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  1.  Tai Sai or Tai Pilates is a low impact, yet highly effective form of exercise developed by the late Dr. Joseph Pilates, a German National. It is exactly the same plank with an additional pocket in each side known as the"pocket" that Tai Sai is also known by, however, is named after two words,"tai", meaning large or"sai", meaning proceed. In a way that is like a bridge as you can do it simply by playing full hand by playing the entire hand. The difference is that instead of resting on the ball of your foot Tai Sai uses your entire body weight. This allows the exercises to be more intense, as it forces you to work and move out all your muscles.
  2.  This was introduced in the late nineteen seventies, and according to many resources it was really invented in China as a card game. A variation of the game was later developed in Japan but was known as Tai Sang Hyang. A few years back I read an American Asian Magazine which it was believed that the Tai Sang Hyang is the most common Chinese Card Game that's played in america by over twenty-five million people according to the Chinese Card Business Association.
  3.  According to numerous sources, this originated from the traditional Chinese martial art named Hang Chi Cha (sets of twelve), and it was later adopted into various games including Tai Sai. As is true with most martial arts there are lots of versions and variations but they all basically require the identical set of principles. They use hand movement meditations, breathing methods, physical exercises like Tai Chi Chuan (massage), and additionally, it requires that one be mentally ready to defeat their opponent and learn how to rapidly adapt to changing situations. The majority of the Chinese immigrants that come to the United States have been taught to play this game as part of their new life here.
  4.  As it turns out, the origin of this game of Tai Sai may have a bit more to do with its exotic origins than one might at first think. In fact the origin of gambling as we know it today probably came from the Chinese gamblers. One source claims that the two guys that devised the game were Buddhist monks that were living in China. Another says that it actually stemmed from the Chinese courtesies of the time such as playing cards. Today, when you play blackjack or roulette the cards are replaced with coins but the basic mechanics and concepts remain the same.
  5.  The game has grown tremendously over the years to become one of the most popular games in the world. American Casino owners are particularly fond of the game because it is among the easiest games to deal with and the payout is extremely high; hence the big winnings. However the origin of this game of Tai Sai remains unclear. There is no sure proof where it really came from but the most common theory is that it had been embraced by Chinese players during the Tang Dynasty when they would use five coins in order to bid for a hand of seven.
  6.  Today the sport of Tai Sai are available in just about all kinds of casinos throughout the world. The twenty-two dice are also commonly seen on most casino floors. When you walk into most casinos the probability of winning when you play the game of Tai Sai are very high; particularly if you're going up against opponents that play the game of Tai Sai with perfection.
  7.  Interestingly enough the Chinese version of the sport of Tai Sai wasn't made by means of dice at all. Instead, the Chinese called it"bingai", which means to play without using dice. On the other hand the American version of the game of Tai sai was actually created with the use of twelve dices. This made it easier for the Chinese to monitor their winnings and losses and adjust their strategy accordingly. https://baduki-safe.com/ Today the game of Tai sai is often employed as a educational tool in teaching gambling strategies to students which are learning to play blackjack, no limit hold em poker or other kinds of games.
  8.  In the early years of Tai Sai that the most widely used card deck included a total of ninety-two cards. Over the years different variations of the conventional deck of Tai sai have been created. Presently the standard deck of Tai sai that is used in Chinese casinos contains a total of one hundred and eighty-two cards. Today if you want to play the game of blackjack and if you have not played it before then it would be wise to start off by playing the first version of the game that contained only the cards of one hundred and eighty-two. This would let you get a feel of how the game works without having to deal with any of the difficulties that may arise because of playing a game of Tai said with a deck containing additional cards.