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  1.  What time do slot machines pay out the most?
  2.  https://www.graphiccommcentral.org/ The question of when slot machines pay out the most may seem to be ridiculous at first look. All things considered, one may well believe that random amount generators choose whether to win or even lose. Nonetheless, there are a great deal of theories circulating around the web, in accordance with which there's a particular time for each slot machine at which the winnings can bubble up.
  4.  True to the motto there aren't any brainless questions, we only want to have on dumb answers. So what is it about the theories? Exactly what are the top times to play slot machines? What is the truth and what falls within the sphere of myths and legends?
  5.  The early bird catches the worm?
  6.  If you browse the web a bit, you will come across the assertion of gamblers that slot machines pay out the most in the early morning. The reason is that once the statutory curfew of the morning, the profits of the preceding day are offset. If too little was paid out, which would right now be made up for. So players who sit down at a machine at dawn could wish for decent winnings. What do we think of the theory? Not a lot! Rather, it's a myth.
  7.  Play at lunchtime or perhaps of higher quality in the evening?
  8.  Some players flatly say that noon is the ideal time to play slot machines such as Book of Ra, Eye of Horus, Explodiac or Bonanza. The thesis: Since there is little going on at lunchtime, winnings are actually sent out at the machines to attract other players. Others say that it would be more beneficial in the evening, as in that case a lot more players are attached to the printer and this also increases the chance that higher winnings will be paid out, because the machines are currently full of stakes.
  9.  Nevertheless, such statements aren't just not well thought out, they're utter nonsense. The concept of chance also applies at lunchtime or in the evening. A time part for payouts would essentially contradict the arbitrary idea. Just before slot machines are approved for operation, proof needs to be offered that fair play is provided. If more had been paid out in the early morning than in the evening, that would disadvantage a lot of the players. So the idea of morning winnings could easily be shifted to the realm of myths as well as fables. The same also is true to claims that probably the highest amount would be poured out during the day, evening or even afternoon.
  10.  Playing with the Kelly formula In a few instances it's possible that players have a better possibility of winning as opposed to the bank. This is particularly true for card games like blackjack, poker or roulette. The American scientist and physicist created the Kelly formula named after him in 1956. With this he and some of his colleagues, like Claude Shannon, a mathematician, and Ed Thorp, a computer scientist, had the ability to regularly obtain huge income in the so-called "Las Vegas Connection". The Kelly formula also made it into the investment world and found one of its most prominent followers in Warren Buffet.
  11.  What's the Kelly formula anyway?
  12.  Let us believe a player's budget is actually hundred euros and there is a 30 % chance of winning a game. In the event you win, you need to in addition pay out 4 times your stake. When the stake is 1 euro, the player receives 4 euros back. The very first option must be 7.50 euros. hundred bets now are placed one after the other. The total stake is therefore 750 euros. 30 games of these're received, which provides us a comprehensive gain of 900 euros (thirty games received x 7.5 euros x 4 euros).