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  1. Ok lemme break it down,
  3. What? This is an 8x8 texture pack, meaning that it has half the quality of vanilla textures, similar to the Faithful 32x32 pack, we wanted this to look as close to the Vanilla textures as possible (except for the leather and book, ew).
  4. We decided to call this Procrasti8x8, since it's an inside joke within our friend group lol.
  6. Who? I'm making this with a friend from school (u/brainrandomness), since we have time at home we decided to do this project.
  8. When/where? Definitely not outside lmao
  10. Why? I got the inspiration to do this because I saw an old 8x8 texture pack in 1.7.10, and so I wanted to challenge myself with some Photoshop knowledge
  12. How? This is only the first section of the miscellaneous tab, so we have a long way to go. If you have Photoshop/GIMP knowledge, hmu at Hungie#9172 on Discord and we'll work out on how you can contribute to this pack with us.
  13. We're still in high school and our teachers are still relentless with schoolwork -.-