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  1.  <p>Centuries ago, red caviar in Russia was not considered a delicacy - it was consumed daily and in large quantities. Hired to catch salmon, the shepherds even begged their employers to reduce the quantities. This situation concerned especially Western Russia because at that time caviar traveled very badly. Fortunately, today, this valuable product can be purchased anywhere, but the quality is not always excellent. There are often eggs on sale that are poorly treated, damaged, too liquid, artificial or filled with preservatives. You together how to choose well.</p>
  2.  <p>Red caviar goes through a serious and long process before arriving on your table. Salmon ovaries are first removed from fish and sorted according to their quality and maturity. The eggs are then separated from the connective tissue by special sieves and washed in pre-boiled cold water. Then the product is salted in solution and canned. Canned or glass jar? Canned red caviar is safer and keeps longer. Being boxed in a factory, it contains all the required information such as the date of manufacture and the expiry date. If you choose caviar in a glass jar, make sure it is sealed tightly. Eggs should be strong, with no crumpled sides and well-adjusted to each other. The mass in a jar should be homogeneous reddish, thick and without any foreign inclusion - bonding films, shovels (torn caviar shells), blood clots, white sediment or worse re less of mold. If the producer is too greedy for vegetable oil, fat droplets will be clearly visible under the glass. Buying red caviar in the markets</p>
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  4.  <p>In all the biggest markets in Russia you will find red caviar at retail in large basins. There are all sizes, a range of color, different provenances and salinity that can vary. You can always ask to taste, this is quite normal. Here, there is no secret you have to know about it and/or know the seller. In this case, eat the caviar during the week and keep it cool. It is not a good idea to transport it and cause it to undergo too high temperature changes.</p>
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