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  1.  More than a good dozen Calgary men had been sexually fondled by their particular massage therapist, a prosecutor owing Wednesday at the start off of a metropolis man’s trial.
  2.  Crown prosecutor Donna Spaner told Rights Willie deWit he’ll be hearing from 16 distinct complainants which will illustrate massage sessions via Dennis Quebral Baltazar which they say included unwanted touching.
  3.  Baltazar was facing 18 charges of sexual attack, but Spaner withdrew one of many allegations with the start off of the scheduled four-week trial.
  4.  “The 16 (remaining) counts assert that this accused Dennis Baltazar, with all pertinent times a new registered massage therapist, physically attacked each of typically the 16 referred to as complainants, ” Spaner advised deWit throughout a brief opening record.
  5.  “We expect to have that the facts named will set up that each alleged sexual strike occurred during a scheduled massage therapy scheduled appointment, ” she said of the watch case the lady and co-prosecutor Darlene Goard-Baker will present.
  6.  Spaner said Baltazar worked in 2 different sports medicine hospitals during the time time the allegations took place, from October 2017 to Sept. 28, 2018, in Activity Sports Medical center and Chinook Chiropractic Medical center.
  7.  “The Crown expects that every man which testifies may tell the particular court which they attended from both... center for rub therapies treatment to deal with several physical illnesses.
  8.  “While we do not count on or even anticipate that every man who else testifies may assert identical sexual work, we carry out expect the fact that each complainant will tell the court that during the massage therapy visit making an attempt they experienced Dennis Baltazar engaging in some form of touching in their genital region. ”
  9.  Spaner said some of the men had been asked for consent and presented this believing that was required for their therapeutic treatment method.
  10.  Meanwhile, in evidence, deWit heard from one regarding the 16 apparent sufferers who testified of their relationships with Baltazar.
  12.  You testified he had five or perhaps six massage sessions together with the accused, culminating in the Sept. 28, 2018, consultation that is to focus on his groin region, actually though this was for you to turn out to be some sort of full-body therapeutic massage.
  13.  This individual said during the therapeutic massage he or she felt precisely what they believed was inadvertent brushing and flossing of his subjected genitals.
  14.  “And then at this time there was many clear, evident touching, ” the watch said.
  15.  “I was contemplating in my mind, ‘Is this happening in my opinion? '”
  16.  From that point, the particular witness said he not any longer felt comfortable.
  17.  “I mentioned ‘whoa, whoa, whoa, I will good, let’s move upon, '” he told Goard-Baker.
  18.  Often the witness said Baltazar then moved to the neck spot, but this individual continued feeling not comfortable.
  19.  “ https://ggulba.com/ could sense his breath on me personally and I remember thinking, ‘Is he going to try to be able to kiss and lick me now. ’ ”
  20.  Under cross-examination by defence lawyer Jennifer Ruttan, often the witness accepted reserving an upcoming massage with Baltazar some sort of 1 week after this incident, although later terminated it.
  21.  Ruttan suggested that will massage has been only cancelled when the watch learned someone else had lamented about being inappropriately handled.
  22.  The tryout continues The following thursday.
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