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  1. subverting the patriarchy through postcolonial trust fund feminist journalist dj mix clang covid 2021 content creator in ozbekistan I worked hard for everything I've got, mondo man only do pills once a year at glastonbury and went to return to the source kids gone to university I'm so proud of them they fell in love with a Peruvian expat we commissioned a wagon of fondue to celebrate, got their corporate twitter bio no more than 160 characters a man with a podcast "was completely floored" by the real world part 2822831511334 100gecs2thisguiltyland bacon scraps, joint dictatorship of woke mussolinite gamergaters but I don't feel safe among white people for my own reasons I thought I could tease roadmans arse with my tongue and they would not twig that I worked as a scammer at cambridge Christ's blood as money what did the medieval papacy think of sodomy, union bureaucracy from below in and against prophet Joseph do ruku and sajda to the republicans turkish singer owns everyone at troll game very italian to stab your kid for being a superstar, please permit for me to be a high functioning intellectual of polite society with profound grandiloquent thoughts I don't think the printer union was saying that in 1926 mate, sat in a wetherspoons with the existential bombshell dawning on you that the English and their descendents have no cuisine king Salman with intersectionalist characteristics Miley Cyrus was traumatic conversion therapy that made you a raging heterosexual your phd indicates you want to maintain the world get hooked on crystal meth and drop out you are a cartoon get nate silver to back your predictions defeated by data science tyranny date a bird with contemptible friends smash the wine cabinet when your mates are enraged have shards of glass stuck in your testicles instead of skid marks on your pants have an illicit affair with your school teacher under the palm trees more underground offshoot of James Palumbo old Etonian biggest liberal democrat donor has a peerage in the house of lords ministry of polish we must care for each other person loses their purpose for life I'm so sad can only eat and defecate you love me don't you.
  3. 3/10.