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  1.  <p><span style="display:block;text-align:center;clear:both"></span> Do you take a good eight hours sleep at night and still wake up restless or tired? 8 hours is actually the average duration of sleep for adults. There are medications that would disrupt sleep in a variety of different ways. There are several factors that can interfere with a good night's sleep and although you might not be able to control all of the factors that disrupt your sleep, you can adopt habits that encourage better sleep. Sleep can be a touchy subject, especially if lack of it has you crabby and worn out. I remember as the years went by My father and mother were living in the house that my older brother had bought to rent as apartments but then the hotel where we were managing was sold and we were both out of jobs so we all moved into the apartment upstairs where once again I had to live off my fathers social security.</p>
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