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  2.  We carried on the whole ‘eat till you burst’ theme of the journey with juice, yogurt and cereal adopted by eggs, bacon, sausages and toast. The prepare is scheduled to arrive into Johannesburg at 11am so we packed up our cabin – which had been turned again into seats – able to go. Just earlier than 7am I woke up, opened the curtains and sat watching the surroundings go by. The landscape had changed once more, this time it was back to green with farms, roads and more signs of life.
  3.  Over lunch we talked to them about all kinds of things to do with life in South Africa and the way things have changed for them during the last 10 years. As we pulled out of Cape Town station, all of the passengers gathered in the bar for snacks and glasses of bubbly as we watched Table Mountain disappear into the gap. The other passengers on board the Premier Classe practice had been mainly South Africans together with a couple of international vacationers, and a principally older crowd of couples and small teams of pals. I’m a Canadian author and editor who focuses on travel, food and wine.
  4.  For some time we adopted the highway past big transporter trucks before leaving them behind in a vast expanse of empty land. But there are cities out here – we stopped in Beaufort West to stretch our legs and made another unscheduled cease that had the engineers out checking the train. But 20 minutes of tinkering later we were on the transfer once more. At 12pm it was time for lunch so we headed to the eating automotive. We sat next to a South African couple in their 60s on their third Premier Classe trip.
  5.  There’s a shower on the end of every carriage, and it’s a little bit of a bizarre feeling washing when you’re transferring around nevertheless it was warm and had first rate water pressure. By the time we finished lunch the train was out within the Karoo – the semi-desert landscape at the coronary heart of South Africa.
  6.  Yes, there's a direct bus departing from Johannesburg and arriving at Durban. Services depart each three hours, and operate daily. It sounds like a fantastic finances-friendly possibility and a novel way to see some of South Africa’s landscapes – I love the enjoyable feeling you get when you travel by train. I love train travel and what a fantastic tip you’ve given us with the Premier Class. I’m not sure if i’ll ever get there, but when I do would like to take this journey with my husband.
  7.  Train journey surely has to be the best way to see extra of a country while travelling. This reminds me of the Desert Express journey we took from Windhoek to Swakopmund in Namibia. Breakfast is served between 7am and 9am so you can wander down whenever you’re prepared.