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  1.  Insomnia is usually regarded as a sleeping disorder but in actual sense it should not be so. It is used to explain the signs and symptoms of sleeplessness and the condition attached to it may be many. Those suffering from insomnia finding it difficult to perform specific task when the wake up. Mainly there are three types of insomnia, full details about them are as follows
  3.  Transient Insomnia
  5.  Transient insomnia is a type of insomnia that a person experience for not up to a week. some of common factors that causes it are a severe depression, change in where you sleep, the time at which you sleep, and stress. This factors may causes sleeplessness and also causes a reduction in the performance of your psychomotor domain when you wake up. Individuals can get rid of transient insomnia that lapses for a night or two. It can be as a result of experiencing too much of stress and excitement going on in the body. Alcohol, caffeine are some of the drugs that causes insomnia because it result into various disruption in the body system which affect our sleep. The moment you are able to have a good sleep at night and your stress or any for of excitement is off, you will start sleeping normally as before. Transient insomnia which is cause by stress and excitement at the of the month due to various event s that occur usually goes away not up to a week.
  6.  Acute Insomnia
  7.  Acute insomnia is the type of insomnia that you experience when you did not sleep well frequently for not up to a month. it is when you find it difficult to sleep or probably maintain a sleep or when there is a drop in the quality of your sleep. This will definitely result into how you will function during the day
  8.  Chronic Insomnia
  9.  Chronic insomnia is the most difficult insomnia a person may experience and it occur for more than a month. This type of insomnia can be as a result of other malfunction or the main disorder that occurs in the body. Those people suffering from too much of stress hormones or people with changing levels of cytokines will likely be suffering from chronic insomnia. The resulting effect of this disorder depends on the factor that causes the disorder but among the effects are muscular fatigue, mental fatigue, hallucinations and also seeing a single thing as double sometimes.
  10.  This type of insomnia can be managed by treating the initial causes of the disorder and in a situation where it is not applicable; there are lots of ways it can be treated. One of the first way you can treat it is to ensure you have a “good sleep hygiene”, which means having a good and healthy sleeping environment that is comfortable, dark and quiet so as to enhance your sleep. Also try and get a regular exercise and also don’t also consume large quantity of food or even alcohol before you go to bed. Also avoid caffeine in the afternoon and evening this cause also cause chronic insomnia. Also avoid smoking because smokers also faces lot of problems sleeping or even maintain it.
  11.  It should be noted that none of this may not work sometimes and it is so there are other treatments that can be used to treat it. And before using any medication you should try and undergo cognitive behavioural therapy either one method or more. Onе of the most intеrеѕting оf these is for the sufferer to actively attempt to stay awake. This reduces the stress and worry of actually trying to ѕlеер and may lеаd to naturally falling аѕlеер.
  12.  And finally sleeping tablet may be used but Doctors usually try to avoid it because it can only help you to sleep but it will not treat the insomnia You may become easily dependent on sleeping tablets that is while it is advisable not to use it all nigh but for some night, your pharmacist will definitely give you more knowledge on the types of insomnia. You can also get more information regarding insomnia on https://pharmacyrxs.com/insomnia/ .