the last major chaos rifts. Turn to chaos.
  133. They then turn into a sex slave, ruling their own mini kingdoms of ruin, fight each other for glory and to the one to become a daemon prince by sacrificing their world.
  135. E seeing how much she failed, imprisoned yet willing to do anything to stop them plays their old feuds, rivalry's against each other, acting like she wants to be one of forever promising the last one her true love, and escapes during the war to later finish off the last of the first gen and the rest of the Anakim.
  137. m not sure the sensei exists anymore in 40k their now perpetuals, though we are kind of speculating reasons to why the Primarchs are her first children in millennia she will train, trust ect and not just use senseis.
  139. Give humanity their agency by making it so if had kids it's no one famous so E is not the mom pushing her kids to guide humanity instead. Give her some history beyond her origin and why she did not rule as a God Queen since she had powers, well she tried it failed. Plus show Chaos defeating her by not only sending a invasion but corrupt her kids which fucked her after she finished with the invasion,  fucking her up the ass in her efforts to save her empire.
  141. Plus why the Primarchs would be girls, this was inspired by the Fem Primarch stories that coming here.
  145. The lost primarchs being male could be a in interesting plot point.
  148.  Femps had male kids, but just not primarchs, more like she loves them and wants them to live, etc. But couldn't trust them enough to make some of the primarchs male, due to the experiences during the bronze age collapse.
  149. Also like one anon >>5468990 pointed out incest stuff is basically egypt and greek only, which yes Femps would have had her hand in creating and influencing and it's viewed it as gross and disgusting. What i'm saying i'd rather view it so that femps never had the incestous things going on but did get around like had probably tons of consorts, partners and occasional flings so many times that she makes Ghengis Khan look like normal fuck boi.
  151. So for now What name AU? I'm thinking Queen of Heaven as it's not a bad title for now.
  153. On the topic E and her kids, we've established what happened to her boys, now what about her daughters?
  156. The Empress as noted here was very much a product on her time in early life, thus she often had her daughters raised as priestess's in her faith, had them married and help in administration ect as expected of the times.
  158. She did however let them become warriors if they wanted, thus likely sparking the myth of giant warrior women like the Amazons but for her they had a special role.
  160. That is both being priestess and helping her explore the imaterium as warp wielders, helping her write down lore and preaching her role as queen of heaven.
  162. This had the unintended side effect of turning the already competition for her favor fiercer on the male side, as while it depended on where she was in her empire, almost every priestess could get more contact with her during the celebration periods of her godhood and she would of at least looked into what they were doing in the warp if only because it was their souls on the line.
  164. While sure their were male warp users, they had interests in pushing the limits of it in experiments than direct actions like say helping maintain order in her empire.
  166. This means most of her direct female children were killed off near instantly when chaos invaded through a warp breach from their bodies.
  168. That is not to say like the her other kids they were not messed up a bit, thanks their faith they often had a strong interests in breeding programs for stronger Anakim and thanks to warp experiments some were corurpted and help spread heresy across the Earth, thus helping cause the chaos invasion as well as their male siblings.
  170. A lot of the surviving girls ended up dying with their holy mother in the war and the last died with the betrayal at the end.
  172. Some idea for them are.
  175. So if most of Femps daughters got killed when chaos finally decided to rear it's ugly head to cause the broze age collapse, wouldn't this mean all of her living descendants from modern times to 41st millenium, were from Empress' sons?
  179. rue, that why I think she might have more kids after the bronze age, just she would purge any of them that developed powers after happened.
  181. Plus yeah I can see her write up the Taboos' regarding incest.
  183. She does do the whole marry her children together as half siblings to create strong lines to rule humanity but that was most of it.
  185. Maybe got too drunk and did something she regrets with one of grand children she did not know well at all but that's about it till the collapse.
  187. Sure their is no problem with Empress being Earth's mega slut, something's got to take the pressure off being mankind's protector for millennia and you don't think your a fertility goddess if your caste.
  189. Though I would say she was careful to make sure humanity did not become all directly related to her during her time, lot of pull out, backdoor, oral ect less pregnancies', though well it did become a bit over millennia.
