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  1. Fantasticfiction Dual Cultivation online - Chapter 917 - Does This Make Me the First? jolly pretend quote-p1
  4. Novel-Dual Cultivation-Dual Cultivation
  5. Chapter 917 - Does This Make Me the First? imperfect worried
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  7. "Aaaa~!"
  8. "Mmm~!"
  9. "I said… Do you really still want my children? You asked prior to, consider?"
  10. The Yang Qi quickly overflowed her cave.
  11. "Then here it comes!" Su Yang then launched his Yang Qi, with an overall week's worth of Yang Qi gushed into Luo Ziyi's immortal cave.
  12. "Heavens…" Luo Ziyi was left behind speechless with this revelation.
  13. "Actually? I don't know." Su Yang said having a teeth.
  14. As soon as Sunshine Jingjing completed her arrival, your next human being proceeded to go, plus they would go on this until everybody there got presented themselves.
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  16. "It's been a long time, ladies. Permit me to introduce you to Luo Ziyi. When you can't notify nowadays, she's part of the Su Family out of the Four Divine Heavens." Su Yang thought to them.
  17. When Xie Xingfang discovered Luo Ziyi staring at the infants, she spoke that has a laugh on her facial area, "Older person sibling, do you want to have one?"
  18. "W-What did you just say? I don't feel I been told you properly…" Luo Ziyi stated, doubting her ear.
  19.  Little Jack Rabbit and Uncle John Hare
  20. "I-Might it be just me, or did you get much better?" Luo Ziyi requested him while he ongoing drilling her body system.
  21. "W-What do you just say? I don't feel I been told you properly…" Luo Ziyi reported, doubting her ear.
  22. Su Yang then retrieved the spatial unit and started the Immortal's Cherish.
  23. "Sure!" she quickly responded.
  24. "Y-You i.m.p.r.e.g.n.a.t.ed among the list of new sisters?"
  25. "What? Don't let me know I'm not? Then who's the first one? How come I haven't read about it?"
  26. "No, you're right. I'd choose to have them for a moment for those who don't head." Luo Ziyi quickly disrupted that has a somewhat bashful appear on her face.
  27. Su Yang smiled and said, "Properly, I actually have changed. I am just able to i.m.p.r.e.g.n.a.t.e you— most of congratulations, you."
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  29. "Heavens…" Luo Ziyi was remaining speechless by this revelation.
  30. "Of course!" she quickly replied.
  31. "Eh?" Luo Ziyi stopped m.o.a.ning to look at him by using a surprised phrase in her facial area.
  32. Approximately she wished to continue on cultivating with him, they will have to carry on this another working day when their surroundings is far more ideal for two cultivation. Additionally, there was still a lot of things they essential to talk about."
  33. "Su Yang!"
  34. "I said… Would you still want my kids? You asked me before, bear in mind?"
  35. "Do you wish to have my kid, Ziyi?" Su Yang asked her once more.
  36. The Iced Azure Cave echoed with Luo Ziyi's happy voice and the sound of Su Yang's rod pounding her meat.
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  38. "W-What do you just say? I don't consider I observed you properly…" Luo Ziyi reported, doubting her the ears.
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  40. "Eh?" Luo Ziyi snapped from her daze and looked over her face the very first time.
  41. "Mmm~!"
  42. When Xie Xingfang recognized Luo Ziyi looking at the little ones, she spoke by using a smile on the facial area, "Senior citizen sister, do you desire to carry one of them?"
  43. Luo Ziyi's view widened with impact, and her mouth decreased, leaving her mouth large open.
  44. Su Yang unplugged his rod from her body a moment in the future.
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  46. "Would you like to bear my youngster, Ziyi?" Su Yang requested her once again.
  47. Su Yang nodded and said, "It's not only for just one, either. We have 5 kids now with four several women of all ages."
  48. A while later on, he moved inside with Luo Ziyi and Xiao Rong.
  49. "Su Yang!"
  50. "I actually do!" She replied immediately this time around.
  51. "Su Yang, accomplishes this make me the first human being to deal with your kid?" Luo Ziyi asked him sometime when they wore their clothing all over again.
  52. One time their hands were shut, Su Yang migrated his h.i.p.s even much faster.
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