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Media Buying Models

We offer the most popular media buying models which will fulfill anyone’s expectations. We know that there is no easy answer to the question which of the models is the best one, but we have tried to explain the principles of this topic, so you could get the basic knowledge that will help you to determine which model is the best fit for your business. World of digital advertising is full of acronyms and we want you to know what they mean. Below we have enlisted solutions available in our affiliate offer.

  1. CPA or CPE - Cost per action or cost per event. In this case, an advertiser pays only if a predetermined valid action occurred. This is a relatively safe and low-risk way to buy media because the advertiser pays only if a specific event has been completed. Many media companies are not likely to sell media this way because of the risks associated with it. If no one buys, they make no money - rules are simple.
  2. CPI - Cost per install. A very popular solution in mobile app marketing, CPI refers to media programs where the advertiser pays for every downloaded and installed app. A lot of app marketing is purchased through the CPI model because it is a fast way to drive installs. However, the quality of installs varies depending on the media vendor. We work hard to ensure we find users that are more likely to use the app.
  3. CPL - Cost per lead. This is the most popular way to buy media. CPL means that the advertiser pays when a lead form is completed and submitted. This solution is very common in B2B marketing, where it is less likely that someone makes a purchase immediately. There are two popular variants of this solution. We have SOI - single opt-in, that doesn’t require the user to verify his or her email address, and DOI  - double opt-in which means that user has to verify his or her email address.