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  1. John Wick films have become famous for their thrilling action scenes and gunfights and are brought to life by skilled stuntmen. One question has continued to be asked of the fans The question is: why aren't these stunt performers acknowledged in major awards events like the Oscars? Keanu Reeves as well as John Wick director Chad Stahelski have spoken out on the issue, throwing light on a conversation that is believed by many to need to be discussed in the spotlight.
  3. That Deserves Recognition
  5. Reeves as well as Stahelski both believe that stunt performers are worthy of recognition at awards shows such as the Oscars, as well as The Guild Awards and others. Even though they have their own awards ceremony, Reeves says that the most effective way to make it happen is to make it loud and get more people to voice their support for acknowledging these performers.
  7. The Expert's Take
  11. As a former stuntman and director, Stahelski can be uniquely competent to speak on the subject of stunt performer recognition. He believes that the conversation must be had and all of us can agree that stunts are among the main nine departments involved in the making of the film. Stahelski claims that stunts are in every trailer and are an enormous department, which makes them a major creative element of film. But he acknowledges that there are many complexities in the recognition of these performers, such as determining whether it should be the stunt coordinator or the fight coordinator who is awarded the prize, and whether it should be responsible for the design of the stunt or the performer who is responsible for the action.
  13. John Wick Chapter 4 movie to Follow
  15. Despite the complexity, Stahelski believes that it is time for the conversation to start, and he has himself invited Academy to meet with him or another representative in the world of stunts to create an award to recognize stunt artists. He believes that intelligent people from the stunt and Academy worlds can come together and find ways to recognize these skilled performers.
  17. Conclusion
  19. The lack of recognition given to stunt performers in major award shows like those at the Oscars is a debate which needs to be addressed. Keanu Reeves as well as John Wick director Chad Stahelski each believe that stunt artists need to be recognized, and Stahelski, as an expert in the field has asked the Academy to start the conversation on the best method to achieve this. The complexity of the task makes the process difficult and by bringing the smart people from both sides together it's possible to create a solution that honors the dedication and hard work of these talented performers.
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