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  1.  South Korea’s professional football league has imposed a new record fine on a single of its clubs for putting love-making dolls in bare chairs during some sort of current fit played without spectators as a result of coronavirus pandemic.
  2.  FC Seoul was forced for you to apologise recently after TELEVISION and on the net viewers noticed about a pair of dozen making love dolls filled around typically the stadium during the club’s 1-0 win over Gwangju FC on Sunday.
  3.  Sociable media customers complained concerning the dolls, many of which ended up wearing the club’s shirt. Others got been dressed in T-shirts or were holding placards advertising a good sex toy seller and a favorite online streamer who seemingly inspired their own design, advertising reports explained.
  4.  The pub apologised intended for causing “deep concern” to help fans, although believed the dolls had recently been sent due to a “mix-up” with all the supplier, adding that will this had received aisance before the match they were being not intended with regard to sex-related functions.
  6.  South Korean basketball workforce apologises regarding using sex dolls to help fill appears
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  8.  On Thursday, often the K-League fined FC Seoul a record 100m won ($81, 000), saying the club experienced “deeply humiliated” female basketball fans and damaged the 38-year-old league’s standing.
  9.  After reviewing the event, group officials accepted FC Seoul’s claim that it performed not really know the mannequins were sextoys, although said it “could have got easily recognised their particular employ using common sense plus experience”.
  10.  The league said in a statement: “The dispute over this ‘real doll’ incident has significantly humiliated and hurt girls fans, and damaged the particular honesty of the group. ”
  11.  FC Seoul, often the 2016 league champions, approved the decision, apologised and even promised to prevent a new repeat of the automobile accident.
  12.  Before this month the particular K-League became the world’s first major football little league to start playing following South Korea succeeded around containing the virus. Typically the season were being due for you to begin in late January, at the level associated with the country’s herpes outbreak.
  13.  Vistors are banned from stadiums, however, together with clubs wanting to fill up stands with cardboard cutouts, placards and banners, and make the semblance of ambiance having crowd noises streamed via PA methods.
  14.  A lot of ended up unconvinced by FC Seoul’s claim that this believed this dolls were being fashion mannequins. “I speculate how they possibly arrived up with this weird thought. This is a good international disgrace, ” said one online vit.
  15.  The us faces an epic alternative...
  16.  ... in the coming 12 months, and the results will establish this land for a good generation. These are definitely perilous moments. Over the last several decades, much of precisely what the Mom or dad holds beloved has been endangered – democracy, civility, reality.
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