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  1. The have become famous for their amazing gunfights and stunts and are brought to life with the help of skilled stunt performers. One question has continued to be raised among the fans The question is: why aren't these stunt performers acknowledged in major awards shows such as the Oscars? Keanu Reeves as well as John Wick director Chad Stahelski have spoken out on the issue, throwing light on a conversation that is believed by many to need to be brought front and center.
  3. Recognizing https://www.johnwick4movi.com as Stahelski both agree that stunt performers deserve recognition at awards shows such as the Oscars as well as the Guild Awards and others. Although they both have their own awards show, Reeves says that the most effective way to make it happen is to be loud and have more people speak out in favor of acknowledging these performers.
  5. The Expert's View
  8. As a former stunt performer and director, Stahelski is uniquely qualified to discuss the topic of stunt performer recognition. Stahelski believes that this discussion needs to happen and that everyone can agree that stunts are one of the nine major departments in creating films. Stahelski believes that stunts appear included in every trailer and constitute an entire department, making them an integral part of the creative process of a film. But he acknowledges that there are complexities involved in the recognition of these performers for example, determining if it should be the stunt coordinator or fight coordinator who gets the award, and if it should be the person who designs the stunt, or the one who performs it.
  10. The Way Forward
  12. Despite the complexities, Stahelski believes that it is time for the conversation to begin. He has even directly invited members of the Academy to talk to him or any other representative from the stunt world about creating the category that recognizes the best stunt performers. He believes that intelligent people from both the Academy and stunt worlds are able to come together and figure out ways to recognize these highly skilled actors.
  14. Conclusion
  17. The absence of recognition for stunt performers at major awards shows such as those at the Oscars is a discussion that needs to be had. Keanu Reeves, as well as John Wick director Chad Stahelski both agree that stunt performers need to be recognized, and Stahelski is an acknowledged expert on the discipline has invited the Academy to begin a discussion about the best way to accomplish this. The difficulties involved make this a difficult task and by bringing the smart people from both sides together, it is possible to find a solution that recognizes the dedication and hard work of these skilled performers.
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