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  1.  Former Atl Braves star Jeff Francoeur has tested positive for Covid-19.
  2.  The FOX Sports South analyst and broadcaster announced his recent results on Tuesday night in Twitter. Francoeur, who played 12 years in the particular majors, have been preparing with regard to this year's shortened year where he will get in touch with games alongside Fox Sports activities South play-by-play announcer Nick Caray and expert Dan Glavine.
  3.  The former MLB outfielder was set to be able to call that weekend's beginning series amongst the Braves together with New You are able to Mets although those programs have been nixed as he stabilizes from Covid-19.
  4.  "I are asymptomatic and feel fine, but My spouse and i will get within self-quarantine until I will cleared to get once again to the broadcast interpreting booth with Chip plus Mary, " he or she tweeted. "In the interim, Ill get following the Braves about FOX Sports South. Remember to keep safe and put on a mask. "
  5.  Francoeur and Caray were presently planning on calling aside games on a live feed from your empty Truist Park to take down with travel and prevent this spread of the virus. http://gmtv365.com can be just one of several adjustments the area sports activities network has made to help its normal broadcast program ahead of the 2020 season.