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  1. In computers, a printer driver is a small piece of programmable software located on your computer that automatically converts the information from a file to a specific printer format so that an printer is able to read the information. The function of printer drivers is mainly to let software perform printing operations without knowing the technicalities of every printer model. With the invention of new printer models and operating systems, print drivers need to be updated so that they will work with the new printer. Updating your print drivers will ensure that your printer is able to print in the best and most error free way.
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  3. There are many factors involved in updating a printer driver. First, the hardware must be able to support the latest print jobs and drivers. If not, you may not be able to complete a print job as desired. Some computers may only have one working printer driver while others may need several in order to run a full print job. The best way to check if a printer driver needs to be updated is by going into the system settings and checking for the "Printer Driver" option which is present on the far right side of the operating system control panel.
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  5. If after you have downloaded all required printer drivers, you still face problems, you can try to download and install the most up to date one. Updating the drivers in your system will ensure that you get the latest version of all windows operating systems. It is quite possible that if you are not sure of how to update your printer drivers, there are many websites online that provide help and support on all different types of drivers and windows operating systems. You can also connect your computer to the internet to update its drivers and make your computer work faster.
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