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  1.  Be realistic and do not expect to sell for hundreds over retail or private party pricing. An overpriced car could set forever and not sell. Remember the car is going down in value everyday. The only exception to this are rare and collectible automobiles.
  2.  https://www.u-pull-it.com/selling-auto-parts-most-profitable-car-parts-to-sell/ to consider is the noise that is created from certain types of pads. Semi metallic pads are often much noisier than other pads as they are built for durability using hard metals bonded together to make the pad. Once in contact with the brake rotor you will certainly stop in time but you might not be turning heads for the right reasons as people will hear you arriving well before you get there.
  3.  sell used car parts Third, check the classified ads in your local paper. Often times if people are going to sell their car for parts, they may do so through the paper. Look for Acura parts listed or start calling some of the ads. Sometimes you stumble on someone who knows someone that may be able to help you get the Acura parts you need at a good price. Like with anything else, sometimes it is just about networking.
  6.  To sell a car for cash, you should provide the necessary information about it. The buyers want to know every detail about the car that is being sold so that they can make an informed decision to purchase or not to purchase. It is recommended that you be as honest as possible. You should state clearly the make and model of the car, the date of manufacture, its mileage, engine capacity, fuel, and any other information that the buyer needs.
  7.  sell my car for parts The first picture is free which is all i really needed anyways so that was a bonus. Set the price, shipping and away you go. Click submit and I was done.
  8.  Make sure your car is in sound mechanical condition - address any clunks, rattles and strange noises emanating from the engine, drivetrain or suspension. These may be just minor things that a bushing change or an adjustment will eliminate. Unexplainable noises will turn off a buyer pretty quickly, or be a chance for the buyer to ask for an unreasonable drop in price. Change the engine oil 1 week before you put your car up for sale, top up coolant and washer fluid reservoirs as well as the brake/clutch fluid containers. This will give the impression that you have maintained the car well and that no major trouble is lurking around the corner for the new owner.
  9.  When buying a used car, the condition is much more important than the year model. It's no use to buy a late model car that has a very high mileage and that looks as though it was imported from a war zone. It's also no use buying a car with a body and interior that's in excellent shape, but the owner used it for drag racing, so the engine is on the verge of collapsing.
  10.  https://www.google.co.jp/url?sr=1&ct2=jp/0_0_s_0_1_a&sa=t&usg=JUNKYARd_EDQ-P32EiJs6GJXly0yVYLfVg&cid=89779144202546&url=https://cajunkyardsnearme.com Sites such as Craigslist.org provide listings by region of items for sale privately. You can buy just about anything you want on Craigslist, but there are some caveats. Spam can be a concern when using Craigslist, as with many other sites. Saving money by learning how to buy a car online is worth the extra trouble. I recommend establishing a separate account for emails dealing with Craigslist if you will be bothered by Spam.
  11.  If you have to leave your auto key with a valet or mechanic be sure to only leave the one key. Don't tempt them by leaving your house or other keys attached. It is too easy to make a copy of a key and even if they don't have your address, they have the license plate number and can get other information about you through that.