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  1. All the heartbreak, all the fighting, all the reconciliation.. and all of it had led to this very moment. In her arms was the product of so much hardship, and yet, so much love. She'd gone through hell and back for the past nine months, and now, holding her bundle of joy in her arms, she knew that she'd go through it all over again in a heartbeat.
  3. "Lacy.."
  5. The little girl in question was comfortably bundled up in a pink blanket, and a tiny wool cap sat atop her head of which had light brown patches of hair. She looked so tiny, so adorable.. Lynn could see her little chest move up and down ever so slightly with every breath she took. Oh god, it took everything inside of her to just keep herself from bursting into tears. Nobody ever said it would be this beautiful - well, everyone did actually say that, including her sisters, but Lynn always did think they were exaggerating the wonderfulness of childbirth. But now that her little Lacy was in her arms, tucked snugly into her warm little blanky, she knew they weren't kidding in the slightest.
  7. "She's so beautiful.." she heard her white-haired husband say from beside her, his gentle finger lightly caressing the sleeping baby's cheek.
  9. "Yea.. she is." She let out a sigh, admiring the girl in her arms. "My little Lacy.."