  192. Though the forgotten Primarchs being male is my idea for why they purged once found.
  198. I was more thinking the bronze age collapse was more a result of her purging, as in the Empress and her loyal subjects could defeat most of the chaos invasion with a lot of damage however, it the betrayal meant not only was the Empress incapacitated, it meant her chaos progeny could spread their vile creed through the vast trade routs of the broze age while they take over the remains of FEMP empire.
  200. This the Empress needed to cut the taint out root and stem.
  202. So the chaos invasion was localized to the near East mainly and the E caused the global collapse to save humanity.
  205. The idea is that the Empress tried to rule the people of Earth directly when she first turned up in the Bronze Age as the Queen of Heaven figure that frequently appears in that region's mythology. She started breeding with normal humans to create demi-god children (the Nephilim, a sort of "race" of proto-Primarchs made the old-fashioned way instead of in vats. They further bred with humans and made a lower race, the Anakim, who had smaller doses of Empress genes. Chaos starts subverting her empire because they recognize her as a potential threat, including corrupting the Anakim and some of the Nephilim, which leads some of them to lust after her body. This culminates in a Chaos Incursion on Earth with the Empress and those among her subjects still loyal to her fighting daemons, cultists, and her own corrupted progeny. At some point, one or more of the Nephilim tries to rape her. The result is the BAC, an exploration of Femperor, who has Persian aesthetics than the Emperor's Roman one.
  208. Partly though some from the Amazon line I was thinking or the sorceress in training, after her months/years (maybe in some half warp realm? Kind of minor warp thing she was bound to in betrayal) she hunted down all her sons and most of their chaos corrupted descendants.
  210. That said if they did not inherit any power and not tainted she would let them live if get rid of any hardcore records of her empire from the world, well warp bits.
  212. So like 60% lines from her male kids because well far easier to do spread some seed.
  214. 30% Amazon line
  216. 10% Warp line
  221. Emperess 30K
  223. I'd see her being the frisky type even during the great crusade, like she has many serfs in her court to help with menial stuff and to just help run the place and when she gets the urges she just goes to find some serf and basically corners them, cause i picture her being very dominant for obvious reasons.
  226. True I definitely can see that, given we already established that she has a lot urges and tends to use them as stress relief during her first empire and this a galactic one.
  228. That said I think she would not be getting pregnant during this time and be less into marriage alliances.
  230. So yes serfs it is, though she might mind lock them so they don't remember her till she meets them again to scratch a itch, she is trying to seem a impartial ruler and her servants speaking of their empress almost breaking their pelvis is not helping with that.
  233. Damn this makes me, think of story where she has those urges and goes to find the serf she likes to fool around with, and then getting pregnant in the heat of the moment thing because she's just that horny and doesn't really care and then decides to raise the kids as her own.
  237. Could work, though through modern ie imperial methods you can your own weird dark eldar bio womb to transfer baby to so no one notices. From there the kid can be given a reasonable life in service of one of the imperium's orphanages then join something like the Adeptus Administratum. Never knowing that Empress they see on the propaganda is their mother...though that tall adhuman pretty lady who helps them when they needed it in life is almost like a mom they never had.
  255. 40K Knight Lore
  263. >Imperial Knights are mostly the same, except the Throne Mechanicum has a noted tendency to encourage matriarchy, so Knight worlds are usually dominated by female nobility, and therefore most Knight pilots are female
  264. >That is not to say male pilots are unheard of, though they are less common
  265. >Peasants on Knight worlds often have to give up their firstborn sons to the nobility to act as sacristans and consorts for the nobility
  266. >Male Nobles meanwhile are often used for bargaining chips in diplomatic marriages between houses
  267. >Given the Throne Mechanicum’s function in storing the memories and personalities of its previous pilots, the effects of these ancestor ghosts upon male pilots is notably unusual
  268. >the Throne can often be uncooperative with a male pilot at first, sometimes understood as the imprints of the previous female pilots refusing to put a man (and often their direct descendant) in danger, like an overprotective mother.
  269. >Once bonding is complete however, they often become the fiercest of Knights, determined to protect their pilot to the best of their ability
  270. >The interaction between TM imprints and male pilots on Chaos Knights is best left for when I touch on Chaos