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  1.  Wow I’m floored, this is so terrible. I wish the “baby” gender revealing party didn’t happen. They must feel terrible. I feel for them because I know this was unintentional but I feel worse for this man and his family and everyone that was affected. Charles Morton, may you rest next to his throne. Your life will not be in vain.
  2.  Thank you for your selfless service. Deepest sympathies to family, friends and brothers and sisters in the fire service.
  3.  May you Rest In Peace Hero. Condolences to his firefighter family and especially to his family and friends.
  4.  Thank you for your service and risking your life to save others. God Bless your family in these times.
  5.  Condolences to the family. Thank you for your service Sir. May He Rest In Peace
  6.  May his family treasure our hero “Charles Morton” for a lifetime. I’ll never forget
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  33.  So im curious. The family who did the gender reveal and caused this fire, are they getting charged for murder? Over the death of this fireman? RIP King!! Thank you for putting your life on the line for us! You will be missed!!.
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